60 practical and fun gifts for housewarming friends

Have you been invited to a housewarming party? Hooray, it’s always nice to be happy for loved ones! And it’s not so important what the new housing is: a luxurious suburban cottage or removable “sixteen meters and a joint toilet with them”. The main thing is its own, even if only temporarily.

“After all, a house is always what you are: They are built by virtue of mind and soul, And, in general, all houses are good ...” - the famous Russian group sings. And to add a good mood to the owners and bring comfort will help dear guests.

How not to make a mistake with a gift so that it comes to the soul and to the atmosphere? Quickly choose what you can give for a housewarming party, the details will help.

- The age of the gifted and your degree of intimacy.
Going on business to a friend or colleague, and he recently moved - grab something symbolic: a barometer, a fat man (money tree) or a spoon for shoes. If a housewarming party is celebrated by parents, sister, girlfriend - giving a cheap item is not comme il faut. Well, you will not present to your older relatives, for example, bedclothes with erotic drawings, but to your brother - quite.

- Repair completed (if so, in what style) or still in the process.
So, if the situation is in high-tech style, don’t give away a patchwork or bright oriental ornaments. If the remnants of construction dust are eliminated, cosmetic repairs, cleaning are done - sets of microfiber rags for different surfaces, bath brushes and tiles, beautiful dust panes (pipidastra) are relevant.

- The size of the house or apartment, whether there is a loggia, a personal plot, a bathhouse. Go mentally through all the rooms - there are options for yourself. Build on our list and consider the taste of the hosts.

Ideas for the bathroom and toilet

  1. laundry basket - if the bathroom is spacious and there is where to put it,
  2. terry bathrobes - the size can be estimated approximately, it is better to take with a margin,
  3. a set of towels - rarely are superfluous,
  4. mat - massage or color changing from exposure to water,
  5. a curtain for the bathroom, it is possible to apply an image with a photo of the owners on an individual order,
  6. original toilet brush,
  7. stock of toilet paper with jokes or funny pictures - fun and budget.

For rooms

  1. a plaid, sofa cushions - it’s difficult to pierce and give something wrong, besides it’s always possible to wear pillows of the right color,
  2. as usual, they give bed linen. It is especially useful if you go to a lonely friend or a young couple who have not yet had time to grow such things. But you need to know the parameters of the berth,
  3. different size boxes for storing things - an original piece of furniture and it’s convenient to put it in a cabinet,
  4. soft chair-bag - it is comfortable to relax in it both in the room, and on the balcony, and on the veranda,
  5. funny barometer, such as a ladybug,
  6. home weather station - consists of two nodes: internal (indoors) and external (outside the window). Shows the temperature of the house and the street, humidity, pressure. Most models also display time. An unusual gift, hardly another guest will buy the same,
  7. wall or floor clocks - if you are sure that they will suit the situation,
  8. humidifier or air purifier,
  9. a flower in a pot or a tree - depends on the size of the room,
  10. indoor mini-fountain or biofireplace - for well-off people who have everything
  11. a safe disguised as a book or sockets (preferably the same as indoors),
  12. home bar in the form of a globe, a barrel, a locker - of course, if the owners drink alcohol,
  13. an aquarium or its electronic model with a floating fish,
  14. if the baby’s house has a construction mat made of letters and numbers, a gymnastic wall for the nursery,
  15. an air mattress is a gift for housewarming to active friends who love camping. You can take a trip and offer guests in case of an overnight stay,
  16. dream catcher - you can do it yourself (talisman-keeper of peace and prosperity of the hearth).

They wanted to give you a picture,
But thinking - suddenly there really is?
Then there was a debate about the car.
And do not count all the offers!

We decided - enough questions from us,
Already tired of thinking
And we give this money simply,
So that you choose everything yourself!

“Housewarming is not supposed to be fun without”

With what mood you note, such a life in a new place will begin. Congratulations on glory, so that a feast on the mountain and honey on the mustache, as in a fairy tale!

Come visit on a positive note and contribute to the creation of the same attitude of the company, even if you celebrate with your family and relatives. Beat the presentation of the gift. Connect the children - the people are creative, they will take it with pleasure. Let them read the poem (“The House that Jack Built” or “Once the snail announced:“ The apartment for rent with a separate wicket ”).

You can sing together: "Everyone in the world needs a house, people and animals ..." or "A wonderful neighbor has settled in our house." To stage funny stories. About, for example, how a person calls into a new apartment and thinks: “Curious, is there good audibility?” “Very!” - it sounds from behind the wall.

Relatives and friends nearby, flowering children, a festive table, comfort, humor and laughter - what else does a person need for happiness?

Housewarming gifts to friends who have everything

Perhaps this is the most responsible category. Here it is important to take into account many nuances: the present must correspond to the status of the owners. And, at the same time, it is not at all necessary to splurge, and spend the last: successful people value emotionality above the material.

The top 10 in this section includes positions that are offered in a wide price range. If opportunities allow, allow yourself blatantly indecent generosity. In all other cases, include ingenuity and analog ingenuity. Because the directions were collected after studying the opinions of wealthy new settlers.

  • Home Textile Set - wraps on upholstered furniture, a cover with pillowcases in the bedroom, curtains in the living room, a weekly set of towels and other variations. If bedding, then the desired color is better to know in advance.
  • Small architectural forms for a country house - For sale there are ready-made constructions of arbors, swings under a canopy, covered terraces and barbecue facilities, log cabins for a well. Consider shipping and assembly costs.
  • Vacuum cleaner robot - The assortment of inconspicuous cleaners was replenished with models of mass brands at affordable most prices. In this case, the cost will not be decisive if the product has good reviews and wide functionality.

  • Sparkling Beverage Box - The idea is suitable for a big housewarming feast. The gesture is wide, catchy. The present will be tested right away, so you should pay attention to the quality of the product.
  • Festive fireworks - The option is designed for the impression of a cascade of lights in the sky. How global the presentation will be, you decide: either pick up the proven charges yourself, or order a show from a specialized company.
  • Garden equipment - At this point you can stop if the housewarming is celebrated in a cottage. There are many types of special equipment, the choice depends on the plans of the owners for the development of the site. Universal mowers, mini-loaders and machines for plowing the land.

  • Smart home appliances - needed in every home, but for the wealthy owners the most advanced models are relevant. Eco-friendly grill, filter kettles, crock-pots, a pair of electric toothbrushes or a self-cleaning microwave.
  • Certificate for designer services - in a country estate requires a specialist in landscape planning, in a city apartment - in interior design. This may be a one-time service for an expert to give his recommendations.
  • Wine cabinet - A rather expensive and specific acquisition, one cannot do without knowledge of the intricacies. Construction requires space. Although there are compact models that are built into the kitchen sections. Friends of the new settlers can make such a gift to the chipper.
  • Author's story cake - master confectioners will come up with and make a unique copy of cream and mastic. Flower placers are not very suitable, but playful motifs about a cheerful company of new settlers are quite.

Private Home Gift Options

And now your friends have completed the mansion or bought a finished one. Undoubtedly, you were involuntary witnesses of all the vicissitudes about this. Well, or you will be devoted to all the details right during the housewarming. A house takes up much more trouble than an apartment: it is an almost autonomous economy with a garden garden. With this calculation, it is customary to prepare gifts for the owners.

  • Portable barbecue - an indispensable thing in the household. From a wide range of shops and craft salons, you can choose a forged item, charcoal with grill or standard. A set of tools and skewers - separately or in addition.

  • Seedlings of trees or perennials - private owners try to decorate their estate with outlandish plants, and grow a good crop in the garden and in the garden. Learn new items, design basics. We will gladly accept the treasured varieties of flowers and rare trees as a gift.
  • Bottle for home liquors or moonshine - useful to experienced or diligent gardeners. The Big Garden is a business, one or two years, and it will grow up among new settlers. If the owners are entrepreneurial and hospitable, the present will be in demand.
  • Certificate in a household store - A universal solution for busy friends. New settlers will be able to choose their own tools, construction trolleys and materials, lamps and equipment.

