Conspiracies on a child’s health read by mother: magical ways to protect children from ailments

In order for your child to grow up healthy, strong and not sick, it is sometimes necessary to conduct ceremonies for health. It is best to carry out rituals and conspiracies on the health of the child during bathing the baby. You can read conspiracies on the health of the child even when the baby has not yet been baptized. The only caveat: in this case, you need to choose rituals to protect the unbaptized baby.

Conspiracies for the health of the child when bathing

When preparing a bath for the baby, write on a piece of the plot-amulet so that the child does not get sick. Sprinkle a leaf with a charm of holy water and pour it into the bath. Put the leaf under the bath and bathe the baby.

Do this every time you bathe, so that the crumbs are always in good health.

“Holy Water, Queen of Heaven!
Cleanse my child of the baby of God (name)
From every filth of spirit and flesh.
Bring to the true mind,
Give health to his body
And the soul is salvation.

When rinsing the baby, say this:

“The water is flowing, and the baby is sprouting.
Like water off a goose, so you are thin.
"Voditsa - to the bottom, and the child - to the top."

Wiping the baby after bathing, sentence like this:

"A diaper on a shoulder,
And the healer - on the body. ”

When pouring water from the bath, always read the plot:

Water conspiracy

There are very effective plots on the health of a child that can be read by the mother or grandmother of the baby. On the growing moon, take the holy key water (thawed will also do). You can also bless the water yourself by putting a silver cross in a liter jar of water for the night. At midnight, put the jar on the windowsill so that the moon fills it with its light.

When the dawn begins, go to the bank, cross yourself and read the prayers:

  • 3 times our Father,
  • 3 times to St. Panteleimon.

Then read the conspiracy on health on a jar of water:

“The boiling water, so that my child be growthy!”
Like water doesn’t hold on a elbow,
So the disease-twig on the baby of God (name) does not hold.
Redeem, step over!
Lord, child of my baby (name)
Save from disease!

Spray the baby with the spellbound water completely while reciting prayers. Part of the water should be poured into the bath when bathing, the rest of the water should be sprayed on clothes and a cot with a stroller. This conspiracy is not from the books of a Siberian healer, but it is very strong.

It can also be read for the baby’s soon recovery if he is sick.

The bristle plot

It happens that after birth, the baby has bristles on its back. In some cases, she is very worried about the baby and does not allow him to lie calmly on his back. To save the baby from suffering, roll the crumb of bread on the back.

You can read prayers at this time. The child will soon calm down, and hairs can be seen on the crumb.

How to protect your child from damage

Often the cause of a child’s illness is someone else’s negative influence: the evil eye and spoilage. Children are energetically weak, therefore they are especially vulnerable to the sidelong glances of ill-wishers. To protect the baby who has not yet been baptized, from the harmful effects, read the prayer to Julian of Kenomania:

“Hierarch Father Juliana, incorruptible of your honest relics and many good deeds, miraculously done and done by you, flowing to you in faith, believing, as imash, the great grace of the Lord our God, we humbly offer all and pray to you: Pray for us Christ our God, yes He will send to all those who honor your holy memory and assiduously resort to you, His rich mercy: may he affirm in his holy Orthodox Church the living spirit of right faith and piety, the spirit of knowledge and love, the spirit of peace and joy about the Holy Spirit, and all its members are pure from worldly x temptations and carnal lusts and the evil of the actions of evil spirits, they worship Him with spirit and truth and diligently care for His commandments for the salvation of their souls. Shepherd her will give holy zeal of care for the salvation of people who are entrusted to them, and that they will enlighten unbelievers, instruct the ignorant, reassure those who doubt, and those who have departed from the Orthodox Church will be converted to holy bowels, the faithful will be observed in faith, the sinners will be moved to repentance, and repent, repent in the correction of life, those who repent and have been corrected, they will confirm in the sanctity of life: and thus they all lead in the way indicated from Him into His prepared eternal kingdom. To her, the Holy Hierarch of God, arrange with your prayers all that is good for our souls and bodies: Yes, and we will glorify in our souls and telecares the Lord and our God, Jesus Christ, Him and the Father and the Holy Spirit, glory and power forever and ever. Amen".

Prayer is especially effective if it is read by true believing mothers.

For the health of the newborn, you can pray to Simeon the God-Receiver:

“About the God-accepting Simeon! Hear us, sinful servant of God (names), and not your holy cover from us, pray the goodness of the Lord, so that he may turn away our wrath from us, driven righteously by our deed, and, despising our countless sins, will turn us on the way repentance and on the paths of His commandments will establish us. Protect your life in the world with your prayers, and ask for good haste in all that is good, granting everything to our stomach and piety, as if we were to live a quiet and silent life in all piety and purity, and thus in peace we will attain eternal peace, even if we are able to receive the heavenly Kingdom of Christ All our glory befits our God, to Him, with the Father and His Most Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen".

Prayers are strong for baptized and unbaptized babies.

Conspiracies for the recovery of the child

In order for the magical rite to give the child health and well-being, only a mother who does not experience any ills can read the conspiracy to recover the child. Even a slight cold or bleeding will weaken the effect of the rite. In this case, it is better to entrust the performance of the ritual to another woman, for example, the grandmother of the baby.

A plot of 12 ailments of the newborn

Before performing the rite, you need to read the prayer:

  • for female babies - “Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary” three times,
  • for a male infant, the Lord’s prayer three times.

Text of a conspiracy on the health of a child:

“Our Father, Thou art in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, may Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven and on earth. Give us our daily bread today, and leave us our debts, just as we leave our debtor, and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Thy kindness is the kingdom and power and glory forever. Amen".

