How to choose eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara for gray eyes? The secrets of daytime makeup

Gray eyes are much less common than others. However, they often contain various shades of blue, green and even hazel. Moreover, a change in the shade of gray eyes may also depend on light, skin tone, and hair color. This greatly complicates the selection of shadows suitable for gray-eyed girls.

Features of makeup for gray eyes

Before applying makeup for gray eyes, it is necessary to determine the color type of the skin. To the warm type include skin with a golden, pinkish or yellowish tint, to the cold - with gray or even blue.

Owners of gray eyes and a warm color type will suit shadows:

The trend is makeup with pink and orange colors, which will help not only emphasize the natural beauty of gray eyes, but also stand out in the fashion community. However, it must be borne in mind that these tones are quite difficult to apply, so you need to handle them competently and carefully so as not to overload the makeup.

For a cold type of skin and gray eyes, shades are more suitable:

These color palettes are ideal for creating evening makeup. They help to make the right emphasis on the shade of the eyes, give the look depth and at the same time look extremely aesthetically pleasing. The main rule when applying saturated tones is good shading.

In gray eye makeup, terracotta shades should be avoided. They make the look tired and create a dull look.

Brown shades of shadows are more suitable for daytime makeup, as well as nude nuances, especially in combination with light arrows of discreet colors.

Universal shades of shadow suitable for gray eyes. relate to the gray nuances:

  • Light gray
  • Wet asphalt,
  • Metallic silver
  • Taupe,
  • Graphite.

In addition to gray metallic, warm shades are also suitable: bronze, copper, gold. These colors look especially good in daytime makeup and when using the cat-eye technique.

You should refrain from choosing shades that match the natural shade of the iris, otherwise the look will become cloudy and inexpressive.

Shades with a red or pink undertone will help soften the look of gray eyes: violet, wine, plum, and eggplant. They will make the look more expressive and give playfulness.

When choosing lipstick for makeup for gray eyes, pay attention to saturated colors with a creamy texture or nude. The following shades of lipstick are in priority:

If there are red rashes on the face, makeup artists advise to avoid bright colors and give preference to lipsticks with a light blue tint or natural nuances. Of the nudes, it is better to choose a lipstick one or two lighter or darker than the natural shade of the lips.

For gray eyes and blond hair

It is extremely important for fair-haired owners of gray eyes to correctly place accents in makeup, otherwise the image will be colorless, dull and uninteresting.

To emphasize the beauty of the eyes and their natural shade, a combination of shadows will help:

  • Fleshly, brown and golden,
  • Beige, Chocolate and Champagne,
  • Nude, gray and wet asphalt color,
  • Light gray, silver and purple,
  • Peach, coffee and shimmer.

Adding bright nuances directly depends on the purpose of the makeup. However, even in a daytime make-up for gray eyes, make-up artists strongly recommend using one darker shade to highlight the look.

Therefore most appropriate techniques for blondes with gray eyes are:

The best solution for daytime makeup is nude makeup with metal arrows, and for evening makeup - smokey ice in purple or blue with careful blending.

There is a number makeup bans for girls with blond hair and gray eyes:

  • Orange shadows
  • The use of black kayal,
  • Dry shadow texture
  • Brown mascara.

It is recommended to choose shades with a creamy texture and a shimmer, a wet method of applying cosmetics is also suitable, that is, apply shadows with a wet brush. This simple method is used even by the most famous makeup artists, as it helps to obtain a more intense color and makeup resistance.

Main rules

The best solution for gray eyes is light shades of cold tones. They can be matte or with a slight cold flicker.

So that the make-up does not drown out the brightness of your eyes, do it according to the following principles:

  • No need to overly darken the eyelids and ciliary edge - this will visually reduce the eyes. Choose neutral shades and blend them carefully.
  • You get cool shades of shadows like no other. But in makeup for every day, they must be mixed with warm tones of beige, brown, coffee, otherwise the image will turn out to be old-fashioned. Use neutral warm shadows as a “buffer” to draw the outer border and darken the crease of the eyelid.
  • You will enjoy natural, neat and not too bright eyebrows. Maintain their shape yourself or with the help of a wizard, and for everyday makeup you will have enough light pencil and gel-fixer.
  • Eyes will appear brighter against the background of nude lips. Use lipstick in calm light shades - caramel, soft pink, peach will do.