  • garden furniture - folding chairs, deck chairs, wide benches, dining tables with rattan chairs. Each item can become an independent present or in a headset.
  • Pool - the shape and material are selected depending on the purpose. For children's baths - shallow products, larger specimens - in landscape design, under mini-ponds - made of durable black material.

The kitchen and everything connected with it

What room in the house is very popular among all family members, regardless of age and individual character traits? Of course, the kitchen: after all, in this room there is always something to eat, and in addition, you can have a cup of tea and spend the evening in a pleasant chat with family members. Here, companies of friends often “sit”. If the apartment is one-room, and the only room plays the role of a living room, a bedroom, and an office, then tea drinking with a group of friends usually takes place in the kitchen. Therefore, thinking about what to give friends for a housewarming party, first of all mentally look into their kitchen: maybe something is missing in the “holy of holies” to make this place truly cozy and comfortable?

What can be presented from kitchen appliances that can make life easier for the housewife? The choice is yours:

  • various food processors,
  • juicers,
  • crock-pots
  • microwaves,
  • double boiler.

Your housewarming gift should successfully complement the list of kitchen utensils already available in the house and meet the interests of most members of the family. Big family? Then present the food processor. The mistress of the house does not like to stand by the stove for a long time and often forgets about the porridge being prepared, while she is engaged in other matters? In this case, the house will not have an extra multicooker: it will turn off itself and give a signal when everything is ready.

What to give friends for a housewarming party - inexpensively, but with benefit for business? Here are the gizmos from the second "kitchen" list:

  • large sets of kitchen towels and oven mitts in one style,
  • cutlery,
  • plates,
  • Tea and coffee sets.

A young couple who has no children has moved to a new home - what are they giving for housewarming in this case? It will be very good if you provide a young couple with stylish cups for breakfast, a brand new cute teapot, a set of cutting boards. But knives should not be presented - it is believed that such a gift carries negative energy.

A friend told you that the kitchen in his house is already equipped. What do friends give for housewarming in these circumstances? Let's move into the living room - let's see what subject is not superfluous in the interior.

What to give a young family a housewarming party

For newlyweds, we repeat, any common living space becomes a new home. And his own apartment is an occasion for a global holiday. That's just a young couple does not always have enough chairs, dishes and even money for arranging a nest. Senior relatives can afford to give envelopes with notes. And for friends, there are hundreds of options to participate in the arrangement of the life of a young married couple, and we will talk about the most desirable options later.

  • Table service - Perhaps he will be the first in the household of the new settlers. The style of the dishes should be in harmony with the general way of life of the owners - some will be pleased with the modern collection of tempered glass, others with classical porcelain, and others with ceramic.
  • Quilt with pillows - give as a set or separately. Ready-made sets are convenient in that they are matched in color and size. Instead of a blanket, a nice plaid is suitable, then buy small decorative pillows to match.

  • Microwave - A convenient thing for a young family who prefers not to burden themselves with household difficulties. And for the first time in an empty apartment, a kitchen gadget copes with cooking breakfasts and dinners. Brand and functionality are not fundamental.
  • Ladder - A good friendly contribution to the cause of apartment renovation. And there are enough worries for the new settlers even in the equipped apartment - to re-paste the wallpaper, hang new lamps and curtains.
  • Floor lamp - symbolizes homeliness and secrecy. You need to know the couple’s habits well in order to choose a high-tech model or a classic lamp option from a wide range.
  • Set of containers for food storage - a lot of worries and expenses immediately falls upon new owners, funds are not always left on household trifles. The gift is not only practical, but also decorating life: therefore pay attention to stylish, catchy collections.

  • Curtain Set - it’s not so difficult to choose the kitchen: in a neutral color palette, which is loved by newcomers. It is more difficult to buy curtains in the living room and bedroom: you can consult the owners about the color and texture of the fabric. For seasonal textile changes - a suitable option.
  • Kettle and toaster - if you take it from one line, a pair of devices looks advantageous, attracts attention. The unifying factor may be the brand or the shade of the body of the equipment. New things in a new home are symbolic.
  • Inflatable mattress - multifunctional: for the first time after a housewarming can serve as a bed. After the purchase of furniture, the thing will be relocated to the hiking list, it will also be used as a guest bed.
  • Tool case - so that the newlyweds do not have to ask the neighbors for a hammer and key. What exactly to put in a coffer, senior relatives or consultants of a profile store will tell. There are also ready-made kits on sale.

Beautiful, modern and comfortable

First, let us look around the room, “walking” over large-sized objects. Sofa, TV, armchair - is all this already in stock? Well, but in this corner a coffee table would look great, on which the hostess's favorite book lay. It would be nice to relax here after work on a soft ottoman. A few bright cushions would very much enliven the atmosphere, adding a festive note to the interior.

You can choose and give such presents if you know that you have good taste and know how to work with design ideas.However, thinking about what to give friends at home for a housewarming party, it is necessary to consult with them: what if they do not approve of your idea? Maybe they have their own thoughts regarding the design of their own apartment?

For their part, they themselves can “plant” the idea of ​​presents for their guests. For example, it is possible that they need:

  • bright curtains
  • paintings depicting landscapes or still lifes,
  • Wall Clock,
  • night light, which when turned on reflects the pattern of the starry sky on the ceiling.

If you are going to the store for such fashionable and necessary things in the house decorating any room, consult the heroes of the occasion regarding what exactly should be a gift.

Options for funny and comic gifts

The acquisition of own housing is a serious matter. Waiting for the move, fatigue and stress build up. Friendly playful presentations are just needed to defuse the atmosphere during the general fun. It does not have to be surprise boxes or rubber potatoes. Take a look at things that are both useful and funny.

  • Fridge Notebook - are sold in the form of fruit or animal silhouettes, with a cork, chalk or smooth surface. They look funny, serve as a mailbox for home messages.
  • Homemaker - according to Slavic tradition, these were dolls in magnificent dresses with painted faces. Now the craftswomen sew such guards from fabric and straw, from yarn, felted from wool, made from clay.
  • Money box - as a symbol of family well-being, and the more fervent - the more suitable the instance for a young couple. An author's product can be ordered from potters in an art workshop.

  • Knitted Socks - deliberately large knitting, coarse woolen thread, rustic striped style. Buy two couples for new settlers, and say: "Guys, so that you feel warm in the new house."
  • A pair of soft chairs - it doesn’t matter that for a long time they will not stay in the interior of the new apartment. But the newlyweds will remember how fun it was to flop into the cozy depths of the first family chairs. However, then they will come in handy in the nursery or in the country.
  • Ammunition and repair materials - joke about the upcoming repairs: build a set of caps from the newspapers. And in the appendage - working overalls, paint buckets, brushes and rollers, wallpaper rolls, paint cans and brushes.
  • Alarm clock - needed in the house, so that young people do not forget about work and business. Ordinary chimes, polite electronic, crazy with a gun and a target, musical - there is a choice.
  • Pizza delivery for housewarming day - the gift will be a pleasant surprise for a youth feast. If you discuss your present with the heroes of the occasion in advance, they will be able to build a menu taking into account a delicious gift.

  • A modular picture with a funny plot - you can not be limited to an assortment of decor stores, but buy frames separately and order printing of cut pictures. In this case, you decide which image is suitable - a picture or even a slogan.
  • Sleeping bags - if you buy two identical bags that are connected to a double place with zippers, the practical benefit doubles. For its intended purpose, sleeping bags can be used on vacation by savages.

DIY gifts

A special place in the list of presentations is occupied by “sincere” gifts - those that are made by the donor himself. It’s not so difficult to buy a thing - there would be money, now almost everything is in stores. But in them, these store gizmos, often very necessary and useful, they lack personality, they do not have "their own face."

If your new settlers have managed to get everything that they need in the household, but complain about the lack of originality in the house, it is in your power to help them bring a “twist” to the interior.

For craftswomen who know how to knit or weave from threads, the gift problem does not exist: they always know how to please friends.You can weave the original decoration - an owl on the wall, a bedside rug or pillowcases for sofa cushions.