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Lord walked in the steppes, hats, dark forests. Met the Mother of God. Mother of God, where are you going? I go to the woman in labor (name), the baptized, prayer slave of God, her infant to speak from twelve fears, from twelve ailments, from twelve evil eye, from twelve hernias, from twelve failures, from twelve illnesses, from twelve envious, from twelve slanderers, from twelve falls, from twelve twists, from twelve vortices, from twelve evil sorcerers, from twelve crafts. The baby slaves of God speaks (mother’s name) the Mother of God speaks to her (his) body, her (his) belly, her (his) zealous heart, her (his) hot liver, her (his) legs are strong, her (his) hands strong, her (his) spine is stable. Twelve evil eye: male and female, chickenpox, avian, dog, feline, sent, drink, water, chicken, frog, envious - fall away from the baby slaves of God (mother's name). I close the baby (baby's name) with 12 locks, with 12 keys. The key to the Blessed Mother Mary, a castle in the blue sea. Happiness and health, luck and fortress with a baby, slaves of God (mother's name) ... In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

The ritual is performed at home, while feeding. You need to read it 12 times. If the baby is sick or childbirth was difficult, then you can read for four days, through feeding three times a day.

Into the water

The healing power of water has been proven for centuries. It is used to “wash off” ailments and strengthen strength. To protect the baby from ailments, you need:

  • at night, during the period of the growing moon, to remain alone at home,
  • pour clean water into the pottery,
  • read the plot
  • daily, during the lunar month, give the child three consecrated sips of charmed water.

“As you clean and strong water, so with every sip of yours I will be clean and strong, I will take whatever is needed - I will get rid of the unnecessary.”

This method is suitable for maintaining healthy children: if the baby has a chronic, respiratory or congenital disease, you should not conspire against the growing moon. This can accelerate the progression of the disease.

To get rid of the disease

If the baby is sick, read the plot for a quick recovery. First you need to go to church and put a candle for health at the icon of the patron saint of the baby. Bring a candle from the temple, light it in the evening and read:

“A clear month walks high, sees far. A month is red, as you walk along rivers and shores, along seas and oceans, through forests and fields, through meadows and mountains. Take with you the weakness and sorrow of the Servant of God (the name of the child), take it farther away, Feed the black birds, Feed the terrible beasts, Feed the night darkness. Take thin blood, Bring back healthy blood, Take a weak vein, Bring back a strong soul. Send to my daughter / my son (name of the child) Health is strong and long years of happiness. Amen".

After that, put out the fire, and repeat the ritual the next evening. Better to do after sunset, but not at night. It is advisable to be in seclusion.

Charm on the clan

At Christmas and Epiphany it is customary to guess and enchant: at this time, the line between our and the subtle world is weakened and higher powers help to perform miracles. Use the magic of the period and make a charm that will help in the healing of diseases. He will retain his strength throughout the year, and then the rite can be repeated.

On the eve of the holiday, buy a linen towel, and on Christmas numbers read the plot on it:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. It becomes a conspiracy from 77 illnesses, from pains, night shit, Pretended dryness, from caustic cancer, Seizure of an avid, from spoilage and night cramps. Mother Virgin Mary washed her Son of Swovo, and wiped her with a linen towel. God bless this flax too. In the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Whoever wipes with this flax, from that all 77 diseases will be erased. Key, lock, tongue. Amen. Amen. Amen".

The towel, spoken in the Christmas season, can be used not only for healing the child. It is suitable for the treatment of all family members: if someone gets sick, you just need to wipe the person with a wonderful talisman, and he will recover.

Conspiracy from corruption and evil eye

A strong plot from Vanga will help to remove damage, protect from it and ensure a quick recovery of the child.

They read it when they put the baby to bed. It is necessary to bend over the baby, if he is in his arms, or over the baby’s bed and utter in a whisper:

I will become a servant of God (name), blessing myself, I will go crossing myself from the door to the door under Mother Dawn, under the red sun, under warm clouds, under the curls of hassle, under the moon, under the whole heaven of the Lord. Under warm clouds, under curly hassles, under a blue sky, on green grass, but on golden sand, stands Mother Apostolic Church. In this Church there is a throne, behind this throne is the Mother of God, holding the Son of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Merciful. I, the servant of God (name), will enter this Church, bless myself, cross myself, pray to God from, and come closer to this throne, bow lower, powder from the desire of my zealous heart: - Yes, Mother Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Son of God, save and have mercy on the slave of God's baby (name). Take the golden beam, the arrows are silver, shoot you in a horseback dress, in a retitsa, in a ovary, in a pomegranate, directly in a zealous heart, in the lungs, in the liver, let their blood flow hot through the damask stone Shoot the baby slave of God (name) from the exuberant head all hits, tributaries, monsters. Shoot all lessons, praises, sorrows, illnesses from him. Twelve Rodimites, twelve monsters, twelve deaths of tonus ulcers shot him. Shoot from his fair hair, fair eyebrows, from clear eyes, from red buttocks, from hands, from feet, shoot from his exuberant head, from the lung, liver, from hot blood, from his whole body, from his skin, from his feet to fingers, from fingers to nails, from nails to a clean field, from a clean field to the blue sea. I’ll lock my words with a lock, lock it with a key, go along a steep bank, throw a key to the bottom, grab a beluga pike, put it under the left rib. As spring water rolls in the blue sea, does not turn back, so from the servant of God’s baby (name), twigs, boils fall and did not turn back, dry and wither, wither, dry out, finer than barley grain, finer than salt grains, dry day in the sun, night at month, the outcome is all 24 hours. There would not have been them from century to century. Amen.

The plot is long, so learning by heart is not necessary. You can write on a piece of paper by hand, but before the first reading, say the words to yourself so as not to stumble.

