DIY wedding car decoration

Wedding procession - one of the most exciting moments of the celebration, which gives it significance. It is necessary not only to choose fashionable vehicles for the couple in love, in which they will go to the wedding hall, but also to design them effectively and elegantly. Do not forget about the guests. Witnesses and relatives, friends of the bride and friends of the groom, go after the newlyweds also by car, so the decor of cars with a selection of wedding accessories embodying the event must be chosen harmoniously.

How to decorate a wedding procession?

So how to decorate a car for a wedding for the bride and groom? Emphasis is placed on the transport of the main characters of the celebration - the bride and groom. In the same style, but more modestly, transport accompanying is arranged.

Perhaps the question of how to properly decorate a car for a wedding is a bit banal in modern voice acting. This is not a ritual; there is scope for creativity, where there are no clear instructions. Choose attributes that you think reflect style and festivity. It can be good old dolls on the hood in the form of a bride and groom, a ring on the roof or a composition of a pair of swans. Our grandparents did not have the opportunity to decorate the car with creative printing stickers, airbrushing, magnets and various things that the modern industry provides. But you can well afford the original decoration of the wedding car in 2019, showing ingenuity and creativity.

Photo decoration of a wedding car with printing stickers

How to dress up the car of the newlyweds?

The current fantasy of youth knows no bounds. Along with the classic design, you can find the most extravagant and extraordinary solutions that challenge a conservative society. And this is cool, because such a magnificent event happens once in a lifetime, and young people have the right to be creative, which will become memorable for life not only for the heroes of the occasion, but also for those invited.

In accordance with tradition, a white car for a wedding can be ordered for the bride. This classic color is universal for jewelry in any form. The black car also looks no less impressive, but if the design concept is supposed to be in burgundy, jewelry can be slightly lost in such a gamut. The game of contrasts is also interesting. If, for example, a decision is made to arrange a celebration in blue, the bride’s car may be white. It is recommended to decorate it mainly with blue accessories, and the groom's car - with the help of light and blue decor. A very important point - all the motorcade, in which young and guests go, should arrange in one style in accordance with the chosen theme and color scheme of the wedding.

Photo of a wedding procession

Fresh flowers - this is not just a classic, it is very symbolic, and given that you need a car for a maximum of half a day - the flowers will not fade, while reflecting the freshness and fragrance of the event. It should be noted that it is preferable to decorate handles, mirrors, that is, non-heating parts of the machine. For the hood, you can choose compositions of their artificial flowers and fabric accessories.

Magnets with photos of young people at different moments of life — children's and teenage images of the bride and groom, the period of dating and courtship — look touching

What is included in the set of jewelry for cars? The main platform is the hood of the car. A miniature decoration of the rear-view mirrors, handles and bumpers should be provided. The rooms are also decorated with bows, ribbons, flowers, but they should not completely cover them, especially the radiator. On it you can place a composition of artificial flowers or a large bow of tulle.

Decor with ribbons, flowers, butterflies and toys.

Natural flowers are often used in tuple decoration, but newlyweds do not always remember that sooner or later such a decoration may fade, and after a few hours the luxury car will look pathetic. In this case, you should come up with a quick replacement for sluggish colors.

If you use ribbons, decorative butterflies or toys, you should be careful, because when using low-quality glue or a strong fixative substance, you can damage property - both your own and someone else's.

The most optimal is decorating with ribbons, of which you can create everything: bows, bouquets, patterns, etc. In this case, it is worth attaching the tape to a light glue.

Decoration on the hood of a wedding car

This central part can be decorated symmetrically and asymmetrically. Be sure to use tapes. They give special solemnity. Wide ribbons stretched across the entire hood in several rows are collected at the radiator or on the right side of the car and decorated with a floral composition in accordance with the selected color scheme. You can completely “dress” the hood in the fabric by attaching rows of flowers to it.

