12 effective diets

Changing the usual lifestyle and nutrition during diets can destabilize the emotional sphere and, even, lead to depression.

At the same time, a long stay in a bad mood becomes the most common cause of breakdowns from the diet!

To get rid of excess weight with pleasure, you need to know a little secret: the trace element LITHIUM helps our body to maintain emotional stability, stress resistance and a good mood.

Studies have shown that the NORMOTIM vitamin-mineral complex, containing a special dosage of lithium, increases the effectiveness of weight loss programs by 38%.

Poor nutrition will not help you lose weight, even if you actively pedal in the gym. An improperly selected diet can only cause various diseases or aggravate existing ones. In order for the diet to be safe, the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates must be reasonable and the diet balanced. Losing extra pounds is necessary gradually, sharp weight loss is bad enough for the body. Diet should provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. There should be no deficiency of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and other beneficial nutrients.

If all these conditions are not observed, it is not recommended to adhere to a diet for more than 3 days.

The safest diets for weight loss include Mediterranean, vegetable, French, salt-free.

If the goal of dieting for weight loss is to reduce weight, then therapeutic diets are focused on the treatment of many chronic diseases. With diseases such as diabetes, dieting is one of the important prerequisites for effective treatment, and perhaps the only one for obesity.

Exacerbation of some chronic diseases occurs with a violation of the diet. For example, when consuming fried, spicy, acidic foods, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract become aggravated, and after alcohol intake, cardiovascular diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract are aggravated.

A therapeutic diet is present in all spa and medical institutions. According to one disease or another, 15 therapeutic diets are distinguished. The selection of diets is carried out by the attending physician, after a thorough examination and diagnosis.

Where does overweight come from and what does it lead to?

Causes of Obesity

  1. The constant mismatch between the amounts of consumed and received energy, as a result of the consumption of high-calorie foods in large portions with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Age, gender factors. It is interesting that women gain weight faster due to the hormonal characteristics of the body and less muscle mass relative to the physique of men. In addition, the metabolism slows down with age, the need for energy decreases, which leads to a gradual accumulation of adipose tissue and an increase in body weight.
  4. Primary pathology of the endocrine glands or violation of hypothalamic functions.
  5. Tumor development.

  • digestive tract diseases
  • pancreatitis
  • arterial hypertension,
  • diseases of the gallbladder, liver,
  • type 2 diabetes
  • coronary artery disease,
  • stroke,
  • amenorrhea, infertility, menstrual irregularities in women, impotence in men,
  • diseases of the respiratory, musculoskeletal systems (hypoventilation syndrome, gout, osteoarthrosis),
  • vascular disease of the lower extremities.

In addition to deteriorating health, obesity upsets the psycho-emotional balance: increases anxiety, leads to frequent depression, decreased sexual function, makes it difficult to find a job, and reduces self-esteem.

Overweight in advanced stages causes endocrine dysfunction, which leads to death. In the world ranking, mortality from obesity takes sixth place, and from hunger - eighth.

An effective diet doesn’t mean fast

All women want to lose weight quickly, but few people think about the consequences. There are diets on which kilograms do not just “leave”, but even “run away”. A person loses weight, volume, but the body does not keep pace with the abrupt changes. As a result, health is undermined, with a large initial mass, a shift in internal organs can occur. The most effective diet for weight loss is a technique that helps to lose weight without harm to health.

Common mistakes of losing weight people:

  1. Calorie reduction to critical levels. The body of a woman can not fully function upon receipt of 600-800 kcal per day. The minimum amount is 1200 kcal. Yes, weight quickly decreases, but with a shortage of energy, stagnation is expected soon, the body will begin to work in an energy-saving mode.
  2. Exclusion of fats. You can eat one cabbage or drink low-fat kefir. The weight will go away, but with it the hair will start to fall out, the nails will deteriorate, skin problems will appear, the female cycle will fail. The minimum amount of fat per day is 22 g.
  3. Refusal of delicious food. A complete restriction of your favorite foods leads to frustrations. If you manage to go through the diet to the end, then after it will be difficult to stay. It is necessary to change the eating behavior and prepare delicious dishes from the products allowed by the system.

Many suffer from moral torture. For weight loss, even the most effective diet is not enough. In women, the mood deteriorates, headaches, weakness appear. You can not take the diet as a tragedy or deprivation. Let it be a joyful path to harmony and a dream figure, easy and desirable.

In 2019, a new formula appeared - the drug Reduxin® Forte, in which Reduxin® and metformin were combined in one tablet. The new drug Reduxin® Forte acts on various metabolic processes and breaks the pathogenetic circle, which, against the background of excess weight, worsens not only the quality of life of people, but also contributes to the development of various diseases. As a result of the double complex action of sibutramine and metformin, a person loses weight due to the activation of metabolism and normalization of metabolism, which leads to a stable retention of the results and improves the general condition of the body. 1

12 effective diets

Consider the popular methods of losing weight. Regardless of the type chosen, any diet requires compliance with the water regime: the use of 1.5 - 3 liters of pure water per day. At the same time, daily physical activity accelerates weight loss.

The best diets to deal with extra pounds.

  1. Japanese diet. A distinctive feature of this technique is the high weight loss rate: in 13-14 days you will become 7 - 10 kilograms lighter. The effectiveness of the Japanese diet is achieved through a complete restructuring of the metabolism. At the same time, the result obtained is maintained for at least two years. Subject to diet, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, sugar, salt, pastries, sweets. The Japanese weight loss program is considered low-calorie, its diet focuses on foods low in carbohydrates, due to which the body must burn stored fat in order to produce energy. During the procedure, the stomach decreases in size, which facilitates the process of getting out of it.
  2. Ducan's diet. This is a protein nutrition program. The duration of the diet depends on the amount of excess weight and reaches 3 to 4 months. Ducan’s methodology is divided into four stages: “Attack”, “Alternation”, “Fastening” and “Stabilization”, each of which has its own diet, duration, allowed and prohibited foods to eat. General dietary requirements: perform morning exercises daily, add oat bran to dishes, walk outside, at least half an hour.The Ducan slimming scheme does not limit the amount of “allowed” foods consumed, excludes the use of chemical additives, drugs and is considered safe to comply with.
  3. Buckwheat Diet Belongs to the category of hard mono-diets, designed for quick weight loss. The main ingredient of the method is buckwheat, which must be prepared using special technology. It is forbidden to cook cereals, pour boiling water over it and insist for eight hours. At the same time, seasonings and salt cannot be added to it. At the end of this time, buckwheat porridge can be eaten in unlimited quantities.
    In the classic version, the diet is designed for a week (for this period, weight loss is 4 - 5 kilograms), if necessary, the period of compliance can be increased to 14 days (minus 6 - 10 kilograms). When losing weight, in addition to buckwheat, it is allowed to drink one and a half liters of alkaline mineral water, green tea and a liter of kefir with a fat content of 1%.
    If, following the methodology, one feels a deterioration in well-being, it is recommended to introduce non-nutritious fruits (apples, oranges, grapefruit) into the daily diet.
  4. Protein diet. The main rule of the technique is that 85% of the weight loss menu should be made up of protein products: low-fat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seafood. This is an effective diet for 2 weeks, which will help to get rid of 4-8 extra pounds during this period.
    Protein day principle: eat small meals every three hours. It is allowed to introduce carbohydrate foods with a low glycemic index (up to 40) into the daily diet: soy, cucumbers, nuts, chickpea puree, citrus fruits.
    To quickly lose weight and increase muscle mass, it is recommended to perform strength exercises.
  5. Diet Malysheva. The most important component of the menu is protein. The doctor of medical sciences and the TV presenter of the Health program recommends receiving it with low-fat dairy products, meat and fish. The main condition is not to combine the intake of protein and carbohydrates at a time. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to eat meat and cereals, it is better to combine them with herbs, vegetables separately.
    The duration of the Malysheva diet is one month, then everything depends on the result. At the initial stage, the calorie content of food consumed per day should be 1200 kilocalories, gradually reduce this indicator to 1000 kilocalories per day. In addition, Elena Vasilievna argues about the importance of a positive attitude, you need to eat in a good mood and a relaxed atmosphere, mentally tune yourself that food is a holiday for every cell of the body.
    Before swallowing food, Malysheva advises to make eighteen chewing movements. This will reduce the burden on the digestive organs, prolong the health of the teeth. The technique allows you to get rid of up to 25 kilograms in 2 months.
  6. Diet Maggie. Designed to eliminate 10 to 20 kilograms in four weeks. The Maggi technique includes the following most effective diets: cottage cheese and egg. Which option to give preference to depends on personal preferences in food, health status. Both options are effective. The Maggi diet is not a mono-diet; its diet includes vegetables, fruits, meat. Products are selected in such a way as to activate the burning of accumulated fat and remove toxins from the body.
  7. Energy diets. The modern way to lose weight quickly with a minimum of effort. Energy Diet is a complex of special cocktails that are designed to provide the human body with the maximum amount of nutrients with a minimum of calories. Products of the ED line contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber. This is an effective diet designed for 4 - 6 months, which will help build 10 - 30 kilograms for a given period.
  8. Kremlin diet. The main principle of the method is to daily count the amount of carbohydrates consumed (maximum allowed to eat - 40 units per day), exclude flour products, sweets from the menu, eat protein foods abundantly.For the first week of compliance with the Kremlin's nutrition system, weight loss is 4 - 5 kilograms, for 30 days - 10 kilograms, for two - three months - 20 kilograms.
  9. A diet of six petals. The essence of the method is the daily alternation of the following mono-diets: fish, vegetable, chicken, cereal, cottage cheese and fruit. Constant change of the main product eliminates the body’s addiction to the component and “stagnation” of weight.
    The effect of the diet for weight loss is impressive: the average daily plumb line varies from 0.5 to 0.8 kilograms per day. As a result, in two weeks of compliance with the “6 petals” it is possible to lose up to 15 extra pounds.
  10. Diet for the lazy. In its classic form, it is a mono-diet on water, which does not require financial investments, time and effort to prepare permitted dishes. The main rule of the method is to drink 250 milliliters of clean water before each meal, including snacks. Halve the amount of food eaten. Exclude from the menu fast-digesting carbohydrates, foods with high fat content, pickles, canned food, smoked meats. The preferred method of cooking is baking, boiling. Depending on the goals, in 14 days the girls manage to lose up to 10 kilograms.
  11. Diet of Protasov. It is a low-calorie weight loss program. The average daily menu of the technique provides the body with 1200 - 1500 kilocalories of energy. The diet consists of protein products (boiled egg, lactic acid products, lean meat), non-starchy vegetables and allowed fruits (orange, grapefruit, apple).
    Conditionally, the Protasov diet is divided into three stages: vegetarian, with the addition of meat, fixing. The duration of the technique is 5 weeks. For this period, it takes up to 10 kilograms of excess weight.
  12. Kefir diet. This is a strict method of losing weight, which is popular in our time. There are the following lightweight modifications of the sour-milk diet: kefir-curd, kefir-apple, kefir-egg, kefir-buckwheat, kefir-cucumber, striped.
    Subject to strict procedures, the only permitted product for use is fat-free kefir or 1%. A day you need to drink a liter of fermented milk drink in five doses. During breaks, drink water, at least 1.5 liters per day. In three “kefir” days, you will become lighter by 1.5 kilograms, in a week - by 3, in 14 days - up to 8.
    To avoid increased secretion of gastric juice, the development of gastritis, and exacerbation of an ulcer, it is not recommended to practice a strict sour-milk diet for more than two weeks.