Christening Protection

During baptism, you can protect the child from harm.

To do this, just select the correct date for the introduction of the baby to the Orthodox canon:

  1. January - 9, 11, 12, 20.
  2. February - 7, 9, 21, 27.
  3. March - should not be baptized.
  4. April - 4, 11, 18, 22, 28.
  5. May - 2, 6, 10, 12, 16, 24.
  6. June - 3, 8, 12, 18, 22, 24, 28.
  7. July - 4, 7, 21, 29.
  8. August - 2, 4, 16, 22, 26, 28.
  9. September - 14, 16, 28.
  10. October - 3, 9, 18.
  11. November - 2, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18.
  12. December - 24, 27.

These dates for baptism are advised by the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova.

Tips & Tricks

Children's health is a fragile thing, so the task of parents is to protect it. Magical methods are no exception. However, relying on the help of a higher power is not worth it. If the child is sick, you should immediately contact a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe the right treatment. You can strengthen the effect of traditional therapy and folk methods by reading conspiracies and prayers. Using these methods, the mother (grandmother) can influence the infant’s energy field and set him up for recovery.

Provide the child with favorable conditions for growth and development, protect him from squinting eyes and do not forget to “update” protective conspiracies as they expire (once a year, once a month, or when you yourself feel the weakening of magical protection).

Conspiracy from scabies

From diathesis, the baby’s face and ass may become covered with scab, which he combs with his fingers. Rituals for recovery from the books of the Siberian healer will help rid the baby of unbearable suffering. Put on the table the icon of the Virgin and a cup of holy water, light a church candle.

Read the prayers of the mother of God with all my heart, and then say this:

“Mother, mother of God,
I ask you to stand up for my child.
Heal God's baby slave (name).
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Drink the baby with holy water and sprinkle its body, as well as clothes and a bed. Do this until recovery comes. The effective rites of the Siberian healer helped many in distress and ailments.

Strabismus conspiracy

If the child is sick with strabismus, then the mother should read prayers over the sleeping baby every night. After this, you need to pronounce such words from the book of the Siberian healer:

“Jesus walked the earth,
He kicked the dew.
Who says his name in faith
That will come true what he asks for.
I ask you with faith, god
Help me too.
Let my child not mow eyes.

The plot for a quick recovery of the child

This conspiracy can only be read by a mother to her children, but it helps even when the children have long grown up. The words of the conspiracy are as follows:

Vodushka-voditsa, earth queen,

Everyone loves you, everyone honors you

All without you will not live long.

God gave and punished you:

Nourish people and wash off any dirt.

Rinse, rinse, free from ailments,

And you, Mother of God, bless

Help the servant of God (name):

For ease, for health, for God's mercy.

How God's water rips off the ridges

Washes off stumps, shores, roots,

So rinse, rinse, water, from God's slave (name)

All the ailments and pains.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and forever and ever. Amen.

Conspiracy so that the eyes do not fester

In this case, there are rites from the book of the Siberian healer. Let the eldest in the family take the baby in his arms, and the mother leads her little finger around her eye and whispers the words:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!”
Those virgins that were served to Jesus at the table
And they wiped his feet with his hair
Heal! Heal the virgins, the eyes of the baby of God (name).

Drive with your right little finger first around one eye, and then around the second. Before conducting rituals with a request to God, they read the prayer of our Father, and after the rite - a thank-you prayer.

Conspiracy to rid the baby of disease

If the child is sick, any mother does not find a place for herself until he recovers. Of course, it is necessary to clearly follow all the doctor's prescriptions, but the following conspiracy will not hurt:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Queen of Heaven of Her Son

Soaps and soaps in the evening

And the servant of God (name) left the water.

Who will enter that water

Any twig will go away from that.

Key, lock, tongue.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Rash Conspiracy

If the baby’s body is covered with a small red rash, you need to read conspiracies on the health of the child and conduct magical rites and rituals. Say the words to the holy vodichka and wipe the baby’s body three times with a clean cloth dipped in it. After that, the rash will pass quickly.

“As a candle in a church quickly melts, so does a disease.
As a little darling comes to heaven, and then leaves,
So you, twig, leave the body of the baby of God (name).

What to do if a child is sick

If the child is lethargic, weak, eats poorly, nothing pleases him and nothing interests him, then he must be treated immediately, otherwise he will melt like a candle. In the old days, it was said about such children that dryness attacked them.

So, take the baby and take it to where the pigs go. At this point, you need to shout the following conspiracy:

Fat from the pigs will come down

From dryness will die

And my children have a long life. Amen.

After that, one of the pigs will soon die, and the child will recover.

Conspiracy from diarrhea

Rituals and rituals from the books of the Siberian healer provided for almost all cases of ailments. While the baby is swearing, the mother should not remove the head scarf. You should put in a glass of water, drop the fig made with your right hand into it and say three times:

“I cure with a fig, with a fig I dissuade a disease,
I speak in my own word.
What was destroyed in the body of the slave of God's baby (name),
That fell into place.

Then spray water on the child.

What to do if a child is sick

Any mother immediately understands when her child is sick. To divert the disease from the child, you should immediately speak the child from the ailment. To do this, they read a special conspiracy over drinking and washing water. You will see, after this rite the child will quickly get rid of the disease. The spoken words are as follows:

You are field grass

You are dry straw

The wind dried you, ruffled

He shook in all four directions.

Go you all sick, all the pain

Dry straw

To the four wind brothers!

Let them shake you

Let them wind you

And my child is being released.

Blessed Virgin Mary,

Pray for my child.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and forever and ever. Amen.

