How to attract good luck and money in your life: 3 reliable ways

There are many different signs, rites and conspiracies aimed at increasing income. Most of them have already lost their relevance due to modern realities, but some could even get the approval of psychologists. Many people tried at least once in their life to attract luck and money to their side. Financial independence allows achieving internal freedom, therefore this issue will always be acute.

Opinions of scientists about rich people

Qualified psychologists say that almost all events that occur with a person begin in his head. The huge delusions, attitudes and beliefs have a huge impact. Some people are ashamed to be rich. Others say it’s too troublesome, so they don’t even try to do something to increase income.

If there is a desire to become wealthy, but at a subconscious level there is a feeling of fear, then attracting monetary luck will fail. In all endeavors aimed at increasing income, internal blocks will interfere.

To attract good luck and money, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Even people who trained as economists quite often cannot create a stable financial flow, although they have a sober view of these things.

Attract good luck and wealth will succeed only for those who correctly manage their energy flows. These people can make good profits from any type of activity.

Scientists conducted an experiment, thanks to which they were able to identify the characteristic differences between successful and unsuccessful individuals. Successful people are always confident in the correctness of their actions. The unsuccessful were always in suspense. They also had even the smallest cause for concern. The thoughts of the losers were fully occupied, because of which they could not notice the chance presented by fate.

Attitude to money

To attract money need to completely change the minds of wealthy people. Envy must be replaced by respect.

To attract wealth, one should stop thinking like a poor man. Of course, this does not mean that you need to spend the entire monthly salary at one point.

There are several recommendations thanks to which you can raise money:

  1. You need to stop complaining to other people about the lack of funds. So the problem of insolvency is also voiced in conversations, and not only revolves in the head. This should not be discussed, but ways to generate additional income.
  2. Money must be respected. You can not speak scornfully even about small amounts.
  3. The opinion of the rich should be changed. Quite often, the phrase slips that success can only be deceived. Such statements doom an honest person to poverty. It must be remembered that the majority of wealthy people made a lot of efforts to achieve their status.
  4. You can buy a beautiful box for storing money. You should also regularly recalculate your savings so that the energy is updated.
  5. You need to wear funds only in a quality wallet, preferably red. It must not be allowed to be completely empty.
  6. Need to stop borrowing money. Borrowing funds should also be done carefully. In the evening you can not lend, as finances begin to flow.
  7. Money will always come back if it was sincerely given to those who need it. It is necessary to remember even the most insignificant charity. A couple of hundred rubles a month will not ruin anyone, but they can help, for example, a sick child.
  8. It is advisable not to give and receive money from hand to hand.This is how energy is exchanged with another person.
  9. Finance should be managed wisely. Most wealthy people plan their future acquisitions in advance.
  10. If there is a wealthy acquaintance, it is better to be close to him more often. You can get a lot of useful tips from him, as well as adopt a way of thinking. Do not talk a lot with those who constantly criticize someone.

No need to think that it’s just someone’s speculation. Many rich people live according to these attitudes.

Change internal settings

It is possible to attract wealth to yourself, but it is not enough just to want it. It is necessary to work a lot, first of all, on the psychological state. To gain and tie luck financially, you need to get rid of these settings:

  1. Fear of owning a large sum.
  2. Feelings of guilt over the money that has fallen.

If you can get rid of such thoughts, internal locks and established stereotypes, then the opportunity will open to receive streams of financial energy. It will turn out to choose the most successful idea from the set, which will earn and reach the goal. The final result will exceed all expectations.

Of course, the rules look simple, but only a few become rich people. Therefore, it is necessary to work daily on the purification of thoughts from destructive attitudes. The best and easiest solution will be a regular visit to a psychologist. Replacing sad thoughts occurs gradually.

Popular ways to attract finance

Many are looking for ways to bring luck in money. Some methods are time consuming, and with the help of others you can achieve what you want fairly quickly, for example, using a talisman. The main thing is to believe in his energy.

There are two main ways to attract finance:

  1. Communication with successful people.
  2. The implementation of the "golden" rule of money.

The first method is based on the fact that the status of a person is highly dependent on his environment. If you communicate with losers, then a large amount will not work to earn. Their opinion will affect the subconscious, and this will reduce the desire to escape from poverty and give only the wrong attitude.

Even one successful acquaintance is enough to change the way of thinking. He can tell what exactly needs to be done to achieve wealth. Also, this person will unconsciously influence the newcomer.

Be sure to communicate with wealthy people to become like them. Successful businessmen will be able to help in opening a business, if it will be useful for themselves.

The golden rule of money should also be mentioned. It says that you need to dream about financial benefits, travel, and things that you have long wanted to purchase, but lacked funds.

During meditation, you need to try to experience the joy that would be in the fulfillment of these desires. If it is absent, then it is necessary to try to get rid of blocks and fears.

Some people hang a poster with a picture of a bundle of money. Others even dedicate praising poems to them. The choice should be made based on your own preferences.

Feng Shui Technique

During the arrangement of home or office interiors, eastern peoples (mainly Chinese) try to arrange all objects according to Feng Shui teachings. Ancient wisdom is very similar to many modern ways of how to attract money and luck in a home. For example, cleanliness of the house, throwing away old clothes and unnecessary things - these rules are familiar to everyone.

But there are certain differences that are mainly based on religion and completely different traditions. Due to the warm climate, the eastern peoples had to honor the water and appreciate every drop. Even now, when many settlements have running water, an aquarium or a fountain is considered a good talisman that will bring harmony to the house. In order for the aquarium to make money, you need to run a certain amount of goldfish into it.

Also in the teachings of Feng Shui refers ripe fruits to the attribute of wealth. In eastern countries, there were always problems with sanitary conditions, and fresh fruits filled the whole house with a pleasant smell.

Money Tree and the Use of Talismans

A beautiful tree helps attract money and good luck with its lush leaves. This is a very old belief that claims that such a flower is able to bring wealth, prosperity and abundance to the house. To maximize its effectiveness, you need to put a few coins on the bottom of the pot. Most people know about the money tree, so when they see a lush and large plant from a friend, they ask them to give a sprout to attract financial flow into their lives.

Various talismans and amulets are also often made. Ancient letters are applied to them, which quite help even now.

Previously, Europeans wore a round pendant in the form of a coin on which the pictogram was engraved. The shape of this object and pattern has never changed. During manufacturing, it was necessary to observe many rules, for example, the arrangement of candles and the choice of the right time.

According to Feng Shui, you need to tie 3 coins with holes with a red thread. Such a talisman should be kept with you, but away from prying eyes.

To attract money, the Chinese put gilded plates in the wallet or purse with the image of the animal that is the patron of a particular person (by year of birth). These plates are necessarily hidden in a red case.

Also among the popular talismans, one can distinguish a frog that holds a coin in its mouth. In general, absolutely any item can be made an amulet, if you believe in its strength.


There are signs that people have believed in for centuries. Many are sure that they really work, so you should take these beliefs seriously and try not to violate them. The most common are:

  1. If the apartment has indoor flowers, then you need to await their flowering. It is during this period that a high probability of an active addition of money appears.
  2. When the left palm suddenly combed, you can expect a gain in finance. In order not to scare away luck, you need to rub your hand in your pocket and invoke prosperity.
  3. A great sign is to find a horseshoe. She will need to be taken home and fixed above the entrance.
  4. If a butterfly flew into the house, it should not be killed. She is a symbol of sudden wealth.
  5. Windows and mirrors must always be kept clean. This is because money loves cleanliness.
  6. When moving to a new apartment, you first need to drop a coin in your home.
  7. You cannot store empty wallets.
  8. Money won in the lottery should be spent right away because it attracts poverty.
  9. It is advisable not to stand on the threshold during the arrival of guests, as this destroys cash flow.
  10. You always need to help your relatives and friends with the move. To bring other people's things to their own well-being.

If these beliefs did not work, then no one would remember about them for a long time. The rules are pretty easy to follow, and most importantly, they bring it closer to success.

A person can become rich only if he constantly works on himself and his goals. You should at least try to slightly change life principles and habits, and then you will notice how amazing things begin to happen. One must always believe in success, since this is the main secret of wealth.

Feng Shui

Eastern teachings appeared more than 3,000 years ago. During this time, a huge amount of knowledge was obtained on how to make your home and yourself a magnet for money.

Wear appropriate clothing. For example, you can wear something for an important business meeting blackto stay focused. Small reds accents in the image will help to attract good luck in any business.

Financial success can be achieved with a single color - you need to choose the right shades for the situation. Blue color helps people with intellectual professions. It goes well with black. Physical work of any type will be more effective if you wear something green and dilute it with white. Work with clients help white and yellow colors.

At home or in the workplace, Feng Shui recommends holding appropriate magnets for money. Help you bring good luck to your life hotey, three-legged toad, phoenix, dragon, tiger. At home in the hallway, it’s useful to put some coins near the mirror.

By the way about in the mirror. In order for financial flows to circulate as actively as possible, giving you good luck, you need to hang a mirror on the wall to the left or right of the door, but not opposite it.


Plants are mascots for the home. They are attached to the room. Naturally worth noting Money Treewhich is necessary for every person who dreams of wealth and prosperity. The plant is also called fatty. It can also be placed in the office.

Geranium - The second important plant. It helps to attract good luck in business to everyone who is engaged in creative activities. Geranium makes the impossible possible. Observations indicate that if a person wants something very much, he will definitely get it.

Fern. This plant will protect you from mistakes. It is best to keep it in the house for those who do business there, work. If you work more in the office, it is better to put a fern there. It will help maintain harmony between colleagues, subordinates and superiors.

In addition to plants, it is worth noting useful minerals and metals. Each person has different talismans and precious jewelry. It all depends on his priorities, as well as on the work sphere:

  • creative people more suitable aventurine in conjunction with in gold or platinum
  • those who need a lot of energy and patience will do citrine, jasper, pearl or moonstone in conjunction with silver jewelry,
  • physical work will proceed well if available turquoise, carnelian and gold jewelry.

If there are a lot of enemies and ill-wishers at work or in business, protection from energy vampires is needed, then experts advise using silver jewelry and stones such as diamond, rhinestone, obsidian.

Universal assistants:

  • amethyst, with a calming effect
  • Tiger's Eyesharpening intuition, helping to make decisions in difficult situations,
  • opal, driving away enemies and giving luck in money.

Approach the choice of mascots as pretentious as possible. If stones that do not combine with any metals or with each other.

Money and good luck ritual

Each New Moon can be a ritual with water and three coins. On New Moon Day, you will need a candle, coins, a glass of clean drinking water from a natural source.