Pay special attention to even complexion: a cold eye color makes all the redness and spots on the skin noticeable. Masking them will help you with a dense concealer or cream powder.

What shadows are suitable for gray eyes

Although the gray shade of the iris is combined with any shadows, tones that completely match the color of the eyes are not recommended. If you do makeup for gray eyes with ashen shadows, your face will appear tired and painful. However, using bright silver shades is not prohibited. They beautifully highlight the depth and mystery of the eyes, help make makeup easy and unobtrusive.

To choose the optimal color for gray-blue eyes, you must take into account their shade:

    Gray-blue eyes can be beautifully emphasized with blue, silver, light gray, dark blue and pearl shades. Bright, poisonous, acidic colors should be avoided.

Silver shades blend with gray eyes

Makeup for gray eyes with a blue overflow is not recommended for orange, red, caustic green and yellow shades.

  • Gray-green eyes blend well with warm shades. Makeup for gray eyes with a green tint can be done with peach, coral, milk, cream, yellow, brown shades. For this type of appearance, cold gray and charcoal black should be avoided.
  • Gray eyes with brown spots are a real gift from nature. Shades of dark olive, chocolate, dark gray will help to emphasize their originality beautifully.
  • Makeup for gray eyes without blotches can be done in any color scheme. In this case, it will be correct to consider the outfit and the reason for the make-up.

Makeup for gray eyes is almost impossible to do without using a contour pencil or eyeliner. The eye color itself is not very bright, so a pencil of black, dark blue and brown will help to highlight their contour.

The best shades of shadow for you

It is important for girls with truly gray eyes without blotches to keep the iris light and not to “interrupt” its natural shade with a bright make-up.

To achieve this goal, I advise you to use in makeup for gray eyes:

  1. Silver metallic. Cold shine will make your eyes sparkling and add freshness.
  2. White. If you need to apply a neutral shade to the entire eyelid according to the makeup scheme, replace the usual beige with white - this will emphasize the beauty of your eyes.
  3. Violet gamma: plum, lavender, lilac and others. If your hair is fair or blond, choose calm and “diluted” tones, but dark-skinned brunettes will go for a more intense make-up.
  4. Shades of blue: turquoise, cyan, azure. The same rule applies: the lighter your hair and skin, the softer the shades of the shadows should be.
  5. Smoky (for bright eyes). Feel free to use shades of gray in make-up for every day, while choosing shades darker than your iris.

These shades are optimal for both daytime and evening look. If you want to make make-up brighter, choose shimmer shadows instead of matte ones and apply them in a wet way.

Day makeup step by step

At work, meetings and negotiations, a woman should still remain beautiful. Natural makeup for gray eyes will help emphasize beauty, tenderness and charm. Performing a business make-up is jewelry work, the skills of which must be honed. Proper daytime makeup is so light that it is almost invisible to the naked eye. The nude technique is very successful, but it is not necessary to limit yourself to only beige color. You can beautifully make up your eyes with light blue, turquoise or light gray shades.

The right step-by-step plan will help you do the right makeup for gray eyes:

  1. In order for decorative cosmetics to correctly lie on the face, it is necessary to carefully prepare the skin: cleanse, tone, moisturize. Choose skin care products that are right for you.
  2. Carefully examine the face and mask all the imperfections with the concealer: circles under the eyes, redness, signs of fatigue.

Light makeup for gray eyes

  • Make up the upper eyelid with a basic light shade. Performing daily makeup for gray eyes, beige, cream or milk shades can be used as a basis.
  • The outer corner of the eye and the fold of the movable eyelid should be painted with a darker shade. You can beautifully emphasize the gray color of the eyes with shades of sand.
  • Then apply the darkest color, for example, light brown, to the outer corner of the eye.
  • In order for the shadows to fit correctly and beautifully on the eyelid, after each shade, all borders must be shaded and smooth transitions created.
  • Underline the eyes with dark gray arrows. For daytime make-up, it is correct to apply not a pencil, but a shadow. A brush with a beveled edge will help to draw arrows evenly and beautifully.
  • In conclusion, apply eyelashes with black mascara.
  • To make the daytime make-up look really beautiful, it must be natural and soft. You need to practice shading, and also choose light matte shadows.

    Features of oriental makeup

    You can do an Indian make-up to go out or a stylized party. It is too bright and not suitable for every day, but as an evening make-up it may become one of the most successful options for large and mysterious gray eyes. Indian make-up has such distinctive characteristics:

    • Emphasis on the eyes and lips,
    • Dark skin
    • The presence of a special point on the forehead - bindi.