How to talk a sick child

Say spoken words over warm water, which then wipe the child. The plot is this:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I guard the fence high

Around God's baby (name),

So that no one comes up:

Neither ailment, nor anxiety

Not an evil neighbor

Not a glamorous godfather,

Insomnia, stitches, threshing, burping,

Quagmire, gossip, slander,

Oh, sighs and ahs and all kinds of vain fears.

Work for him, hatchet,

Spin for him, tangle

Flutter for him, darling,

Spindle, turn for him

And he, the servant of God (name),

Let it come in handy

Sound and smart.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The plot for lactation

If the baby has stopped taking breasts, then this misfortune is corrected as follows. Mother expresses a little milk in a silver spoon and says the words to him:

“As a mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary feed her son,
So you will suck my chest,
Grow big and glorify the Lord. ”

A plot of urticaria

Conspiracies for child health also help against hives. This ailment is easy to reduce to the grits. You need to sew a small bag of red cloth, pour small grains into it. Then you should shake the bag over the baby’s head and sentence:

"Rash-rash, red maya,
Fell down, roll off the slave of God's baby (name).

Then bury the bag in the ground away from home. This rite is not from the book of the Siberian healer, but it is also very effective.

Remember that rituals and conspiracies to recover and get rid of diseases are read on the waning moon (so that the disease wanes). And rituals and conspiracies to attract and promote health are read on the arriving moon (so that health is increased).
Prayers do not depend on the phase of the moon; they can be read at any time.

Conspiracy from an Unknown Baby Disease

Unfortunately, there are situations when an infant becomes ill, and doctors can’t make an accurate diagnosis. In this case, such a plot may help:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Virgin Mary took the baby in her arms,

To the river Jordan brought

She opened silk diapers,

The holy body of the Divine Infant was washed

All ailments, all the lessons drove

Sent them to the river, to the water.

So it would be with my little child all the ailments came down

They left for water and from water to mother earth.

May all my words be full

Which word has not been spoken

Which word is retold

Stand, all the words, in places fortified

In God's word, soon,

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now, with and forever and ever. Amen.

Children's hernia treatment

The following method helps in the treatment of this disease. Go to three baths, pick up leaves from brooms from the floor and put them in three banks. However, it should be borne in mind that the baths should be at a considerable distance from each other (from the window of one bath, the other two should not be visible). Then the collected leaves must be burned with the words:

Hernia, come out on the leaves,

Sit and smoke in the wind

Go on four sides

Free the servant of God (name). Amen.

Rules for Reading Conspiracies and Rituals

In order for the healing power to work, you need to read powerful conspiracies and conduct rituals, observing the following rules:

  • before the ritual, pray, perform cleansing procedures with water,
  • conduct protective rituals in solitude and silence, with a lit church candle,
  • before the rite, remove skeptical people from the environment,
  • spell fasting on an empty stomach,
  • do not drink alcohol and quit smoking for several hours.

Why is mother's prayer most effective?

The main reasons for the effectiveness of maternal prayer are:

  • only mom sincerely wishes the child well,
  • the relationship between the mother and her baby has a divine beginning,
  • Mom always knows what a child needs, so she can choose the right words by praying for him.

The video from the Larisa channel presents the mother’s prayer for the children.

General spells and rituals on the health of adults and children

Spells and ceremonies of white magic on the health of adults and children:

  • universal conspiracy
  • on a red thread amulet,
  • a strong conspiracy from an unknown illness of Natalya Stepanova,
  • a ritual with a pin and a prayer for the health of the child,
  • Slavic rite on the health of the baby,
  • to the growing moon
  • from the disease caused by the evil eye,
  • from female ailments
  • from infertility
  • to water from all diseases,
  • from a rash on the face,
  • rite of elevated temperature.

When bathing the baby

So that children do not get sick, it is possible to conduct an effective rite while bathing a child to improve health. This ritual can be carried out not only when the baby is sick, but for the prevention of ailments. This is a complex of rites and whispers that are held during water procedures:

On a piece of paper write the words of the amulet, sprinkle it with holy water. Hide the leaflet under the bath, let it be under it while swimming. Add holy water to the bath. When bathing children, pronounce the words written on the leaf (it is better to learn them in advance):

“Voditsa helper, I ask you for the help of my child. Cleanse him from all kinds of filth of spirit and flesh. Bring him to mind, give health to the body, give salvation to the soul. Amen".

When you rinse the baby, say:

“The water is flowing, and the child is growing. Like water off a goose, so you are thin. The water flows down, and the child grows up. ”

When you wipe the baby after bathing, say:

"Diaper on the shoulders, health in the body."

When pouring water after bathing, say:

“Voditsa quickly leaves the country, but the child is growing and will never be sick. Together with voditsa all the illness will leave and attack from the body of my baby. "

To protect your child from the evil eye and spoilage, which are often the cause of childhood illnesses, during bathing, say the following conspiracy:

“An angel flies through heaven, sits on a bush. He looks at the child and smiles. No one will attack my baby, no one will steal, witches and sorcerers will not send damage. The little angel will monitor the baby, protect him, protect him from troubles and damage. Amen".

Universal plot

A universal way to cure your child is a conspiracy when combing, which is carried out as follows:

  1. Prepare a comb or massage brush.
  2. In the morning, after washing, when the time comes to comb your hair, put the child on his knees.
  3. Comb the strands while pronouncing magic words.

The text of the universal conspiracy is as follows:

“I am your mother, you are my (my) son (daughter), I will comb you happiness, I will bring good luck, I will give you health. Let all the bad go away, and the good grow. Amen"

This rite helps to establish relations between mother and child, strengthen the psychological state in the family.

Another universal conspiracy can be practiced for adults and children in this way:

  1. In the forest, select a tree (according to popular beliefs, oak, maple, linden or birch are most suitable).
  2. Lean against him.
  3. Grasp the trunk with your hands and say magic words.