As you can see, there are many ways to lose weight effectively. To achieve the desired result, unquestioning compliance with diet, water regime and daily physical activity is required.
During weight loss, it is recommended to do swimming, yoga, gymnastics. It is useful to do mesotherapy, body wraps, ultrasonic peeling, anti-cellulite, tightening massage. These procedures will help to avoid sagging skin.

Effective Weight Loss Tips

No to carbonated drinks!

It is scientifically proven that daily consumption of sugary carbonated drinks and packaged juices increases the chances of increasing your weight by 65%. Products marked “dietary” are also prohibited, as this is just a marketing ploy. Moreover, sugar substitutes used in diet drinks stimulate appetite and provoke overeating. To safely switch from soda to clean water, you can first add a leaf of mint, a slice of lemon or a slice of cucumber to the last.

Attention to detail.

Large supermarkets place food spiced with sugar, trans fats and salt in the places most noticeable to the human eye. Not only the colorful packaging makes it attractive, but also the promise of quick saturation. To avoid the temptations and the associated weight gain, it is better to bypass the shelves in the line of sight.According to the same principle, order should be organized in the refrigerator: the first thing to look at is healthy food, that is, fruits and vegetables.

In any situation ... we brush our teeth.

Brushing your teeth is a simple and effective way to make any diet easier and more effective. What is a mouthwash? But this is a signal to the body about the end of the process of food absorption. Toothbrush has a tremendous psychological and physiological effect on the body, as it helps to stop the desire to chew.

Short-term and strict diets or long-term, but balanced?

The choice of diet depends on what result you want to achieve. If the goal is to lose 2-3 kg in the shortest possible time, you should choose a strict diet with maximum restrictions. Such diets last for several days, during which you can lose up to 5 kg and achieve a flat stomach.

When nutrition is sharply limited, the body experiences severe stress, and this extremely negatively affects the condition and functioning of internal organs. The first 1-2 days to replenish energy costs, the body, without receiving energy from food, will digest the cells of the subcutaneous fat layer, due to which weight loss occurs.

But if a strict diet lasts a long time, the body will save subcutaneous fat in order to save energy for further work.

Diets recommended by nutritionists imply a balanced diet that is maintained for more than a week, depending on how much weight you need to lose.

The disadvantage of long diets is that you should not expect a quick result from them, the weight will go away quite slowly.
The probability that the lost weight will return again is practically absent provided that the person changes his lifestyle and subsequently eats properly. In addition, subject to long diets - about 3 months, you can lose weight not by 3-4 kg, but by 20 kg.

Diet of Kim Protasov, or Protasovka

This is one of the effective and proven over the years diets, which not only allows you to lose weight, but also has a lot of advantages. After the “Brawl” it’s easy to switch to proper nutrition, weight will continue to decline, views on food and tastes will change. On this system, a lot of raw vegetables are used, which leads to colon cleansing, skin condition improves, water is removed from the body.

The essence of the diet of Kim Protasov:

  1. For the first 2 weeks, 1,400 g of raw vegetables, 3 green apples, 1 egg and 600 g of fermented milk products, close to 5% fat, are consumed daily.
  2. From 3 to 5 weeks, instead of 300 g of dairy products, the same amount of meat, poultry, fish or seafood is used. Gentle cooking methods without oil are selected.
  3. Throughout the diet, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water, which will enhance the effect of vegetable fiber, help cleanse the body, reduce weight.
  4. The brawl lasts 5 weeks, but nutritionists recommend making a "way out", which in duration will be equal to the diet itself. Every week new products are added: cereals, broths, dried fruits, boiled vegetables. In these 5 weeks, weight loss continues.

In total, from a diet you can lose from 5 to 15 kg. It all depends on the initial data. The volumes go very well. You can not use the technique more often than 1 time in 6 months, it is better to take an annual break so that the body has time to recover.

Contraindications: gastrointestinal tract diseases, pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding.

Interesting: Kim Protasov is a fictitious name, and such a nutritionist does not exist. This pseudonym was taken by a journalist from a magazine in the 90s of the last century, who published the methodology still popular.

The unexpected effects of losing weight

Thrown off 5-10% of body weight with excess weight reduces the risk of exacerbation of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and improves overall health.

Consider the 14 changes that occur in a person’s life after getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.

  1. Surge of energy. After losing weight, you will become more mobile, catching up with a departing bus or climbing stairs will become easier.
  2. Memory improvement. Brain activity will increase, the amount of stored information will become more.
  3. Increased sex drive, you will feel sexier. In the course of research, American scientists concluded that the loss of 30 kilograms of one of the partners improves family relationships.
  4. Reducing the dangerous risk of developing oncology. Overweight causes inflammatory reactions in the body, changes in body cells. Losing weight by at least 5% reduces the risk of cancer.
  5. Recovery of psychoemotional balance.
  6. Change in taste buds.
  7. Strengthening bones, joints by reducing the load on them.
  8. Reduce health costs by an average of 42%. This is due to the fact that obese people are more likely to have chronic diseases that require constant treatment.
  9. Career. According to statistics, it is 5 times easier for slender people to find a new job and increase income than full. Especially this pattern applies to women.
  10. Reduced need for medication. Losing weight lowers blood cholesterol. As a result, the need for taking funds from high blood pressure will decrease. Maintaining a normal weight prevents the development of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, digestive tract, thyroid gland. Interestingly, after weight loss, less worried about heartburn and asthma.
  11. Sagging skin. If during weight loss you restrict yourself only to dieting, ignore sports, massage, the result of weight loss can be very disappointing. Sagging skin on problem areas (abdomen, hips, buttocks, arms) is an unpleasant painful sight for every woman. To eliminate it, you need to resort to tightening procedures or begin to regularly visit the pool, massage therapist, cosmetologist.
  12. Sleep improvement. Dropping extra pounds “releases” a person’s upper respiratory tract from the soft tissues that blocked them. As a result, sleep gets better and is 22 minutes longer.
  13. Increased chance of getting pregnant. Remember, fullness can cause polycystic ovary and infertility. These effective diets will help to deal with unwanted weight, restore the work of internal organs, increase the likelihood of conception and bearing a healthy child.
  14. Vision improvement. Do not forget that overweight increases the risk of developing diabetes, which adversely affects the condition of the eyes. According to studies at the University of Georgia, completeness reduces the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in the retina, which causes degenerative age-related changes.

Losing weight favorably affects the human body: the hormonal background is normalized, immunity increases, working capacity increases, erection problems disappear, and the load on the joints / blood vessels / heart decreases. As a result, life brings more joy.