Photo of car hood decoration for a wedding

Of great importance is the length of the hood of the car for wedding decorations. If it is small - it is better to choose elements that are compact, or one large composition by the radiator, for example, two hearts made of flowers, or a large bow with rings. Tapes running from the radiator to the base of the hood will visually lengthen the vehicle. As an idea of ​​designing a bride’s car at a wedding, you can advise a large rose on the hood made of tulle and ribbons. For the groom - it can be a huge bow made in the same style.

It will be interesting to look at one big heart, laid out of the same type of flowers on the entire surface of the hood and decorated with ribbons, stretched diagonally translucent tulle fabricpleated with floral arrangement.

Most importantly - do not cling to the hood everything in a row that is associated with a wedding. If two rings are placed on the roof, it is enough to decorate the hood with floral and ribbon compositions. It is not necessary to additionally attach dolls, swans, hearts and all the rest. Do not forget that the car will look spectacular only in a stylish, tastefully designed design. Original look cylinder and veil, you can use the photo on the hood. Focus on one large central composition and laconic decorations moving away from it. Look beautiful balloon compositions. But it should be latex balls. After all, if at least one bursts along the road, the pattern will break.

Photo of decorating auto balloons for a wedding

It is important to securely attach jewelry to the hood. To do this, use elastic bands, ribbons, suction cups, ribbons, which are mounted under the roof of the car and for the side door axles. It is advisable to connect the elements to each other as much as possible so as not to lose them during the movement.

How to decorate a car for guests at a wedding?

Important for general style has the fact that all cars need to be decorated the same way. Friends car decorations at a wedding should be made in the same color scheme, using the same materials and compositions as the bride and groom, but in a more modest performance.

Photos of the design of wedding cars guests

Of course, hearts, rings and other symbols of the newlyweds should not be placed. Universal - balls, bows, flowers, ribbons. Cars can be bright, but it is desirable to differ in color from the cars of the main characters of the event. Of course, ideally - these are the same brand, but it turns out that picking up a motorcade is far from always, especially if friends come in their cars. Therefore, you should observe the general style of the decor, having agreed in advance.

Decoration on the handle of a car for a wedding

You can decorate the machine's handles with the help of floral arrangements made of natural or artificial flowers, attached with ribbons or ribbons. The composition will look very impressive if you attach ribbons fluttering on the move to it. Another option for decorating pens is bows with ribbons or balloons.

Photo decoration pens cars for a wedding procession

What else can decorate a wedding car?

As a festive decoration options, you can also offer various thematic figurines. It can be swans or two hearts laid out of flowers, a wedding doll separately in the car of the bride and groom or a couple in the common car, hats in the form of a male top hat and a lady's hat.

Photo of hats on wedding cars

The car can also be decorated with butterflies made of fabric or magnets, compositions of large balloons and small balls around the perimeter of the car. The main thing is not to overdo it and select all the elements harmoniously. Take two basic colors and one or two halftones, and as accessories, for example, balls of the same size, laid out in neat compositions, and rings on the hood or roof, or a combination of butterflies with tulle bows and flower arrangements. Fatin is one of the most popular fabrics for decoration, because it allows you to make luxury, going to folds. Effective bows and roses are obtained from it, you can simply pull it on the entire hood, assembling it in a knot at the rear-view mirrors.

Photo of a tulle bow on a wedding car

Do not forget about the decoration of the bumper. It will look very impressive large two-layer bow from tulle of two shades with the laconic flower composition fixed in the center. Numbers, in principle, cannot be closed, but in honor of such an event, traffic cops usually make concessions. Therefore, you can attach a plate to the number with the inscription, for example, “cool wedding” or with the names of the newlyweds.

Carried away by the decor of the car, do not forget about such an important point as maintaining a full view for the driver

The windshield, mirrors and rear view window above the bumper should be open.

With the self-decoration of wedding column cars, the question often arises of how to attach tulle to a wedding car. To do this, use ribbons, ribbons and elastic bands, which fix the fabric to the grille and mirrors, are threaded through the hood cover. It is important to tighten the tulle long elements so that they do not lose shape during movement.