“Illness-afflictive, ailment-prickly, you leave my body, you cross this tree, you flow down the roots into the ground, you no longer strangle me, you do not torture me. Let all my pain go into the earth and never return ”

A hernia plot in a newborn

Lay the pillow on the bed, undress the baby and lay it on this pillow. You yourself kneel in front of the child and trace the place where the child has a hernia while reading the following plot three times in a row:

Lord God bless

Lord God, strengthen

And you, bite, scatter!

Come on the wheel, rush into the pit from the wheel,

There you have to be, there you live for centuries.

Key, lock, tongue.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

From heavy crying

Many folk healers say that the cause of severe crying of the baby may be the bristles that remain on his back after birth. To save him from such a problem, you need to take a crumb of bread, roll on the back and read these words:

“I’m rolling this crumb, I’m saving you from crying. He will take all the ailments for himself, from now on you will sleep peacefully. May it be so".

Give the crumb to the dogs.

For recovery

To remove the black evil eye and help the baby recover faster, you need to conduct the next rite. Read the prayer of our Father on water three times. Then wash the child with this water, wipe the hem of his nightgown, saying:

"I gave birth to you, I will heal you."

If the baby has a too weak immune system and it often gets sick, you can conduct the following ceremony for recovery:

  • pick up spring water,
  • pour it into a transparent container,
  • lower the silver cross to the bottom of the container, let it stay for a day,
  • the next day stand in the center of the room with a glass in his hands,
  • bend over the water and utter the words of the conspiracy:

“Let this transparent, healing, and pure water, to my baby, only goodness and health be. All misfortunes and ailments, all sorrows and grief are washed away. Let the water fill with calmness and health. Angels descend from heaven to earth, sing sweet songs over my baby. All diseases are washed off, dissolved in key water. May it be so".

Every hour, give the baby three drops of the charmed liquid. Also wash the face of the crumbs, drip a few drops in the bath while bathing, spray all corners of the children's room. Also pour a little on the windowsill and on the threshold.

There is another option for the ritual to recover crumbs. To conduct it, you need to type in a glass of melt water. If there is no way to take melt water, do it yourself. Freeze rainwater in the freezer, and then get it out, let it melt and use it to perform magical actions. Lean over a glass and whisper:

“Voditsa is the helper, the queen of the earth. Everyone loves you, everyone honors you, you give life to all living things in the world. No one can live without you. The Lord God gave you people and ordered you to give people the good to give, wash off any dirt, free from disease. Rinse off, voditsa, rinse all the ailments, free from troubles. Virgin Mary, bless, help the servant of God (name). For ease, for health, for the mercy of the Lord. As the water of God rips off the ridges, from the stumps, shores, and roots it is washed away, so wash away, rinse, the water, from the servant of God (name) all ailments and pains. So let it be, as I have said. ”

Wash the baby with water while in the morning and evening.

There is also a preventive ritual to protect the baby from the disease. Read the words for water:

“Lord, gracious, keep the servant of God (name), protect from all those who meet and cross, protect from a dashing person, from the evil eye. The moon will go around the earth, all health will return. All corruption and ailments go away. Diseases, lessons, slopes, prizors, go away from the servant of God (name). Go to the dark forests, to dry trees and stumps, where people do not walk, livestock do not roam, where birds do not fly, the beast does not prowl. May it be so".

To wash the baby with a charm of water, give him to drink a drop several times a day.


To save a child from a hernia, you need to read the following plot:

I will become a servant of God (name), blessing

I'll go out crossing myself

From door to door, from gate to gate,

I will go out into the open field.

In the open field there is an ocean-sea.

There is a blue stone in the ocean-sea

Under the blue stone, blue pike

Pinches and bites fifteen hernias:

And generic hernia, and becoming hernia,

And umbilical hernia, and egg hernia,

And inguinal hernia and head hernia,

And a tooth hernia, and an ear hernia,

And an eye hernia, and a manual hernia,

And a heart hernia, and a wet hernia,

And a hernia, and a popliteal hernia,

And a shoulder hernia.

Whatever words you say, it is stronger than all words.

Seventy lived and seventy joints

And in a single joint, a key and a lock.

Till the end of time. Amen.

I get up, blessed, go cross myself,

From door to door, from gate to gate,

In the open field, a copper river flows,

A fish floats along this river, and her name is pike.

Her teeth are iron, her cheeks are copper,

And that pike with iron teeth

Copper cheeks, tin eyes

Nibbles, bites and swallows

Boat hernia, keel hernia,

Water hernia, umbilical hernia,

Vein hernia and other hernia

At the servant of God (name).

From homeland to the first bath,

From the first bath to the last bath

And until soon death, the Ditymets and the native

And any dashing nibble and disease.

Fascinated, spoken to the servant of God (name).

Till the end of time. Amen.

What the master didn’t understand or didn’t

That all in advance.

Be my words, strong and firm,

The key and the lock, forever and ever.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I hammer and temper,

A servant of God (name), a servant of God (name)

Umbilical nibbling, spinal nibbling,

Heart bite, head bite,

Inguinal gnaw, pubic gnaw.

Now and forever and ever.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

At the Blessed Virgin Mary

So I speak to the servant of God (name). Amen.

So that the child does not bite his nails

This unpleasant habit is reported as follows. Ask the child to stretch his hands in front of him, palms down, then grab the knife by the blade and, touching it on each nail, starting with the right hand, pronounce the following words:

The wind is loud.