The easiest diet

The easiest way to lose weight is to get rid of bad eating habits. Daily giving preference only to wholesome food, you can achieve stunning results. A number of other rules are recommended for compliance:

  1. To eat until 18:00. Everything that enters the body after is automatically stored in the form of fat reserves.
  2. Organize four meals a day. When food comes often in small portions, the body is much easier to cope with its digestion and assimilation of nutrients. The optimal interval between meals is 3-3.5 hours.
  3. Sit at the table only when you feel hungry. At the same time, it is a mistake to lean on food as soon as the stomach responds with rumbling. Perhaps he is corny thirsty. And in this case, it is enough to drink a glass of water.
  4. Do not overeat. If you feel full, it is better to leave the food plate, even if the portion seems small.
  5. Cooking in healthy ways. This means frying foods in vegetable or butter is prohibited.Cooking, stewing, steaming will help preserve the beneficial properties of the products.
  6. Normalize drinking regimen. Drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day.

For painless weight loss from the diet, it is recommended to exclude all cereals, except oat, buckwheat and pearl barley. Ban bananas and grapes. Alcohol and foods that stimulate appetite (primarily spicy foods) should be forgotten.

TOP 5 most effective diets

The simplest and fastest way to lose a few pounds at home is mono-diets. They have several drawbacks: the uniformity of dishes, causing a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, the rapid return of lost kilograms, the need to consult a doctor. And yet they are among the most effective diets for express weight loss.

10 most effective diets for quick weight loss

The best diets for quick weight loss. There are many diets for weight loss, but not all of them help not only to quickly lose weight, but also to do it without harm to the body. Nutritionists identify 10 effective diets for fast weight loss, having different principles:

  • for 10 days,
  • onion soup
  • Japanese
  • English
  • cleansing
  • for the lazy
  • vegetarian
  • water
  • cabbage
  • potato.

How to lose weight fast: the most effective and fastest diets

When choosing diets for quick weight loss, be guided by the following rules:

  • 1 Choose the diet whose main product is available to you, because most fast and effective diets are mono-diets that are built on one component,
  • 2 You should like the foods in your effective diet, otherwise dieting is akin to torture,
  • 3 For a more comfortable and quick weight loss, choose a diet in which all dishes are easy to prepare, so as to be less in the kitchen and not be tempted to eat.

Of the well-proven diets for quick weight loss, you can pay attention to:

  • all kinds of mono-diets,
  • various variations of the kefir diet,
  • one or another diet of celebrities, for example, the Hollywood diet or the diet of Larisa Dolina,
  • the protein diet that is popular today (as well as its variations - the Ducane diet, the Kremlin diet, the low-carb diet),
  • the egg diet, which has recently firmly established itself as one of the most effective diets for those who are not inclined to wait a long time for a visible result.

Diet for the lazy

This is the most effective, safe diet that has become popular just recently. The fact that you can not drink after eating, many people know. The liquid dilutes the gastric juice, inhibits digestion, and interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Why not take advantage of this information! With the right approach to drinking fluid, the weight will go away quickly, without any effort and harm to the body.

  1. All water is drunk before meals. 20 minutes before the main meal and immediately after waking up, 400 ml of liquid is required.
  2. After eating, by the rules, you should not drink for 2 hours or at least an hour if light meals were used. During this time, they must be digested.
  3. For effective weight loss, it is advisable to exclude high-calorie, fatty, sweet foods and not eat 3 hours before bedtime.

The trick is not only in the accelerated digestion of food. Water fills the stomach, the portions are involuntarily reduced, which reduces the daily caloric value. It also becomes impossible to use salty, sweet dishes, as it will be difficult to stand 2 hours without drinking. For the duration of the diet, you should forget about a cup of coffee with candy or cake. Supplement can be eaten only after a certain time.


The benefits of losing weight are beauty, self-confidence, increased life expectancy, a healthy body, emotional stability.

Effective diets for 7 days (buckwheat, kefir) are suitable for dropping 1 - 3 kilograms; for eliminating 4 - 10 kilograms, pay attention to techniques lasting from 2 weeks to a month (Japanese, protein, "6 petals", "lazy"). If the excess weight has reached the mark of 20 kilograms and above, it is recommended to use the "protein" programs of Dukan, Malysheva, Maggi, Protasov or the "Kremlin". They are designed for a systematic decrease in body weight over 2-6 months.

So that after the end of the diet, excess weight does not come back, monitor the state of the figure in terms of volume. They should not increase. Take fish oil to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract, which arise due to the scarcity of the diet for triglycerides. Keep an eye on a dream, the sleepy person is inclined to overeating. Move more, drink plenty of water, eat protein foods, increase self-esteem.

Remember, a day you can lose from 70 to 150 grams of fat. Food is not the main pleasure in life. Communication, walks and hobbies are much more interesting than a dense meal. This setting will help to tune in a positive way and stick to proper nutrition will become easier. Lose weight wisely and enjoy life!

We are waiting for your feedback which of the diets helped to cope with overweight and gain health!

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  3. Emergency conditions.
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The main thing is to maintain your weight after diets, because after restrictions there is usually a quick set

Kim Protasov

Suitable for those who love vegetables and can easily do without meat. The diet compiled by Protasov is designed for 5 weeks. It is built on raw vegetables with a little added fermented milk products. The menu looks something like this:

  • breakfast: unsweetened coffee, low-fat yogurt, apple,
  • lunch: cucumbers with cottage cheese,
  • lunch: tea, apple, salad with grated cheese,
  • afternoon tea: carrots, lettuce, apple,
  • dinner: boiled egg, tomatoes with herbs and kefir.

Fast Weight Loss Mode

The duration and diet of the diet is determined independently. Based on the proposed options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You just need to choose the best for yourself and start losing weight.

  • Apple, granola or oatmeal with fresh berries. Coffee with a minimum amount of sugar.
  • An apple, a mix of fruits (bananas are prohibited) with the addition of several tablespoons of a non-fat fermented milk product, linden or chamomile tea.
  • Apple, low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of fruits (except banana) and lemon juice.

Lunch (use small portions - about 200 ml or 100 g):

  • chicken broth, a slice of whole grain bread,
  • vegetable soup (zucchini, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, green peas).

  • fish stew
  • lean meat
  • boiled egg.

  • stewed carrots with garlic and lemon juice
  • vegetable stew,
  • stewed broccoli with lemon juice.

A few hours after lunch, you need to drink a glass of mineral water without gas.

After an hour, you should drink a glass of clean water.

  • one kiwi or orange,
  • a glass of low-fat kefir.

For best results, it is important to organize your last meal 4 hours before bedtime. Before you go to bed is allowed to drink a glass of water.

There is no special way out of the program, since the diet does not impose strict restrictions on nutrition. On the contrary, adhering to this regime, you can transfer the love of everything harmful to healthy dishes.Not only the figure will benefit from this, but the organism as a whole.

Diet for 10 days

The menu is diverse in comparison with other types of diet food. Nevertheless, the diet is strict, therefore it is difficult to tolerate, especially if it is observed for the first time.

Only one product in the prescribed amount must be consumed each day. The menu for 10 days is as follows:

  • The first - 4 boiled eggs.
  • The second is 400 g of boiled fish.
  • The third is 400 g of chicken breast.
  • Fourth - 5 potato tubers (boiled).
  • Fifth - 400 g of veal.
  • Sixth - fruits in any quantity.
  • Seventh - 400 g of vegetables.
  • Eighth - 500 g of cottage cheese.
  • Ninth - 1 liter of kefir.
  • Tenth - 2 l of a rosehip broth.

Any spices are prohibited. Be sure to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. For filling vegetable salads, only lemon juice can be used. If you do not deviate from the menu, you can lose 10 kg in 10 days.

Buckwheat diet

Another most effective diet, the duration of which can be adjusted independently, but taking into account the basic rules. The basis of the diet is buckwheat porridge, cooked in water without salt or with a minimum amount. The main product is affordable, useful, helps to cleanse the body, saturates well, suppresses hunger. But you need to choose this system only to those people who really love buckwheat.

  1. System for 1-3 days. In fact, this is an unloading diet. Throughout the time, porridge without salt is used. The body gets rid of excess fluid, volumes are reduced, the intestines are cleaned, stool is normalized.
  2. Weekly diet. There are many options. You can add green apples, kefir, fresh vegetables with a low starch content to buckwheat. This system is easier to carry.
  3. Buckwheat diet for 14 days. In addition to cleansing and removing excess fluid, this system reduces the amount of fat in the body. Vegetables are added to porridge along with dairy products and apples, in some cases chicken breast is found.

Weight loss directly depends on the duration of the chosen method. You won’t be able to get rid of excess fat in 1-3 days, only water will leave, but this can be a good start for losing weight or checking if the system is suitable. For 2 weeks, it is easy to lose 4-7 kg. With a competent return to normal nutrition, they will not go back.

Contraindications: pregnancy, gastrointestinal diseases, vitamin deficiency, intolerance to the main product.

Simple action program

Eating strictly on time and counting calories is not necessary. It is enough to take 2 liters of clean water per day and adhere to two menu items - normal and discharge. Weight loss occurs due to the lack of carbohydrates in the diet, while fatty foods and salty foods remain. Ketchup and mayonnaise are strictly contraindicated.