Light a candle at midnight and read the plot: “The New Moon is getting back, so let my love for money grow stronger”. After that, take the coins with tweezers and hold each for 10-15 seconds over the fire, then put them in water. Each time, repeat: "I conjure with water and fire, from the Moon I accept money and good luck."

When all three coins are in the water, you will need to put a glass near the bed. In the morning you need to get up and get these three coins, put them in your wallet. You need to mark them somehow so as not to accidentally spend them. Until the next New Moon, these will be your lucky charms.

Do not forget to follow the signs of the Universe, warning about the imminent profit. If you do everything right, then luck will soon become your constant companion. Think more about success and how it works out. Good luck and don’t forget to click on the buttons and

The opinion of scientists about why some people are richer and more successful than others

In psychology, there is a whole area that studies the issue of attracting good luck and money. The people who came to the trainings are first of all taught a positive outlook on life, composure and self-confidence.

A prerequisite for a quick turnaround of the situation for the better is a change in mental images. Imagining yourself in need of money or having lost your job, it is very easy to drag these fears into reality. One should think about the success of any undertaking and imagine what happiness he will bring. Otherwise, why take on a new business?

Psychologists ask about the attitude to material wealth in the family of a person who wants to get rich. If relatives consider them evil and by all means avoid wealth, then they will have to free themselves from wrong beliefs.

Communication with successful people

The status of a person largely depends on his environment. Communicating with embittered losers or people who are indifferent to material wealth, you will not earn much. Their point of view will bring wrong attitudes and reduce the desire to break out of a series of failures and poverty.

Even one successful entrepreneur, who appeared on the horizon, will bring great benefits. He thinks sensibly and is able to suggest what steps need to be taken on the path to wealth. In addition, he is surrounded by an aura of money, which will partially affect the beginner.

Seeking the society of wealthy people correctly and necessarily if you want to become the same as they are. Successful people will open up many opportunities when looking for work or help with opening a business useful to their own business.

The Golden Rule of Money

Money comes to those who love it. The “golden” rule suggests starting to dream about finances and imagine traveling to exotic countries or buying beautiful things that will become available thanks to them.

Some compose poems about money, praising them in every way. Someone positively affected by standing on the table with a bundle of notes. The choice should be made based on the characteristics and preferences of a person.

Popular Wealth Prayers

Prayers are a consistent set of words, formed over the centuries and tested by representatives of many generations. An appeal to the higher powers for help has been accepted since time immemorial. However, one should not rely only on prayers.

Success will come to a person who has expelled laziness and despondency and has actively taken up the search for ways to accumulate capital. Hope for the support of higher powers will give confidence in the correctness and effectiveness of actions.

In Russia, it is customary to ask Nikolai the Miracle Worker and Matron of Moscow for prosperity and well-being. Both saints never refused the afflicted and helped to correct the shaky affairs.

The famous prayer to St. Nicholas is as follows: “Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, I pray you for help. Please be strict to me, but fair. Send me prosperity and abundance according to my faith and save me from mistakes. Give me the wisdom to manage my money wisely, and attract the opportunities that give me financial freedom. I trust in you, for you are helping everyone who asks. Thy name be glorified forever and ever. Amen".

Another prayer addressed to the guardian angel will help to achieve success in any business, and not just related to finances: “I urge my guardian angel to touch my fate, to direct my paths into the channel of prosperity and good luck. When my guardian angel hears me, by a blessed miracle my life will take on a new meaning, and I will find success in today's business, and there will be no obstacles for me in future affairs, for the hand of my guardian angel guides me. Amen".

Rites, conspiracies for good fortune and wealth

A business that promises an influx of finance should begin with a rising moon. There is an ancient rite also associated with it. After taking out the largest bill from the wallet, you need to lift it up and, showing the sickle of the month, say: "As you grow, let my money grow too."

It is useful to recount money more often and never leave your wallet empty. When shopping, it is worth leaving at least one coin in it. Folding banknotes into the wallet, you should carefully straighten them and place them in seniority, “facing” you. Money appreciates respect and will not fail to please its loyal fan.

According to the clairvoyant Vanga, a strong conspiracy for abundance and good luck was recorded. It is made on brown bread, on an empty stomach. Having broken off a piece from the loaf and waiting for the night, you need to retire in the room and say the following: “God, as you fed during the life of all the hungry and needy, so help you and all members of my family so that they always feel full. Draw good luck to me, and take grief. Let the long road of happiness, satiety and joy come to my house and never end. I solemnly promise to spend every penny wisely and help everyone who needs it. Amen".

How to attract money and good luck to the house: TOP - 4 conspiracies to attract money

A conspiracy is a powerful method of energy exposure, known since ancient times. It is scientifically proven that words spoken aloud can cause certain physical conditions and affect events that occur. Therefore, reading magic spells, conspiracies and formulas is not in vain considered an effective way to lure money, abundance and prosperity.

Thursday's Salt for Wealth

It is customary to procure quartered salt on Pure (Holy, Great) Thursday. It is believed that this salt has special properties, carries a strong energy and magical charge. A conspiracy of good fortune and wealth can be pronounced on ordinary salt, but with Thursday its strength will only increase.

Instruction! Pour three tablespoons of charged salt into a small bag, tie, put in a purse with money. Then pronounce the words of the conspiracy 7 times: "The affair (your name) will begin, the affair (your name) will converge, my business will grow in money, let them, this money, do not end, a key, a lock."

New Moon Wellbeing Conspiracy

Conspiracies to attract financial luck to the new moon can be read both in the first hours when the moon is not yet visible in the sky, and looking at the growing moon in the first 1-2 days after the onset of a new cycle.

Instruction! Take 12 kopecks (coins) and put them in your right palm. Turning to the young month, repeat the words of the conspiracy 7 times: “Let the money multiply and I (your name) fall into my hands, now, forever and forever, amen!”

Growing Money Tree

A beautiful tree with juicy fleshy leaves helps to attract money and good luck in the life of its owner. It seems to reflect thoughts of well-being, accelerating growth and increasing the size of leaves. It has long been believed that this flower brings abundance to the house. It is possible to strengthen his abilities by putting a couple of coins on the bottom of the pot where he grows.

Many people know about the specifics of the plant, and when they see a tree with a lush crown and large leaves in their friend’s apartment, they will probably want to take a shoot for themselves to improve their “cash flow”.

An odd-day affluence conspiracy

Instruction! On any odd day at night, on the growing moon, say a golden coin or a large bill, the following words: “Night, give me wealth (your name), as much as fish in water. "Night, grow, moon grow, and bring wealth!"

The plot must be pronounced 3 times, and then hide the uttered object in the eastern side of the house. After 12 days, get the money and spend it to start the cash flow.

Lottery conspiracy and big win

Ask anyone how to quickly draw wealth, and you will be advised to buy a lottery ticket. But is it possible to influence your luck in the draw? The answer is yes.

Psychic tip: Before you read the plot for a lottery ticket, get rid of negative thoughts, release the discomfort, and focus on your desire.Imagine how the combination you need develops: you receive congratulations, hold cash in your hands or see the amount on the card.

Instruction! Take a lottery ticket and say the following words on Thursday or Sunday: “The numbers came together to win, and happiness came to me, brought prosperity, so be it!”

The use of amulets

Another answer to the question of how to attract money and luck to yourself is the manufacture and wearing of amulets and talismans. Ancient letters and signs worshiped by our ancestors will help now.

Europeans wore a round pendant around their neck, depicting a coin with a pictogram drawn inside. Its shape has remained unchanged for centuries, and the manufacture of the amulet at home was accompanied by a number of rules, such as the order of placing candles on a table and choosing the time of day.

Feng Shui advises to tie three coins with holes in the center with a red thread and put them away in a purse, away from the eyes of others. The Chinese prefer to deposit gold-plated records with an engraved symbol of the animal-patron from the eastern calendar according to the year of birth of the person in the wallet. The record is necessarily hidden in a scarlet case.

Among the talismans, one can note a frog with a coin in his mouth and a cat waving with his right paw. They also relate to the teachings of feng shui. In principle, any item can become a talisman, if you believe in its magical power.

How to attract good luck and money to yourself - national signs

Belief in signs is associated with the ability to observe and notice the most unobvious connections. If you are used to paying attention to the signs of the Universe, know: attention is selective.

If you tune in to positive, then luck will certainly not keep you waiting, and there will always be more good signs. And following the advice below, you can attract good luck and material well-being in the way our ancestors did.

Money Mantras

Mantras are associated with Buddhism, preaching peace and a friendly attitude towards others. Followers of the doctrine believe in the immense power of the universe and offer it to her to inform about their desires and aspirations.

The most common mantra that changes the flow of energy flows within a person: Om lakshmi viganshri kamala dhayrigan matchmaker.

Signs for money

Different nations have different ones. The Chinese are afraid of the number “4”, as its sound resembles the word “death”. What well-being is possible in an apartment or house with this number? Hoping for superstition, in China they refuse this figure even in the numbering of the floors of the building.

In Russia, popular signs prohibit brushing off crumbs from the table and transferring money over the threshold. A bad sign is a black cat caught in the way or a crooked person, especially if a big deal is planned. This sign makes it clear that things will not go smoothly and the intended profit is unlikely to be received.

Good signs include a coin found on the road, lying upside down with an “eagle”. To increase income, put a silver coin under the threshold of the house, and put a trifle in the corners of the rooms.

How to save money with accept

Briefly dwell on what actions in everyday life can affect your wealth. Popular wisdom says: to save your money, you need to carefully store it and treat them with respect.

Here are some tips on what you should and should not do in everyday life so that the money does not “leak”.

  • Do not hand over moneyto avoid the negative effects of energy exchange.
  • Do not lend money to friends and try not to borrow money yourself: it “clogs” the energy channels, interfering with the circulation of positive, monetary energy.
  • Do not spread about your income and remember that money loves silence.
  • Money loves order. Identify a place to store your money. Piggy bank - for small coins, a wallet - for current expenses, a secluded place - for large amounts.
  • Store all wallets and leave at least one coin in them.
  • Money love account. Regularly recount your money, the more accurate, the better.

Tip: try yourself to observe how the money behaves, and bring out for yourself your own signs.

“Once as a child, I heard from my grandmother that money came to her on Thursdays. I remembered and also began to observe: on what days do money come to me? Tuesday is such a day for me. In gratitude on this day, I also pay more attention to money: I put things in order, lay out banknotes, watch films about the rich and successful, and perform simple rituals. ”

Expert Advice

Currently, many trainings are being conducted abroad and in Russia, giving advice on how to attract money into your life. However, no matter how professional the teachers would be, the main role in the process is played by the desire of the person himself to transform and become successful.

You need to be prepared for change and have the courage to remember the saying that it is this quality of the “city that takes”.

