Sizes of bed linen: a table according to the guestbook of the Russian Federation and European standards

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Textile for bedding refers to this type of product, which is purchased in sets. Most often, we are accustomed to focus on standard sizes - semi-double and double. With Russian marking, everything is generally clear, but what to do if you have to choose sets of foreign production. Problems also arise when you bought new furniture of custom sizes. In this case, more than ever, you must have a hint at hand. A table with the sizes of bed linen in this case will be very helpful. In this review, we will introduce you to different options for labeling home textile for sleeping, tell you what to focus on when choosing sets of Russian and foreign production.

Perfectly matched clothes for your bed will ensure a relaxing sleep and give your bedroom a unique look.

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Types of bedding for adult Russian manufacturers

Modern sewing industry has evolved from the strict framework of the Soviet era, when strict GOST existed for bedding. A wide variety of furniture and related products (blankets, mattresses and pillows) dictates its own rules to meet the realities of the time, manufacturers often violate standard requirements and vary their sizes to their taste. In some cases, the total dimensions of the purchased “very expensive” bed linen vary from about 5 to 10 centimeters.

Interesting fact! The last time GOST, which establishes standard sizes of bed linen in Russia, was adopted in 2006. Even then, it included several size options for duvet covers and pillows.

For information, we give the most running sizes of sets (with information about the complete set), used by most sewing workshops.

Today, GOST in its strict sense refers and is taken into account to a greater extent in matters of selection and quality control of fabrics for a particular type (child / adult), as well as the organization of the sewing process itself.

Sizes of bed linen for single and one and a half sets

The concept of "single set" today remains only in the reference books of the Soviet era. In household use, it is used, perhaps, recalling the old metal beds with armor mesh or summer vacations in pioneer camps. Now, if such a kit can be found, it will most likely go with markings for teenage small beds, when the length of the pillowcase will be slightly longer than that of children's sets. In single-bed sets, in contrast to one and a half, there is one pillowcase (in one and a half they most often go two).

The minimum size of bed linen for an adult - "one and a half"

It is used for beds 120 or 140 cm wide. Such a berth most often involves relaxation for one adult. The two will already be somewhat crowded. More or less comfortable, a young mother with a baby can feel on such a bed.

A classic example of a half bed. This option is great for a teenager.

Half-sleeper sets will help out with a sudden "raid" of relatives and friends, they can be "in reserve" or as a camping option for giving.


Kit size
Duvet cover
One and a half
(one and a half)
from 143x210 cm
up to 160x230 cm
from 145x200 cm50x70 cm
70x70 cm
(Russian standard)
from 175x210 cm
up to 180x220 cm
from 175x210 cm50x70 cm
70x70 cm
(Euro standard)
from 200x220 cm
up to 215x220 cm
from 200x215 cm50x70 cm
70x70 cm
King size
(Euro Maxi)
from 220x240 cm
up to 240x260 cm
from 220x240 cm50x70 cm
70x70 cm
(two duvet covers)
from 143x210 cm
up to 160x230 cm
from 175x210 cm
up to 260x270 cm
50x70 cm
70x70 cm

One and a half

  • 1 or 2 pillowcases depending on the model.
  • As the name implies, the kit is designed for one, but today the traditional single sets are becoming less common.
  • 1 5 sleeping sets are very popular, which are suitable not only for one person, but also for a couple who sleeps on the same bed.

Double and Euro

  1. The set is suitable for both single people and couples.
  2. The size of the "Euro" differs from the double only in larger sizes, the equipment remains exactly the same.
  3. Family models are equipped with 2 and a half quilt covers.
  4. Designed for couples who prefer to hide in different blankets.

Euro Maxi

The size of the duvet cover in this set is 220x240 cm, and the size of the sheet can reach 260x260 cm.

Pillowcases in Euro Maxi sets are of two standards: 70x70 and 50x70 and are usually completed in the amount of 4 pieces.


The classification of bed linen by size in Russia and in Europe differs not only in numbers: European linen is marked with signs in English.

