How to do facial massage against wrinkles on your own and what is the most effective technique

Good afternoon, dear readers. Which of us does not dream of preserving the beauty and youth for many years. Professional massage helps maintain skin tone. Alas, we do not always have extra money and time to visit a beauty salon. However, practice shows that facial massage at home from wrinkles helps no worse than procedures that are done by specialists.

There are many manipulation techniques. As usual, for my readers, I chose the most effective options, checking the effect of some on myself. No special knowledge or devices for self-massage at home is required, so all the tips you can put into practice.

Bit of theory

Massage, as a cosmetic procedure, helps to improve blood flow and lymph movement. Due to this, metabolic processes in the deep layers of the dermis are accelerated, the muscular frame is strengthened, puffiness goes away, the work of small vessels improves. The contours of the face become clearer. Massage is carried out strictly along lines repeating the lymph flow (their direction is indicated in the diagram below).

This precaution is necessary in order not to stretch the skin. Massage should be started after 30 years, so you can noticeably delay the appearance of age-related wrinkles.

The procedure is carried out on a cream or oil. The natural product can be further enriched with vitamins A and E, purchased at the pharmacy. So you not only strengthen the skin, but also provide it with nutrition. Before proceeding to the massage, it is necessary to cleanse the face of makeup and dirt, thoroughly wash your hands, collect hair under a bandage or headscarf.

Make a pre-warm compress to properly warm up the muscles. Before starting manipulations, take a comfortable pose in front of the mirror, try to relax. The movements should be gentle and delicate, especially for the area around the eyes. Treat not only the area of ​​the face, but also the neck, décolleté.

How to independently perform massage against nasolabial folds after 40 years, the video below will tell in more detail:

And how to tighten the oval of the face, see this video:

Methods and techniques

There is a great variety of facial massage techniques, but not all of them you yourself can perform correctly. Therefore, choose gentle manipulations that probably do not injure the skin.

Try a massage with ice cubes, which is carried out along the lines of the lymph flow. It is performed very simply. Pick up 2 ice cubes and drive them without pressure, first from the center of the forehead to the temples, then around the eyes. Move along the upper eyelid from the bridge of the nose, and move along the lower eyelid in the opposite direction.

Cheeks are massaged from the wings of the nose to the ears. Such a procedure will help get rid of edema, improve complexion, smooth out fine wrinkles. Note that the action of cold is contraindicated in case of rosacea (spider veins), inflammation of the facial nerve, and chronic sinusitis.

Just to the latter massage also refers. How does it work:

  1. Heats the skin, causes a rush of blood and oxygen.
  2. Enhances the effect of external care products - beneficial substances from them are absorbed faster and deeper into prepared skin.
  3. It serves as a kind of “warm-up” before the rejuvenating gymnastics for the face.
  4. It activates nerve fibers, restores their conductivity: spasmodic areas relax, and weakened ones connect to work.
  5. Improves the outflow of toxins from the skin.
  6. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, due to a deficiency of which the skin ages.

Best of all, massage works in conjunction with special gymnastics and anti-aging masks. All this can be done independently at home, and in the cabin - as the budget allows.

The principle of action and the effect of massage

Facial massage from wrinkles has a positive effect on the skin condition from the first day:

  • blood circulation in vessels under the skin is activated, so the metabolic process becomes more intense, due to which the skin receives useful components,
  • the production of collagen and elastin fibers occurs several times faster, which helps smooth wrinkles,
  • muscle tissue is strengthened,
  • swelling disappears
  • massage eliminates irritation and acne, which are caused by the proximity of blood vessels to the skin,
  • the skin relaxes, the tension goes away,

If you regularly massage your face against wrinkles (even at home), the result will be noticeable immediately: the old deep folds will become less noticeable, and you will also prevent the appearance of new ones.

Dessert spoons

Another interesting technique for getting rid of crow's feet and wrinkles on the face is massage with dessert spoons. The cutlery is placed in ice water for 15-20 seconds, after which it is applied to the upper and lower eyelids in turn, not forgetting to cool the metal every time before touching the skin. Manipulation is repeated up to five times.

After this, the spoons are moistened with almond oil and massage is performed according to the scheme below, starting from the forehead, then moving to the cheekbones and nose, nasolabial folds and the area around the mouth. Work out the second chin especially carefully, making movements in the direction from the center of the neck to the ear with pressure. The neck on the sides is massaged from top to bottom, and the middle is vice versa from below, avoiding the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

For more details, see the whole process in the video:

What effects should be expected from a regular and regular facial massage:

  • Tightened, firm skin
  • Spasms and wrinkles,
  • Smooth and fresh complexion
  • The decline of puffiness and puffiness,
  • Elimination of swollen eyelids, circles under the eyes,
  • Restoration of oily skin,
  • The narrowing of pores, the elimination of black spots and acne.

Therefore, massage is an effective method for both rejuvenation and giving the face a fresh and healthy appearance.

How to do facial massage?

In each cosmetic procedure, you can find many nuances to conduct. This also applies to massage. In order for it to bring the expected effect, you need to do it correctly.

Face massage

Indications and contraindications

Do not think that you need to start doing massage only at the age of 40, when you realized that there are deep folds on your face. Such procedures are a wonderful way to prevent their appearance, which allows you to get rid of premature wrinkles and prevent their occurrence in the future. If you want your skin to remain beautiful, start learning how to massage your face at a young age. At 90 years old, of course, it is impossible to remain without wrinkles, but you can keep your skin healthy this way for a long time.

However, do not think that this tool is accessible to everyone and has no contraindications. Massage the face is strictly not recommended in the following cases:

  • the presence of inflammation on the face,
  • herpes,
  • bleeding disorders
  • injured skin and wounds
  • warts and large moles on the face.

To achieve the maximum result, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and recommendations on how to properly do facial massage at home.

Japanese version

Now on the Internet you can find a lot of videos that tell you how to do the popular Japanese anti-aging massage “Zogan”. The author of the methodology assures that it can be used to reset ten years. Of course, no cosmetic manipulations will provide you with a lifting effect.However, after 50 years, such procedures solve the main problem of the edematous type of aging - a violation of the normal lymphatic current.

You need to understand that only facial massage at home from wrinkles after reaching a certain age will not save. Therefore, after fifty, supplement your beauty program with effective salon procedures, in combination with the use of injection techniques.

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The most important rule for hand massage is the cleanliness of the “apparatus” for massage (that is, hands), as well as the surface being massaged. Therefore, the list of rules for safe hand massage begins with this nuance:

  • wash your hands, cleanse your skin in any convenient way (wash with gel, wipe with a sponge and lotion / micellar water, etc.). For maximum effectiveness, you can steam the skin with a warm compress or over steam,
  • Use a massage oil that does not cause allergies. Do massage gently with warm hands and only along the lines and points that are described in a particular technique,
  • Do not use skin areas with warts or moles.

After completing special massage exercises, it will not be amiss to apply a nourishing cream or serum. You can do a hand massage at least daily, it certainly will not do much harm.

Massage lines (lines of lymph outflow) on the face

What is useful facial massage at home

Quite often, cosmetologists recommend doing facial massage instead of plastic surgery. Since this is a more profitable method, besides without unpleasant consequences. Using special techniques, you can reach the deeper layers of the dermis, thereby involving the production of collagen and elastin.

The benefits of massage:

  1. Achieving youthful and fresh-looking face.
  2. Oval Correction.
  3. Getting a new relief.
  4. The acquisition of soft and supple epidermis.
  5. Increased skin immunity.
  6. Blood flow improves and blood vessels strengthen.
  7. Wrinkles are smoothed.
  8. Swelling and swelling disappear.

How to massage the skin on the face?

If you want to learn how to properly massage your face from wrinkles yourself, the following simple recommendations are relevant for you:

  • 30 minutes before you begin to massage your face, make a hot herbal compress. The muscles will warm up and will respond better to procedures.
  • Remove hair with a headscarf or hoop so that it does not interfere.
  • Wash your hands and clean the dirt from under the nails to prevent infection under the skin.
  • Before the procedure, apply a cream or oil that is suitable for massage on the skin. However, remember that the surface of the skin on the face is sensitive, so it is prone to allergic reactions. Be sure to test the product before applying to the face.
  • Learn the direction of the massage lines that you need to move along. This is due to the movement of lymph. If you massage the skin without a specific order, then you risk stretching it and provoking the appearance of new wrinkles.
  • If you are moving from one area of ​​the skin to another, do it right. Fingers need to be pressed on the temple, which is considered the center responsible for metabolism at the cellular level.
  • The movements during the massage should be careful, especially under the eyes.

In order to make the result of the procedures more tangible, massage your face from wrinkles at home regularly. For example, a course can last 10 days in a row for 20 minutes. Then they take a break for a week, and after it continue again.

If you are just starting to massage your face against wrinkles, various video courses or an article on lymphatic drainage massage will help you.

The benefits of massage

Face massage sessions for wrinkles at home help to cope with the manifestations of age-related changes. Regular treatments:

  • improve skin color
  • eliminate wrinkles,
  • reduce the severity of deep wrinkles and folds,
  • improve facial contours
  • improve the movement of body fluids,
  • strengthens blood vessels
  • reduce swelling, swelling,
  • make the skin supple, supple, smooth.

Massage techniques allow you to act on both the superficial and deep subcutaneous layers and the muscular skeleton, stimulating the active production of collagen and elastin. During the sessions, the activity of skin receptors is activated, which leads to an improvement in the state of the central nervous system. The relaxing effect allows you to relieve stress, improve mood, cope with chronic fatigue, stress, and insomnia.