    If you have fair skin by nature, use tanning or a dark foundation.

    Indian make-up for gray eyes step by step:

    Indian makeup for gray eyes

    1. Cleanse the skin with a cosmetic milk or tonic.
    2. Apply moisturizer.
    3. Disguise the flaws with a concealer, and then apply a tonal foundation.
    4. If the foundation is significantly different from the skin tone, the neck will also be properly tinted so that there is no sharp transition.
    5. Make up eyes with two shades of shadows. If the make-up is done in brown tones, a lighter beige shade is applied to the entire surface of the eyelid, and a moving chocolate fold is gently emphasized with dark chocolate.
    6. Paint the upper and lower eyelids with black eyeliner or pencil, connecting the lines at the outer corner of the eye and completing the arrow.
    7. Eyes must be emphasized especially expressively. To do this, apply 2-3 layers of extension mascara to the eyelashes.
    8. Make up lips with a contour pencil, and then bright lipstick.
    9. Blush neutral shade to emphasize cheekbones.
    10. Draw bindi on the forehead.

    It is not necessary to perform Indian make-up in brown tones. You can emphasize the depth and mystery of gray eyes with shades of golden, yellow, green. In order to make up lips, it is better to use lipstick red or saturated coral color.

    Makeup Secrets for Gray Eyes

    Makeup can either give you charm and elegance, or create an unattractive blurry look. Avoiding the latter will help knowledge of the basic laws of makeup for gray eyes. The secret lies in the correct combination of shades of different shades.

    1. Using shadows that are close in color to the shade of your eyes, choose either a darker or brighter shade. Otherwise, the eyes will become inconspicuous.
    2. A careful approach requires pink and purple shades. Their inept use will make the look tired.
    3. Do not abuse coffee and ocher tones - give preference to a cold palette of brown shades: gray-brown, lilac-brown, the color of dark chocolate.
    4. Do not neglect eyeliner. Arrows emphasize the shape of the eyes. Blonde and red-haired girls should prefer brown, dark blue or smoky colors.
    5. A no-lose option in makeup for gray eyes are silver and gray colors. Metallic sheen is welcome.
    6. When using saturated colors, remember: the closer the color is to the iris, the brighter it is.
    7. Maximum attention to transition lines. Insufficient shading will make them noticeable, strong - will turn makeup into a blurry spot.

    Gray eye color is often a complex combination of gray, blue, green and a little yellow around the pupil. To determine the best shade in order to emphasize the eyes, a basic understanding of color science will help: orange, red or purple tones will make gray eyes more blue, green or brighter, respectively.

    Warm color

    It includes women with hair colors from all shades of red to red-brown, as well as owners of light hair of warm colors - straw, golden, honey. The skin has a peach or pink hue. Eyes - gray with brown or green blotches.

    To highlight the eyes, women of a warm color type are perfect for brownish-yellow, golden-ocher and almond shades. Paints of cold gamut, on the contrary, shade the warm skin color. Choose sky blue, aquamarine, greenish, blue, or purple.

    Dark gray eyes look great with gray shades of bluish tint.

    If desired, you can visually brighten the eyes. To make them look more transparent, use blue tones. Light gray shades will help to make eye color deeper and darker.

    Cold color type

    It includes cold blondes, brunettes, as well as owners of light brown, ash and brown hairs that have no red hair. Women of this color type usually have very fair skin with a pink or bluish glow. Eyes - pure gray or with a blue tint.

    Screaming bright or very pale shades are contraindicated for “cold” girls. For fair hair and light gray eyes discreet tones - pearl yellow-brown, pale beige or pastel peach will be appropriate. Natural makeup for gray-blue eyes is considered ideal, it attracts the eye and demonstrates softness of the skin and transparency of the eyes. Nude makeup will adorn and ladies with gray-green eyes.

    For blond and ashy hair and for bright eyes you should prefer soft tones of the color of the sea wave (mother of pearl is not excluded), pale mocha or very light brown. Makeup for light eyes and blond hair will make the color of the iris darker if you use the shadows of very light gray shades.

    Dark chestnut brown hair it is preferable to use the entire gamut of ashen flowers or different shades of azure. The latter will make more noticeable greenish sparks in the eyes. Black and steel-gray hair and gray eyes look unusually spectacular. This is a classic “cold” combination.