  • Single bedding can be referred to as “1-bed” or “single”.
  • Double - “2-bed”, “full” or “double”.
  • Queen It is the equivalent of the Russian Euro.
  • One and a half kits are designated as “1,5-bed” and “extra-long single”.
  • Also, sometimes you can find sets of "king-size", which are essentially "three-bedroom".
  • Designation "Baby bed" typical for linen in the cots of young children and newborns.

When choosing bedding for babies important to consider:

  • Quality materials
  • Colors (an important parameter from the point of view of psychologists that can influence the quality of a child’s sleep),
  • The size bedding.


In order not to get confused in the combinations of objects and their sizes, names were selected for each group of objects. Recently, dimensional bedding nets have changed a lot. The single sets have practically gone out of use. Including because very few people buy an end-to-end blanket, usually still with a margin, the need for adult duvet covers 130 cm wide has accordingly disappeared.

For a single person’s bed, it’s now easier to purchase items separately - a sheet, a duvet cover and pillowcases, or to pick up one and a half linen more suitable size. And bedding for children is now produced in two versions - in the crib (nursery) and all the same one and a half.

In the modern world, there are no strict standards for linen, which affects its size. When choosing a kit, remember that there are manufacturers who strictly adhere to dimensional frames, and there are those who sew bedding beyond the basic dimensions. Read the exact sizes on the labels of the packaging and the bedding itself. And on sites do not rush to search by size name, it is better to use filters to select the size in centimeters.

Choose the right one

We pick up the tape measure and measure the following parameters: the length and width of the mattress, pillows and blankets.

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The sheet should be 80-100 cm wider than the mattress, and the duvet cover 5-6 cm wider and longer than the blanket.

If you have a wide non-standard bed with two one and a half mattresses, then you can consider purchasing two identical one and a half sets.

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Bed linens differ not only in size, but also in the number of components. In appearance they are divided into:

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  • Single
  • One and a half
  • Double
  • Euro
  • Family
  • Baby
  • For newborns

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Single bed

Today, single sets are not popular, therefore, they are quite rare for sale, table:

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Width cmLength see
Duvet cover135200

p, blockquote 10,0,0,0,0 ->

One and a half

Typically, this kit consists of a duvet cover, sheets, one or two pillowcases. Ideal for single and one and a half beds.

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The set includes a duvet cover, a sheet, two or four pillowcases. A great option for a sofa or bed, where two adults sleep under one blanket.

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Bed Euro

This is a new type of bedding that quickly won the sympathy of many consumers. He has the same equipment as a double, but the dimensions are slightly larger. Suitable for large double beds with orthopedic mattress and wide sofas.

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p, blockquote 16,0,0,0,0 ->


Ideal for couples who prefer to sleep on the same bed, but under different blankets. The set consists of two one and a half duvet covers, a sheet and two or four pillowcases.

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Each manufacturer may have their own kit sizes, but they are not very different from accepted standards. Choose the right bedding will help the table.

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Russian bedding

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Duvet coverSheetPillowcase
One and a half150x210 150x215 150x220 215x248160x210 | 150x215 180x260 | 215x14870x70 60x60 50x70
Double180x210 180x215 200x220175x210 | 175x215 210x230 | 220x215 240x260 | 220x22070x70 60x60 50x70
Euro205x225 225x245 200x220240x280 | 240x22070x70 50x70
Family150x210 (2 pcs.) 215x148 (2 pcs.)240x280 | 240x22070x70 50x70

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Sizes of double and family bedding

To slightly get ahead of events and orient our esteemed reader in terms and definitions, we present a scheme of differences between the main types of bedding types

As we see from the figure, the family kit differs from the “double” size. Are you curious what exactly is included in a family-type bedding set? You won’t guess with the sizes - the Euro-set has one duvet cover, the family has two different duvet covers. And it’s hard to say which size for halves the manufacturers decide to “cut”.

With the family bedding set, the phrase “pull the blanket over yourself” acquires only one - figurative meaning. Indeed, in this case, everyone already has their own blanket, along with a separate duvet cover

Double sets with orthopedic hard mattresses are especially popular with elastic sheets or sheets-covers. They literally put on a mattress. In this case, even if you toss and turn in a dream, you do not risk waking up on a bare mattress (but on the floor - how it is!). At the end of our publication, we will talk about them in more detail.