For face skin, it’s easiest to use roller devices with several rollers that cover different areas of the face at the same time. Before starting massage procedures with the help of a massager, no one canceled the rules of cleanliness:

  • clean the massager with alcohol. “Clean” the massaged surface, steam if necessary,
  • apply massage oil (or a fat cream), move the massager slowly, apply moderate pressure on it so as not to harm the skin,
  • when using the device, consider the location of the massage lines and move along them,
  • after the end of the massage procedures, wash with warm water and apply cream or serum.

Use of massage devices is not recommended more often than 2 times a week. And the course of such rejuvenation should not exceed 1 month.

Varieties of Massagers

Anti-aging facial massage techniques (photos are needed for each technique below. Step-by-step photos are very welcome)

"Minds" of different generations puzzled over how to make massage as effective as possible. So there were more and more new techniques that can reduce deep wrinkles, minimize the number of facial expressions and tighten the oval of the face. Massage sessions are worth 28 years, if necessary, a little earlier (when age-related skin changes are already visible). Just like that, at a very young age, massage manipulations are not recommended.

Face renewal after massage courses

By the way, almost all types of facial massage, described below, are aimed at anti-aging effect. Techniques allow you to:

  • increase the tone of the skin, prevent the appearance of new age wrinkles,
  • to make lymphatic drainage and blood circulation better,
  • tighten the skin on problem areas of the face, “affected” by age-related changes,
  • rejuvenate the skin, relieve swelling of the eyes,
  • adjust the oval of the face,
  • get rid of the second chin,
  • reduce layers of subcutaneous fat.

Facial massages will also help slow down the aging process so that new wrinkles appear as late as possible.


The essence of procedures based on the use of massaging is that during exposure to the skin, stimulation of the ends of nerve fibers occurs. Such stimulation triggers a complex chain of neurohumoral processes, the end result of which is a change in the texture of skin tissues. Choosing this or that massage technique, you can purposefully improve the oval of the face, reduce swelling by improving the outflow of lymph, improve turgor and elasticity of the skin, or normalize secretion by the sebaceous glands.

Various peoples paid attention to the technique of massaging for many centuries, as a result of which a variety of techniques and methods was created.

As for facial massage, in cosmetology, Chinese, Japanese and anti-aging types of massage are distinguished. You can carry out cosmetic massage on a professional level or perform it at home, on your own. Professional massage can be obtained by contacting specially trained people who, without fail, have basic medical education. Home massage can be carried out without special preparation, however, you need to understand that the effectiveness of the procedure largely depends on the professionalism of its performer.


All massage techniques relate to physiotherapeutic procedures, therefore, have a number of contraindications. Massage is not performed with:

  • diseases of the blood and blood vessels, accompanied by increased fragility of the walls of the capillaries and poor blood coagulation,
  • oncology
  • warts, moles and papillomas in the field of study,
  • mechanical damage to the skin,
  • allergic or infectious rashes,
  • acute neuritis of the facial nerve,
  • hypertension of 3 degrees,
  • sinusitis and acute sinusitis,
  • ENT diseases and diseases of a viral nature.

Procedures are prohibited immediately after chemical peeling and facelift operations. Separate massage techniques (sculptural, etc.) have age restrictions: sessions are prohibited for up to 25 years.

Anti-aging massage

Depending on which area on the face you will massage, use one of the following methods:

  • From vertical wrinkles on the forehead. Place your fingertips on the center of the forehead, which is located above the nose bridge. Press your fingers on the skin and lead them to the temples. From this part, go back to the center of the forehead without pressing the skin. Repeat this ten times. This method helps to eliminate facial wrinkles, including premature ones.
  • From nasolabial folds. Put the middle and forefinger in the notch near the nostrils and press on this area several times.
  • Basic massage for wrinkles around the eyes. To begin, lightly tap the fingertips on the skin of the upper eyelid, then go to the lower.
  • Pinch method. Pinch the skin in the direction of the massage lines, acting on the deep epidermal layers. This treatment option helps to effectively eliminate signs of age-related changes.

Classic face massage

Regular sessions of classic massage will help get rid of signs of skin aging and achieve significant results in a couple of months.

It implies alternately handling such techniques: kneading and stroking, “finger” patting vibration and rubbing. The pads of the index and middle fingers are involved.

Directions of movements along the massage lines:

  • corners of the mouth - the upper part of the earlobe,
  • middle of the chin - earlobe,
  • wings of the nose - the top of the auricle,
  • upper eyelid from the inner corner - to the outer corner,
  • the middle of the forehead is whiskey,
  • lower eyelid (outer corner) - to the inner,
  • corners of the mouth - the upper part of the earlobe.
Directions of movements along massage lines

It is worthwhile to conduct massage sessions in courses of 15 to 20 sessions with an interval of 1-2 days. The course can be repeated after 1.5-2 months.

Here are a few tricks:

  • Lightly stroke the face from the midline to the ears: chin, cheeks, forehead.
  • Use your fingertips to tap movements across your face.
  • In a circular motion with slight pressure, rub the line of the cheekbones, moving from the nasolabial folds to the ear.
  • Put the tips of your index fingers on the area between the eyebrows. With point vibrating movements, move your fingers to the temples along the upper border of the eyebrows.
  • Slightly pat the line under the lower eyelid with your pads, moving from the nose towards the temples.

It helps relieve tension, “warm up” before facial charging or applying a mask, slightly smooth wrinkles.

The most popular anti-aging techniques and techniques

Even Avicenna said that a mechanical effect on the muscles and skin of the face has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.The great healer characterized massage as a natural restorative and anti-aging power. Many years have passed since then, but the healing procedure has not been lost for centuries, on the contrary, new types and techniques of their execution have appeared, which are extremely popular today.

Procedure Efficiency

Women who seek to maintain their appearance at the proper level quite often massage their faces on their own, performing it at home. Regular home treatments are a very effective skin care method if performed competently. Performing a massage can have a rejuvenating effect and is considered to be an alternative to the surgical lifting method.

Often, facial massage against wrinkles is combined with various types of cosmetics - this method has the most effective lifting effect. In addition to lifting, cosmetologists recommend a facial massage against wrinkles. This skin effect is performed to prevent skin aging. Rejuvenation in this case occurs due to smoothing of the upper layers of the epidermis and at the same time stimulation of the muscular frame of the face.

The effectiveness of the home facial massage procedure is manifested in the following:

  • complexion improves due to stimulation of lymphatic drainage and improvement of blood supply to tissues,
  • the muscle layer is strengthened, the contour and relief lines of the face are tightened, skin elasticity is increased,
  • dead epidermis exfoliates and cleanses skin pores, improves skin elasticity, stimulates intracellular metabolic processes,
  • wrinkles are smoothed out, swelling is eliminated, dark circles and swelling under the eyes pass,
  • the procedure has a relaxing effect not only on the muscles of the face, but also on the whole organism.

In addition to a positive effect on the appearance and condition of the skin of the face, cosmetic massage helps to increase the body's immune defenses, improves sleep, has a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system, and also improves overall well-being - headaches go away, cerebral circulation improves, blood pressure normalizes.

The massage results are influenced by many factors.

For example, it is most advisable to massage the face while standing or sitting, but with a straightened back, so that fluids (blood and lymph) have the possibility of free circulation. You need to perform massage along the massage lines, the effectiveness largely depends on the direction and strength of the applied pressure - you need to do all the manipulations smoothly and accurately so as not to stretch the skin and not provoke the appearance of new wrinkles or creases. The skin around the eyes requires a particularly careful approach - in this area of ​​the face you can not produce pressure and stretching.

The time of day and the duration of the procedure also matters. For example, if you massage your face in the morning, you can get rid of swelling and bags under the eyes, and improve complexion. Massage performed in the evening has a relaxing property, it improves the contours of the face and smoothes wrinkles. The whole procedure averages 10-15 minutes. This time is enough to activate metabolic processes in the skin and improve its condition.

Facial massage can be done at almost any age if there is evidence.

Specialists identify certain age groups, each of which has its own goals for massaging.

  • Starting from adolescence and up to 27 years, massage is carried out for oily and porous skin, as well as in case of acne and acne, but only outside the stage of exacerbation. The purpose of massage is the resorption of scars, skin cleansing, normalization of the production of skin secretion.
  • From 28 to 40 years of age, the procedures are aimed at improving metabolic processes, enhancing the production of elastin, as well as for regulating the epidermis’s moisture content.
  • From 40 years of age and older, massaging is performed to increase the tone of the skin and muscle structure of the face, as well as to smooth wrinkles and eliminate puffiness.

Massage treatments are recommended in courses. The effect of this course will be obvious if you conduct at least 10 sessions. Massaging can be carried out on an ongoing basis, for example, once a week. To increase the effectiveness of the technique, you can change or combine.

In addition to manual massaging, massage with the use of devices, devices and cosmetics specially designed for this purpose is very effective.

General rules

Massage on the face is always performed smoothly and gently. It is forbidden to crush and stretch the skin, it is recommended to stroke and glide over the skin.

Each massage action involves any processes, for example:

  • stroking promotes blood circulation and the elimination of toxins,
  • rubbing with your fingertips in a circular motion - relieve swelling, eliminate deposited fats, accelerate blood flow, and scars soften,
  • kneading relieve stress
  • tingling promotes rejuvenation.

Self Massage Tips

Before conducting a home session, it is necessary to cleanse the skin well with cosmetics, hot compresses and peels. Compress can be made using herbal infusions of chamomile, calendula, mint, etc. This will improve blood circulation, soften the skin and prepare it for further study.