Outfit for a wedding car with magnets

One of the popular and easy-to-use ways to decorate a tuple is with magnets on a car for a wedding. Under the order, you can make a completely variable set of magnets in the form of hearts, butterflies, as well as individual products with the names of the newlyweds and cool inscriptions. It is noteworthy that their form and content can be anything that gives decoration of the wedding of originality and exclusive. You can arrange them and combine as you wish. The only restriction on their use is that they are held only on metal surfaces. If you want to decorate the glass - you can use stickers.

Photo of magnets for a wedding car

Design options for wedding cars with flowers with examples

Flowers are always included in the decoration of an event. Fresh flowers on a car look very gentle and touching. But remember, they are alive and do not retain their original appearance for a long time, especially in extreme conditions of riding around the city during the hot season. Do not place them on the radiator and hood. An acceptable option - handles and mirrors cars, roof and bumper.

Artificial color analogues in modern manufacturing technologies look almost indistinguishable from real ones.

Therefore, it is ideal for creating compositions. The main thing is to choose flowers in one style. Do not overburden cars with all kinds of paints. A maximum of two contrasting colors or three or four pastel shades in accordance with the main gamut. Lilies look good with tall, thin stems of grass or inflorescences. Roses can be combined with lilies of the valley or plentiful greens, but not with wildflowers. Daisies create a beautiful combination with cornflowers and mimosa. Maki - only with herbs.

Photo of wedding car decoration with roses

Demonstrate the florist’s talents and try different compositions beforehand in order to choose an option that is pleasing to the eye and matches your celebration style.

Wedding Car Stickers

Cool car stickers that arouse interest in your wedding will become a memorable accessory not only for guests, but also for the public of the whole city. For example, who will remain indifferent to cars where the “brotherhood of the groom” or the “gang of the bride” rides. Labels you can choose the most unexpected. Do not be afraid of experiments. It is unlikely that any of the passers-by had to deal with mafiosi, who call the wedding procession publicly, for example, as “the bride’s mafia” or “godmother’s godmother”.

This is your day - make yourself known to the world, let everyone pay attention to you, remember and imitate. And you will have something to remember and tell the children.

Simple Truths: Decorating Wedding Guest Cars

Photo from the site:

For a creative, creative person with a stormy and unbridled imagination, there will be no problems, but what about if ideas simply do not arise. In fact, you should not worry, since in most cases cars belonging to the motorcade order young people along with the car, therefore they will be decorated accordingly. True, honestly, I must say that nothing exclusive, extraordinary and unusual can be expected, but I really want just that.

If you really decide to make your holiday unique, be sure to ensure that not only the head car, but all the others from the motorcade are decorated accordingly. Decorating guests' cars for wedding escorts can be done with their own hands, and any person who even has absolutely no experience in needlework can cope with this task.

That is why the standard sets of ribbon ribbons that the designers from the agency will attach will not suit us, and you should pay attention to the question of how to decorate guests' cars for the wedding, a photo of which we will provide for consideration, a lot of time and attention. However, first you need to deal with the cars themselves, which will move after the car of the bride and groom, and only then think about how best to decorate them.

Photo from the site:

  • If, nevertheless, it was decided to order a car at the agency, it is worth immediately specifying their color, as this will play a key role in choosing shades of decoration. So on bright cars, saturated tones look better, and on dark ones, everything that is light and sparkling is just right.
  • When cars of the guests themselves, relatives, friends and acquaintances will be used as a tuple, then it is worth analyzing their colors. It will be best to arrange the cars in turn, for example, from the darkest to the lightest, or vice versa.
  • It is imperative that you take into account that on different cars, decorations can look different, so you can even come up with several types of decor, for example, different colors, so that everything is harmonious and beautiful.

Photo from the site:

Also, one should not forget that cars from the agency may not be allowed to decorate on their own, therefore it is necessary to stipulate this moment immediately. For example, you may be forbidden to cling the decor to glue, but they will be allowed to do the same on magnets. It makes sense to immediately discuss the details, so that later this does not come as a surprise to you, and then you can completely avoid misunderstandings with the company that provides the car.