Normal Day Menu:

  • Breakfast: soft-boiled eggs (2 pcs.), Cucumber and celery salad.
  • Lunch: fried skinless chicken leg, a slice of ham, cabbage salad.
  • Snack: a slice of cheese, a handful of nuts.
  • Dinner: stew (200 g), scrambled eggs with tomato.
  • Before going to bed: kefir, cottage cheese of medium fat content.

Fasting day menu:

  • Breakfast: baked chicken, rice, fruit and vegetable smoothie.
  • Lunch: pasta with cheese, a mix of vegetables, juice.
  • Dinner: buckwheat, boiled fish, yogurt.
  • Before going to bed: orange, low-fat cottage cheese.

Days need to be alternated. In a week, it will be possible to throw at least 3 kg. If desired, the program can be used for a month. There is no special way out of the diet, as it is diverse and balanced.

Diet onion soup

This method of losing weight is designed for a week. To prepare 3 liters of soup, you will need the following ingredients:

  • onion - 6 pcs.,
  • cabbage - 1 small
  • tomatoes - 2 pcs.,
  • bell pepper - 2 pcs.,
  • celery - 1 bunch.

Salt and other spices must not be added. This is an effective method of losing weight, helping to lose 10 kg in a week. In addition to soup, the use of raw vegetables and fruits is allowed.

How to lose weight effectively: tips and sample menus

Among the great variety of diets, there are the fastest and most effective express diets that are designed specifically for fast weight loss. They last up to 5 days. At this time, the amount of food is greatly reduced and dinner is completely absent. It can also be mono-diets, which are built on one product. For example, kefir, juice, or a specific fruit. The express diet menu may look like this:

  • breakfast: chicken egg, unsweetened tea,
  • lunch until 12 noon: low-fat cottage cheese with kefir,
  • dinner: steamed fish (about 150g) with a salad of vegetables seasoned with lemon juice, but without oil,
  • dinner: unsweetened tea.

There is also such a form of the fastest and most effective diet for quick weight loss as fasting days. For a three-day unloading period, you can lose up to 4 kilograms.

Ducan's diet

One of the popular protein diets, which in a short time helps to lose a huge amount of weight. This system is suitable only for absolutely healthy people who are ready to follow all the requirements and not deviate from the rules. The technique is based on biochemical processes in the body. Any minor violation can reduce effectiveness, slow down weight loss, and harm.

There are 4 stages in the system with a well-defined sequence and duration. All calculations can be made on the official website. A mandatory ingredient in the diet throughout the diet is oat bran. From the second stage, you can add wheat and rye fiber, but according to the allowed standards.

The essence of the stages of the Ducan diet:

  1. Attack. A short stage lasting up to 7 days, calculated individually. The diet is based on 72 protein products. This stage is designed for fluid loss and increased motivation, it can take up to 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight.
  2. Alternation. The main stage of the diet at which fat burning occurs. 28 types of vegetables without starch are added to proteins, days alternate. The duration of this period can be from several weeks to a year or even more until the desired weight is obtained.
  3. Fastening. Bread, fruits, cheese are added to the main diet. This period allows you to switch to a normal diet. Duration is determined by the formula: 10 days per 1 kg of weight.
  4. Stabilization. One day a week - protein Thursday. The ration of the first stage is observed. Additionally bran is used daily.

Throughout the diet, you need to drink vitamins. It is allowed to use sugar substitutes with a natural or synthetic composition. You can’t eat any fruits, all dairy products must be low fat, like meat. This is one of the few diets that allows you to use sausages, crab sticks, canned food, but all products must meet the dietary requirements, not contain forbidden spices, sugar, exceed a certain fat content threshold.

Important! There are many subtleties and nuances in the diet, the system requires careful study. Pierre Ducant strongly recommends reading his book, which will bring clarity. You can also familiarize yourself with the system on the official website.

Contraindications: any chronic diseases of organs and systems, periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, lactose intolerance, hormonal disruptions, children's and old age. This diet requires a mandatory consultation with a doctor.

1600 kcal daily diet

The diet is designed taking into account the daily needs of the body for nutrients. Her secret is in strict observance of the balance between the energy coming from the food and the consumed. In this case, the weight decreases quickly and naturally due to the cleansing of the body.

The 1600 kcal diet menu contains the required amount of carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, which helps to lose weight and maintain physical activity.

To use are allowed:

  • dairy,
  • cereals (rice, wheat, buckwheat),
  • fresh fruits, including banana,
  • dried fruits,
  • meat (turkey, beef, chicken),
  • fish,
  • vegetables, including potatoes,
  • whole wheat bread.

Menu for 7 days

  • Zk: millet porridge in milk with honey, a green apple, a handful of dried fruits, green tea.
  • Ps: kefir, a slice of cheese, a slice of whole grain bread.
  • Od: cabbage soup, 2 slices of whole grain bread, cucumber salad with yogurt, green tea.
  • Ps: a handful of dried apricots, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • U-n: pepper stuffed with rice and chicken, tomato salad.

  • Zk: milk buckwheat porridge, a slice of cheese, cucumber, herbal tea.
  • Ps: fruit salad with yogurt.
  • Od: beetroot, rice with chicken breast, compote without sugar.
  • Ps: green apple, low-fat fermented baked milk.
  • U-n: tomato and cucumber salad with a spoon of vegetable oil.

  • Zk: milk Hercules porridge with honey, apple, tea.
  • PS: kefir and banana.
  • Od: turkey fillet, bell pepper and tomato mix, buckwheat, a slice of whole grain bread, a glass of tomato juice.
  • PS: light salad with vegetable oil.
  • U-n: fish with vegetables.

  • C: cornflakes with honey and milk, an apple.
  • Ps: dried fruits and cottage cheese.
  • Od: pepper stuffed with beef and potatoes, diet salad with cucumber, tea.
  • Ps: banana and ryazhenka.
  • U-n: fish stew with vegetables, herbal broth.

  • ZK: milk rice porridge with raisins, tomato juice, a slice of whole grain bread.
  • Ps: apple baked with honey.
  • Od: diet soup, a slice of bread, a mix of cucumbers and tomatoes, hot water.
  • Ps: a slice of cheese and kefir.
  • U-n: vegetable salad, boiled salmon.

  • Zk: milk with dried fruits, a slice of cheese, a slice of whole grain bread, herbal tea.
  • Ps: banana.
  • Od: chicken broth with potatoes, 2 slices of bread, cabbage and carrot salad, boiled egg.
  • Ps: a handful of dried fruits.
  • U-n: cucumber, baked fish.

  • Zk: a slice of cheese, a slice of whole grain bread, kefir.
  • Ps: cottage cheese with carrots and yogurt.
  • Od: turkey stew with rice and cabbage, tomato juice.
  • Ps: fruit sliced.
  • U-n: fermented baked milk and dried fruits.

On the eighth day, do not pounce on junk food. The proposed diet can be slightly modified by adding your favorite foods in limited quantities. You can start adding honey to tea. A cup of morning coffee is allowed.

2 effective diets for a week: try, but do not mix!

As a diet for quick weight loss, you can try an effective potato diet - for a week you will only eat potatoes cooked in their skins without adding spices. Lose weight in this diet can be 2-3 pounds.

There is also a diet for quick weight loss on bananas and milk, which is also considered very, very effective. It also lasts up to 7 days, you can lose weight by an average of 3 kilograms. The daily diet consists of two bananas and milk in the amount of 3 glasses.

Both of these diets are effective enough to lose weight and reduce volume, but it’s quite difficult to follow them in reality - because no matter how you like boiled potatoes without a hint of spices or salt, or bananas, few people will find these products for 7 days in a row “ feast of the belly. "

An example of an effective diet for quick weight loss

It is believed that one of the most effective diets for rapid weight loss is the so-called "carbohydrate-free diet mannequins." For three days on such a diet, you can lose up to 5 kilograms, depending on metabolism and weight. The menu is as follows:

  • breakfast: an egg in a bag
  • after 3 hours: 150g low-fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea,
  • after another 3 hours: repeat the meal with cottage cheese and tea,

This diet is very reminiscent of a low-carb diet, or rather, it is a more stringent version of it, since there are no carbohydrates in the diet of fashion models, and the amount of protein is also reduced. A lighter version of a low-carb diet, which is also considered the fastest and most effective, looks like this:

  • breakfast: 30 g of non-fat hard cheese, a slice of rye bread, unsweetened green tea,
  • dinner: boiled beans, a slice of rye bread, 200 g low-fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea,
  • dinner: 100g steamed chicken breast, 1 cucumber and 1 tomato, unsweetened green tea.

A wide variety of diets makes it difficult to choose the fastest and most effective method for losing weight. Often, nutritionists are advised to choose not one specific diet, but a series of one-day (sometimes three-day) mono-diets. According to this principle, for example, a diet of 6 petals and a diet of Margarita Koroleva are built. But, before you go on any of the fastest and best diets, you need to consult a doctor for contraindications. It is also important to remember that the exit from any diet should be smooth, otherwise all the kilograms lost will return very quickly.