How to attract wealth and fortune with the power of thought

The most powerful help on the way to a happy life is our installation. Until now, no one knows how consciousness affects reality. But a lot has been said about the close relationship between the way we think and what is happening to us.

Are you going to attract money and luck? Esotericism and the psychology of wealth will help you, or rather, those methods and examples that the whole world is talking about. I will focus on the most effective ones that work absolutely everywhere: in the family, in business, in trade, in work.

Millionaire’s mindset is all or nothing

Why did millionaires once become millionaires? The fact is that material well-being is always attracted to related energy. In most cases, the rich and successful have a lot of money, because they themselves emit a special state associated with confidence and an active intention to do something.

The millionaire’s mindset is always positive and active thinking. But passive expectation, anger, envy, condemnation, shifting responsibility and the eternal search for the guilty are signs of a person mentally programmed for poverty.

The main problem is the so-called “blocks”: negative associations, inability to desire, fear of failure. To overcome these difficulties, you will have to work hard on your own worldview.

To become a "millionaire", you first need to feel yourself: start to enjoy money, from communication with wealthy and wealthy people, allow yourself to desire more and better, be able to turn desire into intention, not be afraid to act.

Special techniques can help here, which I will discuss below.

Affirmation - customizing the mind

Speak different positive formulas aloud as often as possible. Gradually, your attitude will begin to change, and the subconscious mind will accept and absorb the meaning of repeating formulas.

Important rule: speak only in the present tense, and always in unchanged wording.

Examples of affirmations for money and luck: “I am a rich and successful person.” “I am attracting money.” “I am happy, good luck accompanies me.” “My business is profitable.”


It is believed that the purpose of life is to achieve the goals that help a person to develop and find their place in the world. To achieve prosperity and well-being for yourself and your loved ones is a worthy task that requires energy and concentration, but the respect of others and high status in society are worth it.

Visualization - attracting events

Mentally “scroll”, imagine in detail the desired state or event as if it is already being experienced by you. This technique allows you to more accurately determine what you want, analyze your emotions and feelings.

From mental contact with the desired you will experience happiness and pleasureand a positive “signal” will be sent to the Universe that you are ready to receive it!

Example. If you really want to buy an apartment for yourself, try to imagine that you are already standing on the threshold and hold a bunch of keys in your hands. Imagine as much as possible what you will see when you go inside: the number of rooms, which side the windows face, layout, decoration. You may see colors, lighting and furnishings.

Focus on your feelings: impatience, joy, delight, a desire to touch the leather upholstery of a chair or open a window overlooking the avenue? Relive your sensations again and again, visualizing what you want as regularly as you can.

Meditation - Money Angel

Spiritual practices in general help to get rid of the negative factors that have strengthened in our minds, cleanse the aura and strengthen energy. Meditation is another way to open a money channel, because it is it that makes thinking flexible, expands the horizons of perception, eliminates blocks and mental patterns.

The essence of meditation is maximum concentration on a particular state of consciousness. This exercise is not obtained immediately and requires regular practice! Before you try this technique, make sure that you will not be disturbed.

1. Stage of preparation.

Create a relaxing atmosphere around you: dim lights, quiet, monotonous music, essential oils or aroma oils, candles. Take a comfortable position, relax and try to clear your mind of thoughts. Focus on your breath, concentrating on each inhale and exhale, not allowing thoughts to intervene in this process.

2. The stage of meditation.

You can choose any of the meditations you know and start doing the exercise. I suggest you try the Money Angel meditation, known from one of the books of the Doctor of Science and the eminent theosophist Robert Stone. It is suitable for the most critical cases when you need to go through a black line or urgently need a certain amount of money.

Exercise! Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Now you have to meet your own higher self. Invite him to enter your room, hug and say: "I love you." Then ask the Higher Self to call your Guardian Angel into this room.

Wait for it to appear and say: "thanks for the help in the past." Contact your Angel and tell him why you need money so urgently and how much. May the angel listen to you. Then thank them both again, and with your eyes open, return to reality.

Basic rules for raising money

If you want to be a rich and successful person, then first change your mindset. This applies to some statements, theories and conjectures that exist in your head.

People who live from paycheck to paycheck often think that making money is possible only in blood and sweat. Such a theory is fundamentally wrong and negative. It is our thoughts and stereotypes that make life what we see it. Rich personalities have a completely different vision of life and attitude to finance.

How to relate to money?

You need to radically change your mind about money and people who earn a lot. Change your envy to respect and approval. Stop thinking like a poor and needy person. This does not mean that you need to spend your salary on the first day, because even businessmen or bankers do not do that.

You need to convince yourself that you are worthy of big capital. You have all the opportunities and talent. If this is not now, then this does not mean that a miracle cannot happen a little later.

There are also several rules that help raise money:

  1. Stop talking about lack of funds with others. You constantly twist not only in your head, but also in conversations the problem of your insolvency. Discuss with others not this, but the possibility of increasing earnings. So you awaken motivation, and others will be able to throw good advice.
  2. Respect money and take it seriously. For example, you do not need to use phrases-parasites: “Not money, but a penny or small things”, “there is always no money”, “is it really money” etc. Thus, you express neglect, and after all, any coin carries energy in itself. Appreciate any amount and never throw away even 5 or 10 cents.
  3. Change your mind about wealthy people. Very often the phrase slips that one can earn only by theft or cheating. It turns out that if you are an honest person, then you can’t come to this state in any way. Understand that many people have put in a lot of effort to achieve what they have now.
  4. Buy a beautiful box for storing money at home, because bills like to be appreciated. Also do not forget to recount your savings. Money needs an account, because with immunity energy stagnates.
  5. Be sure to carry your funds in a quality and proper wallet. It should be made of genuine suede or red leather. By the way, bills cannot be wrinkled and stored in the same compartment with small things. Also, do not allow the wallet to be completely empty. It should always have at least a little money.
  6. Unlearn the habit of borrowing money. This is a cycle that makes you obligated to someone on a regular basis. By the way, borrowing finance also needs to be done carefully. You should not give or count bills in the evening, because then the money will flow away from you.
  7. Money always comes back to you if you sincerely give it to the needy.. Do not forget about charity and helping relatives if something happens to them. Even if you still earn a little, then 100 rubles sent a couple of times a month to a sick child will not ruin you.
  8. Try not to give or take money from hand to hand. It is believed that in this way there is an exchange of financial energy with another person. Of course, if the interlocutor is provided, then you will not be in danger. By the way, it is best to take with your left hand, and give it with your right.
  9. Do not pick up money on the street, because it is not for nothing that they say that you will lose twice as much. Perhaps this rule has been tested by many people. In addition, there is a belief that often sorcerers throw out coins that whisper troubles and bad luck on them. This may not be true, but it’s better not to check.
  10. Manage your money wisely. Many wealthy people do not lose money for anything, but plan their purchases in advance. If they acted differently, there would be no accumulation.
  11. Act like you already have everything. Of course, one does not need to go to extremes. You need to create an atmosphere of abundance around you. To do this, you need to buy good and quality things, eat the same food. Please note that in most cases this will take as much money as usual. Here the bottom line is that you will not spend a certain amount on a large number of cheap and useless things, but you will only take what you need.
  12. If there is a rich person in your environment, then try to stay close to him.. He can become your mentor or inspirer. His behavior and lifestyle will motivate you to grow. You also need to analyze your surroundings and understand who is pulling you down. Try to communicate less with people who constantly whine or criticize others.

You probably noticed that there are people who are ashamed to be rich or they are afraid of it. They do this unconsciously, but under a pile of established stereotypes or concepts inspired by someone. If you think this way, then the financial situation will definitely not change.

Do not think that all these rules are someone’s speculation or joke. If you ask wealthy people about these settings, they will confirm that they themselves live that way.

Where to begin?

Of course, it is necessary to start with changing the settings. Doing it is worth it gradually, because the usual life will not change in an instant.

You need to radically change your lifestyle and talk about it with loved ones. Just do not expect that you will immediately be supported and praised for such behavior. Someone simply does not know how to rejoice for others, and someone is mired in negative stereotypes about wealth.

You must accept that this is only your path and no one else. If you think about what others are saying about you, it will only be distracting. You must be alone in your goal so that no one can bring down your desire.

As for the earnings, your skills are very important here. You need a realistic look at your talents and highlight the strengths. You may already have some idea, but are afraid to implement it. Just make out all the pros and cons and draw conclusions.

If you want to earn a lot of money, then some magical or psychological practices will not be enough. Concrete actions and investments are needed. Moreover, you need to invest in yourself, since self-education is the main key to achieving goals.

Go to trainings on a topic of interest, and if there is an opportunity to study at a higher educational institution, then use it. Only skills and knowledge will be able to promote you among a huge number of competitors for making money. By the way, the courses themselves are often at a discount or completely free. Keep track of such promotions, because this will give you the opportunity to save money and go for something else.

Become financially educated, because it is also important. In addition to business training, it is necessary to complete a practice specifically in finance. You must understand the various secrets and techniques that people with good income own.

Pay attention to the professions in demand and to remote work. Many without experience have advanced in such a matter, since they believed in themselves and did not give up. Always look for new ways, be interested, be curious and then luck will turn to you.

Raking spoon - raking in money for ourselves

This spoon has long been a symbol of abundance and "well-fed life." Often it is made of precious metals - this only enhances its magical properties.

The zagrebushka as a talisman acts immediately after carrying out a simple ritual over it.

Ritual! Dip it in salt water at night, and in the morning wash in running water. Then speak a spoon and place it in the compartment of the wallet with large bills.

Conspiracy words on a zagryagok: “All obstacles to happiness - I drive away, wealth and good fortune with a grave - I rake in!”

Wallet Mouse - Money Talisman + Amulet

The money mouse is a legendary talisman with a very interesting story. The mouse is a symbol of the city of Myshkin, from where its fame went. A small stone or metal mouse figurine is placed in a wallet to attract money and protect the owner from unnecessary expenses and financial failures.

Activation! In order for the mouse to act as a talisman and amulet, speak up to it: “The mouse has sat in the wallet, the money is with it!”

Money Funnel - Controlling Energy Flow

Money funnel called magic rites and rituals, charms, talismans and amulets. They are named so because of principle of action: the funnel regulates the flow of heavenly and earthly energies, so luck and money themselves find their way to you.

The mascot "money funnel" can be made of precious wood, natural stone. The applied runic signs charge him with magic power. As a rule, amulets are sold uncharged, so the money funnel also needs to be charged.

Important! If runes are present on the amulet, one must turn directly to runic magic. Recommendations for activating the amulet should be requested from the manufacturer of the product.

How to attract luck and money yourself - practice

There are many psychological practices that help change thinking. Thanks to them, the Universe begins to see and hear your specific desires.Still, thoughts are material, and you yourself probably know about it.