Aspen breaks, servant of God (name)

Nails do not toil.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

If the baby is drooling

In this case, I'm not talking about children whose teeth are being cut: naturally, they have excessive salivation. However, if the child’s teeth have already erupted, and the saliva still continues to flow, contact your pediatric dentist: it’s quite possible that everything is at fault with the wrong bite. If the child’s bite is normal and the teeth are all erupted, then resort to the next rite.

In the evening, put the handkerchief under the pillow and leave it overnight. In the morning, get a handkerchief and wipe the baby's drool with it until the evening, until he goes to bed. When the child falls asleep, read a special conspiracy over the scarf and hang it on the street. The ceremony is carried out for three days, and then the scarf is washed.

The words of the conspiracy are as follows:

The servant of God (name) gave

The wind took it and gave it to someone.

And who knows God alone.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

I do not remember the case that this rite did not help someone.

Red thread amulet plot

A charmed red thread amulet, created with love and kindness:

  • will protect a person and his loved ones,
  • protect from evil eye
  • help fight the disease
  • significantly accelerate recovery.

Tie a red thread on your wrist, saying the following words:

“Let this thread protect you from all enemies, illnesses and adversities. In the name of goodness, I empower this thread, (name) to guard and instruct all bad things to drive away. As the knot is strong, so let the protection be strong. Amen"

A strong conspiracy from an unknown illness by Natalia Stepanova

From an unknown disease, a conspiracy, the author of which is the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova, is useful.

It is necessary to take an apple and cut it into two parts, saying the following:

“As the two halves can never grow together, so my illness can no longer be in me. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen"

What to do if the child is full of shit

This sometimes happens with young children. To prevent undesirable consequences, be sure to chastise the child with wedding candles.

Place a child’s icon, light a wedding candle, and read a special plot twelve times in a row, but first read “Our Father”.

Our Father, Thou art in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, may Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in Heaven and on earth. Give us our daily bread today, and leave us our debts, just like we leave our debtor, and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Hail Virgin, rejoice,

Bless us against all misfortune

Take away from my child the empty

Dare, bad, eaten, alien,

From fire, from deep water

From unsolicited trouble

From the unintentional, from the desperate

From short-lived and hard times,

From poverty, from secret enmity,

Anything that didn't say

Anything that has not been said.

Be a faithful companion to my child.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

A ritual with a pin and a prayer for the health of the child

A ritual with a pin will help:

  • protect both the child and the adult from the dark forces,
  • destroy corruption and the evil eye,
  • to recover from various ailments.

  1. Buy a new pin.
  2. Dip it overnight in holy water.
  3. The next morning, at dawn, carefully pin the pin onto the child’s outer clothing, point it down.
  4. Make sure that it does not interfere with the baby's movements and cannot injure him.
  5. Read the words of the conspiracy:

“Lord God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Virgin, hear the conversion of the Servant of God (name). I ask you for protection for my child (name). Protect him from unnecessary pain, from various diseases, bumps and bruises. Protect them from bad people, from bad thoughts, from stupid and dangerous actions. May his life be healthy and joyful. Amen!"

What to do if a child eats snot

On Wednesday, put the child on the threshold, give him a plate of food and a spoon, and then say:

Frequent teeth, red lips.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

God - God, Caesar - Caesarean.

The mouth in its place

Nose in its tower.

I’ll take nothing from nose to mouth.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Then feed the child a charmed meal, giving him exactly three tablespoons of food - no more and no less.

Slavic rite on the health of the baby

From the time of paganism to the present day, Slavic rites such as these have been used to strengthen children's health:

  • bath
  • for a healthy sleep,
  • from evil eye and damage.

The bathing rite is carried out during the bathing of the child: washing the baby, you need to repeat:

“King of water, king of ice, wash my (name) with your living water, give him strength and growth, obedience and meekness. “Let all the ailments drain, under the living water the evil eye and perish die.”

A healthy sleep ritual is performed as follows:

  1. Mom picks up a baby in her arms, leaves in the canopy.
  2. It faces east.
  3. Rearranges one leg over the threshold, and says:

"Dawn-zarnitsa, you are my sister, here is my sleeplessness from my (name), bring it to the other end, and give my (name) a sound sleep."

After reading the plot, you need to spit three times through the child over the threshold.

  1. In a bucket of water you need to put a piece of charcoal.
  2. Pour on the top of the child from the bucket.
  3. During the procedure, magic words are sentenced:

“Just as a coal doesn’t bother anything, so does my (name) so that nothing bothers: no evil eye, no spoilage, no bells and whistles, no bad words, no dark thoughts.”

So that the child does not eat snot

In this case, you should read a special plot over water three times in a row, which then needs to be washed by the child. After that, he will forget about his unpleasant habit. The plot is this:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Don't have your mouth above your nose

And so it would not happen from the nose in the mouth either.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Till the end of time. Amen.

Conspiracy on the growing moon

For the rite on the comb, you need to put a comb under the moonlight, leave it overnight, and comb your hair in the morning, saying:

“You are my month-friend, shine on the comb-comb, charge it with growth power and give health. As I comb my comb in the morning, I’ll rejuvenate myself with beauty and strength. ”

For a ritual on water, you need to put a container of water under moonlight for the whole night, wash it in the morning in the morning, reading the plot:

“Virgin Moon, charge me with strength and health. As you arrive in heaven, so may health in my body arrive. In the morning I’ll wash my face, improve my health and rejuvenate. ”

A plot on fertile land is carried out as follows:

  1. Take a handful of land under the fruit tree in the palm of your hand.
  2. Whisper the text of the spell.
  3. Lay the earth back under the tree.

The magic words are:

“Mother earth, fertile and alive, as the moon orders you to give birth, so let me become healthy and fertile.”