    Eye makeup for brunettes can maintain this coldness with the help of shades of purple shades. And vice versa, “melt” it with warm coffee tones with mother of pearl. The basic colors for dark hair and pale skin range from gray to blue.

    What color is your gray eyes

    Gray eyes are inherently chameleons, therefore, they easily adapt to light and the surrounding space, quickly change their color under the influence of weather, season, and also time of day. In addition, if you look closely at the gray-eyed girls, you can probably find interspersed with green, blue or brown flowers.

    It is because of this feature of gray irises that experienced make-up artists strongly recommend choosing makeup and gray eyes makeup only after the rest of the look has been formed: clothes and shoes have been selected, accessories and jewelry made.

    For gray eyes and dark hair

    Brunettes with gray eyes are lucky - almost any type of makeup suits them. Thanks to the beautiful contrast of light eyes and dark hair, they can choose a make-up with a variety of colors and techniques.

    Most popular makeup options for gray-eyed brunettes include combinations of:

    • Light gray, blue, smoky,
    • Gray, purple, black,
    • Beige, caramel, golden,
    • Champagne, emerald, graphite,
    • Peach, cinnamon, plum.

    Black eyeliner perfectly complements makeup for gray eyes and dark hair. You can replace the classic style with bright arrows of purple, gold or silver.

    As a daytime makeup option for brunettes with gray eyes, you can use a nude make-up in light brown shades with the addition of an arrow. It is important to color the eyelashes well with black.

    In choise evening makeup for girls with a similar type virtually no prohibitions. Popular shading techniques made in colorful saturated colors are suitable for them:

    Of the colors, all shades of purple, fuchsia, copper, gray, turquoise, brown, with the addition of a black tone, metallic or shimmer are recommended. In this case, it is better to choose opaque shades, and bright accents can be with a pearl or satin finish.

    Lipstick for makeup for gray-eyed brunettes is chosen by occasion. However, even daytime makeup, made in a nude style, can be supplemented with a bright color accent on the lips, using rich lipstick in the following shades:

    • Cold red
    • Terracotta,
    • Pink plum
    • Red with a peach tone
    • Chocolate.

    From neutral tones of lipstick for makeup, faded shades of pink and beige, milk pastel colors and lavender are suitable. They perfectly complement the look for an evening date or a business meeting.

    How to "show" an additional shade of your eyes?

    The iris is often a mixed shade when, in addition to the gray pigment, it contains green or blue. If your eyes are just like that, you can make them brighter and darker with the right makeup.

    I’ll tell you a few secrets on how to change the shade of the iris:

    • Grey-blue eyes. Use shades that contrast the blue pigment in contrast: golden, copper, peach, and deep brown. Another trick is to apply light blue shadows into the inner corner instead of transparent or highlighter.
    • Gray-green eyes. In this case, berry shades will be contrasting - for example, purple or lilac. When choosing the degree of saturation, focus on the hair color: the darker they are, the more vivid the shadows can be applied.

    These recommendations apply not only to eye shadow, but also to other products: eyeliner, mascara and even lipstick. Place bright accents correctly so that colored blots on the iris play in a new way.

    How to change eye color

    Variability of shades of gray eyes can be successfully used for small metamorphoses.

    Color matching: what to focus on

    Finally, you are ready to finish your look and make a make-up for gray eyes the way you saw it in the photo or invented it yourself. Carefully look at your reflection in the mirror to determine what color your eyes are closer to: pure gray, gray-blue, gray-green or pleasant green shades without any hint of gray. Did you know that silver eyes lend themselves very well to slight color correction?

    In the case when the eyes appear gray with a lot of green flashes and do not require makeup for gray-blue eyes, it is recommended to focus on a simple day or bright evening make-up in copper, dark green, lilac or gray shades, but at the same time choose a color for several tones different from your iris.

    If the gray-green eyes are currently not suitable for the image or if you are aiming to make up for gray-blue eyes, then modern decorative cosmetics will help to adjust the shade of your iris. To do this, when applying shadows, give preference to a golden, bronze or ocher color, completing the entire image with eyeliner or shadows in the corners of the eyes of necessarily saturated blue color.

    If your eyes are gray-blue and you decide to dwell on this color and do makeup for gray-blue eyes, then you can use shades of pink, purple, golden.