By the way, family kits from manufacturers of different countries have different sizes that differ from the usual for Russian buyers. The most popular importing countries: China, Turkey, Austria, Italy and Germany. Euro bedding sizes are shown in the table.

The table shows not only the sizes of the European bedding sets, but also Russian manufacturers

Euro bedding sizes and euro-maxi bedding sets

The concepts of Euro and Euro-maxi in the very GOST, which we mentioned at the very beginning of the article, did not exist. This, in fact, is the fashion of the last decade. Probably, Europe in this way decides to separate from everything Asian, as if contrasting or even imposing its interpretation on something, what should be the fashion for bedding.

If we talk about sizes, then there is one thing in common. The duvet cover is almost everywhere standard - 220 × 240 cm, but the size of the sheets may vary

Traditional maximum sizes of bed linen are from Turkish manufacturers. The sheet in this set can be of two options: 270 × 310 and 290 × 310 cm. For comparison, the domestic set for a double bed is 220 × 240 cm.

For your information! In some kits, additional numbers in the marking may occur. For example, 120 × 220 + 30. The last figure is the supply of a sheet with an elastic band (bend), and if you meet such a designation 70 × 70 + 5, in this case we are talking about the size of the decorative piping on the pillowcases.


Today in stores you can find a wide variety of baby bedding. The kit includes a duvet cover, sheet and 1 pillowcase.

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Sizes of baby bedding:

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Width x Length
Pillowcase40 x 60 cm.,
Duvet coverwidth 100-120 cm. and length 140-150 cm.,
Sheetwidth 100-120 cm. and length 138-160 cm.

For teens, a regular one and a half bedding set is perfect.

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Bedding for newborns

Here, the main selection criterion is the quality and naturalness of the fabrics. The sizes of bed linen for newborns directly depend on the standard sizes of a crib. A fairly convenient option for children is a sheet with an elastic band, which is selected according to the size of the mattress.

p, blockquote 30,0,0,0,0 ->

Some manufacturers sometimes offer complete sets in the crib, which in addition to bedding includes a blanket, pillow, pocket and side.

Width x Length
Pillowcase45x45 cm. Or 35x45 cm.,
Duvet cover110x140 cm. Or 100x150 cm.,
Sheet110x150 cm., 120x180 cm. Or 120x60 cm. (On an elastic band).

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Foreign bedding

Foreign manufacturers indicate sizes in English letters:

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Double or full - a double bedding set (dimensions 5 cm more)

p, blockquote 35,0,0,0,0 ->

Extra long single - one and a half bedding set, but the dimensions are slightly larger

p, blockquote 36,0,0,0,0 ->

Single or twin - single bedding set

p, blockquote 37,0,0,0,0 ->

King size - large bed set

p, blockquote 38,0,0,0,0 ->

Family - family bedding set

p, blockquote 39,0,0,0,0 ->

Queen - meets Euro bedding standards

p, blockquote 40,0,0,0,0 ->

Children or Baby bed - children's sets.

p, blockquote 41,0,0,0,0 ->

Russian and foreign standards

First, about Russian bedding sizes and a table of standards. Strictly speaking, few of the enterprises strictly adhere not only to GOST, but to the generally accepted dimensional grid. Most of them produce about several rulers at the same time in order to “please” the whole variety of blankets. They "walk" about this same grid and each other about 10 cm. In one direction or another.

Right here you can download a file with all the parameters or print it right away:

A table with standard sizes for kits in Russia.

KindsDuvet coverSheetPillowcase 2 pcs
1,5 sleeping145x215,150x22070x70
2 sleeping175x215180x22070x70
Family145x215 (2 pcs.)220x24070x70
Euro standard220x220220x24070x70 + 50x50 2 pcs, variable
Euro maxi King size220x240220x24070x70 + 50x50 2 pcs
Teenage145x215150x21570x70 1 pc.
Newborns115x147100 / 120x15040x60 1 pc.

And for an example - the sizes of bedding sets according to the guest table. As you can see, the products themselves were already there, there were more options for pillowcases, but there wasn’t any Euro and Family at all - this is, so to speak, the spirit of the West.