If you want to be rich, you need to not only behave like a wealthy person, but also think the same way. To do this, you often need to imagine your dreams as reality. That is, sometimes behave as if you already have everything. This is done in order to “deceive” the Universe, because it has no present or future tense.

More precisely, there is future time, but it is blurry and has no time frame. That is why desires formulated as something far away often come true when it is no longer relevant.

How to attract luck and money yourself? Affirmations are one of the most effective practices that quickly shows results. In addition, this ritual does not require much time or any investment. You just need to pronounce certain phrases, given some nuances.

Remember that there should be no negation in affirmations, because for the Universe there is no “not” particle. That is, it’s better not to say “I do not want to be poor", a "I want to be rich“And better yet use the present.

You can pronounce such phrases whenever you want, but the main rule is faith. At the time of repetition, you should be as focused and as sure as possible that you already have what you want to have. If there is no necessary mood, then practice will not give anything.

The most effective affirmations for raising money are:

“I live in wealth and abundance”

“My wishes come true every day”

“I can afford everything I want”

“My financial situation is stable”

“I deserve to be a wealthy person”

By the way, you can also come up with affirmation, but it must be correct and specific. Do not build difficult sentences, because brevity here will be more effective.

It is best to start the day with this practice. After it, you will notice a surge of strength and motivation. Perhaps this is the most effective way that will require a minimum of effort.

How to raise money at home

There are many ways that do not require investment and a lot of effort. They can be easily carried out at home. It is worth noting that these practices are very effective.

To do this, you need a large sheet of paper, a pen and an envelope. This practice needs to be done when you are as inspired as possible. Take your time and don’t rush anywhere.

You must write, but only "you are from the future." That is, you must imagine that you have moved 5-10 years in time and can send a note with a story for yourself from the past. There you need to describe as much as possible what you have and how you live. Of course, the story must be positive.

You can start like this:

"Hello, (name)." This is me, (name) from the future. I want to reassure you, because in just a few years your life will radically change for the better. You are rich, you are very rich and successful. You have everything you dream about .. "

You need to come up with the text yourself, as this is your story. Remember to mention sentences in the present tense, because this is written by a person who has everything.

It is also very important to inspire something like this:

“I beg you, do not give up and believe in yourself. You can do everything, and I see it, but you need to work a little. Your ideas are beautiful, believe me, they are very promising. You need to act, because everything turns out the way you want ... "

You can imagine yourself in the future and dream up on the subject of appearance, surrounding things. Imagine that you smell of the most expensive perfumes, and the clothes are branded and exclusive. Think that it was not easy for you to receive a letter in the mail, and this ideal person himself gave it to you and only recently disappeared.

Imagine as much as possible the image and its pacified face, voice. Most likely, you will experience a very pleasant and interesting sensation. This practice will help you become the person you dream of being.

The letter itself can be packed in an envelope and hidden by reading at least a week or a month later so that the text is received freshly. You can even send it by mail to make the practice as realistic as possible. In this case, it is important to believe, because sincere desires necessarily come true.

  • Wish Card

This is another way that is easy to perform at home. It is also based on the psychology and materialization of thoughts. For it you will need a large sheet, several magazines or newspapers with colorful illustrations, scissors and glue.

Many celebrities have already said that the wish card really works. Sometimes pictures coincide with life situations or gifts. That is, you can forget that you cut out a specific model of your favorite brand of car, and after a while you buy it. Or find yourself near the very attraction that is on the collage. Of course, these are the most commonplace examples, but there are more surprising coincidences.

Remember that the wealth zone should be in the upper left. It is to this place that you need to stick various machines, diamonds, branded items, banknotes. The main thing is that no gaps should be allowed. Glue the images, layering on top of each other.

In order for the collage to be complete, you need to make the remaining zones. Take a look at this table:

Your photo

Wealth, money, cars, jewelryGlory, success, achievement, recognitionLove, relationship, marriage
Family, Health, Friends, Home Children, creativity, hobbies
Knowledge, education, self-realizationCareer, position, professionTravel, helpers, idols

After you have compiled a map, you need to choose a place where to hang it. Choose the room in the house where you are most often located. The fact is that you need to look at the collage every day, because you should see what you already have. After some time, you will notice how dreams begin to come true.

Patchouli oil to enhance the effect

Well-being and prosperity are able to attract certain smells, so various essential oils are often used in money magic. Patchouli - an invariable attribute of magic rituals - is a powerful bait for money.

Using! You can use patchouli oil to attract money and good luck. different ways. A few drops will help strengthen the effect of the money amulet. Meditation with an aroma lamp or candles with the addition of aromatic oil is very helpful.

Money Raising Exercises

Often money does not come to us due to the fact that there are some old habits or past attitudes. If these barriers also bother you, then try a few exercises:

  • Exercise 1:Fighting Fear

You need to transform your fear into abundance. Remember everything that you lost because of your own fear. As soon as he comes again, imagine that this is not fear, but inspiration, but in a form unknown to you. You definitely need to find a positive side in the collapse that you are so afraid of. Think in advance what you will do if something goes wrong. However, it is important not to focus on these thoughts in order not to materialize them.

  • Exercise 2: The fight against shame

If none of your loved ones has ever succeeded and your family earned a dime by hard work, then the shame of being rich may be present. First of all, you must understand that you owe nothing to anyone and your life is a unique way. Promise yourself that having achieved success, first of all help your relatives. You can even tell them that their motivation is even stronger. If you are embarrassed to get rich for yourself, then decide that you are doing it for others.

  • Exercise 3: Accumulations

If you are used to letting the money appear in the first days, then you won’t get rich at such a pace. You can change the ending only by getting rid of old habits. To do this, open a bank savings account where you cannot withdraw money for at least six months.After each salary, save at least 30% there. You can also transfer saved money. For example, in a store there is a random sale or you bought a lot of products on the stock. After one savings, nothing significant will happen, and after a series of such operations, the amount will become much more serious.

Transferring money to foreign currency is another way to save. Dollars or euros need to be changed and you will not do it at the first whim. In addition, the money will come in handy for the desired trip or for those who plan to attend a training or make investments in another country.

Bay leaf in wallet - a popular mascot for money

Turn a lavrushka into a real money talisman that can be worn in a wallet. Pick up a beautiful, even bay leaf and conduct a simple activation ceremony.

Activation! Process the leaf with patchouli essential oil (a couple of drops are enough), wrap it in a natural fabric of green color and dress it with a red thread. Leave the talisman to “charge” on the window at night. In the morning, untie, and burn the thread and fabric, and put the sheet in your wallet.

Red panties on the chandelier - money in the house

Do you know the expression "magic of everyday life"? This fun way to raise money is a prime example. It is borrowed from "humor" - the modern school of positive thinking.

Red color symbolizes strength and energy; among the people it often means wealth and prosperity. Underwear is a sacred attribute, and carries a strong charge of the owner’s personal energy. The chandelier is often located in the center of the room, which is very important for energy distribution.

Hanging red pants on the chandelier means waiting for the fulfillment of the most secret desires. So that the result is not long in coming, it is very important to do everything right.

Rite! Wash new red underpants with laundry soap to clean the energy of the item. Wear them for one day, then wash, dry, and begin the ritual again. Throw panties on the chandelier with your foot, while saying the words: "panties on the chandelier - money in the house." Remove them periodically and recharge them so that the energy does not disappear.

Green Candle - A Strong Money Spell

Green color symbolizes money, for a magical rite with a candle it is better to take a green candle. An ordinary stearin or paraffin candle is suitable, preference should be given to a thick one - these last longer.

On a growing moon, light a candle and focus your attention on the tongue of the flame. Then repeat the spell until you feel the power of what was said: “The power of this candle, harmonious and healing, becomes my strength. Cash flow flows into my life. I attract money like a magnet. I am open to money, I feel and perceive the power and energy of money. Around me is the light, it keeps me in all my endeavors. Let it be as I said, according to my word. ” Leave the candle to burn out.

Amulets and charms for attracting money

How to attract money into your life quickly? It's no secret that there are special talismans that help attract money with lightning speed. They can be bought or made by hand. You can have several amulets at once to enhance the effect.

Natural stones

  1. Pink SparThis mineral is very effective for those who are engaged in creative business. It helps not only increase income, but also increase intuitive instinct. This is especially good for those who are starting a new business or starting a business. Thanks to the help of the stone, you will be able to realistically evaluate your capabilities and realize further prospects.
  2. Nephritis.Those who carried this stone with them claimed that it helps to receive money in an unexpected way. This is especially felt when you are in dire need of money.Try wearing it in your wallet when there are salary delays at work or when a situation matures when you need to buy something urgently. In addition, jade is an assistant to increase energy and maintain health.
  3. Chrysolite.It is considered one of the most powerful magnets for money. If you are planning a big deal or a big money transfer, then put chrysolite in your pocket a few days before. Carry it with you and take it out only if you change clothes. By the way, this stone also protects from envious and ill-wishers.


  1. Bay leaf.Useful for those who often make rash purchases. The leaf helps fight this habit. In addition, it protects against damage and the evil eye. This is useful to those who have many envious or competitors around. It is best worn in a separate wallet pocket.
  2. Four-leaf clover.It is considered one of the most effective talismans that attract luck and success to its owner. Finding it is not so easy, so if you find it, then this is a very good sign. It needs to be dried and put in a neat bag. Carry on especially important days.
  3. Acorn.It is believed that this fetus attracts money with great speed. If you are in a crisis situation, then use this talisman. You just need to find it yourself, because the necessary attachment of you and this subject will appear. You can wear it anywhere, but some string an acorn like a pendant and walk like this for several days.


  1. Dog. You will need a pendant, figurine or even a photograph, but with two dogs. They will symbolize two energies. This will help you quickly get the money, but at the same time will save them.
  2. Boar.It is believed that with it you will receive as much money as you want to have. Do not be afraid to make the most daring goals with this talisman.
  3. Rats. This is not the most pleasant animal for any person, but if your animal does not cause disgust, then feel free to buy an amulet in the form of a rat.

Fancy Mascots

  1. Tambourine Ten. If your work or business is related to trade, then by all means store this card in your desktop or in your office cabinet. They say that it helps to increase sales.
  2. Flute made of bamboo.It is believed that this tool attracts money. You need to hang it in a conspicuous place, using a burgundy rope for this with large tassels at the ends. They recommend placing the flute in the southwestern part of the room.
  3. Oranges. Surprisingly, these fruits also improve the financial situation. They are a symbol of happiness and success. Just make sure that in the vase in your kitchen there are always ripe oranges.
  4. Violets. This flower is considered a very good talisman for the home. Even its petals look like coins. If you want it to work, then carefully care for this plant.