Those who knit well, too, will not be taken aback by friends' housewarming: a multi-colored crocheted rug, a wrap on a chair, a cheerful rug in the nursery - they will all be able to make their own hands and please the new settlers.

You can embroider the picture with beads, you can make a bedspread in the style of patchwork - in a word, add a bright personality to the house.

If you are invited to a housewarming party and you don’t have time to look for a gift or make it yourself, you can order or bake a beautiful cake yourself - for example, in the shape of a house. The owners of the house and other guests will perceive such a sweet surprise with a bang: it is beautiful, symbolic, and delicious!

DIY housewarming gifts

Ideas for self-made ones are suitable for those who would like to congratulate the new settlers inexpensively and originally, and most importantly - they are ready to put skillful pens to the work. Sometimes such gifts are chosen if you have to be inventive for life's sake. The main thing is that hand made is needed at home, on the farm or at the festive table. In everyday life there are a lot of things that are easy to do ourselves, and detailed instructions are on the Internet.

  • Tablecloth with napkins - You do not need to have special talents to tailor even rectangles and squares. It will remain to smoothly work the edges, pack it in a smart package and go to celebrate.
  • Hanger for keys - made from wooden blanks and clothes hooks. Any man will cope - step-by-step instructions are on the network, the present is ready after a couple of hours of work. It will come in handy in a new house, where there is more to come in their permanent places.
  • Charm Brownie - looks like a little gnome. They are made of fabric, clay, wool, sewn like a soft toy. Supplement finished copies on suspensions can be inscriptions, wishes. First, ask the owners how they will perceive the guardian of the hearth.
  • Wall newspaper - Before work, stock up non-banal photos of new settlers, stories of friendship with them, a chronicle of family events. Stick it all on a piece of paper, decorate, paint in large letters and leave space for guests to write.
  • Homemade pie - the size of the goodies should be such as to feed all those invited for housewarming. But what the filling will be for you to decide: with fish, meat, mushrooms, sweet - with berries and fruits. The inscription on top is a cherry on the cake.

  • Slippers - blanks made of fabric and wool are sold for craftsmanship. Still need will be threads, decor, tools and foot sizes for new settlers. For a couple - models in the same style, with different finishes.
  • Flower seedlings - This is such a mini-garden for decorating a new home. Of course, plants will not grow quickly. If your friends plan a housewarming after 3-4 months, this is enough to get strong shoots of decorative varieties.
  • Stand for shoes or for pots - rather, for skilled male hands. Both the one and the other household items are needed after the move: this is the order in the hallway, the organization of space in the living rooms. It is not difficult to do, the present will cost inexpensively.
  • Decorative pillows - A budget option, but it will require time and effort. It is easiest to sew covers from furniture fabric or plush, fill with foam. Or - buy ready-made pillows, but embroider elegant pillowcases for them.
  • Casket for little things - Small items are always lost in confusion after moving. A hat or gift box, which is easy to find in the packing departments, can be fitted under the box. Exterior decor, greeting card with wishes - the surroundings of the gift.

What to give for housewarming

Housewarming is an event that is celebrated widely and on a grand scale.

Newly made owners of an apartment or house want to share their holiday with friends and relatives, they are pleased to invite them to a celebration.

It’s considered good form not to come empty-handed and present a useful and original little thing as a gift.The question of what to give for a housewarming is inexpensive and original, it is worth approaching in advance.

A few gift ideas for a girlfriend

Girls now strive for independence early, willingly enter into a mortgage and become the mistress of their own apartment. For an unmarried girlfriend, moving to her nest is also a housewarming party, with all the attributes and a party. Friendly presentations are usually not very expensive, but give comfort to housing. On our short list are everyday things that girls will always be happy with.

  • Lampshade in the kitchen - albeit for the first time, but how quickly the place for home breakfasts is changing. It is not so difficult to cope with the installation of the lamp, in the worst case - there is reason to get acquainted with the neighbors.
  • Clothes dryer - a familiar, but such a necessary thing that is forgotten during the move. The simpler and lighter the design, the more convenient it is to use.
  • Housekeeper - A small accessory made of leather or substitutes, accustoms to accuracy in handling home and other keys. A beautiful, durable copy will add a touch of elegance to the hostess in the image.
  • Tray - an optional, but very convenient thing: for tea parties with friends, snacks on the TV, as a stand for a teapot and sugar bowl. The more thorough the product, the longer it will last.
  • Soft toy - for a feeling of comfort, warmth in a new apartment. Teddy bears have not yet come up with alternatives, so we choose the most touching one.
  • Indoor flower - This option is not suitable for all young ladies: you need to take into account the desire to care for the plant. If there is no objection, we choose a healthy, flowering plant, pack it in holiday paper.

Traditional gifts

First of all, it is worth taking into account the size of the apartment, the status of the housing (purchased property or rented), the type of housing (house, apartment, townhouse). Not unimportant factors are also the age of the owners, their preferences and family status. After analyzing these points, you can immediately discard inappropriate options and focus on the main thing.

There are things that are universal and appropriate in any situation.

A traditional housewarming gift is:

  • Charm for the house. Based on religion and beliefs, these are icons, some ritual things, figurines of brownies, various incense.
  • Pie or loaf. The tradition of meeting guests with bread and salt is known to all. But guests can thank the hostess and bring something flour to the table. Such a gift symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the house.
  • Kitchen utensils. They are so diverse that you can always pick up something you need and suitable. This can be a set of cutting boards, pots, kettle, baking sets, etc.
  • Cutlery. A good, high-quality set will undoubtedly please any housewife. According to signs, it is impossible to give sharp objects (knives, forks). You can get around this by asking for a small coin in return. So the gift is considered purchased.
  • Textile items. It is important to choose those that are suitable for the interior: tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs, towels.
  • Glasses, wine glasses. A beautiful set of unusual glasses or a set suitable for the hosts favorite drink will be a great option.
  • Service. A familiar gift, but at the same time, the right one. Having agreed with other guests, it will be possible to assemble a large set from different services, but the same design services.
  • Appliances for the kitchen. These are practical things that are always necessary in the house: microwave, mixer, blender, toaster.
  • Small household appliances. The market annually offers many new products; it’s easy to choose the right model.
  • Clock. Any of their varieties: wall, floor or table.
  • Decor Difficulty in getting to the taste of the owners and their vision of the interior. Such a gift should be chosen only with full confidence in its necessity.
  • Lighting. This is not only a sconce or a table lamp. A set of LED lamps will also appeal to many.
  • Male tool. It is always necessary for newcomers: to drill a wall, to make minor repairs.The tool can be both manual (screwdrivers, saws, hammers), and electric (drill, screwdriver).
  • Furniture. It is better to choose neutral but necessary little things: poufs, coffee tables, shoe racks.
  • Carpets The choice is wide - from the rug to the bathroom to the carpet paths and full-size carpets.
  • Curtains. The original present will be a photocurtain. As a universal option: tulle, roller blinds, blinds.
  • Items for storage. These include sets of boxes, organizers, wardrobe trunks. When giving them, you can immediately fill them with little things for the home: paper, napkins, sponges, and more.
  • Linens. If the color of the walls in the bedroom is already known, then picking up a kit will not be difficult. It will suit both a single person and a married couple. Excluding the interior, pillows and a blanket are selected.
  • Certificate. The owner, at his request, will choose the thing he likes. You can give a certificate for the services of a designer.
  • A houseplant in a beautiful flower pot is an inexpensive, symbolic housewarming gift.