You may not find our list of effective diets complete. Then it makes sense to you to add to it the most tender pumpkin diet, a satisfying and easily tolerated chicken diet and, to some extent, even a curd diet useful for the body. Now you definitely have plenty to choose from! And also do not forget to add slimming tea to the diet - it will not only invigorate and speed up the metabolism, but will also make any diet much more effective.

However, it should be strictly remembered - even if you were able to choose an effective diet for losing weight, and stayed on it just enough to achieve the desired result, this still does not guarantee you the final victory over extra pounds. It is imperative to maintain weight!

And for this, the system of proper balanced nutrition is the best suited, eliminating the consumption of convenience foods and fast food, sweet soda, flour products, etc. Weight is considered stable if it does not undergo drastic changes within 6-7 months.

And finally, do not forget that no, even the most effective diet for weight loss, will not give you such strong and stable weight control as a healthy lifestyle, the right eating habits (and by no means addictions!) And moderate food intake.


Eating protein-rich foods helps to quickly saturate and restore strength. Carbohydrate products and those containing fat are excluded, due to which the body begins to expend its own energy reserves.

The advantages of the technique are obvious:

  • fast saturation
  • varied diet
  • no need to count calories,
  • high efficiency,
  • saving weight in the long run.

  • refusal of sweets,
  • abstinence from fatty foods,
  • lack of vitamins and minerals.


Protein weight loss program is simple, but considered one of the most dangerous. You can avoid the consequences by following the rules of the diet:

  1. Drink enough clean water - at least 2 liters per day.
  2. Take a vitamin and mineral complex.

The following products are allowed:

  • lean fish
  • skinless lean meat
  • seafood,
  • offal,
  • egg whites
  • skim dairy products,
  • whole wheat bread,
  • cereals
  • fruit,
  • vegetables.

  • semi-finished products
  • canned food
  • bakery products,
  • sweets,
  • fatty dairy products,
  • sugar and its substitutes,
  • starchy vegetables
  • packaged juices, carbonated drinks.

Food can be boiled, baked, stewed. Do not fry. The ban applies to the use of vegetable oil, sauces and mayonnaise.

Before you “sit down” on a simple protein diet, you need to prepare the body. A few days before the start, it is recommended to clear the diet of too high-calorie foods. An ideal dish to eat is detox soup.

Weekly ration

  • Breakfast: a cup of tea without sugar.
  • Snack: boiled beef (no more than 120 grams).
  • Lunch: steam fish 170 grams, rice 110 grams.
  • Afternoon snack: half a green apple.
  • Dinner: a mix of cabbage, celery and green peas.
  • Before going to bed: freshly squeezed juice from apples and carrots.

  • Breakfast: kefir of low fat content (no more than a glass).
  • Snack: rice porridge on the water (serving about 220 g).
  • Lunch: baked beef 150-170 grams.
  • Snack: apple.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad (no more than 220 g).
  • Before going to bed: home-made apple juice.

  • Breakfast: unsweetened herbal broth.
  • Snack: several slices of whole grain bread, proteins of two boiled eggs.
  • Lunch: low-fat beef meat and rice (120 g each).
  • Snack: a few kiwi.
  • Dinner: boiled brown rice and steam fish (portion of about 200 g).
  • Before going to bed: orange juice.

  • Breakfast: unsweetened green tea.
  • Snack: fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: boiled chicken breast 150 g, sliced ​​cucumbers, carrots and cabbage.
  • Afternoon snack: half an apple.
  • Dinner: salad of tomato and herbs (not more than 180 g).
  • Before going to bed: tomato juice without salt.

  • Breakfast: unsweetened broth of wild rose.
  • Snack: boiled beef 100 grams.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup.
  • Snack: boiled brown rice (portion about 170 g).
  • Dinner: carrot and cabbage salad, boiled veal or chicken breast 100 grams.
  • Before going to bed: orange-apple juice.

  • Breakfast: unsweetened green tea.
  • Snack: cracker and boiled meat 70 grams.
  • Lunch: boiled rice and vegetable slices (100 and 150 grams).
  • Snack: a salad of white cabbage, cucumber and carrots 120 grams.
  • Dinner: boiled chicken (150 g portion).
  • Before going to bed: fermented milk product.

  • Breakfast: cracker, a cup of milk.
  • Snack: carrot salad 100 grams.
  • Lunch: baked fish (170 g portion), two boiled potatoes.
  • Snack: vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: boiled or stewed lamb (100-120 g).
  • Before going to bed: kefir.


If you follow the correct regime for all seven days, weight gain after losing weight will not occur. New foods should be introduced with caution, not forgetting the serving sizes. A significant limitation of sweet and flour is welcome. The diet should be rich in dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits, lean meat.


  1. Cardiovascular pathology.
  2. Violations of the liver and kidneys.
  3. Joint diseases.
  4. Pathology of the digestive system.
  5. Pregnancy and lactation.
  6. Elderly age.

Kefir diet

This diet will help to lose weight very quickly, it is used by many famous people. In just a week you can get rid of 5 kg. But there are also various other options that differ in duration. You can always try on a diet by making a fasting day on kefir.

The essence of the kefir diet:

  1. The basis of the diet is kefir of low or medium fat content, but not more than 2%. From 1 to 2 liters should be consumed per day.
  2. The food is fractional, you can’t drink 0.5 liters of fermented milk product at a time, it is advisable to drink a glass every 2-2.5 hours.
  3. It is important to drink water, since kefir has a diuretic effect, removes excess fluid, the reserves of which need to be replenished.

In addition to the classic kefir diet, there are other options with the addition of apples, cottage cheese, buckwheat, vegetables or various fruits. All of them have their own rules, differ in duration. Long-term systems include more foods in the diet than brief techniques for up to 5-7 days.

Contraindications: increased acidity of the stomach and any diseases of the digestive system, rickets, rheumatism, gout, intolerance to kefir, childhood, pregnancy and lactation.

Japanese diet

Designed for 2 weeks. List of allowed products:

  • seafood,
  • eggs
  • lean fish and meat,
  • vegetables and fruits,
  • cottage cheese.

Approximate diet for 1 day:

  • breakfast: a cup of coffee without sugar,
  • lunch - stewed cabbage, 2 boiled eggs, a glass of tomato juice,
  • dinner is a small piece of boiled fish or lean meat.

Between the main meals are allowed snacks in the form of vegetables, fruits, juices. In addition to losing 10 kg or more, such a diet will help cleanse the intestines.

Video: Elena Malysheva: how to lose weight in 1 week

If you change the diet to a healthy diet, increase the consumption of food rich in slow (complex) carbohydrates, plant fibers, nuts, gastrointestinal discomfort may occur: flatulence (bloating). This is due to the fact that cereals, legumes, vegetables - the basis of a healthy diet - are rich in hard-to-digest oligosaccharides.In order to eliminate discomfort without giving up proper nutrition, you can supplement the intake of such products with Orlix®. It contains alpha galactosidase, an enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates to the lungs to absorb monosaccharides. The dosage depends on the amount of food consumed, making it easy to normalize digestion both during a snack and during a main meal.

English diet:

Designed for 3 weeks, the basis of the menu is fresh vegetables and fruits.

Such diets are called summer diets. They help to lose weight and saturate the body with vitamins. The result is 15 kg weight loss. The first 2 days you can use only milk, up to 2 liters and 2 pieces of bread. The remaining 19 days have the following menu:

  • morning - 2 apples
  • lunch - vegetable soup,
  • afternoon tea - any fruit,
  • dinner - sliced ​​vegetables.

Such a diet has contraindications - the presence of diseases of the digestive tract.


A diet without undesirable health effects, simple and without exotic foods, is an oatmeal. It positively affects the figure and well-being, heals the body as a whole.

As part of oats, fiber is used to cleanse the body. It also contains a multivitamin complex that increases immunity and improves the functioning of the endocrine system. Oatmeal fights bad cholesterol, restores intestinal microflora, and triggers metabolic processes. All this leads to weight loss.

Oatmeal regimen:

  • diverse
  • does not require strict restrictions,
  • supplies the body with nutrients
  • suitable for people with gastrointestinal pathologies.

Three day ration

It is called unloading. For 3 days, the balance in the body is restored, cleansing from toxins and toxins occurs. The diet is carried forward, despite the meager menu, is very simple. For breakfast, lunch and dinner it is allowed to eat oatmeal in any form - porridge, cereal, home-made cookies. From the liquid you can drink tea and water.

For seven days

  • Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal, a glass of skim milk, a handful of raisins.
  • Snack: smoothies from blueberries, currants and raspberries.
  • Lunch: oatmeal, banana, yogurt.
  • Snack: a portion of raw vegetables.
  • Dinner: steamed chicken breast (100 g), green salad, a portion of oatmeal, kefir.

  • Breakfast: a portion of porridge, a sour-milk drink, a slice of cheese, a teaspoon of flax seeds.
  • Snack: a portion of oatmeal, a handful of dried apricots, compote.
  • Lunch: boiled fish (100 g), a mix of carrots and cabbage, a slice of whole grain bread, tea.
  • Snack: apple.
  • Dinner: steamed chicken, oatmeal, fresh orange.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal, juice from apple and carrots.
  • Snack: portion of low fat cottage cheese, boil.
  • Lunch: stewed chicken breast with vegetables, a slice of cheese, oatmeal, coffee with milk.
  • Snack: Kiwi.
  • Dinner: chicken leg, oatmeal with grated cheese, spinach and cucumber salad.