    The main advice when correcting the color of the iris that makeup artists can give you is to be sure to follow the rules of contrast. For example, makeup for light blue-gray eyes is unacceptable in the same colors and silver shades. A darker palette will be more appropriate here. Iris of a saturated dark color, doing everyday makeup, can be very advantageously emphasized with the help of light silvery shades with mother of pearl or white shades with a gray pencil along the contour of the eye.


    Beautiful evening makeup for gray eyes can be easily done at home without special makeup skills. The main thing is to correctly select the shadows for the make-up, focusing on the skin tone and hair color.

    It is equally important to take into account the presence of color shades in gray eyes, depending on which should be emphasized, tones used:

    • For blue-gray eyes: gray, metal, coral, flesh, pink,
    • For gray-green: emerald, light green, turquoise, dark blue, purple,
    • For gray eyes with brown spots: brown, dark gray, golden, violet.

    This make-up is suitable for celebrations, parties, celebrations, weddings and evening dates. For execution, you can use any technique: “with arrows”, “bird's wing”, “loop”, “butterfly”, “banana”, “cat's eye”.

    How to choose color eyeliner and mascara for gray eyes?

    A liner or mascara of a non-standard color will help you soften your makeup or, conversely, make the image more bold.

    The choice of shade depends on the effect you want to get:

    1. Make a bright accent. In this case, choose saturated tones and apply products paired with contrasting shadows. Two-shades are especially suitable for gray-eyed girls: deep wine and emerald. To keep the image fresh and not overloaded, use one thing - either mascara or eyeliner.
    2. Soften the effect. For gray eyes, a silver eyeliner is perfect for every day - it can be used even without shadows, covering the eyelid with a corrector and a thin layer of powder. Alternative to arrows with metallic effect - graphite or dark blue pencil, as well as brown liner and mascara.

    You can completely cover your eyelashes with neutral ink, but a bright product is best used in dosage. If you chose an emerald or wine shade, first dye your eyelashes with classic mascara, and then lightly tint the tips and lower cilia.

    Taboo for gray eyes

    Despite the fact that makeup for gray eyes is good in almost any color, there are still a number of prohibitions. For example, owners of gray eyes are strictly forbidden to apply bright and defiant makeup, regardless of whether you plan a day or evening out. If you neglect this prohibition, then with your make-up you will distract all attention from beautiful eyes, and your look will seem lost, cold and repulsive to everyone's attention.

    Makeup artists believe that makeup for gray eyes should not be done in pink and brown shades. But, this is relevant only for the "pure" gray color of the iris. In fact, if you look at the photos of celebrities in glossy magazines, you can often see stars where makeup for gray eyes is created in this palette. It is important to choose the perfect shade for your iris, which is sometimes very difficult to make. An absolute ban applies only to saturated brick color and dark brown gamut of warm shades that will create the effect of tear-stained eyes and give an emaciated look.

    Gray eyes do not accept oily eyeliner of black color, especially when it comes to the inner region of the lower eyelid. Look at the photo of such a make-up: this technique may be appropriate only if you want to visually reduce the incision in the eyes. If you are already focused on the use of eyeliner, doing everyday day or evening makeup, then make a thin neat line. So you emphasize the color of the iris, make the look more expressive, and the section of the eyes is visually larger than it actually is.

    What should i avoid?

    Gray color is neutral in itself, but do not forget that this shade is very light and cold. The correct make-up should emphasize the beauty of the iris, and not deprive it of color visually.

    To keep your eyes bright, try to avoid in everyday makeup:

    • Jet black shooter. A too dark liner will attract attention, and the eyes will become less expressive. To avoid this, use any color eyeliner from the list that I suggested above in the makeup for gray eyes.
    • Too saturated and dark shades. Like black eyeliner, such shadows distract attention from your eyes, and the iris seems "transparent." It will become brighter and darker visually if you use light colors in your makeup.
    • Matte gray shades to match your iris. To make expressive expressive, you need to create at least a little contrast. Use shades lighter or slightly darker than your natural eye color, and it is better to take silver metallic instead of gray.
    • Shadow with a bright orange undertone.. Apply warm shades dosed and only in order to beautifully blend the boundaries of the makeup. At the same time, choose neutral tones: coffee, beige.

    In the fourth paragraph there is an exception - girls with golden hair and skin of a warm shade. This appearance softens the cold color of your iris, so you can apply bronze, gold, brown shadows on the entire eyelid, and not just in the crease.