How to decorate guests' cars for a wedding: photos of the most winning options

Photo from the site:

As we said, all cars from the wedding procession accompanying the newlyweds should be beautifully and festively decorated. When all questions of an organizational nature, in the manner of whether it is possible to stick bouquets of tape on the hood with adhesive tape, are settled, it remains to come up with the design of the decorations themselves. Decorating guests' cars is far from simple, as they need to be made original and unusual, and if it will be easy to come up with a head machine, then you will have to tinker with the attendants. After all, they should never overshadow the car of the newlyweds, but also look casual, just not an option.

Colors and shades: decorate cars harmoniously, it is important

Photo from the site:

To begin with, thinking about how to decorate guests' cars for a wedding, photos of different options can be looked at for hours, you should pay attention to the color scheme. For all cars, it should be common. Moreover, there are more or less successful combinations, because it is worth analyzing all this, and if there is not enough imagination, then simply mechanically compare them, applying, for example, tapes to the hood of the car. The most successful color matches can be considered the following options:

Photo from the site: engine-love.rf

  • It is common for a wedding to have red decorations, which is a fairly ancient tradition. Initially, in Russia, even the bride’s dress was scarlet, so it’s worth considering. Ideal combination of red, pink and raspberry, so that ribbons, balls and more can be chosen in such colors.
  • Almost the whole palette goes well with white, however, it is worthwhile to understand that, for example, white and black will look mournful, just like with dark green or blue. For white, it is better to choose something light, from pale pink to sky blue.
  • Three shades of pink, from the lightest to the deeper, can also be considered a perfect combination of colors. He will personify the tenderness, youth and femininity of the bride.
  • The combination of blue, blue and yellow also looks great, it turns out bright, colorful and unusual.
  • Yellow, blue and red are the traditional combination of colors, however, you need to be able to put them together correctly, otherwise the decor may look lurid and intrusive. He quickly smoothes his eyes, and in the photo he will look like flashy spots.

Photo from the site:

As a bonus for the patriots, I would like to add that white, red and blue personifies the colors of our state flag. And more and more often you will notice that young wedding cars decide to design it in this color palette. This decor looks very aristocratic and beautiful, and most importantly, you will definitely be noticed, you can be sure.

Ribbons, flowers and balls: classic decoration of guests' cars for a wedding

Photo from the site:

The most common decorations for auto guests for a wedding procession are ribbons for many years, this is an ideal option to distinguish cars from the general stream. However, here you also need to be extremely careful, choose the right color combinations that emphasize the beauty of the tuple, and do not make it vulgar or ordinary.

Photo from the site:

  • If you decorate cars with ribbons, artificial or natural flowers, make sure that no more than three shades are used in the decor at the same time, as otherwise it will smell of bad taste. Tapes are attached to door handles, mirrors, radio antennas, straight to the hood, and so on.
  • You should not choose only shiny silver or golden satin ribbons, as it will be excessively bright, and the charm may be lost due to vulgarity.
  • Fresh flowers are best used only one or two types, and not make motley caps from bouquets for each car. Small bouquets of fresh flowers can be attached to the side mirrors, as well as to the door handles, although you should understand that they will not last there for a long time.

Photo from the site:

Balloons are also better to use only three shades, and even better, generally two. They can be attached to mirrors, handles and luggage racks of the car, and it is better to fill with helium, then in the stream on the road they will be visible from afar.

How to decorate a wedding car with flowers and tulle

If you do not want to spoil your composition with flaccid bouquets, then you can use artificial compositions that do not differ from real ones. Such flowers are easiest to use on the hood.

If you want the car to look more luxurious, you can add an additional element to the composition. Fatin goes well with plants. You need to attach the material to the tips, then it will seem light and airy, will not adhere to the surface.

How to dress up the car of the bride and groom

The main car at the wedding is the car of the bride and groom. Cars should stand out from the tuple. Most often, the vehicle is designed in the same style.

The vehicle of the newlyweds is distinguished by the heart, rings, bouquets, various romantic compositions, as well as balls and fabrics. On the hood you can place dolls, swans or bears in love.