Conspiracy from Evil Eye Disease

To get rid of the disease caused by the evil eye, you need to light a church candle at home, put on a shirt or shirt and read the following prayer:

“The Lord God, the King of Heaven, I take all the bad things off of you with your power, I remove all the bad things that they wanted me to do. Let my blood in my body become clean, my hair will be long, my eyes vigilantly, my legs stand firmly on the ground, and my bright thoughts will visit me. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen"

After these words, take off your shirt or shirt, throw it on the floor, trample it underfoot and burn it.

How to speak dumbness in children

On the day of commemoration of John Chrysostom (November 26), read the following conspiracy:

Cross, my cross!

John Chrysostom, come down from heaven

Open your mouth to the servant of God (name).

As you worshipfully spoke, talked,

So would the servant of God (name) also say

I, my mother, surprised me with a speech.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and forever and ever. Amen.

How to detect induced damage or magical effects

It is possible to determine that a person has come under magical influence or has been damaged, using the following signs:

  • a sharp drop in weight for no apparent reason,
  • suddenly aggravated insomnia with constant nightmares,
  • hair loss,
  • body aches and pains for no apparent reason
  • suicidal thoughts and depression.

The video tells how to detect the presence of damage or the evil eye. The video was prepared by the Menshikova School channel.

If the baby is numb with fear

It also happens that a child who was able to speak before that is very frightened of something and then stops talking. If neither the persuasion of relatives, nor the doctors help and the child continues to be silent, try the following. On the full moon at night, when the sky is clear, without clouds, take the child outside. By the way, make sure that there are no people or animals near you. Lay your underwear on the ground, place a child on it and read such a plot three times in a row:

Look at the moon, angels live there

They cherish your soul.

There Christ stands, looking at you, child,

Say hello to him.

After that, pick up a mirror and turn it so that your child can see the reflection of the moon. Let him look through the mirror at the moon, and at this time you read the same plot again, just add at the end:

Christ loves you

He will forget you.

After that, bring the child home and put to bed. Caress him and say affectionately (in your own words):

God loves you very, very much

He will take offense at me because of you.

Usually after this rite, the children begin to speak the next morning.

How to get rid of a parent

Break off a piece from a whole loaf of bread, take out the crumb and roll it over the patient’s chest, saying:

Earth, take bread and salt,

Take the pain from the servant of God (name).

Roll out, pronounce, remove:

Lesson, transverse, male and female,

Children’s and senile, enviable and shameful,

From bones and from blood, from the fate of the whole.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Take this bread from the patient’s house and put it somewhere under the bush.

Conspiracy from the Parent

Early in the morning, before the sun has risen, read such a plot three times in a row:

Grandma Varvarushka, I ask you

Take it off the baby

Servant of God (name), native:

My dear heart, my head parent,

Domestic relative, donor native,

Weak and all twelve Rodim,

And all twelve thin men

And all twelve windy breakers.

Take off the white body, with clear eyes,

From a white face, from a lung, from a liver,

With a zealous heart and with all the scarlet blood

From all the insides. Amen.

Another conspiracy from a relative

Put the child on a chair and ask him to look at the fire of the candle. After you read the plot, the child must extinguish the candle himself, but if he is still too small, then you can do it for him. The spoken words are as follows:

Twelve brothers, twelve rhodimis,

Like the dead don't toss and turn

So would you all be twelve

Did not toss and turn in this house

Not now, not now, not tomorrow, not in an hour,

Never, forever.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Rodimy speak

Read the special conspiracy over the water, which then give the child water, and rinse him with the rest. Spoken words are:

On the sea, on the ocean, in the middle of the White Sea,

There is a copper pole

From earth to heaven, from east to west,

And in that copper pillar there is a copper

From boils and twigs.

I am sending God's servant (name)

In that copper pillar, That on the sea, on the ocean,

And I command him with my word commanded

Put the parent in that copper pillar.

And from that commandment there would be a servant of God (name)

He is intact and unharmed, and delivered from his mother

To this hour, for life.

Or read the following plot:

I gnaw, gnaw, A lot of me, take away

On the servant of God (name) are twelve relatives:

The umbilical, cardiac, internal,

Head, joint, vein,

Bone, hand, foot,

Eye, howler, talker.

As dead from the grave does not toss and turn,

So it would be on the servant of God (name)

These ten relatives

Never would tossing and turning.

Century by century, from now to century.

Rolling out a parent

In the full moon, take a bread crumb, blind a small ball (the size of a nut) out of it and roll this ball over the child’s body, while reading this conspiracy:

The parable of the sentence,

Oncoming and lateral,

Enviable and joyful,

With a wild head

With a rosy face

With bones, with brains

From the liver, from the lungs,

With a zealous heart, with white hands,

Not by itself pure. Amen.

Then wrap the bread crumb in a clean rag and throw it out at the crossroads at midnight, saying:

Holy kindness, accept bread and salt,

Forgive the servant of God (name). Amen.

This ceremony should be carried out seven days in a row.

A conspiracy from a child’s parent

Find a knot in the fence and bring the child to it. Let him touch the bitch, and at this time you say:

Like a bitch from this bitch

So from the servant of God (name) is sick.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Now and forever and ever. Amen.

A conspiracy from female ailments

A conspiracy from female ailments is carried out as follows:

  1. On Friday afternoon, buy a red scarf and bring holy water from the church.
  2. At home, put a silver cross on the window, and tie your head with a scarf.
  3. Cross, light a candle, pour water into the bowl.
  4. Read the words of the conspiracy.
  5. Drink water and cross yourself.

“Holy water, heal me, I (name) in a red scarf, a woman’s ailment sits in me. I will drink holy water, I will drive out all the sickness from within. The holy voditsa will be recharged with good, settling inside me with strength and health. So be it. ”

Continue to pray every morning for health, and after a week you will feel how you begin to recover.