Then apply massage oil, nourishing cream or cosmetic milk to the skin. Some techniques do not use additional funds or require the application of cream, talcum powder or natural olive oil. Massage oils are selected taking into account the type of skin, technique and possible allergic reaction. When using natural products, an allergy test is first carried out, otherwise there will be more harm than good from the session.

For dry skin, you can use wheat germ oil, avocado, apricot kernel or coconut as a base. For a normal skin type, sea buckthorn, coconut, olive oil, shea butter, grape or sesame seeds are suitable. For oily skin, peach seed oil, bitter almond oil is good. As the esters, you can use any flavor or choose the oil, depending on its useful qualities.

The frequency of procedures depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, age, and the expected result. An intensive course usually consists of daily procedures that are carried out for 2-3 weeks with a week break. To maintain the effect per week, you can spend 2-3 sessions.

After the massage procedure, the remaining oil is removed with a soft cloth, and a nourishing cream is applied to the skin.

Massage the area around the eyes

If you want to massage against wrinkles around the eyes, remember that a one-time procedure will not give the expected effect. To support the area under the eyes in a healthy and radiant state, you need to do this every day for about five minutes:

  • Close your eyelids and place your thumbs on your upper eyelids. Finger pads should point to the nose. Breathe calmly and deeply. You need to put your thumb on the cheekbones on both sides, and with your index fingers touch the eyebrows. Open and close your eyes several times. This massage for the eyes from wrinkles relaxes the muscles and relieves the accumulated tension.
  • In order to restore freshness to the eyes, it is recommended to use the following massage option. Press the eyebrow with your thumb and forefinger. It is necessary to cover the entire area of ​​the eyebrow. Next, you need to touch the index finger over the eyebrow and pull the skin up, as if resisting the eyelids.Then you need to blink, straining the muscles of the eyes. The exercise is repeated three times. This is a useful workout for the lateral muscles of the eyes and an effective anti-wrinkle massage under the eyes.
  • Another anti-wrinkle massage for the eye area. Press the index fingers to the bridge of the nose on the sides. Click on the dots in this area on the face, gradually moving your fingers to the eyes. You need to massage up to 30 seconds. Thus, it is possible to increase the outflow of lymph, relieve swelling and remove the accumulated fluid under the eyes.

Japanese massage Tsogan and Asahi

The essence of massage is the impact on special points of the face (where the lymph nodes are) by pressure. Such actions contribute to the outflow of lymph from the dermis, due to which detoxification occurs, and the muscles become stronger. With this massage Tsogan (Asahi) you can achieve the goals:

Massage manipulations are suitable for both twenty-year-old girls and ladies of a more respectable age. You can skip some exercises of Japanese technique or not do them daily, but focus on problem areas.

Tanaka Yukuko, the founder of Asahi's technique (also called Tsogan or Zogan), identifies individual exercises for different areas of the face. But the most important is the final:

  • put 3 fingers together (that is, “middle” - except for the little finger and the thumb) and press on the lymphatic duct near the ears, slowly descend to the neck, then towards the collarbone.

Exercises for zones:

  1. Eyes. Place the middle fingers at the outer corners of the eyes, gently move them to the inside. Stop for 3 seconds. Increase the pressure and move under the eyebrows to the outer corners, stop for 3 seconds. Release the pressure, move to the inner corners. Strengthen the pressure again and return to the outer corners, make a stop for 3 seconds. Finish the exercise with a completion movement. Eye massage
  2. Forehead. Place your middle fingers in the middle of the forehead. Press for 3 seconds, then move to the temples. Turn your arms 90⁰ and head down. Finish the exercise. Massage for the forehead
  3. Nose. Starting from the dimples at the wings of the nose, make 3 fingers slowly moving up to the bridge of the nose and back (5 times). After adding the ring finger, rub the nose well and lower, move smoothly to the cheeks. Finish the exercise. Massage for the nose
  4. Lips. Position 3 and 4 fingers in the middle of the chin, press for 3 seconds. Then head to the nasolabial fold, hold for 2 seconds. Finish the exercise. Massage for the lips
  5. Cheeks. Fold your hands in front of you: elbow to elbow, palm to palm. Open up your palms, place their base at the lips and head towards the nose. Then cover your cheeks with your palms, press for 3 seconds. Finish the exercise. Massage for cheeks
  6. Lower part of the face. Press 2,3 and 4 fingers to a chin. With light pressure, move them to the eyes, turn the brush and head towards the temples. Finish the exercise. Massage for the lower face

All areas of the face are involved, and the impulses from the massage reach the deep muscles. With systematic exposure, they soften, and wrinkle folds decrease or disappear altogether. Massage is carried out 1 time / day. It can be done on your own or just trust a specialist.

2.Japanese Shiatsu massage

Here is a more complex technique - you need to pointly press on certain areas on the face. Each zone has a maximum of 3 minutes, during which pressure and pauses alternate. These phases are equal, lasting 5 seconds.

Each side of the face is worked out separately. The pressure points are interconnected by light broken lines, or these lines go beyond the line of the face - this is how tension is displayed. In this case, the pressure is quite strong, therefore, in order not to harm, you need to know the exact scheme of biologically active points.

With Shiatsu, you can visibly smooth out wrinkles on the forehead, get rid of interbrow folds and nasolabial wrinkles, and tighten the area around the eyes and mouth.

If you want to spend it at home on your own, be sure to watch the training videos of Japanese massage wrinkle massage or master classes by specialists.

Classic technique

based on light stroking and rubbing movements with fingertips or palms, made strictly along massage lines.

Strong pressure, friction or pulling of the skin are not allowed, so the procedure is comfortable and completely painless. Used at the first signs of aging and as an effective means of preventing age-related skin changes. Under the influence of touches, the muscles of the face relax, the blood flow to the epidermis increases, its nutrition and oxygen supply improves. Cells begin to actively divide, exfoliating the upper dead layer. As a result, the skin looks young and toned.

Contraindications are inflammatory processes, rashes of various etiologies, hypertension and blood diseases.

Face preparation

When performing a massage, it is recommended to steam the face or clean it. You can make water baths with decoctions of herbs, just wash with hot water or even take a shower. Hands should be thoroughly washed or sanitized. The skin of the fingers should be soft and smooth to avoid scratches on the face, it is also recommended to remove all rings and bracelets from the hands.

Prepare an oil and cream suitable for your skin type. For oily skin, you can add lemon juice or use talcum powder.

Self-massage techniques

When performing self-massage of a person from wrinkles, it is necessary to follow the rules and adhere to the main direction of movements. Regardless of the chosen technique, all movements should coincide with the massage lines:

  • from the center of the chin to the earlobes,
  • from the corners of the lips to the tragus of the ears
  • from the midpoint of the upper lip to the midpoint of the auricle,
  • from the tip of the nose to the nose,
  • from the center point of the forehead to the temples and along the hairline,
  • from the outer corner of the eye to the inner and lower eyelids in the opposite direction.

The main methods include stroking, patting and tapping, tingling, kneading, vibration, pinpointing and rubbing. Receptions can be performed as the entire surface of the palm, and fingertips, phalanges.

Japanese technique

Japanese facial massage for wrinkles is quite popular. Its main principle is that you need to press and feel the skin in certain areas on the face. The following points are processed:

  • a bone notch, which is located a centimeter lower than the top of the cheekbones,
  • points on the edges of the lower jaw,
  • point on the upper edge of the orbit,
  • nose bridge
  • bone fossa above the nostrils on the sides.


This type of acupressure slows down the aging process and also helps the skin rejuvenate. And they do Chinese lymphatic drainage massage (it is also called that) according to the following scheme:

  1. stand straight, straighten your shoulders,
  2. rub your palms so that they become warm,
  3. make a movement with your palms, as if you wash several times,
  4. perform circular eye movements in one direction - 10 times, then in the other. You need to blink often in the process,
  5. turn the brushes with thumbs down, push on the hollows at the nose bridge near the inner corners of the eyes,
  6. with your index fingers move from the nose to the wings of the nose and vice versa - 5 times one way,
  7. with three fingers (2, 3, 4) make pats of the cheeks going from the cheekbones to the mouth, increase the pressure at the “5” count, continue to the “10” count and relax the onslaught,
  8. bring the upper lip under the lower, then move the chin forward slightly so that the skin under it stretches. Press the point with your chin in the middle (where the pulse is felt), then move along such points towards the ears,
  9. massage your ears from top to bottom slowly, spend more time on the earlobes,
  10. spread your fingers like a rake, touching the scalp make combing movements from the forehead to the back of the head.
Elements of Chinese massage

Such a simple massage is recommended to be done every day, once. Only with a systematic procedure can we achieve a positive result.

3.Japanese Asahi massage

“Asahi” from Japanese literally translates as “wrinkle massage”, so the name is speaking. This method is even more aerobatics. There is an intense effect on the deep muscles and connective tissue. Therefore, again, special skills are needed. It is better to do such a massage in the salon. If you want to do self-massage, study the technique properly, and at first press the pressure not as strong as required.

Plastic or sculptural massage

In terms of effectiveness, it is compared with a surgical tightening and is prescribed for pronounced signs of aging - deep facial wrinkles, swollen and saggy skin, a blurry contour, and even with facial asymmetry. In addition to elements of the classical technique, vibrations, strong pressures and fixing movements directed along the massage lines or circular are used here. Read in more detail in the article: “Sculptural facial massage”.

The procedure has a pronounced drainage and modeling effect. As a result, the muscles of the face are worked out perfectly, and the epidermis is regenerated. At the end of the session, the patient's skin is cleaned with lotion, and then a tightening mask is applied. The procedure lasts only 20 minutes, and for 15-20 such sessions, the contour will return its former sharpness, and the skin smoothness.