Household appliances as a gift

The choice is huge, and allows you to find the right option for the cost and purpose of the device. Young people will truly appreciate the modern, multi-functional and original home gadget. Among these may be noted:

  • Vacuum cleaner robot. Useful for busy people or pet owners. It is suitable for all surfaces, makes dry and wet cleaning.
  • Kitchen Scale SkyScales 741S. They will be appreciated by people who monitor their weight. The peculiarity is that the gadget not only shows the weight of the product, but also its calorie content, and also synchronizes with the smartphone.
  • Electric clothes dryer "Dadget MT4111." The device is compact, when folded it fits in any cabinet. At the same time, it dries not only clothes, but also shoes,
  • KIT MT8060 air quality monitor. Will show the level of humidity, pollution and other parameters.
  • Slow cooker Delonghi FH1394.W. It will save space and fulfill the function of several devices at once: air grill, deep fryer, yogurt maker and oven,
  • Massager for legs GESS Bolide 340. Suitable for those whose work is associated with long standing.
  • GESS Bolide 340 air purifier. The gadget is equipped with intelligence, works in 4 modes and is controlled from a mobile phone.
  • Automatic window cleaner. This robot is relevant for residents of high floors, as well as for owners of panoramic glazing.
  • Aqua farm V 2.0. An object that serves as a source of fresh greenery and as an element of decor. In a small aquarium below you can settle a fish.
  • Door peephole with monitor. It has the function of recording images, transmitting sound through the door and viewing on a mobile phone.
  • Dosimeter GreenTest ECO. The gadget measures the level of nitrates in fruits and vegetables, shows the hardness of the water.
  • Non-contact thermometer Medisana FTN. Shows temperature using infrared radiation. Suitable for measuring body temperature, as well as other items and products (for example, baby food).
  • The device to turn off the iron is the “Forgotten Iron” by Brenin. It is inserted into any outlet and turns off the power after a certain time.
  • Somabar cocktail mixing device. Will prepare both an alcoholic drink and one without alcohol.
  • Food waste chopper. It allows you to throw all the organic waste directly into the sink, it is installed on any model of siphon.

Based on the donor’s budget, one can choose not only an expensive electronic model, but also its mechanical counterpart. Many of them also cope with the declared functions.

Gifts for interior and comfort

It so happens that the gift of close friends gets to the point so much that it becomes the beginning of the transformation in the house, sets the motive for the whole interior. As such decor items can be:

  • Lightbox. This is a photo frame, which is also an additional source of light. It contains any photo: a portrait of the owner, friends or abstract images. Lightbox can have absolutely any shape and color.
  • Original plaid colors and sofa cushions with funny photos or images of friends. For a single person, a hug-pillow will be a surprise, pregnant women will also appreciate it.
  • Picture or panel. Especially if these home decoration items are written and made by the guest on their own. If you have the talent and effort, you will get a wonderful work of authorship as a keepsake. A picture is what it is customary to give for housewarming.
  • Electric fireplace. He will turn a modest apartment into a cozy chalet. The fireplace is completely fireproof and does not take up much space; it is placed close to the wall or furniture.
  • Chair bag or other frameless furniture. It is convenient to relax, read a book or play a console with friends.


Such presentations are designed to facilitate cooking and expand opportunities:

  • "Smart" little things for the kitchen from the company Eva Solo. The assortment is surprisingly diverse and unusual: a grater bucket, a stand for cutlery and a smartphone, a special Drip-Free decanter, an organizer for capsules with coffee, an exquisite teapot in an elegant, knitted case, an indoor charcoal grill.
  • Ozonator of water, as well as food and air Dream Ozonator.
  • Set for cleaning vegetables. It includes brushes of different sizes, a device for cleaning mushrooms, a knife-piller, a fork for hot foods, brushes for cleaning pots, rags made of copper.
  • Vacuum sealer with heat treatment capability Sous vide Dream Modern.
  • Melanger Dream Classic. This appliance is necessary for making pasta from whole cocoa beans.

Living room

This is a special room that combines convenience for one person and for a noisy group of friends. The following gifts will complement her:

  • Acoustic system. It consists of various components, it can be wireless, with an original design, floor and compact. It all depends on the capabilities of the donor and the size of the living room.
  • Organizer for Float Magazines. This stylish element will not only decorate a minimalist interior, but will also contain up to 12 magazines.
  • Big lava lamp. It gives cosiness to the room and softly illuminates it. It is especially useful in winter, cool evenings.
  • Aquarium organizer. A small fish will settle in such a device, and also the necessary stationery trifles will be placed on the desktop. The aquarium is powered by USB, it includes a weather station and a table lamp.
  • Illuminated decorative fountain. Such an element of decor catches the eye and fascinates with the flickering lights.
  • Bar in the form of a large, outdoor globe in vintage style. It will fit all your favorite alcohol, and you can drink a glass without going far. When the lid is opened, a small table is formed.
  • Ottoman. This piece of furniture is not only a stylish accent, but also an indispensable element of evening relaxation on an armchair or sofa.


Everything that is necessary for a comfortable rest and sleep is best left to the owners of the house to choose. This question is too individual. As a gift, decor items or beautiful textiles are suitable:

  • Umbra jewelery keeper. The owner of a rich collection of jewelry or bijouterie will enjoy such a gift.
  • Bed linens with a 3D pattern.
  • The projector of waves with a sound effect "Blue Lagoon". This lamp will help you relax and turn your bedroom into a real spa.
  • High pile bedside rugs.
  • Aromatization Humidifier AIC Ultransmit.


The easiest and cheapest option is a set of rugs or organizers for storage. If the budget allows, then as a gift you can present more stylish items:

  • Shelf stand for taking a bath. It will house a book, a glass of tea or wine, fruits, candles and everything else that the hostess wishes. The best choice for a gift for a girlfriend.
  • FINCH Liquid Soap Dispenser. To receive a portion of soap, it is enough to bring a hand to the sensor.
  • Installing a colored stretch ceiling.Present this service in the form of a certificate. Color and pattern are at the discretion of the owner.
  • Curtain for a bathroom with a voluminous pattern, an unusual print and a mat in tone - cool housewarming gifts.
  • A bag or set of Brabantia modular drawers for storing dirty laundry. The system is compact and allows you to sort fabrics according to the peculiarities of washing.


When choosing a gift for this room, it is important to consider the size. In some apartments, the area is so small that a pouf or roomy shoe rack will not be the best option. Universal present will be:

  • Stream organizer set. It includes two panels that are arranged in several options. On their surface there are key holders, a thermometer, a hygrometer.
  • Keeper of little things for the hall Umbra. It is a hinged shelf with several compartments for receipts, phone, glasses and other little things. On the side surface - folding hooks.
  • Door mat with a funny inscription or print.
  • Organizer for scarves and hats.
  • Portable shoe rack.
  • Holder for umbrellas.
  • Floor mirror with compact folding function.
  • Housekeeper.
  • Shoe horn made of wood or brass.
  • Set for cleaning and care of shoes in a beautiful case.

Gifts for a private home

Many gifts are suitable for the housewarming party in an apartment, and in a private house. However, there are a number of items that are appropriate exclusively in your home. What gifts are given for housewarming to friends, owners of their home:

  • Music Fire grill with ceramic worktop. One load holds as much as 3 kg of meat. The device is multifunctional and replaces barbecue, barbecue, tandoor, oven and smokehouse.
  • Tula samovar. His models are electric or coal.
  • Vintage garden wall clock.
  • Safety Sensors Elgato Eve Door & Window. They are placed on a window or door, compatible with all Apple devices.
  • The GreenWeen splitter is an alternative to a conventional ax. It will be useful to owners of a stove, fireplace or bath. Packaging in the form of a tube will provide convenient storage.
  • Electronic lock Samsung SHS-H705 / 5230. Opens the door with the fingerprint of the owner. The system recognizes up to 100 owners.
  • Set of garden rattan furniture.
  • Figures for the garden, solar-powered lamps.
  • Hammock or garden swing.
  • Frame or inflatable pool.

Gifts for those who have everything

Such people will be pleased with a new gadget that makes life easier, or a stylish item for the interior. What to buy for housewarming for people who have everything:

  • Multicooker SkyCooker CBD100S with remote control via smartphone. She immediately has 2 bowls, which means that the cooking process will be even faster.
  • Compact weather station Netatmo Urban Weather Station. In fact, this is the sensor itself. He transfers all the data to the smartphone.
  • Smart mattress Hilding IQ X-Pro.
  • Unusual heated towel rail.
  • Bidet Daewon Dib-c850R with advanced functionality.