Conspiracy from childhood diathesis

Take the child to the bathhouse and redeem him by reading such a plot over him:

Bath spirit, speak the servant of God (name)

From wet scabies,

From dry scabs,

From scabs small and large.

Like in a bath broom the leaves themselves fly off,

So let from my little child

All scabs fall away.

Now and forever and ever. Amen.

The plot of infertility

For a plot of infertility, a woman must pick an apple, eat it, and whisper the following words on the remaining seed:

“A fruit tree, strong, healthy, your child took, but saved, saved. I will give life a seed, I will plant crude in the ground, it will grow a child, please you and give new fruits. So give me a child, reward fertility ”

Then you need to bury the seed under the apple tree and pour it with water.

Rite of Fever

For a rite of heat, bring holy water from the church and cast the following spell over it:

“In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I charge you, holy water, with health and strength to get rid of ailments and adversity of all stripes. Give living water (name) strength, give it a drink of health, and soothe the sorrow. Amen".

Give this water gradually to drink in small sips to the patient. In a few hours, he will recover.

If the child beat off the ass

If a small child falls on a butt in a big way, then he may experience diarrhea, even bloody. Treat the child as follows. They soar well in the bathhouse so that the muscles relax, and then lay on their knees face down and gently stroked from top to bottom on the pope, while saying:

Put your stack.

Then three times spit over the left shoulder. After this, diarrhea immediately passes.

Speak a bruised child

If your child has fallen or hit, speak a bruised place to him and make sure that after this there will be no bruise or bump. The plot is as follows:

A girl walked near the water

A loose bull led a bull on a strap.

No blood dripping

The words are sculpted like dough.

Pain, blood, dislocation there is no place in the body.

My mouth is a castle

Be my word, firmly, stucco and tenaciously,

Harder than Alatyr stone.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.Amen.

Headache prayer

Prayer for headache should be read in a cup with church water and in small sips to drink it in one gulp to the bottom:

“I, the Servant of God (name), accept this holy water in order to be cured of the pain that overcomes me. May the holy living water calm me and heal me. Amen".

Ritual for diseases of the respiratory system

The rite helps to cure the following diseases of the respiratory system:

  • lingering cough
  • bronchitis
  • tonsillitis
  • tracheitis
  • pneumonia.

To perform a ritual to get rid of diseases of the respiratory system, you need a twig from an oak tree. The ceremony is held on a waning moon.

Take the branch in your hands and say the following spell:

“All evil spirits, all ailments, sit on an oak branch, frolic and ride, don’t come back to me. As the moon in the sky is waning, so let my ailment disappear. A branch under an oak dries, lies - my illness dries with it, but it will not come back to me. ”

Throw the branch over your shoulder and leave without looking back.

Prayer for heart ailments

Prayer for heart disease gives the body light, clean energy, and they say such a prayer on holy church water during the growing moon.

“Lord Almighty, endowed the holy water with healing power. May the holy water save me from heartache, from feelings and sufferings. Heal my soul, and with it my body will be healed. Amen".

Drink the chilled water every day in small portions until the next phase of moon growth.

How quickly prayers and health spells work

The effect of conspiracies and prayers will not take long to wait if a person really believes in Higher powers.

In order for the spell to work faster, a number of conditions must be met:

  1. Do not swear, do not gluttony, do not swear and do not wish people harm.
  2. Try to think about the good by visualizing your dreams.
  3. Contact with the forces of nature. You should walk more in the forest, in the field, spend time near the water, a bonfire - actively interact with the natural elements to obtain life-giving energy.

Health effects of conspiracies

Sincere faith in rituals and conspiracies, as well as their correct and regular performance, will allow:

  • to improve your well-being for a long time,
  • gain immunity to any ailments,
  • feel a surge of strength
  • open up to positive changes in life,
  • to establish not only physical, but also mental health,
  • strengthen faith in yourself and feel your connection with higher powers.

Baby Bristle Plot

If the child weeps and cannot calm down at all, look at his back: it is quite possible that the bristle appeared on it. But even if you do not find the bristle, I still advise you to read a special conspiracy to be safe. To do this, stroke the child with his right hand on the back (from head to feet), saying:

Prickly pig bristles

And my child has peace.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

So that the hemangioma does not grow

Red spots on the body of a newborn can appear not only due to difficult childbirth. The reason for their appearance is often the fright experienced by a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, such spots usually grow. To prevent this, take two hairs: one from the mother of the child, the other from someone else's long beard. Measure the spot with them, and then tie them together, saying:

Like these two hair

To the beard and to the head

No longer grow

So are the spots on the servant of God (name)

They won't grow up anymore.

And in my work - God's amulet.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and forever and ever. Amen.

A plot for scabies in children

Take the child to the bathhouse and read such a plot there:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

There is a red girl with a dry broom,

Extinguishes, extinguishes bathing evil spirits,

Like this broom leaves are dry,

So the scrubs would be dry

As this broom leaves fall,

So the scabies would have slept.

From the servant of God (name) all thinness.

Water under the floor, baby on the floor. Amen.

How to save a child from a rash

Take your child to the bathhouse and let him sweat well. Then wipe it with the wrong side of your hem. After this rite, the rash will disappear, as they say, in front of the eyes. Just be careful, don't catch a cold after a bath.

A special decoction that is added to the bathtub while bathing the baby also helps to get rid of the rash very well. Its composition is as follows:

Viburnum flowers - 50 g

Field chamomile flowers - 50 g

2 tbsp. brew collection spoons, strain and pour into the bathtub for bathing.

This work is presumably in 'public domain' status. If this is not the case and posting the material violates someone else’s rights, then let us know.

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