Popular Techniques

For effective anti-wrinkle control performed at home, there are many different techniques. Having carefully studied them and given the procedure time, you can achieve quite significant results. Homemade massage, performed correctly and on a regular basis, is able to solve many skin problems at the same level as a professional massage session. Let's take a closer look at the most popular massage techniques for rejuvenating your skin.

Lymphatic drainage

The use of lymphatic drainage technique helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from skin cells, reduce swelling, and improve intracellular metabolism. As a result, the complexion improves, the severity of wrinkles decreases.

How to do self massage:

  • start with a slow stroking from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the nose to the edges of the orbit and to the temples,
  • the area around the eyes passes in circular motions,
  • the area around the mouth is worked out with light pressure from the middle of the chin to the edge of the nasolabial fold,
  • nasolabial folds pass by energetic pressure from the bottom up to the nose,
  • to correct the oval of the face, the chin is clamped with the index and thumb. The thumb of the second hand is placed under the edge of the lower jaw, the index is above it. Then, with your fingers, slowly and with pressure, conduct to the ears along the jaw line.

The total duration of the session can reach up to 15 minutes, and it can be performed up to 3 times a day.

Common mistakes

An improperly made facial massage for wrinkles at home can lead to some consequences.

For example, the following reactions are possible:

The following errors are common when performing massage:

  • As a result of rough grinding, you can stretch and make soft skin sagging. Rubbing should be done with gentle movements so as not to cause pain and microtrauma,
  • Massage should be done along the massage lines. Otherwise, it is possible to change the shape of the face,
  • If the procedure is not carried out regularly, the effect will not be achieved,
  • Consider contraindications
  • Lotions, creams and oils for massage should be selected according to the type of skin in order to avoid dryness, irritation or rashes.

Chinese technology

Chinese facial massage for wrinkles is a way of influencing biologically active areas of the skin. The effect can be achieved by applying special means (for example, oils) on the face before starting the procedures. During the Chinese massage, you do not need to put pressure on the skin. Finger pads should simply glide over the skin.

During the treatment of the skin from wrinkles on the face, the process of tissue repair is launched, as well as the production of elastin and collagen fibers. As a result, the natural filling of folds and the improvement of the tone of the skin surface are activated.

It is generally accepted that such self-massage of the face from wrinkles helps not only get rid of the signs of aging, but also cures the organs of vision, hearing and has a beneficial effect on the facial nerves.

Stages of Chinese wrinkle self-massage:

  • sit straight and straighten your back, take your shoulders back,
  • rub your palms to warm them up
  • Arrange your hands in such a way as if you want to wash and do not bend them, applying to the skin,
  • do circular movements with your eyes, often blinking,
  • close your eyes with your palms and lightly press on them,
  • put the thumb on both hands to the inner corners of the eyes and slightly press on these areas,
  • massage your nose with your index fingers
  • pat your eyes lightly over the eyelids.
  • massage your ear shells with your middle fingers
  • pass through the hair with open hands, as if combed, moving from the forehead to the back of the head.

This technique allows you to eliminate folds of different types - both facial and age. If you are interested in how to properly perform facial massage against wrinkles, videos will help you make movements confidently:

Spoon Massage

Another type of Chinese massage is with spoons. For manipulations, ordinary tablespoons of stainless steel are suitable, and for the area around the eyes - tea.

Massage tools

For the treatment procedure against wrinkles of various types, the following exercises must be done:

  • dip a teaspoon in a cool chamomile broth, attach it first to the upper eyelid, then dip it again in the broth. Attach to the lower eyelid. Repeat with the second eye Spoon massage: start
  • heat a little olive oil, dip a tablespoon in there and patting the forehead area, between the eyebrows, then work through the same areas with circular pressure of the spoon, Spoon massage: continued
  • heat a spoon in a hot broth of chamomile and run it in the direction from the neck to the chin, We continue ...
  • inflate your cheeks and tap the entire surface gently with a spoon, Lightly tap on the cheeks with a spoon
  • heat a spoon in a hot chamomile broth and treat all areas of the face with facial wrinkles in a circular motion clockwise and against it. Completion

Alternatively, all active areas (massage lines and lymph points) can simply be massaged with a spoon. The cosmetic effect occurs during the systematic massage procedures.

For example:

  • Fingers tightly pressed to the middle of the forehead, hold for 3 seconds and with pressure hold them to the temples, and from there - perpendicular down.
  • Press your fists to the sides of the forehead above the eyebrows, thumbs protruded and look down. Press the pads of the thumbs on the area near the nose at the border with the lower eyelid and hold it with pressure to the temples, there it linger for 3 seconds. Then repeat the same with the upper eyelid, running your thumbs along the lower border of the eyebrows.
  • The lips are compressed. Place the index fingers in the pits on the side of the nostrils, and the large fingers 1 cm below the corners of the mouth. Press, hold for 3 seconds, press to reduce fingers to the corners of the lips, again hold for 3 seconds, spread your fingers back.

The skin should be well oiled with oil or cream.

Japanese Anti-Aging Massage Zogan (“Facial Creation”)

It is aimed at working out the deep layers of the epidermis, muscles and even the bones of the skull, therefore it implies an intense external effect, which causes some pain in the patient. But it’s worth to be patient, since the end result exceeds all expectations: instantly the swelling disappears, the skin gets rid of toxins and smoothes, muscles are tightened.

It is interesting that such a massage is performed standing or sitting in a chair with a perfectly straight back. The movements have a strict focus, while the zones of the lymph nodes are processed gently and smoothly, without strong pressure. The final chord is the stimulation of the so-called beauty points for the full achievement of the lifting effect.


It has no age limits and is equally good for both women and men. Massage can be done for prevention and for the correction of already formed wrinkles. The most effective is the procedure performed in the morning. The session is carried out, standing in front of the mirror. Before you begin massaging, you must be well-versed in the location of the active points on your face, which will be affected.

It is carried out with the fingertips, the exposure time should be at least 7 seconds.

Before massaging, they are cleaned and steamed using a napkin moistened with a warm decoction of herbs to fully open the pores. Then a nourishing cream or massage oil is applied to the skin and a session is started. The first point is massaged with two hands - the fingers 2, 3 and 4 of both hands are placed in the middle of the forehead and smoothing movements toward the temples. Then go to the point located between the eyebrows, and smooth it in the same way with movements towards the temples.

Now we massage the paired points located in the region of the nose and the beginning of the growth of the eyebrows, smoothing the eyebrows of facial wrinkles. Then we find the middle of each eyebrow and act on the points located above the hair growth, thereby relaxing the muscles of the forehead. Then the points located in the region of the external corners of the eye are massaged, after which we move on to the points located in the temporal fossa.

To relieve tension in the muscles of the head, we massage the points that are opposite the center of the auricle - where the tragus is located. This area should be worked out especially carefully, since massage here prevents early wrinkles. Now we need to move our fingers to the area under the earlobe and find a hollow in the jaw - we need to massage it. In the future, you need to move your fingers along the corner of the lower jaw and go to the area of ​​the center of the chin. Massage at this point helps remove wrinkles near the mouth.

We find the points located in the corners of the lips and massage them, after which we need to go to the points of the wings of the nose, which are located near the nasolabial folds. The study of these points reduces the depth of the skin creases in this area. Next, go to the points near the inner corners of the eyes located in the area of ​​the lacrimal canal, and then you need to go to the points located under the lower eyelid in the middle of the eye - presses should be done on the bony part of the orbit. Thus, we worked out all areas of active points and performed acupressure.

Relaxing massage to reduce facial muscle tension

Our face is mobile, often reflects a lot of emotions. In the distant past, people could determine by wrinkles what a person’s character was. Wrinkles are a consequence of not only age-related changes and pronounced facial expressions, but also the consequence of overwork, tension of the facial muscles.

A relaxing facial massage, start from the forehead, gently pressing between the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose. Then you should make smooth movements from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. You can turn on and massage the head, starting with the forehead, ending with the back of the head.

General rules for relaxing massage:

  • Eyebrow massage is done by lightly plucking the eyebrows and eyelids.
  • The skin of the eyes needs a gentle delicate massage. Knead the outer corners, and under the eyes.
  • The cheekbones are massaged towards the temples with tapping movements with your fingertips. Circular movements are suitable for tense places. The temporal muscles also require attention.
  • The muscles of the mouth are massaged with light pressure and patting movements.
  • In conclusion, gently pat on the face until a feeling of warmth appears.
  • Search for tense muscles and massage them additionally again.

If you feel constant tiredness, it is recommended to do this massage regularly (for example, daily at the end of the day).

Wrinkle Massager

A facial massager for wrinkles is a special apparatus for rejuvenating the skin, which normalizes blood flow in the dermis. The use of such devices has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis of various types),
  • rash and herpes,
  • open wounds
  • purulent inflammation,
  • oncology,
  • immune disorders
  • cold,
  • chronic diseases of blood vessels and heart,
  • rosacea (dilated capillaries under the skin),
  • diabetes,
  • excessively sensitive skin,
  • artificial implants in the dermis,
  • the postoperative period and the first time after serious cosmetic interventions.

Pinch by Jacques

The plucking technique is quite complicated for self-massage, but it is quite possible to master it. Cosmetic oils are inappropriate in this case. Make pinch massage along the massage lines, tweezed thumb and forefinger.

Massage mystery begins from the upper part of the face: between the eyebrows, passing to the forehead. Next, head to the eyes: in this area, gently massage in a circular pressing motion, alternating with stroking. Massage is further carried out from the nose (from the nose to the wings), passing to the cheeks along the massage lines, etc.