The fourth day repeats the first, fifth - the second, sixth - the third. The 7th day provides such food:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with a slice of whole grain bread, juice from apples.
  • Snack: a handful of dried fruits or nuts, cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: pasta, chicken breast, green vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
  • Snack: cottage cheese and tea.
  • Dinner: oatmeal with prunes, a sour-milk drink.


The week after the weight loss program should remain dietary. The food is light, the portions are modest. The amount of sugar and salt continues to be limited. Fatty foods and spicy foods are not recommended. You need to consume more fruits and vegetables, introduce soup on a weak broth into the diet. Flour is allowed only in the 2nd week (previously only biscuit cookies). If you feel hungry, you should drink sour-milk drinks of medium% fat content.


  1. Renal failure.
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Individual intolerance.
  4. Pregnancy and lactation.

The secrets of an easy diet

Any diet will be tolerated easier and more interesting if you find an approach to it. The key to success is a thorough study of the rules and menus.Of great importance is motivation. If it is and is really strong, the feeling of hunger will recede, the temptation to break the diet will not be, the kilograms will leave quickly, easily and forever.

Helpers and Secrets:

  1. Water. If you want to eat, drink water. Many people have heard this, but use units. It is the liquid that helps to cope with hunger, accelerates and facilitates weight loss.
  2. Vitamins They are needed not only to preserve beauty and health, but also to eliminate hunger. If something in the body is missing, he will ask for food.
  3. Traffic. This is an easy way to get rid of hunger or eat something forbidden. At the first desire to “sin” you need to do squats at least 50 times. Or jump 5 minutes on a rope.

Nutritionists consider cleansing Enterosgel a modern sorbent a necessary step in any weight loss program. It actively absorbs only harmful toxins and toxins, which enter the blood in abundance during the breakdown of body fat. It is these toxins that provoke nausea, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, stool disorders, dullness of the skin, the appearance of acne and spots on it, characteristic of the diet. This sorbent fills the stomach well, thereby creating a feeling of satiety, absorbs excess gastric juice and enzymes, neutralizing their irritating effect on the walls of the stomach. Let's admit it to take long courses, unlike other sorbents.

The path to harmony can be difficult or easy. Man himself determines his path, a lot depends only on us.

1. There are contraindications. It is necessary to read the instructions or consult a specialist.

On the water

The regimen is among the most effective and easiest to lose weight. In a week, you can become lighter by 3-5 kg, especially without straining. The diet conditions are simple:

  1. 20 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of non-carbonated water.
  2. Do not drink water for two hours after eating.

Water should not be drunk in one gulp, but in small sips, as if stretching pleasure.

It is allowed to eat in the usual way, slightly reducing portions and eliminating sweet and starchy foods. You can use the special menu, sitting on which there is a chance to improve the results:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, a slice of rye bread, fruit sliced.
  • Lunch: stewed chicken fillet, vegetable salad, a slice of whole grain bread.
  • Dinner: baked fish, durum wheat pasta, vegetable salad with the addition of low-fat yogurt, apple.

As a snack, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits are suitable.

A special way out of the diet is not required due to the lack of strict food restrictions. The main thing is to gradually reduce the amount of water consumed, bringing it to the usual norm. The mode is very useful for the body, which determines its advantages:

  1. Water removes toxins from the body, stimulates metabolic processes, and renews body fluids.
  2. Drinking water before meals contributes to the secretion of gastric juice, which best affects the process of digestion of food.
  3. Thanks to water, the body gets used to smaller portions of food.
  4. Drinking water before meals significantly speeds up the metabolism. Fat simply has no chance to be deposited in problem areas.

Contraindications to the diet are minimal:

  • renal pathology,
  • violations in the digestive tract,
  • liver problems.

5 day effective diet

"Ladder" - a technique for reducing weight by 3-8 kg in 5 days. It is based on five levels of nutrition, equal to 5 days of the week:

  1. Cleansing day: fasting with regular use of clean water.
  2. Recovery: you can eat dairy products.
  3. Energy: you need to please the body with glucose using raisins, honey and other natural products.
  4. Construction: at this stage we eat protein.
  5. Fat-burning: you need fiber, which saturates and satisfies the feeling of hunger.

With honey

Honey is a “pantry” of beneficial properties and an excellent alternative to sugar. A big plus of the honey regime for the lazy is the lack of tasteless food. You don’t have to refuse sweets either.You can adhere to the system from 3 to 7 days. Everything rests on the original weight.

Honey must be of high quality. An ideal choice - obtained when collecting from different colors. Buying a product is better on the market "with hands." Such honey is considered the most natural and beneficial.

The rules of the honey regime:

  1. Exclude fatty, fried, flour and sweet (except honey).
  2. In the morning on an empty stomach and an hour before bedtime, drink a glass of warm water with a spoon of honey and a slice of lemon.
  3. Before each meal, eat a teaspoon of honey.

  • First breakfast: apple, low-fat cottage cheese with a spoon of honey, tea with lemon.
  • Breakfast: a glass of fruit and vegetable fresh, yogurt without additives.
  • Lunch: steam broccoli, apple, tea with honey.
  • Snack: orange or apple.
  • Dinner: kefir with a spoon of honey or vegetable broth and honey.

The honey diet is low in calories (about 1200 kcal per day), so it is dangerous to follow it for more than a week. On day 8, you can include whole grain bread, hard cheese, and oatmeal on the menu. Gradually, lean meat and fish should be introduced into the diet.

The most effective diet for the week

The easiest way to reduce weight in a week with a diet of one buckwheat porridge and kefir. Yes, it turns out monotonously, but you lose up to 5 kg. Buckwheat needs to be prepared in the same way as for the buckwheat method: steamed, not cooked. On the day we drink up to 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir.

Water diet

It means fractional nutrition, rejection of fatty and fried foods, bakery products. The main principle is drinking water according to the schedule - half an hour after morning waking up, 30 minutes before meals and half an hour after it.

You can not drink food. For 10 days you can lose weight by 7 kg or more if you play sports.

On apple cider vinegar

Notable for its simplicity of execution, the regime is also popular for a reason: its observance frees one from the need to change the usual way of life. The effectiveness of vinegar weight loss is compared with intensive training in the gym and strict fasting days. The restrictions are minimal: the rejection of junk food, that is, fatty, fried and alcohol. You can stick to weight loss on vinegar for 3 days or more, adjusting your diet yourself.

As such, an acetic diet does not exist. By it you need to understand the inclusion in the diet of natural apple cider vinegar, which reduces weight and improves skin condition.

Real apple cider vinegar is credited with many useful properties:

  • reduces appetite
  • normalizes metabolic processes,
  • improves metabolism
  • speeds up the digestion of food.

Without a "fly in the ointment" is also not complete. Apple cider vinegar is an acid, weight loss with which is strictly prohibited in diseases of the digestive tract and digestive system.

Important! Acetic acid negatively affects the condition of tooth enamel. To prevent unpleasant consequences, the vinegar drink is drunk quickly, and immediately after the mouth rinse with clean water.

For weight loss, you can use vinegar from the store, but it is better to cook it yourself. Cooking will be from simple products - apples, water and sugar.

  1. Washed and finely chopped apples are placed in enameled dishes and poured with hot water (60 degrees). Water should cover 4 cm apples.
  2. Sugar is added (100 g per 1 kg of apples).
  3. The container is put in a warm place for several weeks, thoroughly mixing apples twice a day.
  4. After the expiration of the apples are filtered. Infusion is poured into glass bottles and left for 2 weeks in a warm place for fermentation.
  5. Ready apple cider vinegar is stored in a cool dark place. Bottles must be tightly corked.

The mode involves the use of one of the proposed options for using vinegar:

  1. After waking up, they drink a glass of warm water in which a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and half a teaspoon of honey are previously dissolved.
  2. At breakfast, take a glass of water, in which 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are added. In the afternoon, repeat the reception. Before going to bed they again drink a glass of water with vinegar.

The menu for 3 days can be like this:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal and apple.
  • Lunch: steamed turkey fillet, vegetable stew.
  • Dinner: a mix of spinach, cabbage and carrots.

  • Breakfast: rice porridge, raspberry-strawberry mix.
  • Lunch: boiled filet of perch, spinach, tomato and carrot salad.
  • Dinner: steamed chicken breast, kefir.

  • Breakfast: apple.
  • Lunch: an apple.
  • Dinner: apple baked with honey.

The last day of the diet is unloading, so on the 4th - food should be taken with extreme caution. For breakfast, you should use light porridge with skim milk, a light vegetable soup or stew is suitable as lunch, for dinner you should take a vegetable salad and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

If you want to extend the mode, you can use the proposed menu as the basis for creating a further diet.