For wallet

  1. Pick-up spoon. You can buy it at any Feng Shui store. As for storage, you need to place it where the largest bills are. It is believed that it increases the amount of money that it touches.
  2. Sweet bill.To do this, you need to take a large bill, which is dear to you. It may contain the initials of your name or date of birth, your favorite numbers in the serial number, etc. It must be greased with honey and dried with a hairdryer, and then put in a separate purse pocket.
  3. Patchouli oil. They need to grease the edges of all the notes in the wallet. It is believed that they will attract several times more money. In addition, this aroma has a calming and relaxing effect.

Homemade Talismans

  1. Clew.To make this talisman you will need a large coin or bill, as well as a red thread of wool. It is necessary to completely wind up the money with this thread, so that outwardly a tangle turns out. You need to finish so that nothing is accidentally untied.The resulting amulet must be hung above the front door.
  2. Clay coin.To do this, buy red clay and dilute 1 teaspoon with three drops of water, 1/4 teaspoon of liquid honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Blind a coin from the mass and leave to dry on the balcony or at the window. After complete drying, you can remove the mascot to the coins in your wallet.
  3. Doll.You need to sew a small doll yourself and put some coins together with cotton or sintepon. Store best at home or in your office.
  4. The bag.To do this, you need to sew a bag of red cloth and put a bill in it. You can wear such an item on those days when you especially need money or a serious contract.
  5. Green thread.You need to take any strong green thread and ask someone to tie it on your wrist instead of a bracelet. It draws luxury and wealth into the lives of those who wear it without taking it off.
  6. Nut.Chop the walnut into two equal parts and put in a note with the desire or amount that you want to have. Then take the red ribbon and sew a bead to its end. Tape the two halves of the nut with a tape, pre-coating them with glue. Note that the bead should remain inside the contents, and the tape itself outside.


A mandala is a complex symmetrical geometric structure that communicates beauty, harmony and order. To attract money and luck with the help of a mandala, work with ready-made templates, or create a money mandala yourself.

Important! Working with a mandala is always meditative. Tune in, think about your well-being and avoid negative thoughts.

To attract money effective mandalas “Money well”, “Unlocking cash flow” or “Financial independence”. Use gold, red and green colors, symbolizing wealth and abundance.

Money Rituals

If you believe in magic and that rituals work, then be sure to try the rituals presented. They have been known for many centuries for attracting money to the owner the fastest. Consider the best:

  • Seven coins
    For this ritual you will need seven coins of any denomination. They need to be put in the right hand and clenched in a fist. Then you need to stretch it to the moon (always young) and open it. Thus, money is saturated with the magical energy of the month. It costs a few minutes to hold, and then the coins need to be removed under the pillow for three days. Then you need to buy a candle for one of the coins. It must be ignited, and next to spread out the remaining money. Note that the candle should burn completely. This ritual attracts not only money, but also good luck in your life.
  • Tea
    Buy a new pencil in advance and brew fresh tea with honey for a ritual in a transparent mug. Prepare a round piece of green paper in advance and place a cup on it. Then start stirring the water with a pencil, while thinking about the money coming and the emotions that the funds will bring to you. Stir for about a minute or a little more. Then take a green leaf and write on it: "Tea, money will be." After that, immediately drink your tea, and hide the note in your wallet. Throughout the year, it will be your magnet that attracts money.
  • Shell
    You will need a white shell and a new candle. If there is no such shell, then ask someone to bring it or try to find it near a lake or the sea, if you live nearby. As for the candle, you need to set it on fire, but specifically you only need wax. Before this, it is necessary to unfold the shell with the open side and put a silver coin there. Then inside you need to spill a few drops of patchouli oil. Only then can you light a candle and tilt it so that the wax drips onto the coin, thereby printing money to the shell. Do not forget to think about how money comes to you during the last stage. The mascot itself will need to be removed to where you work or sleep.
  • Apple
    For the ritual, you need to pick 20 apples and it is best to do this in your own garden. If you do not have a summer residence, then buy at the market, but not at the store, since there fruits go through many stages and touches of the wrong hands. Note that you can’t take change from a perfect purchase, so prepare money in advance of the required denomination. By the way, it is necessary to begin the ceremony in the first days of the new moon. Immediately after the purchase, you will need to give 14 apples to different strollers on the street. The next day, you need to distribute another 3 fruits. On the third day, you need to go to the temple and leave the last apples on the memorial table. After this, it is necessary to read any prayer for success, and if there is a desire, then defend the service.


Mantra is a special Sanskrit spell; reading mantras is a kind of spiritual practice. It has a powerful resonant effect on the mind, is a tool for transforming reality.

A powerful way to attract money is Mantra Ganesha Shanaram. Its meaning is in appealing to Ganesha, the god of wisdom and prosperity, with a request to send good luck and remove life's obstacles: “Vakratunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha Nirvighanam Kurumedeva Sarva Karishu Sarvada.”

The mantra can be listened to or read on your own. The music accompanying the text of the mantra should not interfere with concentration.


People often underestimate the numbers, considering them something insignificant. Who would think of looking at numbers on banknotes or bus tickets, and even more so, looking for any hints and tips in them? Do not rush to conclusions, better think about how deeply the numbers penetrated our lives.

Numerology, or the magic of numbers, will help to figure out with what power are you able to attract wealthwhat needs to be done to make financial matters better, and what figures contribute to the activation of cash flow.

To start calculate your financial code . To calculate it, follow the algorithm in the example below.

Suppose the date of your birth is 05/15/1975.

  • Roll up the birth number to a single digit by adding the numbers: 1 + 5 = 6.
  • Roll up the month of birth in the same way: 0 + 5 = 5.
  • Roll up the year of birth: 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 22, 2 + 2 = 4.
  • Add the previous numbers and collapse the result: 6 + 5 + 4 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6.
  • Write down the resulting 4 digits in a row: day, month, year, and the number of their sum: 6546.

These 4 digits will be be your personal luck code. Observe how this combination of numbers affects your life.

Now let's find out which numbers carry the energy of money. Money numbers in numerology: 3, 6, 8. The opposite effect is given by the numbers 1, 2 and 7. The remaining numbers can be called neutral (4 and 5), they do not attract wealth, but also do not mean loss or risk of losing money.

Analyze your financial code. In the example, the numbers 6546 symbolize luck in money matters.

Tip: if you urgently need money, use the magic of numbers and draw a magic square to attract money. Draw it on a banknote and carry it with you like a talisman.

Draw a square of 3x3 cells and start filling it with numbers, starting from the top row, from left to right. Take the same date of birth as in the example above.

6 digits of the day5 digit of the month4 digits of the year
7 Name Digit7 middle name5 digit surname
2 Zodiac number4 Oriental Calendar Number3 Digit Desire

First row enter the digits of your day, month and year of birth in a collapsed form.

Second row Filled in accordance with the alphanumeric correspondence table. Enter the collapsed numbers of each of the letters of your first name, middle name and last name.

Third row: the first number is determined by the zodiac sign (the number of the sign without collapsing), then the number of the sign according to the eastern calendar. The last digit is the code of your main desire, which is better expressed in one word. Collapse the numbers of each letter and put the ninth number.

Prayers and Psalms

You can influence the energy of money with words with a sacred, sacred meaning. Reading prayers and psalms is hardly suitable for every day, but this method gives an enhanced effect due to personal faith.

It doesn't matter much who or what you believe in. The main thing is to sincerely wish yourself and your loved ones success and prosperity.

For instance, hawaiian prayer hooponopono (in the translation “correct a mistake”) is compiled on the basis of the principles of conformity of thinking and reality, human responsibility for their actions. Prayer words are an appeal to money that expresses respect, love, gratitude, and a request for forgiveness.

Runes are an ancient alphabet used by the peoples of Northern Europe. Traditionally, the word "runes" is associated with magic, and this is no coincidence.

According to experienced magicians, the rune is not just a symbol. This is energy, power, law, something inaccessible to human perception.

Every rune has eigenvalue. For instance, Rune Fehu responsible for finances and is a symbol of material well-being.

Work with runic signs (tracing, activation) is best entrusted to a professional. Amulets and talismans with this rune contribute to the activation of cash flow.


Mudras are a collection of sacred gestures that affect a practitioner's physical and emotional state.

Certain positions of the hands and fingers folded in the mudra help in a variety of life situations. Wise to attract financial fortune will help to get out of the crisis and financial stagnation, will attract the energy of prosperity. Mudras can be performed daily, but for each of them it is better to adhere to separate recommendations.

Mudras to help establish financial affairs: “Beginning” - to overcome a difficult financial situation. "Balancing" - for a breakthrough in business. “Acceptance” - for the stability of financial flow, and others.

Signs and Symbols

I’ll tell you about another magic tool - these are secret signs and symbols, or sigils. Their writing is somewhat reminiscent of a seal, and usually contains several characters. Together, they denote the main intention, the main goal of the magician, the visual concentration of his desire.

The process of creating a sigil is very exciting. Write your desire in a specific wording and shorten it by deleting all duplicate letters. Rearrange the letters so that the magic formula - the basis of the sigil - becomes more harmonious. Then rearrange the letters in the visual formula.

Important! Work on the sigil consistently brings a person's intention to an unconscious level. Therefore, the traced sigil follows “Lose in mind”, that is, temporarily forget and try not to think about your desire.


A tattoo is an eternal seal on the human body. She will accompany her whole life and become part of himself. The tattoo should be treated with caution, but if you still decide - carefully study the meaning of the symbol that you are going to "stuff."

Try to choose the character closest to you.

A popular figure eight on the wrist can have different meanings. For example, a tattoo may indicate the Arabic numeral 8 - a monetary number, or symbolize good luck, stability and harmony.

Important! With special attention and caution relate to sketches in which there are signs incomprehensible to you (runes, staves - magic formulas or spells in an unknown language).


You can attract what you want with the help of various pictures that you will look at every day. A correctly selected screen saver on your phone or computer screen can work as a powerful means of attracting financial well-being if it visualizes your desire or causes positive, “monetary” associations.

Great effect is given by printed images collected on the so-called "Board of desires". A look at them creates a certain mood, makes you think about what you want, sets your mind to look for opportunities or "hints" that the Universe sends.

Use pictures of your dream, as well as pictures with magic signs and symbols that will concentrate the energy of wealth and channel it into your life.


Natural stones are physical carriers of certain energies. The amazing properties of stones were discussed in antiquity, and the ability of some to attract money turned them into real talismans for enrichment.

Scroll! Stones that attract wealth, success in business, prosperity, creative realization: chrysoprase, chrysolite, chrysoberyl, citrine, rhodonite, carnelian, pomegranate, black tourmaline, golden topaz.