The most original housewarming gifts

A gift does not have to be expensive. Many things are so original and chosen with a soul that the new owners are completely delighted with them. What can you give for housewarming, original and inexpensive:

  • Alarm clock with backlight and a board on which you can leave your notes.
  • 3D Nightlight Star Wars R2D2. All Star Wars fans will appreciate it.
  • Manual kitchen grinder Kitchen King Pro.
  • A shower head with a backlight that changes color depending on the temperature of the water.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier in an unusual design.
  • An original housewarming gift - home slippers with heating. Powered by USB.
  • Stylish breadbox Brabantia.
  • Nightlight "Family Hearth" with individual engraving.
  • Set of marked Index cutting boards.
  • Breakfast table in bed.

Gift for housewarming in the office

What do they give for a housewarming firm or commercial organization? When choosing, it is worth considering the specifics of the organization.Some gifts are universal and suitable for any company and enterprise:

  • devices for a tea break and coffee break: kettle, thermal sweat, coffee maker,
  • dishes: cups, saucers, glasses for wine,
  • large plant
  • clock: floor or wall,
  • organizers for office supplies.

Hand made gifts

It is appropriate to give these to the closest people. A do-it-yourself gift for a housewarming party is a part of the giver's soul. The emphasis should be on those crafts and talents that work best. Among the most popular options are:

  • Pet. According to signs, the cat is a symbol of housewarming. A real animal is not always appropriate, and its home-made analogue is a great replacement. It can be a soft toy made by hand, a figurine, a pillow, a picture.
  • Bouquet or topiary. Not only flowers can become components. The material of manufacture is limited only by imagination.
  • Caskets, organizers, boxes. Decorating them is worth considering the interior,
  • Lamp or garland of thread balls.
  • Patchwork style plaid. And also tablecloths, panels, bedspreads.

Choosing a high-quality, welcome and suitable housewarming gift is a simple task. The main thing is to approach the issue with a soul and a desire to please the new owners.

What to consider?

When choosing a gift, it is important to take into account the age and marital status of the owners, the degree of closeness or relationship, tastes, level of completion of repairs and interior design, a souvenir is bought in an apartment or house. A private home is usually attached with a plot. Therefore, a housewarming gift can be chosen in the garden direction, for example, decorative figures or fences for flower beds. Perhaps there is a bath, then it will be appropriate to give a bath set.

It is better to present a gift at an expensive price only to very close people, since it can put others in an awkward position. At the same time, it is better to coordinate the gift with the owners if it will be appropriate, perhaps they need something specific.

It can be household appliances or furniture.

When choosing a gift, you can turn to traditions. For example, in ancient times, wool was presented, which was considered a symbol of wealth. Currently, these can be wool products or warm textiles, such as blankets. Also, a fire was necessarily brought into the house. It can be replaced by lighting fixtures. Table lamps and floor lamps are relatively inexpensive, and you can choose either an original, bright or fun design, or a more rigorous one, suitable for many interiors.

At the same time there are gifts that can be negatively perceived. For example, alcohol, knives, forks, watches, or floor scales. It is believed that a housewarming gift has an effect on the energy of the house, so there should be nothing negative. For example, knives bring strife to the family, and alcohol takes health. Gift giving is considered a bad omen - to parting, and the balance can be regarded as a hint of excess weight.

It is extremely undesirable to give animals for housewarming, even if the owners live in a private house. Expressed interest and tenderness do not always mean a desire to care for a pet, keep it in the house, one of the tenants may have an allergy. Another thing is if this issue was agreed in advance.

It is also undesirable to give gifts oriented only to one of the owners. At least this is impolite.

40 housewarming gift ideas that will make you a better guest

A new home is a good reason to celebrate this event, and the best way to congratulate your loved ones is to find a suitable housewarming gift. Regardless of the fact that your girlfriend just moved to his new apartment or your brother recently turned the key in his first house, everyone will appreciate your joy for them and a gift intended for a new home.

When it comes to choosing gifts, you should think carefully. No need to spend big money.If you are wondering what to give for a housewarming party in an original and inexpensive way, focus on items that will help you to be useful and pleasant for your adult children who bought an apartment or loved one in their new house. If you need help brainstorming, here are a few gift ideas for new homeowners that are perfect for almost everyone.

Organization and delivery of a gala dinner from a good restaurant. When you are in the process of moving into your new home, preparing dinner is not the main task on the to-do list. Rid them of the trouble by taking care of the triumph.

Fancy candle holders- a nice gift for new settlers. Nothing evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort faster than lighting a room with live fire. Small and cheerful tongues of flame on candles in exquisite candlesticks will create a pleasant atmosphere. You can search for handmade candle holders if you are looking for something with a rich and stylish design.

Fresh bakery. Head to a local bakery near your new home to buy a basket of goodies or bake something sweet in your own kitchen. You can also choose something from their favorite pastry shop. It's hard to make a mistake when it comes to baking and baking. The gift will turn out inexpensive and original.

Flowers in a beautiful vase. What to give for housewarming to friends who have a special sense of beauty? Decorate the new space with magnificent flowers in a beautiful vase, which the new settlers will want to decorate their interior. Flowers with the scent of this time will create a soulful atmosphere, filling in the still empty spaces in the rooms.

Indoor plants in flowerpots.
If you are looking for something that will be in the house longer than fleeting bouquets, then your choice may fall on leafy plants in original flowerpots. You need to remember that the plant requires care and if your newcomers are busy people, then you should pay attention to what flower to give for housewarming. Perhaps you are suitable, such as succulents or ficus, which do not require frequent watering and special treatment. But overall, this is a great choice of what you can give your friend a housewarming party.

Set of beautiful containers for food storage. As a rule, it is customary to give housewarming gifts those items that are needed right now. The best time to organize the home of your loved ones is moving to a new place of residence. Help relatives by giving them a set of quality containers for storing food that can be placed in a pantry or cabinets. And don’t worry if they already have containers - there is always something to place in them.

A cozy blanket or plaid.You are wondering what to give parents a housewarming party? Help your mom and dad, who have moved to a new apartment, feel comfortable with a super soft plaid under which it is so great to lie in bed! Plaids made of wool, fleece, cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester are incredibly soft, and the choice of prices is quite wide. So you do not risk splurging on a good gift of cashmere, mohair or faux fur. If you don’t know the color scheme of their home, choose a neutral blanket that is suitable for any room.

Nostalgic gift. Most past events evoke a nostalgic and painful feeling of what is left behind. Find out where your loved ones were, what they will remember with joy, where they had a rest, and present them with a travel map in a frame with countries and cities marked with color.

Welcome mat
If you are thinking about what to give your friends an original housewarming gift, then think about what they give very rarely, but what is needed for each home. A new home requires a new welcome mat. You can go with something simple and classic, or make a custom rug with a funny saying or print.Most likely, this is what the tenants have already planned to buy for themselves, but you can provide them with a pleasant service and save them from the hassle of finding the right thing.

Set of tools - this is something that can be presented not only to a man for housewarming. Every home needs a tool box. This is a particularly useful gift for those who move to their very first house or apartment and may not have purchased the most basic tools - it is unlikely that your young sister or girlfriend moving to a new apartment has a hammer, tape measure, wrench and screwdriver. Add to this a few handy items that they might not think of, such as a level and a convenient flashlight.

Gift certificate for massage. Packing, moving and unpacking as well as repairs are all very hard work. Help your girlfriend, sister or mother relieve stress and again feel like a beautiful and well-groomed woman. Send them a rest with a massage certificate in the nearest SPA-salon.

Gift certificate for cleaning services. What to give a housewarming girl who has little free time or not enough good health? Most of the houses and apartments after repair require a lot of hard work to launder the rooms. Even if the new settlers have already done a superficial cleaning, then you can still make another gift that will always be useful, regardless of when it is used.

Housekeeper. What to give a girlfriend or friend for a housewarming party will disappear inexpensively if you ask them about it in advance. But it is possible that you temporarily do not have large funds for a solid gift and you are forced to choose it based on your capabilities, and not just their wishes. Then we can offer you another inexpensive, but necessary and stylish housewarming gift that will not make a gap in your wallet, and at the same time it will perfectly fit into a new house.

cookbook The new kitchen involves a new culinary inspiration and the question of what to give a couple for housewarming can be solved quite simply. Help your friends enjoy cooking with the cookbook! It can be a collection of recipes for dishes from exotic countries or for baking sweets.