Wedding rings on the roof

Wedding rings are most often placed on the roofs of cars, but without additional decor they look gloomy and not harmonious. They are often equipped with fresh flowers, they create a romantic atmosphere and give the composition a tenderness.

Also, balls are used as additional decor, but they should not be inflated too much so that they do not burst at the moment of contact with the car.

Hood decoration

If you do not want to bother about decorating the hood of the car, then you just need to fasten a few ribbons on it, but against the background of the motorcade this looks cheap. That is why a composition of flowers, butterflies and other decorations is installed on the hood.

When decorating the hood, they always try to create a certain figure, you can also decorate ribbons with flowers, bows and butterflies.

Outfits with magnets

If you're tired of the usual and boring scenery, then you can use magnets, which have many advantages.

  1. Do not leave marks on the machine.
  2. Do not change due to weather conditions.
  3. Can be used on any part of the car.
  4. Can be re-glued and reused.

Despite these advantages, there are disadvantages.

  1. They are not voluminous, due to which they do not develop in the wind.
  2. Magnets will need more than ordinary jewelry, which will hit the newlyweds' pocket.

Lettering, words and wishes: fashionable and original

Photo from the site:

Today it has become very popular to decorate a newlyweds' car with welcome or congratulatory inscriptions. However, one can decorate in this way not only the head vehicle of the motorcade, but also all the others. This decor looks stylish and unusual, at least until it has become a ubiquitous habit. So it is worth paying special attention to this. But how can inscriptions be applied if it is not advisable to spoil the paint of cars? Moreover, custom cars from the agency simply do not allow painting to your taste.

Photo from the site:

However, of course, there is a way out, because no one spoils the car, there is a special marker, which can then be easily washed off with soap and water. With the help of such a felt-tip pen it is possible to make all the motorcade machines completely unique, the main taste and some artistic talent. In addition, there are also special stickers that you will also need to tear off and rinse off later. Usually they easily move away from the surface of glossy paint.

Plates, posters and posters - a great decoration for guests' cars

Photo from the site: engine-love.rf

An excellent option for decorating in the form of inscriptions is to attach a wide variety of plates, posters or posters. Such decorative elements can be either purchased at the store or drawn independently. You can also make original flags by attaching them to the side mirrors, in the manner of a state motorcade.

Photo from the site:

Another interesting contraption is also available, which is a fake license plate for cars. Moreover, the inscriptions there can be very diverse, ranging from the usual “Bride and Groom”, “To the Civil Registry Office”, “Parents of the Bride”, “Matchmakers” to unusual and comic, in the manner of “Caught a Hook”, “Wedding General”, “ Old wallets "and so on. But this is not all, since a large poster with wishes can be fixed on the rear window, or even on the hood, which will also be unusual and original.

Drawing up a lease

No matter where you order transport, you should be as safe as possible from possible risks, therefore enter into a contract just a must. It should indicate all important conditions:

  • car make and model,
  • car color
  • material and interior color,
  • decoration options
  • time and place of delivery of the machine,
  • route with planned stops,
  • terms of payment and surcharge,
  • warranties under force majeure circumstances, car replacement in case of malfunction,
  • rules of conduct in the cabin,
  • uniform of the driver.

Vehicle color

Colors should be consistent in a single gamut, ideally - be the same. The color contrast of the car of the newlyweds and other cars looks very stylish: A white honeymoon car accompanied by black or dark shades.

The reverse option is no less good. Color can be selected, and based on the color scheme of the wedding. So, for a celebration with a predominance of shades of blue, the dark blue color of vehicles is suitable.