Lines for tweaks

Lymphatic drainage massage

The lymph that circulates in the vessels has the ability to collect and remove harmful substances from the body. If for some reason its stagnation forms, slags and toxins accumulate, which negatively affects the skin: swelling, unhealthy color, sagging and sagging due to excessive accumulation of fats appear. By making circular movements and pressures along the massage lines, stroking and shaking the skin, we thereby remove intercellular fluid, activate the movement of lymph, and tone the walls of blood vessels.

As a result, metabolic processes of the body are stimulated, water balance is restored, the skin is cleansed and begins to breathe freely, irregularities are smoothed. The only problem is a large number of contraindications, including diseases of the skin, heart, blood vessels, lymph nodes and oncology.

Pinch (Jacquet method)

It is considered not only an anti-aging, but also a therapeutic facial massage, as it normalizes metabolic processes and blood flow, thereby eliminating various skin problems. This is a rather aggressive procedure, during which painful tweaks are used: the masseur grabs, squeezes and kneads the deep layers of the epidermis with the thumb and forefinger.

This technology has many subtleties, without knowledge of which it can harm the patient, so the procedure is not recommended to be carried out independently. It is important to remember that such massage is contraindicated in a number of viral diseases, chronic dermatosis, rosacea and inflammation of the facial nerve.


Thai anti-aging massage is not very effective in its own performance. To get the greatest effect, it is better to use special tools that can only be found in "Asian" salons.

Start the massage by stroking the neck, moving up to the chin and to the ears. The manipulation continues with circular stroking movements along the cheekbones and cheeks, passing to the area around the mouth, nose, forehead, and temples. Near the eyes, tactics change: fingertips are stroking from the corners of the eyes, heading towards the bridge of the nose through the lower eyelid area. Then they return to the outer corner above the upper eyelid. Each zone should be given a total of 5 minutes.

Thai massage

The main movements of Chinese massage:

  • We cover the face with palms. We move our eyes up and down under our palms, left and right, and rotate them. Quickly, quickly blink - then at the same time, then in turn.
  • We put index fingers on both sides along the partition, warm it for 5 seconds.Then, with small pads in circular motions, we rub the partition from the bottom up.
  • We clap the cheeks with our palms. We perform 10 claps, by 5 claps, the intensity increases, and then it goes down again.
  • We cover our ears with our palms, warm for 5 seconds. Then with the middle fingers we move pointwise from the tragus to the lobes, kneading them in circular motions.
  • Cover the lower lip with the upper lip, extend the chin forward and slightly up. Rest your thumb into the cavity under the chin, massage it. Now, with the back of your fingers, easily swipe from the neck to the chin.

An important condition: hands should be warm. Therefore, warm them up - rub them well together with your palms.


The Shiatsu acupressure technique consists of just one technique - pressure, which is applied to specific points. Paired or symmetrical points must be acted upon simultaneously. The following points are used to improve the condition of facial skin:

  • in the center of the nose bridge
  • at the beginning of the eyebrows
  • at the inner corners of the eyes
  • at the end of the eyebrows
  • above the temples from the side of the outer corner of the eyes,
  • on the hairline at the tip of the ears,
  • in the corners of the lips
  • in the center of the groove between the nose and upper lip,
  • under the nostrils
  • above the wings of the nose
  • in the fossa on the chin.

Each point is affected from 3 to 7 seconds. The intensive course includes 14 procedures that are carried out every day. You can also massage every other day for a month and maintenance procedures 1-2 times a week. Acupressure is indicated for women from 40 years old as an effective means of combating age-related skin changes.


This type of massage is carried out using special devices: "grandmother's" cans, a rubber massager, as well as silicone cans, an apparatus.

Vacuum massage accessories

To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. cleanse your skin and apply oil or cream,
  2. set the jar or the vacuum nozzle of the device on the middle of the forehead so that it “sticks” to the skin (glass aggregates need to be heated for this from the inside) and move it from the middle of the forehead to the temples and vice versa. Next, you need to move "vertically" - from the eyebrows to the hairline, Vacuum massage
  3. then set the jar on the cheekbone and move to the nose and vice versa, then change direction towards the lips,
  4. apply generously oil or cream under the lower eyelid and on the upper. Select the jar of the smallest diameter and install it at the outer corner, then smoothly move it to the inside and vice versa. The same thing needs to be done on the upper eyelid, having previously closed the eye.
So do vacuum massage

Also, vacuum massage can be done in the neck and neck, and it is better to choose cans of a larger diameter for this than for the face.

Vacuum massage of the neck and décolleté.

Italian Gym Massage (Jim)

Otherwise called facial fitness. It trains and tightens muscles in the same way that playing sports improves the human body. The procedure is somewhat painful, as deep layers of the epidermis are worked out with the use of kneading, tingling, intense pressure and active circular movements. Such gymnastics is recommended for women over 30 with the aim of preventing and correcting unwanted changes in the skin and facial contour, as it has a pronounced lifting effect.

In the struggle for youth and beauty, as you know, all methods are good. It is better if you select them together with a specialist who will take into account your addictions and individual characteristics of the body.

It is worth remembering that the addictive effect significantly reduces the effectiveness of anti-aging massage, so you need to resort to it only after 30 years, when there is a real need for a procedure.

What women do not do to look younger than their age: they drink dubious pills, go under the knife of a plastic surgeon, buy expensive creams and serums.Unfortunately, in pursuit of beauty, they sometimes forget about massage - a safe and effective wrinkle treatment that has been tested for centuries. And it’s completely in vain: today there are a lot of interesting authoring techniques that allow you to restore freshness to your face, and smartness to your neck. Meet some of them.

How to choose a massager

So, you need to select a massage device according to the following criteria:

  • Type of device power. There are devices that operate on batteries or from the mains. The best option would be a massager that supports both ways of eating.
  • The size of the fixture. It is recommended to purchase small and light massagers that are convenient to hold in your hand and take with you on the go.
  • The handle of the device must not slip or put pressure on the brush.
  • Set of nozzles for a masseur. Their presence will be a significant advantage.

Pay attention to what purpose the device is suitable for. Some better normalize blood flow, while others act comprehensively on the skin and help eliminate facial wrinkles.

The classic method of lymphatic drainage massage

Often at home use the technique of Japanese or classic massage.

The classical method of lymphatic drainage massage includes the following techniques:

  1. Massage starts from the forehead. Put all your fingers on your forehead and hold them to your temples.
  2. The eyes are massaged with the index fingers from the inner to the outer corner of the orbit along the lower contour. Then, with spiral movements, rise to the bridge of the nose.
  3. Massage of cheekbones and cheeks. Movements are performed with all fingers smoothly spreading them from the center of the chin, then from the corners of the lips and from the middle of the upper lip.
  4. The nasolabial fold is massaged from the end to the nose with the index fingers.
  5. The chin is massaged with thumbs, gradually rising to the ears.

Russian facial massage for wrinkles

Before the procedure, you need to cleanse your face.


  • To begin, make light strokes along the lines of the lymph flow. It takes 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Then knead and tap, and also make a vibratory movement moving in a circle at one point. Repeat each movement 8 to 10 times.

It is recommended to do 10 sessions in a row. Helps to tighten the cheeks and chin and give a healthy look to the skin.

Tibetan massage

This technique helps to eliminate the initial signs of skin aging, eliminates puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, tones and increases the elasticity of the skin, and also helps to cope with migraine pains, acne and its consequences. The massage technique was created by Tibetan monks and is able to quickly and effectively eliminate stress and its consequences.

Massage is performed on cleansed skin. The bottom line is the effect on the skin with the study of the so-called acupuncture points. The session begins with the study of the points of the inner corner of the eye. Next, work out points in the eyebrow, nose and temporal region. Then, attention is paid to points located in the area of ​​the orbits, a recess under the zygomatic bone, and also in the area of ​​the tip of the braid. The central part of the chin is also subject to study.

In total, about 18 active points are involved in the massage process. Massage is performed using light tapping, as well as circular and straight stroking movements. The effectiveness of exposure is visually noticeable after at least three sessions.

Qigong massage

It is carried out in the technique of self-massage, the session time is 20-30 minutes and is carried out from 1 to 3 times a week. The procedure can be performed both in the morning and in the evening. Qigong massage has no contraindications and can be performed in full or in part. The session is carried out with light tangential movements, without strong pressing and stretching of the skin. The procedure can be performed in a sitting position, on cleaned and moisturized skin.

First of all, fingers work on the forehead, nose, eye socket, nose, cheeks and chin. In addition, attention is paid to the skin in the neckline. Further, the same areas are processed already with the help of light pats. After completing this step, stroking is performed with the palms of the hands, however, the eyes and lips are stroked with the fingers, not the palm. After this, slight pressures are made with bent fingers on all areas of the face and neck. Then all areas are worked out, kneading their joints with hands and thumbs. At the end of this stage, pressures are made with a hand clenched into a fist, but when pressed, make sure that the skin does not move from its place.

At the end of the session, following the massage technique, you need to imagine gold threads in your hands and mentally lay them under the skin, as if strengthening the face frame in problem areas. If desired, the massage can be completed with stroking movements of the arms, legs, head and body.

It is believed that such actions will evenly distribute all the energy that appeared in the process of massaging the face and neck.

Classic anti-aging massage

Step-by-step instructions for a classic anti-aging facial massage:

  1. Previously, the face should be cleaned and smeared with cream.
  2. Start massage with stroking movements. Thus, warm the skin of the face until a slight redness appears.
  3. Then knead the face with your fingertips.
  4. Tone the skin using pinch movements.
  5. Tapping with fingertips should be done carefully at the end of the massage.

It should be noted that all movements should be performed painlessly. Frequency of receptions from 8 to 10 times. Take a course in 10 sessions.

