Makeup Basics for Beginners

Beautifully made makeup is able to transform the fair sex at any age. And not only externally, but also internally, because a well-groomed woman feels more confident and effective.

Of course, a professional makeup artist can work wonders, but often women make themselves make-up on their own at home due to lack of funds or time.

In addition, any girl can do makeup correctly. The main thing is to know the basic laws of creating the perfect make-up for every day.

Basic recommendations for applying cosmetics

In such a process as applying makeup there are laws and tricks that should not be neglected. We will analyze in stages how to make perfect makeup at home.

The very first and very important stage of makeup is the mandatory moisturizing and cleansing of the skin. It is necessary to get rid of the remaining cosmetics. To do this, refresh your face with tonic or spray with thermal water. Then apply a moisturizer.

The starting point of preparation is obligatory, since the final outcome of the work on creating a daily or evening make-up will depend on it.

Hide problem areas

This step is skipped if you have no problem skin and does not require any masking.

But if there are problem areas on your face, then you need to hide them in order to do professional face makeup:

  • A green corrector blocks redness and acne.
  • Defects of violet and bluish color are masked by a yellow corrector.
  • The “greenish” complexion is pink or reddish.
  • Purple color is able to eliminate orange stains on the face, which were the result of tanning.

A very frequent error of makeup done at home is visible bags and bruises under the eyes. Hide them with concealer. It is recommended to choose which is a shade lighter than the used foundation.

Face tint

Looking at the photo of a successful make-up made at home, it should be noted that the correct selection of the foundation plays a significant role. It should absolutely match skin color.

If not, then a mask will be formed on the face that is very different from the color of the neck. The tonalnik is applied with a moistened sponge or brush with artificial pile.

Fix the tone

To make the skin matte and fix the tonal base, use loose or white transparent powder.

This auxiliary agent is applied to the so-called "T-zone". It is in this place that the skin of the face begins to shine due to the secretion of sebum.

The powder is applied with a soft brush in small quantities. Also during the day, wet your face with matting napkins.

Eyebrow shaping

With a special small brush, the hairs should be combed to the top. Then draw a strip under the eyebrow with a white or light pink pencil and blend.

To correct the shape of the eyebrows, use a hard brush and matte eye shadow or a marker for eyebrows.

We paint eyes

Before eye makeup at home, it is recommended to use the base under the shade.

With the help of a primer, the shadows are perfectly distributed, last longer and shade better. After that, the outer corner of the eye is covered with matte shadows, and the inner one is light. Feather the border.

After staining with a pencil or eyeliner, the eyes look more spectacular and bright. Curling with mascara, they visually become larger.

How to skillfully make lips?

In numerous videos telling about how to do makeup at home, an important role is given to the choice of lipstick.

First of all, the sponges should be moisturized and just apply your favorite lipstick. To create a longer lasting result, the lips are completely painted over with a pencil, the color of which is completely identical to lipstick. Now you can apply lipstick on your lips.

Finishing touches

Blush is placed on the apples of the cheeks formed at the moment of a smile, after which they are shaded towards the temporal region. You can glide over the tip of the nose and facial contours to create a harmonious skin color.

To fix, make-up is sprayed with thermal water or a special fixative. For everyday makeup, fixation is not always necessary, but for evening makeup it is often necessary.

Makeup Basics: 3 Rules

Makeup, as a rule, begins with the application of a tonal foundation. Properly selected product will help hide skin imperfections, even out tone and prepare the face for the next stages. The foundation can be powdery, creamy or in the form of a light fluid. When choosing it, rely on the shade of your skin and its type (our test will help determine it). For oily skin, powders are suitable, for normal and mixed tonal fluids, and for dry, a nourishing cream texture is needed.

If you are new to makeup, use as little as possible, gradually add new items from the world of cosmetics to your arsenal. To begin with, such a set is enough: foundation, mascara, light shadows and blush. Such a minimal set will hide the imperfections of the skin and give it a healthy look, and mascara and radiant shadows will instantly make your eyes more open.

If you started to actively use cosmetics, it means that it is necessary to add one more step to the standard care procedure - makeup remover. In addition to the usual gel for washing, you will need a makeup remover. It can be a two-phase oil supplement, micellar water or hydrophilic oil. Choose what suits you best and does not irritate your skin. High-quality face cleansing is the key to beautiful and healthy skin.

How to do eye makeup for beginners?

Unusual eye makeup doesn't have to be complicated. Follow our instructions to create a make-up eye in trendy red colors.

If you don’t know which eye makeup to choose, take our quick test: it will tell you the right way.

How to quickly create lip makeup?

If you choose a bright lipstick for your makeup, follow our tips for applying it.

Everyday face makeup for beginners

Cleanse your skin and apply a moisturizer. After a few minutes, you can use the foundation. Choose according to your skin type. Work the area under the eyes with a concealer, and hide the imperfections with the corrector. Feather all the means properly so that the borders and the heterogeneous texture are not visible.

    Make eyebrows with a pencil and fix with gel.

For eye makeup, use cream shades with a satin texture. Firstly, they are easy to apply, secondly, they last a long time, and thirdly, just one shade is enough to create a beautiful smoky makeup. Apply shadows, for example, Color Tattoo 24h from Maybelline or Eye Tint from Giorgio Armani on the entire moving eyelid and blend with your fingertips. Choose calm shades: golden, bronze or light brown.

Apply light lipstick or gloss to the lips. For everyday makeup, it is better to use moisturizing lipsticks with a creamy texture. They care for their lips, they are easy to correct during the day.

With a fluffy brush with powder drawn on it, fix the makeup. On the apples of the cheeks, apply blush and, if desired, also a highlighter.