Duvet coverSheetPillowcase Double215x163, 215x175214x145 / 150, 230x15040x40, 60x60, 70x70, 75x75, 80x80 One and a half215x143, 215x153214x130 Singlenot203x120, 214x120 Teenage178x122180x100 Children125x120, 147x112 / 125117x100, 138 / 159x100

There are many foreign manufacturers on the Russian home textile market today. They produce sets that differ in parameters from our bedding, and the sizes in the table below are based on average values ​​for Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey and China. Clarifications regarding the features specific to a particular country will be made in the course of the article.


Types of productsDuvet coverSheetPillowcase
1,5 sleepingfrom 140x205 to 180x210From 160x220 to 180x26070x70

2 sleepingFrom 180x215 to 200x200From 220x220 to 220x24070x70

Family150 / 160x210 (2pcs)From 220x240 to 240x26070x70

Euro standard200x220From 220x240 to 250x29070x70

Euro maxi220x240From 220x240 to 270 / 290x31070x70

TeenageFrom 143x215 to 160x220From 150x214 to 180x24070x70

NewbornsFrom 100x150 to 115x147From 100x120 to 120x17070x70

Pay attention to the names:

A sheet on an elastic band, cm

For more information about the sets of PB Euros, read the link.

One and a half sets

At the moment, the minimum size that can be found on sale is 1.5 sleeping. For a single bed, even standard sizes of bed linen are not indicated anywhere, except for old Soviet directories. The usual complete set of "one and a half": a duvet cover, a sheet and 2 (most often) pillowcases. It is designed for 1 or two people and a berth up to 120-140 cm.
Interested in a single set of linen and its size - read a detailed article about it.

  • The inscription Single or 1-bed on the package means that only 1 pillowcase is included.
  • German and Austrian sets often come without a sheet in the kit, only a duvet cover and pillowcases.
  • In Italian it is often narrow (at normal length) duvet covers, 140 cm wide.

All information and a detailed description of the parameters of the "one and a half" read in another article.

Completeness and dimensions

Baby bedding for the smallest, they are often called "nurseries" (nurseries) or "bed linen." These are the smallest sets in all sizes, with one sheet, one duvet cover and one pillowcase.

The width of the sheet varies from 60 to 110 cm, and from 120 to 150 cm in length.

Duvet cover from 110 to 120 cm in width and in length from 140 to 150 cm.

Pillowcase 40 by 60 cm.

One and a half bed sheets - This is the narrowest adult and largest baby bedding.

Sheets for him are sewn in width from 140 to 180 cm. The length of the sheet also varies from 180 to 270 cm.

It should be noted that the size of the sheet on the elastic and without the elastic is considered differently - without the elastic, the size of the sheet is indicated from edge to edge, and the size of the sheet on the elastic indicates either only the size of the bed, or the size of the bed, plus the height of the mattress.

Duvet covers in one and a half sets sew for a baby bed in width from 110 to 150 cm, and for adults from 140 to 170 cm. In length from 200 to 220 cm. In this size there can be only one duvet cover.

The standard size of pillowcases is 50 by 70 cm, or 70 by 70 cm. The number for a one and a half bed set is from 1 to 2 pillowcases.

Double bedding Sew already for adults only. But! Some manufacturers are sympathetic to the fact that adults would like to sleep on bedding with cartoon drawings, or movie posters, for them they offer double sets with popular themes.

The size of the sheets of double sets is minimal for beds and sofas on which two people sleep: width from 170 to 200 cm, length from 200 to 260 cm.

A duvet cover in a double set is one, with dimensions in width from 180 to 200 cm, in length from 200 to 220 cm.

Pillowcases can still be 50 by 70 cm or 70 by 70 cm, and the number can be two or four.

Duo-sized bedding, otherwise called a family, with two duvet covers, a large sheet and with two or four pillowcases.

A sheet ranging from 200 to 240 cm in width and from 220 to 260 cm in length.

Two duvet covers, usually standard for half size sets - width from 140 to 150 cm, length from 200 to 220 cm.

Pillowcases can be 50 by 70 cm, and 70 by 70 cm.

Euro bedding, another name is Eurostandard - it is characterized by a duvet cover as close as possible to a size of 200 by 220 cm.