How to use a massager

The method of use of the device depends on its type and the device must be used in accordance with the instructions. However, there are a number of general rules for using anti-aging devices:

  • clean the skin from dirt and cosmetics with a cleanser or scrub,
  • apply a nourishing tonic or cream with a greasy consistency,
  • move the massager in the face in the direction of the massage lines (first, work on the lower part, and then go to the top),
  • you need to move the device carefully and smoothly so as not to harm the epidermis,
  • after the procedure, wash with warm water and again apply face cream.

Remember that if you can apply anti-aging cosmetic procedures even every day, the frequency of use of massagers is only two times a week for 30 days.

Tsogan massage

This Japanese massage technique is performed to improve the movement of lymph and blood, removing toxins and improving the condition of the skin. Thanks to this technique, puffiness passes, the oval of the face is tightened, the “second” chin disappears. The impact is made on the deep layers of the tissues of the face and neck. The massage process is carried out not with fingers, but with the entire palm area on the skin surface cleansed and greased with massage oil, trying not to tear off the hands. Massaged should be in a sitting or standing position, the back should be straightened.

All movements during massage are aimed at removing lymphatic fluid to the area of ​​the lymph nodes, which are located in the area of ​​the clavicle. The procedure is carried out from the forehead, then go to the mouth and chin, treat the cheeks, cheekbones, the area under the chin. All movements are performed smoothly and leisurely. This type of massage can be used in the morning wash, a set of actions in time takes 15-20 minutes. The daily performance of this Japanese massage can already quite effectively improve the appearance and tighten the contours of the face in 1-2 months.

Different massage techniques have different effects, so it is advisable to alternate massage courses, using either one technique or another. The main condition for effectiveness is the regularity and correctness of the sessions.

Facial massage for wrinkles between eyebrows

To begin with, as usual with facial massage, preparatory procedures are going on - the face should be cleaned or steamed. You can get rid of wrinkles between the eyebrows at home using the classic massage technique.

Classical massage techniques between eyebrows:

  • Draw an infinity sign between the eyebrows with the index finger, then the number eight.
  • Tap in the area between the eyebrow with your fingertips.
  • Smooth wrinkles from top to bottom and vice versa.
  • To smooth wrinkles with horizontal movements.

How to do the procedure yourself?

If you want to learn how to perform massage at home, you need to master the principles that must be observed in order to perform massage properly. Training information can now be gleaned from open information sources or take a course from a massage specialist. First of all, you need to study the main lines and massage points located on the face and neck, along which all massage manipulations are performed.

To perform self-massage at home, you do not need a special massage table or any other special equipment - just choose a comfortable chair or chair in which you can sit in such a way that your back remains straight.

Some massage techniques can be performed on the floor while sitting in the lotus position.

Massaging is carried out on cleansed skin, in addition, in the process of massaging using auxiliary means - massage cream, oil, cosmetic serums. In some cases, honey massage is performed, then for its implementation you will need good quality natural honey. In addition, when performing massage, especially Oriental techniques, a special massager made of metal, silicones, stone or wood can be used. Cupping and vacuum massage are now widely spread, there is even a technique for massaging with metal spoons.

The purpose of massaging can be a facelift, smoothing wrinkles and nasolabial folds, enhancing lymphatic drainage and metabolism. Each massage movement must be performed 5 to 7 times, while half of the face can be processed both alternately and simultaneously.


There are many options for anti-aging massage, so you can choose the one that suits you. These are both traditional and oriental Japanese and Chinese techniques that allow you to normalize subcutaneous blood circulation and tone the skin, even out tone and eliminate wrinkles. If you will spend time several times a week with such procedures, you will be able to maintain youth and a healthy look for a long time.

Forehead wrinkle massage

To get rid of facial wrinkles, you can use the following technique:

  1. Massage is required to be performed with clean hands on a clean face with various oils.
  2. It is necessary to start with horizontal stroking from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Repeat up to 8 times.
  3. Knead without lifting your fingers in a circle from the nose to the temples.
  4. Putting one palm on top of the other, shift the skin to the sides. Do up to 15 times.
  5. Finish the massage by tapping and stroking.


The reviews of those people who regularly do cosmetic massage of the face and neck indicate that this technique is effective, and its effect is obvious. Regular sessions help prevent skin aging caused by age-related changes. Therefore, it is advisable to start massage therapy courses at the age of 30 years. Lymph congestion and age-related changes in skin density worsen the appearance, therefore, in addition to the complex use of various specialized drugs, massage is one of the effective means that help prolong youth in the age group from 40 to 50 years.

At an older age, the effectiveness of massage may begin to decline due to the fact that not only changes in the skin and muscle layer begin to occur, but the size of the skull also changes, which is a prerequisite for sagging skin. In addition, the number of elastic fibers is reduced and the production of new ones is slowed down. These changes can be postponed for a long time according to the onset time, if you follow the procedures of care and massage.

Using massaging procedures, it is possible to improve the turgor and elasticity of the skin, keep the facial muscles in good tone, smooth out wrinkles and eliminate swelling. Experts believe that if self-massage does not provide proper efficiency, it means that something is not performed as required by the technique, or the technique itself was chosen incorrectly.

On how to do self-massage of the face, see the next video.

Alena Sobol

The basis of their development put Japanese technology Zogan. The purpose of the massage is to restore facial skin at the cellular level, by removing excess fluid, relieving muscle tension and stimulating lymph circulation. The main technique is a fairly strong pressure when performing manipulations, but without a noticeable displacement or stretching of the skin. Each exercise ends by stroking along the current of lymph.

From nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds are formed due to the high activity of the facial muscles. Such massage improves blood and lymph flow, tissues are saturated with oxygen, nutrients. Massage should be done after cleansing the skin and hands. You can use face creams and oils.

Massage Technique:

  • Start by stroking the nasolabial folds from top to bottom and from the corners of the lips to the ears, then about the wings of the nose to the ears.
  • Rub in the same lines as with stroking.
  • Vibrations are carried out by lightly pressing the nasolabial fold with your fingertips.
  • Completion is done by stroking, as at the beginning of the procedure.

Elena Zemskova

A masseur with experience offers a unique rejuvenation technique that is easy to perform on your own at home. The technique is based on 4 movements. These are stroking, stimulating tissue regeneration, kneading, strengthening the skin, tapping (finger shower), improving muscle tone and small quick tingling, enhancing blood flow to the epidermis. We complete the procedure with complete relaxation.

Facial massage to remove wrinkles around the eyes

A facial massage at home from wrinkles around the eyes can be performed using several techniques.

These include:

  • Taoist massage
  • Tibetan massage
  • from crow's feet,
  • swelling under the eyes.

Taoist massage activates a better blood supply to tissues. It is carried out by pressing the fingertips around the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise. Approximately 6-7 pressures will be enough, and the final stage is light pats.

Massage against crow's feet is recommended with almond oil. The technique is the same as with Taoist massage.

The technique of Tibetan massage is to alternate massage and exercise:

  • Eyes closed for a minute.
  • With the eyelids lowered, gently press on the eyes. Repeat 15 times.
  • Close your eyelids with your hands and try to open. Must be repeated 10 times.
  • Stroke the inner corners of the eyes with ring fingers. Make movements up to 6 times.
  • Blink for 30 seconds.
  • Press lightly on the inner corner 10 times and 10 times on the outer corner of the eye.


The Tibetan massage technique consists of stroking and pressing techniques and is carried out according to the scheme:

  • the sides of the neck pass from top to bottom by stroking,
  • palms folded in a boat and pass from ear to ear along the lower edge of the jaw,
  • use your fingers to press on the bone located between the lip and nose, then hold your fingers to the ears and gently lower along the cheekbones,
  • stroke the nose with pressure from the wings to the bridge of the nose and to the point between the eyebrows,
  • I smooth my forehead from the eyebrows to the hairline,
  • around the eyes pass in circular motions, with great pressure, work out the upper part.

Massage involves the mandatory use of essential oils and is aimed not only at improving and rejuvenating the skin, but also at restoring energy movement, releasing energy channels.

In which cases massage is contraindicated:

  • Skin wounds
  • Herpes,
  • Infectious diseases (flu, tonsillitis, etc.),
  • Extensive ulcers,
  • The presence of large moles or warts on the face,
  • With severe oily skin - with caution: massage enhances the secretion of fat.

Before a massage session, you need to thoroughly cleanse the skin, and after that - perform gymnastics for the face and apply a rejuvenating mask. Some salons in addition to massage offer similar services.

Facial massage against wrinkles gives the best effect, if combined with a special charge.

I invite everyone who is concerned about their appearance to turn to my course “Modeling and rejuvenation of the face BEAUTYVITA” . I carefully selected a set of exercises and tested it on myself. Practicing only 5-10 minutes a day, you can not only correct the oval, but also get rid of bruises and bags under the eyes, enlarged pores and acne, stimulate metabolic processes and acquire a flowering appearance.

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Wrinkled facial massage for wrinkles

The benefits of facial massage in relaxing facial muscles, which helps in getting rid of wrinkles, bumps, blemishes and scars. The most famous type of pinching massage using the Jacques technique. Often it is done only by specialists, since it is quite difficult to perform it at home for the first time.

The technique of self-massage at home is as follows:

  1. Apply a scrub to the face.
  2. Make light pats with your fingertips.
  3. Make pinching movements throughout the face, preferably along the massage lines with the thumb and forefinger.
  4. Press on problem areas.
  5. End the session with stroking movements and washing off the scrub.

Each movement is recommended to be done no more than 10 times.