A stone selected by the zodiac sign of the carrier is more likely to help him in one way or another get rich and realize himself in life.


The impact on the energy points of the body is found in many practices. Tapping them to attract money will help strengthen weak energy vibrations, so you will be “heard” by your body, and “money blocks” will begin to collapse.

The maximum effect of this exercise is achieved in conjunction with the repetition of affirmations.

Important! Tapping should be rhythmic, but meditative, not affecting the pace of speech.

Key exposure points:

  • palm edge
  • nose bridge at the base of the eyebrows,
  • outer corner of the eye
  • under the pupil at the base of the orbit,
  • labial groove (between the nose and upper lip),
  • dimple on the chin,
  • collarbone
  • armpit (10 cm below),
  • top of head.

Incense fragrances

The smells of certain essential oils literally “awaken” the energy of money. The strength of the effect is supplemented by an impact on the consciousness and physical well-being of a person, which is very important when performing rituals, in meditation sessions, in an everyday routine.

Direct broadcasting patchouli oils - Attraction of wealth, money literally "goes" to this smell. Some oils have an indirect effect.

For example, cinnamon improves performance and harmonizes the creative process, and nutmeg promises success in gambling. Cedar affects the emotional sphere and resonates with nobility in intentions, tuning in to luck and success in business.

Observe what color objects most often appear in magical rites? Usually it green, golden, orange, metallic, silver and shades of brown.

According to Feng Shui, each of the 5 elements corresponds to its own colors. Money attracts the elements of Earth and Metal, and, accordingly, colors: yellow (bright, apricot and golden), brown, tan, yellow-green, lemon, ocher, white and shades of white (moonlight, pure, pinkish-white, ivory, silver-white, jade, gray and metallic colors.

Raising Money and Good Luck on Feng Shui: Top - 3 Rules

In matters of material well-being, one cannot do without the methods of Feng Shui. They are aimed at the proper development of space and the distribution of objects in order to achieve harmony. Some Feng Shui secrets give an instant effect, as they have a powerful effect on the flow of subtle energies.

Choose the right wallet

Let the money go to your wallet, as to your home. Some simple feng shui rules help you decide on the perfect wallet.

  • Wallet shape it should be such that the bills in it do not “bend”, but fit entirely.
  • Prefer the wallet from natural materials, for example, from leather or textile.
  • Wallet Performance should correspond to the subject in which you are going to store a lot of money (especially if you choose a red wallet). Smooth and neat finish and noble restraint in design is the best option.
  • Wallet color Feng Shui is selected according to the elements of the money.Use the colors of the elements of earth and metal, and try to avoid the colors of the elements of water (black, black with a tint of red, blue and cornflower blue, violet, blue, blue-violet, cyan, ultramarine, lilac).
  • Green wallet according to many experts attracts money. According to Feng Shui, it symbolizes growth and renewal, allows you to activate and strengthen the flow of money energy.
  • Charge a new walletputting money magnets in it. For example, a one dollar bill in a wallet is considered an effective talisman. But few people know that just putting it in your wallet is not enough: you need to fold the dollar into a triangle.

Plant a money tree

To attract money is suitable tree crassulawhose leaves resemble coins. Place a living tree in your home in a special sector responsible for wealth. Remember to regularly care for the tree.

Red ribbons and coins tied to branches, operate on the principle of an antenna - thanks to them, the energy of money will find the shortest way to your home.

You can make a money tree yourself, using Chinese coins or Feng Shui coins with a hole in the center instead of leaves.

Make a manicure for good luck and money

It may seem strange, but the rules of Feng Shui work everywhere. Too many factors affect financial well-being.
“Even such a trifle as the color of nail polish can affect the course of the transaction” - said my friend, the owner of a large business.

Most women regularly do manicures. Many do not even suspect that their addictions can somehow affect the quality of life.

Money manicure must be tried by every woman who loves drawings on the nails. It will suit more conservative natures if stick to the most basic recommendations .

  • Do a manicure in a good mood, do not allow negative thoughts, especially those related to money.
  • Do a manicure in the area where you work or make financial decisions.
  • Choose the decor in accordance with the monetary symbols, and choose the color based on the element that suits you.
  • Focus on the fingers of the right hand: the big one is responsible for business success, the little finger is for harmony in all areas of life.

How to attract good luck and money to the house

There are several rules that help you quickly attract money and good luck to your home, as well as some secrets to keep your energy from wasting. These tips need to be followed, because in this matter, every little thing is important:

  1. Money is very fond of order, so get rid of clutter. Throw away old and unnecessary things by clearing all corners. Items must be in place.
  2. No need to store empty containers on the table. This applies to various vases, salt shakers, jugs, etc. They take luck, so hide such items in a closet or fill them in time.
  3. Do not shake the crumbs from the table with your hand and also do not sit on it. In the kitchen, never put keys or money on the table. After this, financial failures may occur.
  4. Try not to throw garbage when it is raining outside, as this is a bad sign.
  5. The banknote left in the refrigerator will attract the cash flow to the house.
  6. Money is avoided at home where there are leaking taps, broken chairs, mold and parasites.
  7. Do not sweep the floor and do not clean in the evening, because this is how you sweep the money.
  8. After the guests, always shake the tablecloth outside so that others do not take away your monetary energy.

The laws of luck and luck - the foundation

And finally, I will share with you the innermost foundations that are important for everyone who wants to embark on the path of prosperity and prosperity.

Our thoughts and our actions are the substrate for all changes that will happen to us in the future. Remember these laws , they contain deep wisdom, knowing which, you will become a completely happy person.

Feng Shui

With the help of this technique, millions have established their lives in all areas.Feng Shui experts believe that each apartment or house is divided into certain zones, calculated on the cardinal points. As for wealth, it is southeast. This zone can be calculated using the Bagua grid.

Since Feng Shui is an oriental practice, the compass is not an assistant here. Where we have the south, they have the north. It is most reliable to get up near the front door, but with your body in your apartment or house. The farthest left room is what we are looking for. This is where the wealth zone is located.

How to put in order the financial territory:

  1. Take a walk around the room, starting from the door, and make sure that the Chi energy can move quietly throughout the space. If you come across tables, chairs, corners of cabinets, then do a permutation. The entire middle of the room should be empty.
  2. Throw away broken items, as well as furniture that was in use by other people. Such items carry the most negative energy. Also, get rid of old, ugly objects that oppress you, because they symbolize poverty.
  3. If you have wilted flowers or cacti, then rearrange them in other rooms. If the plants can not be saved, then throw them away. The same applies to non-working equipment or some other devices.
  4. In no case should there be a fireplace in this room. Fire cannot make friends with money, because it simply burns them.
  5. A bin is considered a dangerous item in a room. It symbolizes loss and failure. It turns out that this is how you throw away all of your savings into scrap. It is believed that by doing so you can lose not only the money that has arrived, but also everything that you already have.

All of the above items on how to do not and what should not be in the wealth zone. What items can attract a lot of money to your home? There is a long known and verified list:

  • Gemstones and metals. Always store the box with these items in the southeast area. If you still cannot afford such things, then replace them with images. Jewelery pictures are welcome. These products have very powerful energy, which always attracts a stream of money.
  • Jug of water. Always store a jug filled with clean water in this room. It is good if the vessel is made of silver or at least sprayed. These things align the energy circulating around the house.
  • Aquarium. It is good if goldfish swim in it, and the aquarium itself is installed on the first day of the new moon. It should be noted that special attention should be paid to the purity of water, since a dirty and muddy liquid repels good luck and wealth. If one of the fish dies, then do not be discouraged, because this is a good sign. They say that in this way she takes the blow that comes to you. Just be sure to buy a new one instead of the dead fish, and bury the dead one, but not in the territory of your house.
  • Indoor fountain. Flowing water is a strong energy that will help you achieve good luck in business or in some undertakings. It will give you intuition and special sensitivity, which responds to bad people or to unsuccessful projects.
  • Electrical appliances. These things are considered one of the symbols of wealth and good luck.
  • Coins There is no way to do without money in the money zone. It is best if they are Chinese coins. They need to be cleaned on the windowsill or in some specific place. Finding money in this room helps to materialize it into something real and more significant.
  • Plants. Withered flowers should not be stored, but healthy and living ones will bring abundance and prosperity. It is good if the plant has a large pot. You can put a couple of coins hidden in a red leaf in the pallet. Be sure to watch your live pet and cut old leaves in time, and also water it.
  • Horse. This is one of the strongest symbols of wealth and a successful career.If you crave a promotion at work, then find a horse heading up. She will help you for your goals and will allow you to gain good fame and a good position in society.
  • Bowl of wealth. This item must certainly be present in this area. Thicket is recommended to always be kept full. You can put coins or jewelry there. Also, it is not forbidden to put fruits or sweets there.
  • Elephant. Another talisman that brings wealth to the house. It must be placed on the windowsill so that the beast attracts success in your home. If you are looking for abundance, then buy an elephant with a raised trunk. And in the zone of love and family you can put an animal with a proboscis lowered, as this souvenir will preserve peace and harmony in the house.
  • Money Tree. This plant must be in the zone of wealth. You can’t buy it, because there may be someone else’s energy. They must be planted by themselves, taking a small sprout from successful people. You can put three coins in the pot. As for the care, you need to monitor the tree especially carefully, because if it grows, then your situation will begin to improve.
  • The Dragon. A powerful talisman meaning greatness, wisdom and prosperity. He will help to achieve success in business. Just keep in mind that the dragon should not be located on a high shelf that is above eye level. Otherwise, he will dominate.
  • Hottay. It is considered one of the most popular Gods, symbolizing luck and prosperity. He will help fulfill your most cherished desires. By the way, this souvenir is written off from a real person. With those who met him on the way, real miracles worked.
  • A lion. The figurine of a lion is useful to those who feel the envy of others or fear the vileness of competitors. This beast will protect you from evil influence and help strengthen your authority.
  • Beads. They should become a difficult decoration, and a used item. The rosary helps to make the mind calm, and the state balanced. You can sort through them in the process of meditation.
  • Golden envelope. If you have not bought a box for storing money, you can keep them in a gold envelope. Just keep in mind that these funds can not be put off for a rainy day, because then he really will come to you. Savings should be spent on something nice.
  • Ganesha. This is a real patron who will protect you from failures and various difficulties. This talisman will help you achieve success in work. You can store this figure not only in the southeast, but also in the northwest.
  • Crystals. The clean glass of these items takes away bad energy by filtering it. Crystals transform negative into positive. If you are afraid of evil eye or damage, then be sure to buy some of these souvenirs.

Do not forget to often air the room, which belongs to the wealth zone. Good and fresh energy should move freely along it. She needs renewal, not stuffy and musty air.