    Daytime Makeup Lesson

    Everyday makeup for gray eyes is best done as natural as possible. It should take a little time and at the same time emphasize your image. In addition, if at work there is a certain dress code, then daytime makeup should not be bright or defiant. So how do you make the right make up for every day? Let's look at the step-by-step instructions for creating everyday makeup:

    1. Apply the base under the shadow on the eyelid.
    2. Start with shading the light foundation - shades of white, pale beige, milky or flesh-colored.
    3. Add depth to the look - apply a darker shade - sand on the crease of the upper eyelid.
    4. Continuing to deepen the color, evenly distribute a small amount of chocolate shadows on the crease on the upper eyelid. Apply the bulk of this color to the outer corner of the eye.
    5. Paint over the intermuscular space and the water line of the eye with a dark gray pencil. Connect the lines, slightly extending them to the temples.
    6. Take a thin clean brush and blend the eyeliner lines, moving from the inner edge of the eye to the outer.
    7. To make the makeup brighter, color the lower eyelid with green shadows.
    8. And the last step is mascara.

    A step-by-step photo demonstrates how to do makeup without errors. The color scheme can be chosen to your liking, but it is advisable to make a start in your choice of style and color of clothing.

    Gray Eye Eye Makeup: Step by Step

    Depending on the event that is ahead of you, or the place where you are going, your daily makeup for gray eyes can be done in calm translucent tones or can be bright, rich and deep. Nevertheless, everyday makeup will look more natural and appropriate in a muted range. You can come up with a daily makeup for gray eyes yourself, or you can find something suitable in the photo.

    Your everyday look should include the absence or minimal use of matte shades, as well as bright, dark colors and greasy black eyeliner. It is better to use a soft pencil, as well as light shades of gray, light brown, blue or in green shades.

    Step-by-step application of make-up for gray eyes can be as follows:

    1. Handle your eyelids thoroughly with a makeup base. So you provide your make-up with a longer wear,
    2. on the area of ​​the entire upper mobile eyelid, apply ashy or even white shades of a translucent or very light tone,
    3. paint the outer corner with a darker color with a pearly shimmer (depending on what color scheme you work in),
    4. shade the inner corner with the lightest shadows from the selected color palette,
    5. blend the resulting makeup so that a smooth transition between the colors forms,
    6. it's time for a pencil or eyeliner. Use the liquid version and make a classic arrow on the upper movable eyelid, but don’t draw it very wide,
    7. Then, with a soft black pencil, draw a line until half a static eyelid, and then carefully blend,
    8. use mascara. To give even more expressiveness, take lengthening or voluminous mascara to match the eyeliner.

    If you don’t know what colors and shades work well together, you can choose the make-up option in the photo.

    A simple make-up example for gray-eyed girls

    I suggest you repeat the simple makeup on the photo guide: just 5 steps, and the image is ready.

    What we will use:

    • Matte shades of light gray,
    • Silver shimmer shadows,
    • Warm beige shading tone,
    • A few bright shadows as an accent.

    You will need brushes: fluffy for shading and flat to apply shadows on the entire eyelid. Also prepare a primer, favorite mascara and black or graphite pencil.

    Smoky eyes

    Smoky eyes can be used in both everyday and holiday makeup. In the daytime version, shadows of calmer, more nude, not very deep tones are superimposed. Holiday makeup can be more bold.

    Monochrome gray tones should be put aside and try to choose shades close to the color of the eyes. Also, in smoky eyes makeup for gray eyes, it is undesirable to use only matte shadows: they hide the shine, making the eyes dull and inexpressive. The best option is to add pearlescent or shimmer eyeshadow - they will make your eyes shine.

    For light gray eyes, plum and lilac shades are in trend today.In combination with dark hair, evening make-up for gray eyes will look interesting using burgundy, purple or eggplant.

    With the smoky eyes make-up technique, it is undesirable to use bright screaming lipstick. Prefer natural tones., combining them with pale pink blush.

    A video with a makeup lesson for gray eyes will help you learn the Smokey Ice technique, and the advice of a professional makeup artist will help you choose the right color scheme.

    Following our tips and tricks, you can easily learn to do beautiful makeup and create your own original style!

    1. Cover the eyelid with gray shadows

    Even out your skin tone with concealer and apply the base under the shadows so that the make-up lasts all day. Now draw light gray shadows on the brush and put them on the entire moving eyelid, and also slightly blend the shade along the lower edge. You can do this not too carefully, because we will work on all the boundaries further.