Look for another “every day” makeup option in our video.

Face preparation for applying cosmetics

A good makeup, performed step by step, perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the face and smooths out the imperfections of appearance. Beautiful, but not bright by nature, girls become more noticeable, and owners of rude facial features become more feminine. That's why the ability to apply cosmetics in stages is a big plus for the fair sex.

Apply decorative cosmetics only on clean and moist skin. Therefore, before proceeding to makeup, you must first gradually prepare the face for it.

  • The first step is purification. Even if there was no makeup on the face, washing is still necessary. It is more useful for young girls or owners of oily skin to wash themselves with foam or gel, which are washed off with water. Dry or mature skin is more suitable for make-up remover and other soft products.
  • Step Two - Toning. Many people underestimate tonic. But it plays a big role in skin care. Firstly, it softens the skin after washing with hard water (after all, rarely is it washed with water not from the tap). Secondly, removes the remnants of a cleanser from the face. Thirdly, it narrows the pores.
  • After the tonic, a third step is applied to the skin with a moisturizer. In the afternoon, it is recommended to use face cream and eye cream with UV protection. Both in the summer and in the winter. If the cream is oily, then you need to wait a quarter of an hour and then remove the excess funds with a napkin. Otherwise, makeup may “float”.

A common problem is flaky skin on the face. Deep cleansing products, which are recommended to be used once a week, help to solve it. These are scrubs, mask films, peels and so on.

If you have a long stay on the street in frosty weather - you need to use a special winter cream as a base. Then the skin will be reliably protected from the cold, will not blush and peel.

Neck and decollete skin care should be the same as facial skin care. That is, for this part of the body the same means and the same step-by-step application are necessary.

The right tone is the foundation of makeup

Any make-up needs to start with applying a tonal foundation. And the most important thing in this process is to make the cream layer not visible to others. To do this, you need to choose the right shade of the product and apply it not only to the face, but also to the neck and earlobes. Step by step to do this is not difficult. The procedure for applying funds is described below.

First, you need to correct noticeable flaws using a special masking pencil or cream. A green corrector is excellent for neutralizing red spots. Next comes the tonal foundation. It is convenient to apply it with your fingers, but many use a special sponge. When the base has absorbed and dried, powder your face.

Next, apply blush on the most prominent parts of the cheekbones. How to do this step by step, you can see the photo. The technique of applying blush is different, and the sequence of their application is also. If the blush is liquid, they are applied before the powder, if dry - after.

Now popular BB creams can simultaneously serve as a moisturizer and tone. They are good for express makeup. After them, it is enough to slightly powder the face - and it is ready for the phased application of other cosmetics.

Any cream, including tonal, should be applied to the face along massage lines. From the center to the edges, from top to bottom. For those who use the tonal foundation for the first time, it is useful to see photos and videos of this process, in which everything is very clearly and step by step shown.

Expressive eyebrows

The importance of the beautiful shape of eyebrows cannot be underestimated - facial expression literally depends on them. Tweezers, a pencil (or shadow) and a fixing gel will help you create the shape.

So, about eyebrow makeup step by step in the list below.

  • First of all, you need to pluck out those hairs that are knocked out of the general row.
  • To give the eyebrows a shape, you need to create the right bend over the pupil. For the first time it is better to entrust it to a specialist or carefully watch a video about it.
  • Now the eyebrows should be smoothed or combed with a brush.
  • It was the turn of the pencil. Most women have a brown tint, some black or gray.
  • To keep the shape beautiful throughout the day, apply a special eyebrow gel. This completes the step-by-step eyebrow makeup.

Instead of a pencil, you can use special eyebrow shadows. They are applied step by step at the same time as the pencil, instead of it. Eyebrow shadows look quite soft and natural.

How to make up eyes

Before you begin the step-by-step application of cosmetics for the eyes, it is important to prepare the skin of the eyelids. To do this, it is enough to powder it slightly or use a special base that makes eye makeup more resistant.

  • The first step is to apply eyeliner or pencil along the line of eyelash growth. This will visually make them thicker. A dramatic arrow is appropriate in both evening and daytime makeup, if they are the only eye-catching part of the makeup.
  • Light shadows - for the entire eyelid and darker - on the outer edges. Between different shades you need to make a smooth transition. It is better to tint the lower eyelid only for a festive make-up.
  • One or two layers of mascara complete eye makeup.

The rules for applying eye makeup state that cosmetics must be fresh and of high quality. After all, this zone is one of the most sensitive. Especially women wearing contact lenses should take this into account.

Alluring lips

If the eye makeup turned out to be bright, then the lips should not stand out much on the face, they can simply be covered with gloss. And vice versa - with a modest eye makeup it is permissible to use a noticeable lipstick, both glossy and matte.

The color of the pencil should not differ much from the color of the applied lipstick, this is the main secret of the technique of applying makeup. If there is a desire to gradually increase the lips, then you can also resort to using a pencil. Step by step it looks like this: first draw the contour of the lips, slightly beyond their natural boundaries, and then cover them with lipstick.

Evening make-up is permissible to do under artificial lighting. But when applying makeup in the morning, it is advisable to find a place for this with natural bright sunlight.


Pay great attention to what colors are used for makeup. Such a make-up will be beautiful in which the shades of lipstick and blush are similar, and the shade of shadows is in harmony with them. It’s not so difficult to deal with the application of makeup step by step, many women apply cosmetics daily in a matter of minutes.

Watch the video: Makeup for Beginners: Everyday Makeup Tutorial. Step by Step. Danielle Mansutti (March 2020).