Keychain with key chain . The best gifts are those that a person will often use. An ideal budget gift for new residents is a stylish keychain with a chain for house keys. A symbolic gift will remind you every time the keys are in the hands of the owner of the house.

Bottle of wine or other spirits
We all need minutes of relaxation. You can relax in different ways, but sometimes you just need a glass of something strong after a long day of unpacking boxes when moving. Give a guy a housewarming bottle of your favorite liquor or a brand of wine. A good gift for a friend will be a collection of champagne, which is also a great occasion for the holiday. If you want a more meaningful gift, add a set of a set of goblets with a bottle.

Housewarming Gift Tips

Moving to new housing is not an easy task. Of course, this is also a new start and a new experience, but we know that transferring all things to several flights of stairs is hardly quick and easy. Regardless of whether you are the best friend helping loaders load the couch into the truck, a new neighbor, or just a loved one who was invited to a moving party, make sure you give a good present for your housewarming party.

One important thing to know about housewarming gifts is that they should not be wrapped. Take some items that you are going to give, put them in a gift bag or basket and ring the doorbell.

What to give for housewarming in a house will make it easier to understand what dimensions the future housing has. If this is your first time visiting someone in your family’s new home, you could help relocate. In this case, you can definitely find out what is needed in the new house.If they moved from a large house to a smaller one, containers or storage lockers can come in handy.

But if your family moves from a small house to a larger one, then the choice of gifts is much greater. It may be a set of towels for a new additional bath. It can be a practical and pleasant gift for a floor lamp from a leading designer of a city or country.

It will be practical to give money for housewarming to relatives who are constrained in their means. In this case, they will be able to choose the things they need and this will be the best gift for the new settlers.

Practical housewarming gifts:

If you want to choose a gift for new settlers, something very practical, then choose dishes from household appliances.

  1. Ironing board
  2. Pressure cooker
  3. Electric kettle
  4. Tea-set
  5. Shelves
  6. Crepe maker
  7. Waffle iron
  8. Footstool
  9. Fruit platter

Expensive housewarming gift at home

Your relatives got a house and you have enough money for a good solid gift? Then perhaps this list of ideas will prompt you to buy a good gift.

  1. Appliances
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Wardrobe in the living room
  4. Table set
  5. TV with stereo
  6. Washing vacuum cleaner
  7. Furniture in the bedroom
  8. Armchair
  9. Sofa
  10. Chest of drawers
  11. Closet
  12. Coffee maker
  13. Blender
  14. Ice cream maker

What can you give for a housewarming purely symbolic

If you are not a close friend of the new settlers, then it will be normal if you give a purely symbolic gift to congratulate friends, acquaintances or new neighbors.

  1. Indoor flower
  2. Set of photo frames
  3. Decoupage bread box
  4. Potholders
  5. Basket for household items
  6. A pair of glasses
  7. Carved wood name as panel
  8. Picture
  9. Dispenser
  10. Kitchen towels
  11. Bottle stand
  12. Glass vase
  13. Bouquet of sweets
  14. Horseshoe souvenir
  15. Bottle of wine or other alcohol
  16. Cake set
  17. Cake
  18. Berry seed remover,
  19. Pineapple knife
  20. Stand for hot pots and pans

How to choose a budget housewarming gift

Your budget may be limited. Then we offer a list of ideas with gifts that are not burdensome for your wallet.

  1. Gift set with sweets.
  2. Herring
  3. cabbage shredder
  4. Apple peeler
  5. Mop with features
  6. Posters
  7. Curtain in the bathroom
  8. Tea or coffee basket
  9. Gift Certificate
  10. Balloons flying out of the box
  11. Bath mat
  12. Salad bowl
  13. Vegetable cutting board
  14. Original soap dish and toothbrush cup

10 tips for choosing a housewarming gift

When thinking about what to present to your friends or relatives for a housewarming party, take into account our recommendations, which will allow you to choose the perfect present that suits your newcomers:

  1. Consider the size of the room,
  2. Give only new things
  3. If you decide that the best gift is money, take care of their original design (for example, you can buy a money tree and attach banknotes to its branches),
  4. If worthwhile ideas refuse to come to your mind, ask the heroes of the occasion directly what they lack in a new home (housewarming is not an event where you need to arrange surprises, so such a question will not go beyond decency),
  5. If your company is distinguished by modern thinking, invite newcomers to provide guests with a list of ideal presents in advance so that each of them can choose an option that matches his preferences and financial capabilities (you can put this list out for public viewing, for example, on a personal page on a social network)
  6. Pay attention to the nature of the celebration (for example, if we are talking about warm home gatherings in a narrow circle, it will not be appropriate to give a collection cabinet or a refrigerator),
  7. Consider the characters of the new settlers (pragmatists are unlikely to appreciate the trinket, while creative people will like a creative, even not the most practical present),
  8. Choosing what to give for a housewarming party to a girl or a guy who is your close friend, do not be afraid to give preference to stupid but funny gifts - most likely, they will not be offended and laugh with you,
  9. For housewarming, the family needs to give something that all its members will like at the same time,
  10. Analyze the hobbies and tastes of the people who invited you - perhaps these characteristics will become the key to a solution.

What is better not to give for housewarming

When studying store shelves in search of what you can give for housewarming, try to avoid such presents as:

  • Exotic plants that require special care (it is better to give preference to unpretentious flowers that can purify room air),
  • Alcohol (the heroes of the occasion may have the impression that their house is associated with a place exclusively for general fun and drinking alcohol),
  • Floor scales (in spite of its benefit, such a gift can be perceived as an insulting hint),
  • A thing that is needed only by one of the family members (for example, spinning or a set of cosmetics),
  • Sharp objects (bad omen)
  • Pets (one cannot be sure that the new settlers are ready to take on such responsibility)
  • A gift that you like, not the heroes of the occasion (for example, it is inappropriate to present to fans of modern styles an antique statue that you liked very much),
  • Custom gifts for people you can't call close,
  • Money (the exception is cash gifts in the original design),
  • Costly gifts without prior discussion with the owners (for example, new settlers are unlikely to be happy with a washing machine if they have already ordered it or plan to buy a particular model).


Whatever present you choose, remember that, first of all, in a new home you must bring a good mood and positive. Give your present to the new settlers with a smile and joy, originally beat this moment, connect the children to the action - then any thing will find a special meaning and will be remembered by the owners for many years.

A housewarming gift for friends - TOP 20 best traditional ideas

When choosing a gift, one must take into account the status of the dwelling (purchased in the property or rented), the footage, and the type of real estate (urban high-rise building, country house). When deciding what to give, it is important to consider the age, tastes and status of the newcomer (single or family).

However, there are presentations that are suitable in any situations, they are presented by guests who observe the customs and traditions of the housewarming party:

  1. Home charms (icons, horseshoes, figurines of brownies, incense, etc.).
  2. Loaf. Traditionally, the hostess should greet guests with bread and salt. But when it comes to housewarming, bread becomes not only a symbol of hospitality. Each guest should present any flour products (bread, rolls, pretzels, cake) as a wish for happiness, prosperity and prosperity.
  3. Kitchen utensils. This can be a set of cutting boards, containers for bulk, pots, pans, stewpan, baking dishes, etc.

  • Decor Items. Knowing the taste and style preferences will help you choose a gift for a friend and his family. It can be figurines, vases, paintings, panels, wall key holders, hooks, etc.
  • Lamps. You can come to friends for a housewarming party with a floor lamp, chandelier, table lamp, LED lamps, sconces.
  • A set of home tools. Such a present can be classified as the most practical, because newcomers will have to live in an apartment: collect furniture, drill walls, etc.

    Useful Gift List

    It’s great if the gift for the house is not only a tribute to traditions and respect, but also will be useful. It is very important to consider the tastes of the owners, their interests, the rhythm of life, the interior of the premises.

    Useful gifts include:

    • household appliances
    • dishes
    • textile,
    • decor items
    • furniture, including hanging shelves,
    • set of tools.