    4. Summarize and color accent

    The highlight of this makeup is a colored corner on a gray background. To draw it, type on a thin brush a few shades of peach or pink.

    At the same stage, we use eyeliner: fill the distance between the upper eyelashes with a pencil, and, if desired, draw a line below, along the mucosa. Instead of a black pencil, dark gray will also be appropriate here.

    5. Finish the makeup

    The final step in this walkthrough is mascara. Use classic black, because we already made a color accent with the help of shadows.

    Done! Such a make-up will refresh the color of the iris and will not “argue” with it in brightness. And to slightly change this pattern, make the corner turquoise, plum or emerald at your discretion.

    Makeup selection for hair and skin color

    In the event that you are a beginner make-up artist or an amateur who still cannot master the art of beautiful make-up, then use numerous photos and video materials to comprehend the science of the perfect selection of cosmetics by type of appearance.

    The main rules of a good make-up are the selection of cosmetics and makeup style in accordance with hair color and skin type.

    For example, girls with gray-green eyes and dark hair should adhere to a dark palette of blue, copper, gray, brown. This gamut will help to shade the color of your green with gray eyes, while it is perfect for both daytime and evening smokey ice.

    Blond gray-eyes, especially if they have a clear presence of green flashes, should give preference to shades of lilac, beige and bronze.

    Red-haired beauties can opt for blue and pink, but only as an evening make-up. For daytime make-up, it is better to make classic arrows with eyeliner or pencil. The use of baked shadows is appropriate. See the photo gallery of the best solutions.

    Day makeup for gray eyes: step by step

    A universal option for daytime makeup for gray eyes, suitable for work, for dating, and for friendly meetings, is a make-up with arrows in the "relief" application technique. The color scheme is better to choose discreet: light gray, fawn brown or taupe.

    Step 1: prepare the basics. Choose a light shade from the palette, it is possible with a gray or yellow undertone. With a wide soft brush we apply shadows on the movable and motionless eyelid, while neatly blending it for a soft transition into a natural skin tone.

    Step 2: applying a dark nuance. With a medium-sized brush, add a few shades of brown or fawn, with a red undertone, to the outer corner of the eye and along the crease between the eyelids. Shadows need to be carefully shaded around the edges.

    Step 3: drawing the arrows. Makeup eyeliner we use black or dark brown, gray in such a make-up will be lost. With its help, we draw classic arrows from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, gradually increasing the width, and end with a long aesthetic tail, bent up.

    This way of drawing arrows will help to visually enlarge the eyes and make the look more open. With a thin brush, repeat the shape of the arrow with dark shadows under the lower eyelid from the middle of the eye to the outer corner.

    For greater expressiveness, you can add a little copper or bronze shadows along the edge of the lower arrow. This will help emphasize the natural shade of the eyes.

    Step 4: eyelashes. Eyelashes are best dyed with black mascara. Brown is used only in cases where the rest of the makeup is done in nude colors. We paint only the top row of eyelashes.

    Lipstick for daytime make-up in relief technique and with arrows is also chosen on occasion. Bright shades are allowed to use for dates, and bodily ones are better suited for work.

    The main mistakes in choosing makeup for gray eyes

    In addition to the basic recommendations for gray eye makeup, professional makeup artists also note a number of errors that many girls make with make-up.

    Among the main mistakes in creating beautiful makeup for gray eyes distinguish:

    • Using too bright or too faded tones,
    • The use of shadows that are close in shade to the color of the eyes,
    • The abuse of ocher nuances in makeup,
    • Inappropriate use of saturated pink and orange colors,
    • Neglecting eyeliner in favor of eyeliner,
    • Not enough shading
    • Using simultaneously shades from a warm and cold palette,
    • Lipstick color mismatch with other make-up,
    • Bad makeup foundation.

    First of all, when starting to apply makeup for gray eyes, it is necessary to carefully prepare the base: apply all skin care products and tint. Then follows the determination of the skin color type and the selection of suitable shades. After that, attention should be paid to the technique of applying shadows. At the end, the tone of lipstick is selected.

    If you follow all the instructions and carefully approach the design of the make-up, you can achieve an amazing effect that helps to create an unforgettable image for any occasion.

    Watch the video: Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color. Complete Guide (March 2020).