Yukuko Tanaka

The stylist from Japan, who revived the ancient traditions of the Zogan massage, popularized it in Europe and adapted it for women of different ages. After her lessons, the technique received another name - Asahi, which means "morning sun." It consists of 12 steps, which are performed in a certain sequence, while working on the forehead, eye area, nasolabial triangle, cheeks, chin and cheekbones. The technique was called two-finger, as the movements are mainly performed by the index and middle fingers.


A simple anti-aging facial massage technique at home can be done every morning after washing. The procedure takes only 5 minutes and requires a few ice cubes. They hold light strokes throughout the face along the massage lines. Each movement should be slow, but delayed at any point is prohibited. To increase efficiency, you can use not water, but frozen whey, a decoction of mint, linden flowers, chamomile, dill or other medicinal herbs. Regular massage will help get rid of wrinkles in the eye area, strengthen blood vessels, increase skin tone and improve its color.

Margarita Levchenko

Offers a whole anti-aging complex, calling it a non-surgical lift. It includes special gymnastics, which makes all 57 muscles located on the person’s face to work correctly, and lifting - drainage massage. The main movements — stroking, pressing of different intensities, rubbing — are carried out along special lines and along the lymph flow.

Wrinkle facial massage with roller or massager

Facial massagers are quite common on the cosmetic market.

The most famous of them:

  • Jade Rollers.Usually they are taken over the skin of the face and neck.
  • Bamboo and amber sticks for massage.
  • A hollow roller is used in problem areas, moving eight.
  • Massage with a roller for mesotherapy is done with various oils.


The Spanish chiromassage of the face is carried out by tipping, pressing and vibration techniques. First, the décolleté region passes with vibrating movements, then with light tingling it rises along the neck, cheekbones and temples. On the cheeks and nose, smooth kneading is performed with pressing, and the eyebrows and forehead are kneading in a circular motion. End the session by stroking the face, neck and décolleté.

Mimic massage and its results

Man is an emotional being. We smile, laugh, cry, grieve and wonder, each time changing our facial expressions. During the day, the muscles of our face contract about 15,000 times, forming folds and creases on the skin. In youth, they quickly straighten and disappear without a trace, and in adulthood each time they become deeper and more distinct. Wrinkles are especially common across the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the mouth, in the nasolabial folds and in the outer corners of the eyes. But a sad situation can be prevented or corrected by regularly applying facial massage to the face:

  1. Apply a greasy or moisturizing cream to the skin - it will provide better gliding and prevent epidermal injury.
  2. We place the fingers of both hands flat on the forehead, provide immobility of the skin. Surprisingly raise the eyebrows, greatly straining the muscles. We maintain a position of 10 seconds, then completely relax. Thus, we get rid of deep transverse wrinkles.
  3. We try to move the eyebrows, while holding the skin at their base. This simple exercise helps to smooth out the "angry" fold.
  4. The area around the eyes is devoid of body fat, therefore, it needs special care: tapping with the fingertips, sevenfold pressing on the outer corner, light gliding movements along the upper and lower eyelids will help get rid of the hated "rays".
  5. Round and tighten your lips with all your strength, uttering the sound “O”. Relax.
  6. Without opening your mouth, make 30 circular movements of the tongue in each direction. The Chinese call this technique "mixing the sea."
  7. Pull your lips out like a kiss. Count to 5, then return to normal.
  8. Find the crease on the bridge of the nose. Smooth from its center down the wings of the nose.

Such a massage can be performed anywhere, even at the desktop: after all, it does not require special devices and tools. Repeat each exercise 5-10 times. After a month of regular training, you will notice how:

  • swelling disappears
  • folds lose their depth
  • sagging, and the contour of the face becomes clearer,
  • the skin becomes firm and radiant
  • muscles relax nicely.

But it is worth remembering that facial massage has a number of contraindications. Therefore, if you have open wounds, neoplasms, herpes rashes or skin inflammations, it is better to refrain from the procedure and choose another, no less effective way to rejuvenate the face.

How to do wrinkle massage at home

Today, every self-respecting beauty salon necessarily offers its customers a particular type of anti-aging massage. The procedure is not cheap: prices per session range from 500 to 2000 rubles, depending on the type, so not everyone can afford it. But do not be upset: there are techniques of anti-aging self-massage, which are not difficult to master.

Before the session, you need to do some preparatory work:

  • Short cut nails
  • wash and disinfect hands thoroughly,
  • hide hair under a special hat,
  • cleanse your skin from sweat, dirt, grease and cosmetics, and then steam it thoroughly,
  • choose and apply a suitable tool for the procedure: cream, oil or talc.

Now we will get acquainted with the main massage movements:

  1. Stroking is done with the palms or fingertips. Used to improve blood circulation and remove toxins.
  2. Grinding is carried out in a circle. This manipulation enhances the circulation of blood and lymph, relieves swelling, removes fat.
  3. Kneading is the capture of muscles with two or three fingers and their further development.
  4. Slam - light strokes from a short distance. The procedure strengthens the muscles, stimulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  5. Vibration - occurs when hands are laid on the face.
  6. Tingling is a deep grip on the skin or muscles between the thumb and forefinger.

It is important to remember that the correct movements must be smooth, accurate and sliding, you can not stretch and squeeze the skin excessively. Manipulate strictly on massage lines.

After that, we proceed to the procedure itself:

  1. We start from the forehead. Massage it in a circular motion, moving from the nose to the border of hair growth, according to the scheme. Carefully push wrinkles and knead.
  2. The area around the eyes is very delicate, so it is developed with light strokes. And on the upper eyelid we move from the inner corner to the outer, and on the lower eyelid - in the reverse order.
  3. We rub the nose, following the massage lines, from the nose to the wings.
  4. With smoothing movements we process the cheek area, moving from the edge of the upper lip to the temples.
  5. We pat the chin with the fingertips from the center line to the cheekbones.
  6. We sell nasolabial folds.
  7. Particular attention should be paid to the neck, as it immediately indicates the age of the woman. We work out the front part with light stroking movements from the bottom up, the side - in the opposite direction.
  8. Massage deep wrinkles by pinching the skin.
Rules for self-massage

The final stage is patting and then stroking the entire face, aimed at relaxing and removing muscle clamps. The remnants of cosmetics are removed with a napkin.

For anti-aging procedures at home, you can use special devices: massagers, banks, scrapers and rollers. They must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions, after prior consultation with the doctor.

How to master massage techniques

To master this or that massage technique, it is not necessary to undergo training at expensive courses or master classes. Today, there is a huge amount of specialized literature and various video lessons dedicated to this healing and rejuvenating art. Thanks to them, you can easily master even the most complex and unusual types of massage without leaving your home.

SHIATSU technique

Translated from Japanese, "SHI" means "fingers", "ATSU" - "pressure". It has long been noticed that a person must rub a bruised place. The Japanese doctor Takuhiro Nakimoshi suggested that in this way the reserve forces of the body are activated to help eliminate pain, and he developed a whole range of exercises aimed at healing and rejuvenating the body.

To perform anti-aging self-massage, you need to clearly know the location of the active points. We act on them with the pads of the thumb, index or middle finger strictly perpendicular, without rubbing the skin. Alternate light and strong pressing for 4-5 seconds. Hands should be warm. The first step, as in any technique, is the preparation of facial skin. We clean it, apply special products and try to achieve complete relaxation. After that, we proceed to the main part, working out each point indicated on the diagram:

  1. We produce light pressure on the inner corners of the eye. Perform the exercise 3 times with a short break.
  2. For 6 seconds, press with three fingers on the edges and the center of the eyebrows, first simultaneously, then alternately.
  3. In 1 cm from the outer corners of the eyes we find active points. By clicking on them, gently shifting the skin to the temples. Such manipulation helps to remove annoying "rays".
  4. Press point 2, located above the bridge of the nose, gradually increasing pressure. Such manipulation will relieve deep wrinkles on the problem surface.
  5. Acupuncture areas on the temples are slightly painful. Massage them in a circular motion.
  6. Rub and press point 1, located in the middle of the forehead. "Third Eye" - the Japanese call it.
  7. Exposure to the edge of the cheekbones (18 and 16) will strengthen and tighten the cheeks.
  8. We press the painful point 13 above the upper lip - so we get rid of purse-string wrinkles - small vertical folds around the mouth.

To achieve the desired result, each exercise is repeated 3 times. The procedure is carried out daily for 10-15 minutes, in the morning or in the evening.


Russian massage is based on a combination of classical, acupressure and other techniques and consists of vibrations, stroking, kneading and tapping. The session begins with smooth stroking along the massage lines for 3-5 minutes. Then they proceed to tapping and kneading while maintaining the direction of movement. Vibrations work out the main massage points on the face.

Facial massage for wrinkles with spoons

Facial massage at home from wrinkles can be done with warm and cold spoons.

With warm spoons, the following technique exists:

  1. It is recommended to start with nasolabial folds. They are massaged with a spoon along the trajectories: from bottom to top, from nose to temples, from the corners of the mouth to the ears.
  2. Two folded spoons convex side to each other to knead the lower part of the chin, moving to the ear.
  3. I massage the nose from the base moving to the top.
  4. The forehead is massaged in a zigzag from the beginning of the eyebrows to the temples.


Carrying out facial massage from wrinkles using a vacuum technique requires the use of silicone, latex or rubber cans. It is more convenient to use cans made of silicone, as the material less injures the skin and is easily cleaned of oils. To study the eye area and nasolabial folds, use cans with a diameter of 11 mm, to work with the cheeks - 22 mm, and to study the forehead and decollete use cans with a diameter of 33 mm.