    At the same time, any useful gift may suddenly turn into a useless thing, taking up space in the closet. For example, a waffle maker is unlikely to be in the courtyard of a mistress who does not bake at all, or a beautiful linen tablecloth will turn into a useless rag if they are not used in principle. If the housing is under repair, you can donate construction tools, for example, a screwdriver or a set of screwdrivers.

    A tool kit will always be appropriate as a gift to a man.

    Home Appliances - TOP 15 Most Useful Devices

    The home appliance market allows you to choose a gift both in value and in purpose. However, a housewarming party is an extraordinary event that is celebrated most often once in a lifetime. Friends know what the newcomer dreams of, and try to satisfy his desire.

    To be guided by the purchase of a device useful in everyday life follows the non-standard equipment, i.e. the device should be modern, multifunctional, high-tech, but useful and easy to manage.

    The following technical innovations meet these requirements:

      Vacuum cleaner robot. There are models designed for dry cleaning the floor and for wet.

  • KIT MT8060 air quality monitor.
  • Slow cooker Delonghi FH1394.W. It combines several kitchen appliances: an air grill, a slow cooker, a deep fryer, an oven, a frying pan.
  • Foot massager GESS Bolide 340.
  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 smart air purifier. Works in 4 modes, can be controlled remotely from the phone.
  • Robot for washing windows Hobot-268.
  • Aqua farm V 2.0. It will provide the city dweller with fresh herbs (basil, lettuce, wheat sprouts, etc.) and will give pleasure (a fish can be settled in a self-cleaning aquarium).

  • Digital door peephole camera.
  • Dosimeter, nitrate tester and water hardness meter GreenTest ECO.
  • Infrared thermometer Medisana FTN.
  • The Forgotten Iron Set by Brenin.
  • Somabar device for the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • Food waste chopper for sink.
  • If financial opportunities do not allow you to purchase electronic devices as a gift, then you need to choose useful devices from among mechanical ones. Such devices are inexpensive, but endowed with many useful features.

    Household appliances and furniture

    Such housewarming gifts are best done to close relatives, for example, from parents to a young family. At the same time, the cost of the gift varies greatly, it can be either an expensive stove or washing machine, or an inexpensive mixer.

    To inexpensive and useful, within 1000-2000 rubles, include:

    • blender
    • kitchen scale
    • electric kettle,
    • desktop air humidifier,
    • iron,
    • hair dryer.

    It is very careful to choose hair devices. If everyone in the family can use a hairdryer, then curling ironing and ironing - only the female half. Such a gift would be appropriate for a single girl or sister.

    Also, caution should be taken with a coffee grinder, juicer, crepe maker, waffle iron and toaster. For a particular family, this may turn out to be a useless gadget.

    The original and practical include the electric broom. He copes well with small garbage, you can safely entrust the child with cleaning. For the hostess, an automatic or electronic timer for the kitchen will be extremely useful. This device can be found in an interesting design, for example, in the form of a tomato. There is far from every kitchen, therefore, it is difficult to miscalculate with this gift. If the house has small children, you should give a beautiful night lamp. Parents of the baby will definitely appreciate. Furniture also belongs to expensive gifts. It is more appropriate to give it to close relatives, often to newlyweds, who have not yet managed to acquire their own property.

    Original interior gifts - TOP 5 ideas for creating comfort in the house

    Often, individual items donated by friends become a hint or starting point for subsequent interior decoration. Add comfort to an uninhabited home presented as a gift:

    1. Lightbox. This is the name of the lamp with a photograph (a family of a newcomer, a friendly company or an idol), a fantasy picture, a landscape, an abstraction, a wish. The image can be decorated in any artistic style, and the lightbox itself can be in any shape.
    2. Plaid and pillow-pads, decorated with photos of a friendly pastime. A lonely newcomer can be presented with humor a long pillow-hug (they are made at least 150 cm).
    3. Picture, wall panel. Guests with creative skills can present their own work to the newcomers. There are a lot of performance techniques - watercolor and oil painting, painting by numbers, diamond embroidery, ebru, porch, etc.
    4. Biofireplace. Even the smallest hearth makes the house cozy and comfortable. Modern fireplaces can be placed on the wall, table or floor.
    5. Frameless furniture. Sofa-pouf, chair-bag or "washer", poufs or floor pillows are suitable for both the living room and the bedroom.

    Hallway Ideas List

    The layout of the new housing and the footage may not allow to present a bulky pouf for the hallway or even a hanger-rack as a gift. A gift for the hallway should be chosen in accordance with the practical purpose of the thing:

    1. Stream set. It consists of 2 panels from which you can create a single composition or place them separately. The panels have a thermometer, hygrometer and magnetic hooks for keys.
    2. Shelf-organizer for the Umbra hallway (Canada). Compact hinged shelf with compartments for papers, a phone and folding hooks.
    3. Door mat with welcome inscription. Comic presents must be selected for placement on both sides of the door.
    4. Organizer for scarves.
    5. Shoe rack.
    6. Holder for umbrellas.
    7. Floor folding mirror.
    8. Housekeeper.
    9. Brass shoehorn.
    10. A set of accessories for cleaning shoes.

    Good gifts for a private home - 10 useful ideas

    Most gifts for urban newcomers are also suitable for those who enter a country house. But there are household items specially designed for arrangement and comfortable living in a private house. For example, newcomers can give:

    1. Ceramic grill from the company Music Fire. A great option for relaxing in the yard or in the house. For 1 time, you can cook 3 kg of meat. At the same time, the grill can be used as a barbecue, barbecue, tandoor, Russian oven, smokehouse and roasting pan.
    2. Coal or electric samovar of the Tula Samovar company.
    3. Wall street clock "Florence".
    4. Safety Sensors Elgato Eve Door & Window. Fastens to a window or door, compatible with Apple devices.
    5. Manual splitter GreenWeen. Such a tool is necessary for the owners of the house with a fireplace or a bath. The splitter will replace any ax or cleaver, and the unusual packaging in the form of a tube makes it convenient to store.
    6. Electronic door lock Samsung SHS-H705 / 5230. It is installed on entrance and interior doors, recognizes up to 100 fingerprints.
    7. A set of garden furniture that can be placed on the lawn or porch.
    8. Garden figures, lamps, street lamps.
    9. Hammock or sofa swing.
    10. Inflatable pool.

    TOP 10 original inexpensive housewarming party covers

    To celebrate a housewarming party, more often than not, friends try to buy a costly gift for a chipper. This makes sense if we are talking about large-sized household appliances, which the newcomer does not have. However, there are things that are inexpensive and look original. They are practical, functional and will decorate any interior:

    1. Luminous LED alarm clock with a writing board.
    2. 3D Star Wars R2D2 or Classic Car. The best gift for the young.
    3. Food processor Kitchen King Pro.
    4. LED shower with color indication of water temperature.
    5. Ultrasonic humidifier to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.
    6. Soft home slippers heated by USB in the form of a funny animal.
    7. Bread box Brabantia.
    8. Lamp "Family Hearth" with engraving.
    9. Set of cutting boards Index (England).
    10. Breakfast table in bed.

    TOP 5 ideas for a housewarming office

    Going to the office housewarming celebration, first of all, it should be borne in mind that the gift should correspond to the direction of the enterprise. Neutral gifts necessary for any team can be:

    1. electrical appliances for the kitchen: kettle, coffee maker,
    2. sets of tea cups, glasses for wine, glasses for water,
    3. exotic plant in a tub or bonsai,
    4. interior clocks (mechanical or electronic),
    5. Stylish organizers for small items and stationery.

    Dishes and services

    An elderly or well-established couple can give a service. Best presented to relatives or seniors. For newlyweds, such a gift can become a family heirloom. Of the more budget options - circles. For grandparents it can be cups with photos of grandchildren. For brother, friends or girlfriend - with cool pictures and inscriptions, including images of idols, characters from computer games and films.

    For spouses, a tea pair will be appropriate.

    In this case, the dishes can be handmade. Such a thing will be not only useful, but also unique, and therefore memorable. In addition to mugs, these can be plates, salad bowls, sets of pots or glasses.