If this room has large windows and good lighting throughout the day, then this is simply wonderful. The room should not be dark, since the darkness has no development. In any case, various lamps and fixtures that need to be turned on more often will always save.

Please note that the wealth zone should not be in the bathroom or toilet, because otherwise your money will simply be "washed off". If you just bought an apartment and are doing repairs, then you still have the opportunity to rectify the situation. In a rented dwelling or where there is nothing to change, you can do some tricks. For example, hang bells in these rooms or put statuettes of deities.

Also, do not make a bedroom in the southeast side, because the energy prevailing there will interfere with relaxation. It is best to organize an office or living room there.

Do not forget that other rooms also carry information and you also need to work with them. If the situation is established in the whole house, then many problems will leave you forever.Use our table to help you identify all areas on the sides:

zone of financial well-being
family-friendly zone
partnership area
zone of happy family life
Center West
zone of luck and prosperity of offspring
study area, life experience
career area
communications zone

Music to attract money, abundance and good luck - charged for money

Law 3 - on two fields

“If someone asks to go with him one field, go with him two” (the field is a measure of long distances in Russia).

Always do a little more than necessary. Give yourself a bit stronger than they ask, but not at the expense of yourself. This gives the Universe a request for additional energy. If you use it wisely, you will win much more.

Ways to bring good luck and money into your life

Unless deaf, I heard of such methods of attracting luck and financial well-being, such as visualization of desires, active imagination and affirmations. These psychological techniques help maintain motivation to achieve any goals that you set for yourself.

Let's look at what these techniques are based on and how to use them to achieve what you want.

Method 1. Visualization

Description. The essence of the technique is the mental representation of the desired result in the form of a clear picture in your imagination. The more clearly you see what you want, the greater the likelihood of achieving the task.

How it works? Imagine yourself driving an expensive car (specific model, make, color), imagine how you are driving the vehicle, your feelings. For a few minutes you will feel like the owner of this car, which means a successful and wealthy person.

How to use? Imagine more often, imagining the desired material goods (specific items that you would buy for yourself, being a wealthy person).

It develops your imagination, helps to get rid of inner complexes and fears, creates a positive attitude. This is a great help in achieving wealth.

Method 2. Imagination

Description. Carl Gustav Jung established that active imagination (creating an imaginary picture and focusing on it) creates a series of unconscious images (dreams, visions) that develop into a plot.

Imagination often became the impetus for the creation of brilliant discoveries and inventions. But the scientist and philosopher Albert Einstein considered it a much more powerful tool in science than knowledge.

How it works? Forming an image in your imagination, you unconsciously form yourself in it. By actively training your imagination, you gradually shift from thinking about everyday worries to thoughts about another way of life, another income and begin to strive for it.

How to use? If your imagination stubbornly refuses to serve you and it is difficult to tune in the right wave, use 100 Wishes Method.

Take a piece of paper and write 100 any desires from the most different spheres of life. There is nothing left for the imagination but to get involved in the work. Such a “slice of desires” will help you plan your tasks, goals, seek motivation to achieve them.

Method 3. Affirmations

Description. Affirmations are short verbal messages, formulas that, when repeated, form attitudes in our minds. With their help, you can change the psycho-emotional background, create the right mood for activity, achieving your goals.

How it works? The repetition of certain phrases, such as “I can do everything”, “I am grateful”, “I accept”, “I have good luck”, “I am successful”, “I attract prosperity”, “I have earned wealth” forms defined images in our minds, uplifting, "fighting spirit".

How to use? Select some of the most catchy, relevant phrases for you and repeat them NOT mechanically, but emotionally, putting meaning, a message, accompanying gestures, facial expressions.

These sentence phrases should be formulated in the present tense, that is, “I am successful (now)”, “I earn a million (now)”, so that they are perceived by our consciousness as a fait accompli or occurring at that moment.

Such phrases can be recorded on the recorder and listened to, glued onto a mirror, laptop monitor, refrigerator so that they are always in sight and support you at the right time.

By themselves (without specific actions to make money) these techniques will not help you get rich, but they will become a powerful tool in supporting motivation on the path to wealth and success. Use them to overcome stress, the negative that prevents you from attracting luck and money to your world.

How to raise money - practical steps

Thoughts and attitudes tend to materialize when you begin to take physical actions for this (change jobs, look for beneficial cooperation, new ways of investing, master new types of activities).

It’s impossible to immediately become a millionaire after the words “I want to get rich”. This requires a number of practical actions, which will be discussed in this section.

Step 1. Change your mindset

Fears, a negative attitude to “majors”, “passion” to condemn others ’successes and relishing failures, close attention to the world of politics and show business stars, aimless“ sitting out pants ”on a laptop or TV is not a complete list of factors that distance you from success and well-being.

If you seriously intend to improve your financial situation, to become more successful, all this must be abandoned. Learn to enjoy the successes of your friends, acquaintances and strangers and analyze their experience.

If a friend has established trade and opened a store, don’t be envious, but ask him to share experience with you, offer him cooperation, help in exchange for experience that will be useful for you to open your business.

Books help change thinking and learn how to attract money into your life. World-class bestsellers like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki have inspired thousands of successful businessmen.

Step 2. Set clear goals.

The phrases “I want to get rich”, “I want to become rich”, “I want a lot of money” are not specific. This is not a goal, but a voiced desire. It will become a goal when you say: “I want to earn 500,000 rubles a year” or “I want to become a millionaire in a year.”

Setting yourself a certain financial level and limiting its achievement by time, you at the same time setting the task begin to think about how to implement it.

Write your goal on a piece of paper and sketch out 10-15 ways to achieve it that will come to mind. Set achievable goals.

At the beginning of the path to wealth, it’s important to let yourself know that increasing your income 30-50% per year is real even in the financial situation you are in today.

Raise the set bar gradually, and you will not notice how over time your current earnings will grow not by 30-50%, but already by 80-100% per year. This approach will increase your self-esteem, teach you to set goals and achieve goals.

Support the effect by keeping a success diary where you can write down every, even small, achievement. Wealth and motivation are closely related to your self-esteem. Maintain it at the proper level, and then luck and prosperity will be on your side, and any troubles can be tolerated much easier.

Step 3. Connect with successful people

One good friend of mine claims that whenever he attends seminars and business trainings, surrounded by successful people, the effectiveness and profitability of his business increases by 2-2.5 times.

Immerse yourself in an environment of success.Find yourself more often where there are interesting and successful people, do not lose touch with friends, former colleagues, casual acquaintances who have achieved financial prosperity. This not only creates the right attitude, but also helps to maintain high motivation to achieve high incomes.

Communicating with entrepreneurs, businessmen, you expand your circle of acquaintances, which means you increase your chances of finding a higher-paying position, a promising idea for a business, or a profitable partnership.

Step 4. Move from visualization to reality.

Visualization of desires is a technique that not everyone manages to “catch”. The real “contact” with the desired material values ​​is much more effective.

Sign up for a test drive of your dream car or just visit the car dealership in which it is sold. Open the car, sit in it. Try on branded clothes or shoes in an expensive boutique and evaluate your reflection in the mirror. Euphoria, dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in your wallet, the motivation for its improvement are provided to you!

Real emotions bring you closer to your goal!

Do not be afraid that the sellers will immediately “bite through” you and understand that you are not a buyer, but a “tourist”. They are accustomed to this phenomenon, and they do not exclude the possibility that your “fitting” today will end with a purchase tomorrow.

If the seller offers you help in choosing, do not refuse, but play along with him, accept recommendations, ask about the product, because after some time you will come back here for the purchase.

Step 5. Increase Your Active Income

Active income - the totality of the money that you earn on your main job, from freelance, part-time work, your business and any other means of activity that bring you money.

Is it possible to increase your active income by 50% per year? Yes, it’s real!

The first one. Take a piece of paper and write down all of your activities that bring you income. On the same sheet write the title “30 Ways to Increase My Income”. The human brain is tuned to solve specific problems. Ask yourself: “How can I increase my active income?”. Thus, the brain will be forced to solve the problem and offer you specific options.

Write down everything that comes to your mind without criticizing, and put the sheet aside for a while. Return to the written and evaluate the reality of the implementation of the methods you have invented.

The second one. Change work with pay for time (fixed rate for a certain amount of working time) to work with pay for result. A librarian, teacher, supermarket cashier, security guard earns much less than a sales manager who receives a percentage of the number of successful transactions.

The increase in income is directly related to your responsibility. The more you make efforts and are responsible for the result, the higher will be your material reward.

Not worth it increase your income by giving work 2 times more time. Working 12 hours a day, the enjoyment of life will no longer be. It is necessary to try in the allotted 8 hours of the working day to bring more results for the company and thereby receive more income.

We come up with many objections in order to justify our tendency to unwillingness to act and not to leave our comfort zone.

Below I cited the main excuses that I heard from my friends, and described ways to solve these problems.

I have a fixed salaryWe go to work for the result
I reached the "ceiling" on salaryChange your profession or place of work in your field
I'm too young or oldMany examples of successful people who became millionaires both at a young age and in the elderly
I already tried, and I didn’t succeedJust go ahead and you will succeed!
I live in a small town where there is no good jobFind remote work in large companies

Ideas for increasing active income without changing the place of main work:

  1. Understand what you get paid for.
  2. Try to measure the factors that affect your organization’s net profit.
  3. Talk with the head and agree on piecework payment for those actions that will increase the income of the company.

If you are not ready today to change low but stable income to higher earnings, in other words, quit your current job and learn new activities, switch to the “new format” of earnings gradually. The most comfortable option is freelance. You can devote time free from the main work to remote work at home.

How to do this and what to do, read the article "Remote work at home." The publication provides an overview of the most relevant online income-generating professions.

The easiest way to try your hand at doing business is to resell goods from China. Explore the market, determine the target audience, select an interesting product and act. The publication "How to Start a Business with China" in our magazine is the personal experience of one of our experts and his recommendations. This information will help you avoid mistakes in starting a business.

Do you often use social networks? It's good! Use your Instagram account to make a profit. How to promote your page and why do it, read the article "Promotion of Instagram" and "Ways to make money on Instagram."

Step 6. Learn how to spend your money rationally.

There is an opinion that saving and raising revenue are two contradictory concepts, since we start saving when we are short of finances. On the other hand, many consider wealthy people to be hunks and money-grubbers.

In fact, the rich do not save, but spend their money rationally.

Successful and wealthy people who know the value of their money, manage them deliberately, not allowing:

  1. Shopping to confirm your financial status.
  2. Impulsive spending and irrational investments.
  3. Pointless "squeezing" of money.

An example of “squeezing”: the purchase of cheap shoes, household appliances, an old car, windows and other low-quality goods for the purpose of saving often results in constant repairs or buying a new product.