The better to decorate wedding cars

How to decorate a car beautifully for a wedding? It is not necessary to go to the salon to adequately dress up a car. Acquiring all the necessary materials is not difficult, it is only important to determine the style of design of the tuple. In addition, if you decide to decorate the banquet hall yourself, then you will definitely have the material for car decor. The most commonly used materials are:

  • Flowers They can be both live and artificial. Moreover, the latter option has more and more supporters: artificial flowers will not fade and will not lose their attractive appearance by the end of the day and they are much easier to attach to the car. Floral arrangements are the best decoration due to their huge variety.
  • Colored ribbons and tulle. Who does not know, tulle is a rigid translucent material that can be easily assembled with beautiful and elegant folds. Since these materials are very similar in appearance to the bride’s veil, white fabrics are usually chosen. It is desirable to decorate the bride’s car with white tulle to emphasize her fabulous image, but brighter fabrics will be more suitable for decoration of the groom’s car.

  • Balloons. This is a classic holiday symbol, without which the design of the motorcade is rarely done. It is important, however, to remember that balloons are very short-lived, and the most beautiful and brightest garland can quickly lose its appearance.

How to decorate an inexpensive car for a wedding? Great additional decorations will be figures of swans or white doves, classic rings on the roof, funny numbers that are now easy to buy in any salon or make yourself. It is important to remember that all these decorations should not interfere with the driver and create emergency situations.

Newlywed car decoration options

The main car of the motorcade requires the richest set of decorations: it is this car that follows the head of the column and attracts the most attention. Decor elements should be located on the hood, on the roof. In addition, you can decorate the handles of the car for a wedding with your own hands and choose the appropriate design for the trunk and mirrors. How to do it better?

  • The hood of the car is most often decorated with hearts of colored ribbons or of fresh flowers, you can also drape the hood with tulle. The fabric can be placed obliquely or in stripes, you can cover the entire hood with transparent material and place flowers or artificial butterflies on it. Large jewelry to the hood is best attached not to threads, but to elastic bands: the elastic material will not tear during movement. A magnificent decoration of the hood is a long garland of fresh flowers. But, unfortunately, this type of decor is the most fragile and short-lived.
  • Car door handles are usually decorated with small floral bouquets or compositions of ribbons. To decide how to decorate a car for a wedding with ribbons, you need to look at the general design: they must be in harmony in color with other elements of the composition. You can make a small bouquet of artificial flowers and tie it with a bright ribbon, and use strong threads for fastening.

  • Different compositions can be installed on the roof of the car, but the classic version is golden rings, which will become the main symbol of the wedding. They can be made from ordinary plastic tubes wrapped in gilded paper, and fresh flowers can be used as the base of the composition.
  • The last stage is the choice of jewelry for the trunk. The traditional solution is funny numbers and a large tulle bow, harmonizing in color with the rest of the design elements. Sometimes, instead of it, hearts of flowers or ribbons are used, which are placed on the rear window of the car.

Instead of rings on the roof of the car, you can also place dolls depicting the bride and groom or figures of white swans. Toys and figures need to be fixed as firmly as possible, otherwise they can simply be blown away by a stream of air at high speed.

When attaching jewelry to a car, it is undesirable to use glue: if it suddenly rains, the entire decor can get wet. If you rent a car in a taxi service, you need to specify in advance what materials are acceptable to use. Indeed, if the car is painted with expensive paint, glue can spoil it, and in the future the newlyweds will have to compensate for the losses.

How to decorate a car for a wedding for guests

Weddings decorated in accordance with a specific theme are gaining popularity. This tradition came from Western countries and quickly gained recognition in Russia.

According to this principle, the entire tuple must be decorated in the same way. If, for example, a marine theme is chosen, then the decorations should be blue, blue, turquoise, and shells and starfishes will be present in the design of cars. Or you can hold a "fabulous wedding", decorated in the style of Cinderella's ball. A lot of options. It all depends on your imagination. True, it is advisable to decide on this at the very early stages of the organization of the wedding. Knowing where to decorate a car for a wedding outside the box, you can realize the most interesting fantasies.

The main creative and fantasy: how to decorate a car for a wedding for guests

Photo from the site:

Among other things, you can come up with not only such decorations on guests' cars, but also show your own ingenuity and imagination. True, you should be careful here, because decor options may be successful, but may turn out, to put it mildly, completely unsuitable. Always imagine the whole design in a complex, and even better, try on all your plans in advance so that you do not urgently need to look for a replacement. If this is not done, that you can spoil yourself in every kind of mood, and after all this cannot be allowed, weddings should remain in memory a bright and joyful holiday.