    It is very important to consider the interior of the premises, as well as the state of health of the residents, since some materials cause allergies, such as wool. Textiles include all items made from fabric:

    • blankets, rugs, bedspreads,
    • sofa cushions
    • linens,
    • curtains
    • tablecloths, towels, napkins,
    • apron, tacks,
    • bathrobes
    • floor mats.

    Housewarming curtains should be given only after agreement with the owners. The lack of fabric on the windows does not mean that they must be purchased. Perhaps residents prefer blinds or roller blinds. It should also be clarified whether tablecloths and napkins are used, perhaps they are removed only on holidays. Then give a beautiful tablecloth will be appropriate.

    Otherwise, everyone uses textiles. It is given to both bachelors and couples. The fabric wears out over time and needs to be replaced, so blankets, towels and bedding will always be appropriate.

    Decor Items

    Universal option. Manufacturers offer a lot of interesting things of the most unusual designs, including authoring. The latter are an order of magnitude higher, but exclusive. Moreover, such decoration for the interior can be made independently. Such a housewarming gift will be especially pleasant and memorable.

    It is important to know in advance what colors and style the rooms are decorated. With interior decor, you can get into trouble when the owners will have nowhere to define it.

    On the one hand, such a gift can give the interior a finished look, have practical application, but at the same time it may not please. Be careful with the minimalists. People do not accept various dust collectors in the room. Therefore, it is better not to buy figurines, souvenirs and other trinkets.

    For the plot and the bath

    If this is a private house with a plot or a bath, then you can pick up a gift for them. For example, hats made of felt, fragrances, brooms, special towels with Velcro or sets of these things will be appropriate for the bath.

    For the site fit:

    • hammock,
    • barbecue or a set of skewers,
    • inflatable pool,
    • a set of garden tools,
    • benches
    • wicker furniture
    • folding chairs
    • solar powered lights
    • seedlings of flowers and fruit trees.

    If the new settlers are fond of landscape design, then it is appropriate to present elements of garden decor.

    Humorous Presentations

    A gift with humor is always a win-win option. Such gifts should be given with caution to older people, you may encounter misunderstanding. Therefore, the age censor should be considered. What is relevant and fashionable for the younger generation will not be interesting to people 30-40 years old, and vice versa.

    Creative gifts include:

    • fancy sofa cushions - in the form of cartoon animals, unusual shapes, with bilateral sequins,
    • mugs and plates with demotivators, jokes and funny pictures,
    • golf for toilet - now you can not only read and play on the phone,
    • posters - perfectly fit into the interior of a young man or girl,
    • housekeepers unusual shapes - for example, in the form of outlets,
    • creative cooking utensils
    • apron kit with a funny print
    • medal or award "Survivors of the move" with comic congratulations.

    An unusual gift will be chocolate or cheese fondue. Newly-made owners will have something to please and surprise guests in the future. The tray-table is also unusual and at the same time practical - for lovers of breakfast in bed or in front of the TV. If there are children in the house, then the salt lamp can also be considered unusual and useful gifts. Lovers of rolls can give a special machine for their manufacture.

    Crafts from money always look unusual. In this case, it is not necessary to collect origami from these notes. You can make or print copies on a color printer. Flowers from money always look beautiful. If they decorate a gift vase, then such a presentation will make the present original. Crafts from coins of small denomination look not bad. From them you can create collages and mosaics.

    How to budget congratulations?

    Expensive gifts are not always appropriate for housewarming, especially when they are invited simply by friends or colleagues. There are many budget options where the main emphasis is on symbolism. For example, amulets. These are all kinds of houses, coastlines, horseshoes, lucky coins, Chinese toads and other amulets, symbolizing prosperity and protection. It will also be appropriate to give a flower in a pot, especially if the hostess breeds them. In this case, the flower can be grown independently, having bought only a beautiful pot.

    If a person often travels on business trips, then such a gift, on the contrary, will become burdensome, since it requires regular care and watering.

    If you don’t feel like puzzling over a gift, you can buy a beautiful card with poems and attach a symbolic bill to buy dishes or other small things for the home. Alternatively, instead of money, you can attach a gift certificate to a hardware store.

    What can you do with your own hands?

    A handmade gift is doubly valuable, because it is an original thing, and even the memory of the event. You can make an article of money, a piggy bank, a frame for a photograph, where to insert a picture of an event from a move or repair, sew or tie a sofa cushion or patchwork bedspread.

    Money box

    An original gift will be a piggy bank for money. It is perfect for both single and family newcomers. Elderly should be given with caution. They often collect funeral money, even secretly from relatives, and such a present may be misunderstood. For the manufacture of piggy banks you will need:

    • a can with a lid of about 1 liter,
    • glue,
    • indelible marker or acrylic paints,
    • elements for decoration.

    The jar can be taken in either glass or plastic, but transparent and preferably with a screw cap. Glue the jar itself with various decorative elements, be sure to decorate the lid. In the latter, make a hole sufficient for the free passage of money.

    Then you need to put the inscription. It can be something memorable or humorous, for example, “Family Bank of the Family ...”, “Save for Extension”, “Sber Bank”, etc. The inscription can be made on paper with ordinary felt-tip pens, and then glued to the bank.

    Money tree made of coins

    You can make a picture of coins symbolizing the money tree.

    For work you will need:

    • a simple wooden photo frame in A4 size, larger
    • gold paint in a bottle,
    • small coins
    • twine,
    • glue.

    On the back wall of the frame, you need to make a dark background for the tree, on it gold coins will look most advantageous. It can be painted with dark paint, glued textured fabric. You also need to outline the contour of the future tree. Paint the twine itself with gold paint from a balloon. These will be the branches and trunk. Twine has an excellent texture, making the tree more believable. Then you need to cut the rope and stick to the background along the contour. Once the workpiece has dried, you can start gluing coins.

    Then put the finished picture in a frame, you do not need to use glass.

    Refrigerator magnets

    There are many options for making magnets. It can be felt, gypsum, polymer clay. The easiest option is from coffee beans. For crafts you will need:

    • thin cardboard
    • magnet
    • whole coffee beans
    • glue,
    • thin ribbon for a bow,
    • decorations for decoration at will (beads, letters, coins, etc.).

    First, a shape is cut out of the cardboard, for example, a heart. Then coffee beans are glued tightly to each other on cardboard. The direction of the grains determines the future pattern, so it is better to think in advance how best to attach. After the glue has dried, tie a bow from the tape and stick to the craft. To prevent the edges of the tape from opening, process with fire. Additionally, you can decorate with various beads and other elements. The last step is to attach the magnet to the back. He must support the weight of the craft. You can search for the magnet in hardware stores or use the old ones from the refrigerator.

    Photo frame

    For the manufacture you will need an ordinary wooden frame with glass, glue, a photograph and decorative ornaments. You can decorate the frame with anything: beads, buttons, beads, shells, pebbles, coins, etc.

    It is better to give a frame with a photo, which you can take in advance from newcomers from social networks, or ask to help relatives or mutual friends.

    You can make a more interesting option from color cardboard. Make a house or a palace with a large window, and insert a photograph of the new settlers into it from the back. This craft is original. It is not necessary to use the contours of the house, it can be flowers, animals and other ideas. You can also decorate with ribbons, beads and other elements.

    Towel cake

    If you want to make a gift with your own hands, but there is absolutely no desire to mess with glue and scissors, then you can make a cake out of kitchen towels or napkins. In fact, you don’t have to sew anything. You need to purchase different towels in a suitable color scheme, ribbons, packaging cellophane.

    Towels are twisted into rolls and tied with thin ribbons or threads in color so that they do not open. Then make a circle from vertical rolls and tie a ribbon with a bow. So the lower tier will be ready. Similarly, make 2 more tiers.

    Then pack the cake in cellophane and tie on top with a magnificent bow.

    Instead of kitchen, you can use bath towels or colored rolls of toilet paper. The principle of constructing a cake is similar. You can come up with other options for gifts. The main thing is that they are for home or home improvement.

    See housewarming gift options below.

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