Effective diet for 10 days

The essence of a super diet for weight loss: in one day you can eat only one product in an amount up to 1 kg. Slimming lasts up to 10 days, so you can reduce about 8 kg. However, doctors warn: this method, although it helps to reduce weight, is not safe for health. Therefore, at the first signs of malaise, you need to see a doctor. And in order to avoid malaise, adhere to the following principles:

  • choose natural products
  • exclude from the diet fatty, sweet, smoked, red meat, alcohol,
  • make a meal schedule and stick to it,
  • reduce the amount of salt you eat with food.

Product options that are suitable for this method of weight loss: boiled potatoes, fresh cabbage, boiled beets, raw carrots. Fresh cucumbers, apples and boiled rice are also recommended. You can arrange "kefir" and "milk" days.

You can also try a vegetarian diet. This is a safer option, but you lose up to 3 kg. The essence of the method is eating only vegetables and fruits, giving up all other dishes, including cheeses, eggs and milk.

2 week effective diet

For fourteen, you can try an extreme way to lose weight, which is almost complete refusal of food. You need to eat quite a bit of healthy food so that there is no feeling of fullness. You will constantly experience hunger, you will lose the main kilograms in the first week of fasting, then the rate of weight loss will slow down.

However, this diet does not suit everyone, to say the least. Starvation is stress for the body, and two-week malnutrition has a whole bunch of side effects. Therefore, we recommend a less radical way to normalize body weight: an already familiar diet from one product for one day. It can be stretched for 14 days, most importantly, do not forget to drink up to 2 liters of water per day and alternate products.


The diet is based on the use of a large number of slow carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, sea fish, olive oil. From the diet exclude:

During the day, you should drink rosehip infusion, ginger tea, hawthorn broth.

Small portions and an adequate drinking regime are welcome. Eating after 19:00 is prohibited. Dishes should be prepared in useful ways: stewing, boiling, steaming and in a slow cooker. In a week, you manage to lose weight and become lighter by at least 3 kg.

Within a week after the end of the regimen, harmful products should not be included in the menu. Limited should be administered smoothly: no more than 1 egg in 2 days, red meat - once in 4 days.

Potato diet

It is considered the most unusual. It is better to carry out a diet in the summer so that young potatoes are present on the menu. Tubers are baked or boiled, but consumed without salt and other spices.

Which diet to choose for girls depends on their personal and taste preferences. The main thing is that a diet should not cause constant hunger.

Fruit and vegetable

The diet lasts 7 days, during which you have to eat exclusively fruits and vegetables (eat 2 kg per day). When choosing fruits, you need to focus on the type of skin. With oily, sour and unripe fruits are suitable, dry - sweet and fully ripened.For normal and mixed skin, both are suitable. Weight loss per week - from 6 kg.

It is not recommended to practice a diet for people with increased secretion of the stomach and pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. You should go out smoothly, gradually introducing protein-rich foods into the diet. The morning of the 8th day you can start with a boiled egg and a spoonful of oatmeal, use a piece of baked fish in the afternoon, and drink a fermented milk product for dinner.

Simple recipes

  • arugula (bunch),
  • broccoli (3 heads),
  • zucchini (quarter),
  • onions (half),
  • ginger root (slice),
  • clove of garlic
  • olive oil (tablespoon),
  • juice of half a lemon,
  • non-carbonated mineral water (2 cups),
  • ground black pepper,
  • sea ​​salt.

  1. Fry onions and garlic in a deep pan (until a pleasant aroma appears).
  2. After a couple of minutes, add broccoli, chopped ginger and zucchini.
  3. After 3 minutes add water, cover. Simmer on low heat for no more than 7 minutes.
  4. Put the mixture in the mixer bowl. There, add the arugula, pepper, salt and pour the lemon juice.
  5. Beat 3 minutes at medium speed.
  6. Serve to the table.

Chicken fillet with vegetables

  • chicken fillet,
  • pumpkin (300 gr.),
  • broccoli (200 gr.),
  • bell pepper (2 pcs.),
  • clove of garlic.

  1. Cut fresh chicken fillet into pieces, put on baking paper, send to the oven (180 degrees) for 15 minutes.
  2. Cut the pumpkin into slices, pepper into strips, divide the broccoli into inflorescences.
  3. Add vegetables to the fillet, cook for 15 minutes.
  4. Chop the garlic and add to the meat and vegetables. Cook for 2 minutes.

  • 2 slices of chilled cod
  • half a red onion,
  • 1 piece of Bulgarian red pepper,
  • 2 tomatoes
  • lemon slice
  • greens (dill, parsley, celery).

  1. Cut the cod into portions.
  2. Cook vegetables: cut pepper into strips, onion into half rings, chop greens. Put on parchment.
  3. Put fish on vegetables. Top with tomatoes and lemon.
  4. Cover with a sheet of paper, send to the oven (180 degrees) for 20 minutes.

Slimming salad

  • fresh cucumber
  • fresh tomato
  • bell pepper red,
  • a bunch of green onions and arugula,
  • lemon juice,
  • olive oil.

  1. Rinse greens and leave in water for 5 minutes to remove dust.
  2. Cut the cucumber, tomato and pepper, pour into a container.
  3. Chop arugula and greens, add to vegetables.
  4. Sprinkle the salad with lemon juice and add a spoonful of olive oil. Mix.

  • large carrots
  • young beets
  • half a head of young cabbage,
  • half a bunch of dill and parsley,
  • a bunch of spinach
  • juice of half a lemon,
  • half a teaspoon of olive oil,
  • coarse sea salt.

  1. Grate carrots and beets on a medium grater. Chop the cabbage, put in a bowl and add a pinch of sea salt.
  2. Add carrots and beets, chopped greens to cabbage. Mix.
  3. Add oil and lemon juice. Mix.

Easy vegetable stew

  • young zucchini
  • a tomato,
  • 150 grams of tomato juice
  • onion head
  • sea ​​salt on the tip of a knife.

  1. Rinse and peel the zucchini, cut into small squares.
  2. Scald tomatoes, peel, finely chop.
  3. Finely chop the onion. Together with the zucchini, send to the pan. Wait until the juice is empty. Then cover and simmer for 7 minutes.
  4. Add tomatoes. Extinguish without evaporating the liquid.
  5. Pour tomato juice, stew for 10 minutes until a thick state is obtained.
  6. When serving, garnish the dish with herbs and add a little salt.

  • 3 bananas
  • a glass of oatmeal
  • 50 grams of nonfat butter,
  • a spoon of honey.

  1. Peel and cut the bananas into small pieces. Using a blender, turn into mashed potatoes.
  2. Grind half a glass of cereal in a blender until fine crumbs. Pour into banana puree. Add whole cereal there.
  3. Pour melted butter, add honey. Mix.
  4. Form small balls, flatten with your palm and put on parchment.
  5. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for half an hour.

  • a glass of skimmed milk drink,
  • 2 kiwi
  • 40 grams of bran
  • a spoon of honey.

  1. Peel and chop the kiwi into small cubes. A third put on the bottom of the glass.
  2. Put a dairy product on kiwi. Add bran.
  3. Lay out a layer of kiwi again. Add kefir on top. The last layer is kiwi.

Diet effective for weight loss for a month: product menu

BeFit service offers a ready-made weekly diet and a menu of healthy products that help normalize weight. We have developed a balanced and tasty food, you will not only lose weight, but also enjoy healthy and appetizing food. For a month of nutrition on our system you will lose up to 10 kg. The result will be better if you combine a healthy diet with physical activity.

Hollywood diet for 2 weeks

This is a strict diet with many restrictions and low daily calories. The duration is 14 days, after which you can lose from 7 to 15 kg, depending on the initial weight and physical activity.

The main principles are the exclusion of sugar and salt, the rejection of fats, the categorical ban on bakery products. The advantage of a diet is to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast - as such is absent, it is allowed to drink a cup of coffee or tea without sugar and other sweeteners.
  • Lunch - a few boiled eggs, 1 tomato, coffee.
  • Dinner - a small piece of lean meat, vegetable salad.

Fish can be alternated with lean meat, vegetables with fruits. The daily number of calories is from 600 to 800.

Simple exercises for better effect

To enhance the effect of a simple diet for weight loss, it is useful to perform simple exercises daily:

  1. Retraction of the abdomen.
  2. Butt clenching.
  3. Walking up the stairs.
  4. Squats

For these purposes, “lunges” are good: from the “standing on the floor” position (feet shoulder width apart) take a deep step forward with one foot. The active leg bends at the knee. The knee of the second leg should touch the floor. After you need to return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg. Daily should be performed 20 times on each leg.

A good effect is demonstrated by the exercise "bicycle". You need to lie on the floor, put your hands next to the body, raise your legs above the level of the abdomen, slightly bending at the knees. Simulate pedaling in the air about 20-30 times.

A good effect can be achieved with a regular hoop. It helps to burn body fat in the waist and accelerate metabolism. Twist need at least 15 minutes daily. In this exercise should be continuous. If the hoop has fallen, you should start the countdown again.

The most effective weight loss diets of 10 kg

There are three types of ways to reduce body weight by 10 kg: hard, cleansing and gentle. We advise you not to resort to harsh methods without extreme necessity, because they have many side effects. But if you need to reduce weight urgently, you can try this option: a complete rejection of high-calorie foods and the transition to a low-calorie diet. The maximum daily calorie intake is 1300 calories. To avoid a constant feeling of hunger, it is necessary to divide the food into 7-8 receptions.