There are many different options, ranging from classic and traditional, to completely unusual for us, for example, tying cans that will rattle on the asphalt. You can also decorate guests' cars with soft toys, for example, seals or bears. It will be unusual and cute. In general, do not deny yourself anything, show healthy optimism, creativity and imagination, and then everything will definitely be at the highest level.The main thing is that all this should not be excessive, but rather beautiful, simple, as they say, and tasteful.

Necessary conditions for comfort

Make sure your guests are comfortable while traveling.

  • The interior must be spacious
  • In the hot season air conditioning should work, in the cool - operate the interior heating,
  • Need a car ventilateto avoid unpleasant odors, such as tobacco, cigarette smoke,
  • Create guests wedding mood: pick some good music. By the way, this can be entrusted to your best man or witnesses.

Where to order?

Choosing transport for a wedding is best only in trusted organizations. There are a lot of offers, reviews of friends and previous customers will help to determine.

  • Car companies provide transportation services at various events. Here you can pick up cars of the same make and color. Car decoration services are not always provided, so you may have to take additional care of the design,
  • Wedding Agencies take into account the wishes of the newlyweds on the selection of models, color schemes of cars for guests, and also offer variations of their decoration,

Types of transport

Depending on the scale and budget of the wedding, you can use the following transport options:

  • Personal cars - the most economical solution. Many of the friends of the newlyweds have cars and can take with them a certain number of guests. But most likely, your friends will want to relax with you on this day, and not act as drivers. Plus, it will be very difficult to choose a vehicle of the same brand and the same color,
  • Rent a car in an agency with a driver will cost more, but the composition of the cars will look truly solemn and stylish. In addition, the presence of an experienced driver will allow all guests to relax. With capacity 3-4 people rent will cost from 1000-1200 rub / hour
  • Limousine. If there are few guests planned, this chic option will do just fine. Average capacity - 9-18 people. Rent per hour will cost in 1200-2500 rubles
  • Minivan. Beautiful cars with a large interior (5-10 places) are popular at wedding events. Rent depending on the brand and capacity of the cabin starts from 850-1000 rub / hour
  • Minibusdesigned for 10-20 places will cost from 1200 rub / hour
  • Bus - quite a budget option with a large number of guests (from 20 people). Rent per hour trip costs 1000-1400 rubles.

Problems with transportation and methods for solving them

Protect from probable troubles timely agreement. Many points are agreed in advance.

So, for example, problems breakdowns on the road, delays in the supply of cars or the delivery of cars of the wrong color are resolved by calling the organization with which the contract for the rental of vehicles was concluded.

If these points were clear spelled out in the contract, then the agency will be interested in the speedy resolution of the conflict.

Traffic jams

Unpredictable problem. Try to get around it in advance by constructing a route so as to avoid the busiest places.

For example, a week before the wedding, it’s worth looking at Internet services that show traffic jams in your city online throughout the day.

You will know in advance the location where congestion is possible, as well as ways to avoid them. If this option does not fit in any way, then you should plan the time with a significant margin.

Unconditional Payments

Among them, for example, may be payment by the customer of parking spaces, toll roads.

Sometimes arise controversial situations on the decor of cars. If the possibility of decorating a car is not specified in the contract, then the driver may prohibit making it on his own by offering to rent jewelry for an additional fee.

The same thing can happen with drinking drinks in the lounge, the need to go on a country trip, etc.

Ambiguous situations often happen unexpectedly, therefore, when concluding a contract, try take into account the smallest detailsno matter how ridiculous they may seem. It is better to solve the problem directly with the organization, and not with the driver.