The sheet in width can be from 200 to 240 cm, in length from 220 to 260 cm.

Duvet cover width from 200 to 220 cm, length from 210 to 220 cm.

Pillowcases are two or four, maybe 50 by 70 cm, and 70 by 70 cm.

- as the name implies, this is an increased size of the euro.

The sheet is slightly larger (up to 270 cm in length) and slightly larger than the duvet cover (up to 240 cm in length).

Pillowcases, as in other sizes, can be 50 by 70 cm or 70 by 70 cm. And their number can be two or four.

European sizes of linen

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MattressSheetElastic sheetDuvet coverPillowcase
Single / twin90x190183x27490x190145x20051x76 | 65x65
Double / full140x190229x274140x190200x22051x76 | 65x65
King / queen150x200




260x22051x76 | 65x65 Baby bed56x118120x17060x120100x12040x60

European manufacturers sometimes produce incomplete sets (without sheets). Before buying, carefully study the complete set of bed linen.

Standard sizes and labeling of European bedding

"It is clear that nothing is clear." It is with these thoughts that a buyer from Russia comes to the bedding store in any European settlement. If our compatriots can figure out with single sets, which most often have a simple inscription "Single", more or less fluent in "import", but with large "King size", most likely, they will immediately come to a standstill. You will be lucky if you stumble upon this type of labeling:

  • 1-bed - single
  • 1.5-bed - one and a half,
  • 2-bed - double.

In fairness, it is worth noting that for the most part, the Russian buyer is primarily interested in the size of a 2-bedroom bedding set. It is referred to as a 2-bed. The rest can seriously differ from our usual sizes, and you should not risk it.

For complacency, choose 2-bed sets, the standard sizes of which are shown in the table

Interestingly, for Turkish bedding sizes are characterized by increased. In the “1,5-bed” set you will receive a set with the following initial values: duvet cover - 160 × 220 cm, bed sheet - 180 × 240 or 180 × 260 cm. Pillowcases - 50 × 70 (2 pcs.), 50 × 70 ( 1 pc.), Or 70 × 70 cm (1 pc.).

Bed linen: Euro-sizes and their compliance with Russian GOSTs, classification and labeling of manufacturers

Making out a bedroom and creating cosiness in the house, do not forget about the appearance of a place to sleep. The coloring and the material from which bedding is made will decorate the room, if you approach the choice of kit correctly. Whether the bedding is in Euro size or is it better to choose a standard product (according to GOST), depends on the parameters of the mattress, pillows and blankets.


Surely you heard the designation relating to bed - “duet”, what is it? This is the so-called "family" set (more on the link), it includes 2 "one and a half" duvet covers, 1 large sheet and 2-4 pillowcases. For a berth of 160-180 cm. An excellent option when one of the couple (or both) likes to wrap himself in a blanket.

The most common size of duvet covers in such bedding sets is 150x210, but if you want more, pay attention to Turkish products (160x220). But among the Austrian products may be short. This is not the rule, but pay attention to this point is still worth it.

For example, we made a table of conformity according to the size of bed linen: a sample according to the standards of different countries.

FamilyDuvet Cover 2SheetPillowcase
Russia150x215220x24050x70 (2) + 70x70 (2)
Italy155x210230x25050x70 (2) + 70x70 (2)
Germany150x210240x26050x70 (2) + 70x70 (2)
Austria150x205230-25050x70 (2) + 70x70 (2)
Turkey160x220240x26050x70 (4)
China150x210220x25050x70 (2) + 70x70 (2)

And this is what the family kit looks like:

American linen sizes

p, blockquote 44,0,0,0,0 ->

MattressSheetElastic sheetDuvet coverPillowcase
Single / twin99x191168x24499x191170x22051x76
Double / full137x191206x244137x191193x22051x76
King / queen152x203





51x102 Baby bed71x132107x18371x132101x12140x60

In American bedding sets, quite often, instead of the usual duvet cover, there may be a sheet that is attached to the blanket with buttons or zippers. Before buying, carefully check the availability of a duvet cover.

How to determine the size of the necessary bed linen?