Banks carry out massage lines using a large amount of cream. In order for the skin to get used to the load, the first sessions should not exceed 5 minutes. Gradually, the study time is increased to 10 minutes. The force of pressure increases gradually, and any sudden movements are prohibited. If the rules are not followed, bruising, stretch marks and ruptures of blood vessels may occur.


Before holding a honey session, the skin is steamed with a hot compress and cleaned of cosmetics and other contaminants. Honey is used natural and liquid, preheated to a comfortable temperature. To eliminate wrinkles, it is better to take buckwheat or thyme honey, in which several drops of ginger or rosemary oil are added.

Honey is applied evenly on the skin of the face and neck and left for 10 minutes. Then light pats go up the neck. The pressure increases gradually, and in one place you can not stay for a long time. Sticking of fingers to the skin during massage is unacceptable.

The session is carried out for 10-13 minutes. During this time, honey acquires a grayish tint and begins to slide into lumps. The skin is cleaned with a warm damp towel and a nourishing cream is applied.

Japanese Asahi technique

Before performing the massage, it is recommended to cleanse the skin. Then proceed with its implementation.

Massage Technique:

  1. Frontal muscles can be strengthened with the help of the index, middle and ring fingers. It is necessary to fix the hands in a horizontal position on the forehead, so that the pads of the three fingers are in the middle of the forehead. Then pressing, but not letting go to the temples and descend smoothly to the bottom to the collarbone.
  2. To get rid of wrinkles on the eyelids we also use fingertips. We begin to move from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner along the lower eyelid, then from the inner to the outer along the upper eyelid. How to draw a circle without lifting your fingers.
  3. You can raise the corners of the mouth by pressing on the center of the chin, after smoothly outlining the mouth will stop in the middle above the lip and sharply tear off your finger, after counting by three.
  4. Middle fingers knead the nasolabial folds in semicircular movements, moving from top to bottom.
  5. With three fingers you need to press the center of the chin, then move up to the orbits, round the mouth. With this movement, the cheeks, cheekbones and corners of the mouth are strengthened.
  6. Massage movements are performed separately on each side. From the corner of the lower jaw by pressing, we move to the inner corner of the eye.
  7. Put your hands on the cheekbones so that the elbows look to the sides, i.e. horizontally and so that the fingers rest on the nose. Press and swipe your fingers to the ears.
  8. Cheeks will not sag if you put your palms on both sides on your lips and with pressure move up to the nostrils.
  9. Do the same with cheekbones, but start with the chin.
  10. Chin massage will help to correct face contour. Begin from the middle of the chin to the ears, using pressure.
  11. The final stage of forehead massage, as in the first paragraph.


The technique uses the techniques of tingling, kneading, patting, alternating with tingling. All movements are carried out along the lines of:

  • from the neckline to the chin and ears,
  • from the center point between the eyebrow to the temples (only kneading and vibration),
  • along the lines around the eyes (only slight vibrations),
  • from the middle and wings of the nose, from the corners of the lips to the ears (with intense tweaks),
  • from the center of the chin along the lower edge of the jaw (with intense tweaks).

End the session with fading kneading of the entire study area.

Japanese Shiatsu facial massage

A tool for performing this facial massage against the wrinkles of the fingertips. By acting pointwise, it helps to get rid of many problems at home. The execution technique is provided by three middle fingers. The duration of pressure should be 5-7 seconds before the onset of pain.

There is a special scheme of points that need to be pressed. There are 24 on the forehead, only 3 on the eyebrows: at the beginning, in the center and at the end. Between the eyebrows you need to massage with all three fingers. Point of the outer corner of the eye, inner, etc.
Chinese technology

Before performing the Chinese technique, you should rub your palms until there is heat in them.

Massage Technique:

  1. Close your face with your palms and blink, while covering your eyes with your palms. Do circular motions.
  2. Fingers massage the nose with circular fingers.
  3. Pat cheeks with fingertips, counting to 10.
  4. As if with a hand, we draw from the forehead over the head, pumping in the back of the head.


The session begins with stroking, after which they proceed to energetic rubbing. All receptions are carried out strictly along the massage lines, and the intensity increases gradually. The main time spent on workouts is kneading, which is also carried out along massage lines with significant pressure. This allows you to use the subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Massage is completed by stroking.

Then, a mask with a lifting effect is applied to the face to consolidate the result.


It is possible to perform myofascial massage at home alone after preliminary training. They begin to study from the back of the neck: they pass massage movements on both sides of the spine. Then the hair part of the head is worked out: behind the ears, from the temples to the back of the head. Forehead massage is carried out as follows:

  • on the left side of the forehead, they move slowly from the eyebrow line to the hairline,
  • repeat for the right side
  • reaching the temple massaging is carried out in the opposite direction,
  • put the right hand on the central point of the forehead so that the fingers look up, put the left hand on top, then slowly draw it to the hairline with a noticeable pressure,
  • massaging the entire forehead with the fingertips.

Then they raise an eyebrow and massage the area under the eyebrows with the fingers of the other hand.To study the nasolabial folds, energetic spiral movements are performed on both sides of the nose to the nose. In the opposite direction pass by sliding. The cheeks knead the pads of the 4 fingers of the palm, and the big one at that time is placed under the jaw. The line of the mouth is tingling, after which the lips extended forward are kneading with the fingertips.

Knead the chin with the index fingers from the lower lip down. End the session by working on the contour of the face. To do this, hold the chin with the fingers of one hand, and hold the thumb of the other hand with pressure along the lower edge of the jaw to the auricle.


Buccal massage technique is based on techniques performed both externally and through the oral cavity. Sessions are carried out only when reaching 30 years. Start the massage with stroking, rubbing and kneading along the lines of lymph movement. Then the index and middle fingers knead the muscles of the cheek, nasolabial fold and chin through the oral cavity. At the end of the session, the whole face also undergoes a relaxing stroking.


Plastic massage sessions allow you to work out deep tissues, improve the facial contour, get rid of wrinkles. All movements are carried out along the following lines:

  • parallel to hair growth,
  • on the midline of the forehead,
  • parallel to the superciliary arches,
  • from the tip of the nose to the nose,
  • from the lateral surface of the nose and from the wings of the nose along the cheekbones to the top of the auricle,
  • from the midpoint above the upper lip to the tragus of the ears,
  • from the corners of the mouth to the earlobe,
  • from the middle of the chin to the earlobe.

For the first 4 lines, only surface tingling is permissible, and the rest are worked out by intensive tweaks. On each line, 8 tweaks are made, the intensity of which increases to the 4th and weakens to the last. End the session with a relaxing stroking.

Spoon Massaging

The session is carried out with ordinary spoons. You will also need two plates of cold and hot water (you can use a decoction of herbs). Massage movements pass only along the main lines. A spoon soaked in cold water is carried out along the massage lines with a slight pressure. Then the movement is repeated, but with a spoon soaked in hot water.

Hot massage helps strengthen the facial contour, eliminates wrinkles and a second chin. Cold massage eliminates puffiness, improves skin color and increases its elasticity.

The course of massage with spoons consists of 10-15 sessions, after which they take a break of 10-14 days.

The choice of oil for facial massage

For home procedures, any natural oil is suitable. You can use not only massage, but also ordinary. Olive oil is rich in antiseptics and antioxidants, vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It prevents skin aging and well replaces cleansing milk.

Wheat germ oil activates regenerative processes, smoothes expression lines. It contains many vitamins of groups A, E, PP and lecithin, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Oil can be used to remove makeup, and as a basis for nourishing masks.

Sea buckthorn oil has a bright regenerative property. It is not applied in its pure form, as may give the skin a yellowish tint. It is advisable to mix the oil with cream or any other base oil.

Grape seed oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves blood circulation and the production of elastin and collagen by cells. Regular use of oil reduces the manifestation of rosacea. It can also be used as the main component of masks for dry hair and thin nails.

Jojoba oil can get rid of facial wrinkles and prevent skin aging. It eliminates dryness, peeling, tightness. In summer, its use allows you to protect from sunlight. Oil stimulates regeneration processes, has an antibacterial effect.

Shea butter nourishes the skin, saturates it with essential vitamins and acids.Regular use leads to an improvement in complexion, to the elimination of wrinkles and stretch marks. The contour of the face is also gradually improving.

Self-massage at home can not only relieve the first signs of skin aging, but also improve skin color and elasticity, relieve puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and reduce the severity of wrinkles. The relaxing effect of the procedures allows you to cope with fatigue and insomnia. In the absence of contraindications, self-massage sessions can be carried out daily until the desired result is obtained, and then 1-2 maintenance procedures per week can be done. During the study, natural and essential oils are used to make the skin soft, smooth and soft. The active components that make up the oil nourish the skin, activate metabolic and regenerative processes, eliminate dryness and restore cell integrity.

Best Massage Oils

Oil is necessary for facial massage for:

  • better slip of the wizard’s hands,
  • achieve the best result,
  • toning, moisturizing, nourishing the skin.

As a rule, oil is selected based on its type of skin. For dry skin, wheat or apricot kernel oil is suitable. Normal skin - olive or almond oil. Greasy - jojoba or sunflower oil. For the lifting effect (oval lift), sandalwood, geranium, rosewood, myrrh and rose oils are used.

How often do you need to do massage?

Facial massage at home from wrinkles is recommended to be done based on age. If up to 30 years it should be done once a year with a session of 10 procedures, then after 30 already twice a year, also 10 procedures.

For copyrighted methods, their own dates. Joel Siocco will need a massage several times a week, but the number of procedures is from 7 to 10. And for the Vicente Ferradis Garcia technique, it’s enough 5-6 times.

Facial massage is an effective remedy for wrinkles. It is possible by fairly easy technologies at home to tighten the oval of the face, eliminate crow's feet and rejuvenate in general.

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