Auto Decor Rules

  • If you decide to rent a transport for guests, the first thing you need to know is Is it possible to decorate cars. This question should be clarified in the agency that provides the car,
  • Decoration of wedding cars can be done independently or entrusted to a professional. Experts from the event agency will select the appropriate decor, securely and securely fix it on cars,
  • Usually cars for guests decorate with ribbons, bows, balls, small flower arrangements. It is permissible to add plates and inscriptions with a wedding theme. Overloading the transport with a design should not be, since all attention should be directed to the car of the bride and groom,
  • Colors and Sizes. By observing the contrast, you can achieve an excellent result. So, when decorating dark-colored cars, it is better to use light-colored decor. Bright cars fit bright saturated shades of ribbons, bows. When combining various colors it is advisable to use no more than three tones. Good combinations:
    • raspberry, pink and red,
    • blue, pink, blue,
    • different shades of pink.
  • When choosing a decor, remember the size: bulky jewelry can become a hindrance to the driver,
  • Is it generally necessary to decorate a car? In relation to cars, this question, perhaps, disappears by itself. Limousine and minivans will also add small elements to the decor. What to do with buses? You can confine yourself to beautiful stickers with the inscription "Wedding" and a stylish ribbon.

How to decorate?

Concerns on the design of cars can be entrusted to specialists of a wedding agency or try to decorate yourself. What ideas can be used?

  1. Ribbons usually mounted on the bonnet, trunk or antenna. You can take 2-3 thin ribbons of different colors, pull them along the hood and fasten the ends under the cover. Wider ribbons are designed as an angle,
  2. Bows should not be voluminous. Small bows are easily attached to car handles or mirrors. This will be enough,
  3. Letters can also be placed on the hood or rear. For the transport of guests, a simple inscription “Wedding” will be appropriate. Do not overdo it with the size of the letters, they should not attract too much attention,
  4. Nameplates with various inscriptions (“Wedding!”, “Friends of the groom”, “Bridesmaids”, “Brothers”) can be purchased at the wedding salon or made by yourself. You can fix them at the back of the car, it is better not to close the license plates,
  5. Vinyl stickers - these are not only inscriptions, but also drawings. Traditional phrases such as “Road to the young!”, “Advice and love”, the names of the newlyweds, can be supplemented with symbolic drawings (hearts, angels, rings, pigeons). Stickers are easy to apply and then peel off. You can place them on any part of the machine: on glass, doors, hood,
  6. Balloons - beautiful, inexpensive, festive. Individual balls can be tied to the side mirrors, a small composition of the balls placed on the hood. Remember that when the machine moves, the balls may burst or come off. Take care of reliable fastening and grab balls in reserve!
  7. the cloth. Light translucent materials such as tulle, organza, a tapering strip can be fixed to the hood cover, windshield and rear window so that the fabric does not obscure the driver. From the fabric you can make neat bows, flowers and hang them on mirrors or handles,
  8. Themed rooms they look quite original, however, one should take into account the fact that they are applied to license plates of a car, concealing of which is fraught with a fine
  9. Flowers use live and artificial. It will be more practical to decorate with artificial flowers. Individual flowers can be mounted on mirrors or car handles. A neat arrangement of flowers, placed on the right side of the hood,
  10. Paper compositions easy to do with your own hands. A variety of bows, pompons, flowers from corrugated or crepe paper can also be mounted on the hood or mirrors,
  11. Garlandscreated from ribbons, flowers and bows, will distinguish cars for guests from among others. Usually they are mounted on the hood, angled,
  12. LED backlight relevant for the evening. She can decorate the car body, its individual parts, wheel disks. It looks impressive. Some LED strips have the ability to mount on an ordinary double-sided tape, as well as connecting via a USB port, which allows you to power them from a conventional battery charger for phones (Power Bank).

Examples of car decoration (photo)

Video: making bows on door handles

Video instruction on how to make a bow on the car door with your own hands:

Determining the composition of the cars, proceed from your financial capabilities and the estimated number of guests. Budget option with a large number of invited will be minivans, vans and buses.

Luxurious and expensive - rental several cars of the same brand or limousine. Proper design of transport for guests will enhance the solemn notes of the event as a whole.

Watch the video: Car DecorationOption B (March 2020).