A more gentle option: a cleansing method, which is the rejection of animal products, as well as fried, fatty and smoked dishes. They should be replaced with vegetables, fruits, cereals, low-fat dairy products. But in this case, it is important to eat in small portions 5 times a day.

A sparing diet is easiest to carry; it is designed to lose 10 kg within a month. There are no strict restrictions, but high-calorie foods, fast food, desserts, pastries, sugary and carbonated drinks must be completely eliminated. We also refuse fatty, fried, smoked. Instead, we eat black and yeast-free bread, slightly stale unsweetened buns, butter, celery, milk, vegetables and fruits. You can also eat cereals, legumes, lean meat and fish. We drink green tea, kefir, fruit juices. But not from the packs, but squeezed out with your own hands!

Reviews and results of losing weight

Marina, 30 years old, Ryazan

For me, the easiest diet is not to eat fatty, fried, starchy foods after 6 pm. When you need to adjust the figure, I arrange myself a weekly unloading. I sit on lean porridge, drink low-fat kefir, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to drink 2.5 liters of water per day. And no salt! I watched Malysheva’s program about how salt retains fluid in the body. I was impressed. My own mode helps to lose 3 to 6 kg per week.

Olga, 23 years old, St. Petersburg

If anyone wants to lose weight, be sure to try the oat diet for a week. Perhaps at first it will not be easy to get used to the constant use of porridge, which few people love since childhood. But how much use is in it! To diversify the menu, I add fruits, dried fruits, nuts to the finished oatmeal. But only in the morning. In the evening, only porridge and kefir. And to improve the result, during the weight loss program I move more. As a rule, no more than 4 kg is consumed per week, but this makes me happy. Plus, there is lightness, the desire to fly and smile.

Milan, 36 years old, Perm

I used to think that losing weight without strict food restrictions is impossible. Then a friend suggested an effective and very simple weight loss program. It is based on the alternation of the regular menu and the unloading menu. One day you can eat fried meat and even cookies (preferably baked), and on the second you can do kefir, cereal without butter and vegetables. So eat 7-8 days. I lose about 5.5 kg.

90 day split diet minus 30 kg

This is a cyclic type of diet, which lasts 3 months, after which you can lose 30 kg. The diet menu is divided into 4 days, which are repeated in a circle:

  • Protein - during the day you can eat only protein food - lean meat and fish, eggs,
  • Starch - the basis of nutrition is vegetables and fruits with starch - potatoes, bananas, grapes,
  • Carbohydrate - you can eat vegetables and cereals,
  • Vitamin - fruits dominate the menu.

After 4 days, the diet is repeated again, starting with a protein day, and so on for 90 days. The menu is individually compiled based on personal preferences. Sauces and spices are excluded; only olive oil or lemon juice is used to fill salads.

Reviews of doctors and specialists

Anna Igorevna, nutritionist

The easiest I think is a porridge diet. Oat and buckwheat out of competition. With their help, you can lose weight noticeably without a dizzying hunger. If you need to lose no more than 3 kg, you should not choose mono modes - they are more strict. Adding vegetables and fruits to the same buckwheat, and sometimes a piece of boiled meat, you can get a good result. But you need to understand that after, say, a week-long program to reduce weight on cereals, it is very easy to break in the future. Conclusion: after a diet, you need to control yourself while continuing to eat healthy food without a lot of salt, oil and spices.

Irina Konstantinovna, gastroenterologist

There are many simple diets for losing weight, but not all are effective. Even fewer are not harmful to health. For example, taking apple cider vinegar, especially without a preliminary examination, can lead to unpleasant consequences on the part of the digestive system and oral cavity. It is better to choose time-tested rations: buckwheat, protein, fruit and vegetable. In addition to weight loss, they help normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and do not take away energy, without which it is impossible to maintain a single diet.

In order for a simple weight loss program to show the best result, you must definitely prepare the body for it. For this purpose, I recommend that you arrange a fasting day the day before. You can eat detox soup and kefir. And do not neglect the way out of diets, even if they are simple. The fact is that after some abstinence, the body is very difficult to return to the usual menu without responding with stomach cramps.

Diet Malysheva

The diet lasts 2 months, during which you can lose up to 25 kg.The basis of the diet - skim milk products, lean meat and fish. It is strictly forbidden to combine proteins and carbohydrates.

The daily calorie content of food is 1200 kcal at the beginning of the diet, gradually decreases to 1000.

Kefir - for 3 days minus 5 kg

Duration - 3 days, the result is from 5 kg or more. Basis - fat-free kefir, its amount per day is 1.5 liters. Menu - 200 ml of kefir every 2 hours. This is a classic version of the diet. If sticking to it is difficult, you can switch to a more gentle option - in addition to yogurt, introduce snacks from fruits, vegetables, lean meat or fish.

Buckwheat - in 7 days minus 10 kg

The diet is complicated because the diet is poor and there is only one buckwheat for a week. But in 7 days it takes 10 kg. Buckwheat can be eaten in unlimited quantities, the main thing is to cook it correctly. It is forbidden to sprinkle porridge with salt or oil; cereal is allowed to cook only on water.

Before each meal you need to drink a glass of water. The diet is effective, but harmful, because it is unbalanced. Therefore, in order not to harm the body, it is necessary to take vitamin and mineral complexes. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the diet and improve its result, it is necessary to engage in sports, giving preference to cardio training.


The principle of the diet is to strictly monitor the amount of carbohydrates, which should be no more than 40 units per day. Prohibited foods - flour products, sweets, sugar. It is recommended to limit protein. The diet can last from 1 week to 3 months. In 7 days you can lose 5 kg, in a month - from 10 kg, in 3 months - about 30 kg.

Menu for 1 week, 20 units per day (if the diet lasts longer, the menu can be repeated cyclically):

  • Breakfast - cottage cheese, 2 boiled eggs, tea or coffee without sugar,
  • Lunch - vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato, cabbage) with vegetable oil, meat cabbage soup with sour cream, grilled steak, sugar-free drink,
  • Dinner - boiled cauliflower, fried chicken breast without breading, a drink without sugar.

  • Breakfast - fried eggs with ham, a drink without sugar,
  • Lunch - salad with mushrooms and vegetables, beef steak, vegetable soup,
  • Dinner - tomato salad, boiled or fried fish, sugar-free drink,

  • Breakfast - hard cheese, 2 boiled sausages, a sugar-free drink,
  • Lunch - baked fish, sauerkraut salad,
  • Dinner - boiled beef with broccoli, a drink without sugar.

  • Breakfast - omelet with cheese, a sugar-free drink,
  • Lunch - fish soup, fried chicken, turnip puree,
  • Dinner - a leaf salad with vegetable oil, with the addition of lemon juice and pumpkin seeds, kebab, a sugar-free drink.

  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms, a sugar-free drink,
  • Lunch - Greek salad, steak, celery soup,
  • Dinner: grilled chicken, vegetable salad, a glass of kefir.

  • Breakfast - cottage cheese with berries, sugar-free drink
  • Lunch - meat hodgepodge, salad of eggs, boiled chicken and cucumbers with vegetable oil,
  • Dinner - steak with vegetables (pumpkin, kohlrabi, bell pepper, asparagus, other non-starchy vegetables), a drink without sugar.

  • Breakfast - omelet with ham and mushrooms, a sugar-free drink,
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, pork chop, lettuce,
  • Dinner - boiled sausages, stewed cauliflower with green peas, an apple.


It lasts 2 weeks. Not only the selection of products is important, but also the number of servings. Every day, the weight will decrease by 1.5-2 kg. The diet is strict, it can be repeated no more than once every six months.

Menu for 14 days:

  • breakfast - coffee
  • lunch - lettuce, 1 tomato, 2 boiled eggs,
  • dinner - boiled lean meat, lettuce.

  • morning - coffee and 1 cracker,
  • lunch - boiled meat,
  • evening - 2 slices of cooked sausage or ham, lettuce.

  • breakfast - coffee
  • day - carrots fried with 1 tomato and orange,
  • in the evening - 2 soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs, a slice of sausage, a leaf of salad.

  • morning reception - coffee
  • daytime - boiled egg, raw carrots, a slice of low-fat cheese,
  • dinner - fruit salad, a glass of low-fat kefir.

  • breakfast - coffee
  • lunch - a piece of boiled chicken, lettuce,
  • evening reception - 200 g of boiled lean meat.

  • morning tea
  • lunch - boiled meat, fruits,
  • evening - a couple of slices of ham or low-fat cooked sausage.

Between meals, you can drink ½ cup low-fat yogurt as a snack.

Fasting days for weight loss

If the diet lasts a long time - from 1 month or more, it is recommended to spend fasting days every week, using only low-fat kefir, water or decoctions based on fruits and vegetables.

The fact is that with prolonged diets at some point, the body ceases to lose weight, because it gets used to working in a new diet. Therefore, the body needs a “shake-up” in the form of an even greater nutritional restriction in order to restart the process of burning subcutaneous fat.

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