If you want luck and money to be on your side - control your expenses using various electronic assistants (for example, Coinkeeper) or just keeping financial records in a notebook. Having learned how to rationally use small money, you can easily operate with more significant amounts.

After you have recorded your expenses for a month, you need to analyze them: see which ones can be reduced and which ones to remove (bad habits, fast food, unnecessary things). And then, for each category of expenses, put limits that you will try not to exceed.

This way you save up to 20% active income monthly! And this is income equal to one working week.

After you begin to keep track of expenses and create a personal budget, amazing things will start to happen: you will see that there is money, you can save and invest it. Thus, you can very quickly move from the thought form: “Not enough money!” to thought form “There is money!” .

Saving is an exciting process. You can save in 25 different ways! Do not believe? Watch the video and make sure that many of them are very easy to use.

Step 7. Engage in investing

You already have some “free” (saved, earned, inherited) amount of money, get involved in investing.

Investments - This is your passive income, that is, the money that you receive in the form of interest, the amount of which depends on the amount you invested and where you invested your finances.

Getting passive income gives you:

  1. Means for further development (new investment, development of alternative activities, opening your own business).
  2. Free time that you can devote to family, loved ones, travel, hobbies, creativity.
  3. A “financial pillow” in case you lose another source of income.
  4. Self-confidence, a sense of security and well-being.

You need to invest finances wisely. The training “How to Get a Guaranteed Return of 25% per annum on Investments in the USA and the Russian Federation” from the SPI Center for Advanced Financial Education will help you to understand the secrets of investing.

The program contains valuable information and effective practical recommendations on how to take the first steps in investing and create equity from scratch, as well as where to look for additional sources of income.

Prayers for money

It is best to take the practical actions that I described above, and the money will appear in you. But if you believe in prayers, then this section of the article is for you.

No materiality and no absence of materiality is in itself neither good nor evil.

Archbishop John Shakhovskoy

Money is a powerful tool that can manage a person’s thoughts, therefore in religion a lot of attention is paid to the issue. In itself, wealth is neutral, only the relation of a person to it matters.

To ask God in prayer for money in Christianity is considered sinful, but in prayer books there are prayers asking for the grant of prosperity. It is not considered a sin to ask for God's help in finding a new job, doing business, sending out inspiration and strength.

Ask for prosperity in the most important prayer to the Lord “Our Father”.

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

like in heaven and on earth.

Give us our daily bread today

and leave us our debts

as well as we leave our debtor,

and do not lead us into temptation,

but deliver us from the evil one.

For Thine is the kingdom and power, and glory forever and ever.

Welfare is also requested by prayer to St. Spyridon of Trimyphuntes, who, even during his lifetime, was given the grace to heal and help those in need.

O blessed Saint Spyridon! Pray for the mercy of the God of God, may he not condemn us because of our iniquity, but let him do with us by His grace. Ask us, the servants of God (names), from Christ and our God for a peaceful and serene life, healthy soul and body. Deliver us from all spiritual and bodily troubles, from all yearning and devil slander. Remember us at the throne of the Almighty and beseech the Lord, may He grant many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life, may he grant us, the demise of our belly will be shameless and peaceful, and the blessings of eternity in the future will grant us, may we continually send glory and thanksgiving to the Father and the Son and To the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

When reading a prayer, ponder the meaning of its lines. So, in “Our Father” there is a line “leave us our debts, and we also leave our debtor to us”, that is, how do you feel about others, ask for such an attitude to yourself. Having delved into the essence of prayer and reading it daily, you will gradually begin to rebuild your thinking, look more positively at others, sincerely rejoice at their well-being and receive your own well-being.

Prayers for good luck and luck

You can ask God for help and help in several prayers. The most famous and main “Our Father”. You can turn in prayer for blessings in work and luck to the Holy Martyr Tryphon.

Prayer for luck in deed, work:

To the Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Soul of Truth, Even this whole thing to fulfill, Treasure of the good and life to the Giver, come and dwell in us, and cleanse us from all filth, and save, Better, our soul. God bless and help me, the sinner, to complete the work that I begin, for Your glory.

Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of Your Firstborn Father, Thou art thou wilt clean thy lips, for without Men you can do nothing.My Lord, Lord, by faith the volume in my soul and your heart is spoken by you, I give in to your goodness: help me, the sinner, this thing that I am beginning to do about you, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, with the prayers of the Virgin and all your saints . Amen.

To home and family

Well-being in the home is one of the components of peace, harmony in family relationships. Each family strives for prosperity, improving its financial situation, therefore, in any home you can meet a variety of talismans for luck and money.

The most famous talismans for good luck and money: the god Hotei, money frog, money tree, coins with red thread, money bowl, talismans in the form of coins, spoon-comb, money runic amulets, money catcher.

In addition to talismans, popular signs are used to attract wealth.

Here are some of the most famous:

  1. If you show the growing month (on the new moon) the money in your wallet, rub it and spit, then within a month their number will increase along with the moon.
  2. Put a trifle in a piggy bank, do not let coins and trifle lie around the house.
  3. Keep money in a beautiful wallet.
  4. Do not count the money for the night, do not give anything out of the house after sunset.

It’s not enough just to buy a thing that promises prosperity. One must believe in her strength and interact with her. If you have chosen a talisman piggy bank, regularly put a trifle in it so that it does not stand idle. If your choice fell on Hotei or the toad, treat them not just as interior decoration, but as a reminder of what you have done today for your prosperity.

Promise good luck and rich aromatic treatments. Use pine, cedar, orchid, patchouli, cinnamon, verbena, ginger, cloves and peppermint oil for homemade aroma lamps.

Another way to attract wealth to the house is color therapy.

The influence of flowers on the human psyche has long been proven by scientists. Some colors stimulate our energy, inspire, others soothe, while others completely suppress. Money colors are considered blue, stimulating our activity, yellow, responsible for curiosity, quick wit, quick wit and blue, restoring strength and self-confidence. Use them in home decoration.

On the exam

Even if the subject is thoroughly studied by you, you will not refuse luck and luck. I was helped by good preparation (usually it began to be prepared in 2-3 days) and notes, a book or answers to tickets left under my pillow the night before the exam. In the morning I woke up confident, knowledgeable and always passed everything on 5 and 4.

My second secret is passing the exam in the top five. I was afraid that I would start to get nervous, confuse the fuse and fail. Many teachers are the first to “pass” a point for courage, plus at the beginning of the exam some organizational moments “settle down”, the teacher may go out or someone will come to him, which makes it possible to write off.

It is believed that such methods help attract good luck in the exam:

  1. Wearing the same clothes on the eve of the exam and on it. They don’t go to the exam with a new thing.
  2. A five-ruble coin under the heel in shoes promises good luck and stimulates points on the foot that are responsible for brain activity.
  3. Swearing relatives and friends to the dealer. The more you are criticized, the higher the rating you get.

In trade

To attract good luck in trading, sellers use different signs and talismans. The mascots are Hotei, money toad, coins with a red thread.

Surely you saw the seller brandishing a bill in front of the goods. This is the main sign that is used even by merchants who are far from superstition.

To attract good luck and brisk trading, the following signs and actions are used:

  1. Bidding with the first buyer. It is believed that, slightly yielding to the first buyer, you will attract luck.
  2. Getting a large bill from the first buyer promises good sales all day long.
  3. Count the revenue and profit in the morning before opening the store.To recount money in the evening - to losses, unplanned expenses.
  4. When you meet a beggar or asking for alms, be sure to give him, saying, "Let not the hand of the giver be scanty."

At work

Luck in work is the key to prosperity, career growth, and raising incomes, so many at their workplace use talismans to attract it. Money trees, frogs, coins, talismans in the form of a pyramid with coins are found in every office.

Signs for success in work:

  1. If a spider lives near your workplace (on the ceiling, under the table), do not drive it away, it attracts luck and income.
  2. If you work in a separate office, keep the door closed so as not to let out luck and not become a victim of envious people.
  3. If a bird knocked on the window of your office, this promises good news, profit, career growth.

In the lottery

Lottery games for many people have become a kind of cult. To attract good luck, they use prayers, signs, talismans and even conspiracies. Talismans for winning the lottery are usually coins on strings, money ships, good luck magnets.

Signs for winning the lottery:

  1. Money to money, and gain to wealth. Do not buy a lottery ticket for last money in your wallet. Buy it when you have earned money, made a profitable deal, that is, "on a happy wave."
  2. Do not lend to anyone before buying a lottery ticket.
  3. Having won a sum of money, be sure to postpone one bill to attract good luck. Carry it in your wallet, but don’t waste it and don’t show it to anyone.

Read about the secrets of winning lotto in our article “How to win the lottery” and “How to play Russian lotto”. It is noted that most often luck smiles on positive people, optimists, those who believe in their luck.

The magic of numbers or what numerologists advise

Money is closely connected with the world of numbers and counting, therefore, often to resort to luck, resort to the magic of numbers.

So numerologists consider banknotes with 1 and 2 unlucky to attract money. The unit in the mind of numerologists is almost 0 or almost nothing, and the deuce is the first digit suitable for division. Try to operate less (borrow, assign an amount of payment for services, etc.) in the amounts of 100, 200, 1000 and 2000 rubles.

The amount with a triple at the beginning of 300 or 3,000, 30,000 rubles and further symbolizes additional earnings, income generation, but it is undesirable to keep them in your pocket for a long time.
Amounts from 4 to (400 or 4,000, 40,000 rubles) are good to save and save. Borrow or give amounts with 4 numerologists do not recommend.

Amounts of 5 and 6 symbolize spending, routine, saving, limitation. Cash in the amount starting at 7 is dangerous impulsive spending, unjustified risks.

Amounts of 8 are the happiest, the eight symbolizes stability, "financial infinity." 9 is a neutral digit. With it, the balance in your wallet will not change either up or down.

Main findings

What we believe in becomes our world.

Richard Mateson "Where Dreams May Come."

In the article, we examined the most different ways used to attract good luck and money.

At first glance, they are all different, but several common features have in common:

  1. Respectful attitude to money. Consider your income and expenses, consider purchases, plan your budget.
  2. Sincerity and positive attitude. In the lottery, in career, business, and trade, those who are confident in their abilities, are positive and willing to share their knowledge or skills with others are lucky.
  3. Act. All methods are “tied” to action. Prayer must be learned and delivered daily, earned for the talisman, and to increase incomes, learn a new profession or direction in business, learn how to use finances rationally.

I wish you wealth and thank you for your attention!

Tell us in the comments how you attract success and finances into your life, and ask questions.

psychologist and expert of the PAPA HELP portal,
Alexandra Kadintseva

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