In stores, bedding is usually sold in sets, which is convenient for the buyer - you do not need to select individual parts according to the color scheme. On the product packaging there is a table where the following information is indicated:

  • the country of manufacture,
  • fabric structure,
  • sizes
  • name of the picture and color scheme with photo,
  • rules for the care of bedding.

The sizes distinguish the following options for sets of linen:

  • single
  • one and a half,
  • double "standard",
  • double "euro",
  • family.

Grading by size range often leads buyers into a stupor. What is the difference between a 2-bedroom and a family suite? What does the marking “standard” or “euro” mean? In order not to get confused when choosing, it is advisable to take measurements of the bed before going to the store. On the product packaging not only the type of kit is indicated, but also the dimensions of each product in centimeters.

The blanket cover must exactly match the dimensions of the mattress or be 2–4 cm wide. The correct size of the sheet can be determined in a similar way. It is desirable that its size be 5–20 cm larger than the berth. Pillowcases are usually standard - it's 50x70 (for rectangular pillows) or 70x70 (for square).

Standard sizes and labeling of American bedding

In America, instead of the traditional, "one and a half" and "double" sets, we get the names quite in the spirit of the conservative West: the king size of bedding or, for example, an elongated single. Are there any direct analogues to the Russian sizes of bed linen - in the correspondence table we tried to find the answer to this question.

Name of kit in the USA The size Features The analogue of the name in Russia
Single (single)91 × ​​188 cmOnly one pillowcase is included.Single.
Long Single91 × ​​203 cm
King Single (Royal)107 × 203 cm
Toddler (children)115 × 152 cmSuitable for standard cots.Baby.
Double137 × 188 cmClassic bedding for a single bed in a teenager's room.Bed linen for teens (less than one and a half for adults).
Long Double137 × 203 cm
Full137 × 190cmCorresponds to our version of a berth, which comes out of the folding sofa "books".A little less than a classic lorry.
Twin (double)99 × 190 cmIt is used for cots (extended), often just this size can be found on bunk beds.Cots for babies, size Twin XL - an elongated model for narrow elongated beds (couches).
Twin XL (double elongated)99 × 203 cm
Queen (standard royal)153 × 203 cmThis is something between the Russian analogue of the “one and a half” and “double” sets. It’s a little traditional full size, but it’s quite comfortable for two to take cover while saving sleeping space. It would be appropriate to propose a family PBC, but the size will not fit.The increased size of one and a half bedding is standard.
King (Royal)167 × 203 cmVariations of Queen.Double set.
Super King (full-size royal)183 × 203 cmVariations of King.Double set.
Western king

(bed of the western king)

203 × 203 cmThese bedding options are suitable for beds from 180 cm wide.Euro.
California King (Royal California)270 × 234 cmThis is the longest bed and bed linen commonly available in stores.Euro maxi.

Euro Maxi - King size

The most dimensional of the types of bed linen, the sizes of which are suitable for beds from 180 cm wide. The parameters of the duvet cover are standard for all countries (220x240), and the sheets can vary. The widest and longest ones are in Turkish sets: 270x310, 290x310, Russian, on the contrary, most often 220x240.

Important! On the bedding packages you can see the designation of the parameters in this form: 80x220 + 30, if we are talking about a sheet with an elastic band, and 50x70 + 5 (70x70 + 5), if we are talking about pillowcases with a decorative edging.

  • 80x220 - the size of the sheet in the sleeping place, and +30 - the height of the sides that grasp the sides of the mattress.
  • 50x70 - the sizes of pillowcases, and +5 - the width of the decorative edging on them.

Large bedding, designated as "Euro-maxi" in the photo below.

Species, Standards and Classification

A variety of sizes is determined by the size of both the bed and the dimensions of pillows and blankets. According to the number of sleeping people, it is customary to distinguish places for sleeping as:

There is a division by type of standards adopted, depending on the country of manufacture. In our country, the produced sets previously strictly corresponded to GOST. Now, along with the standard, the European standard has also come into use.

Bedding sets depend on the country according to the standards of which they were created, since in some, for example in America, it is customary to measure the length and width of its products in inches. In centimeters, when converted, fractional numbers are obtained.

When choosing a bed, you should pay attention not only to the coloring, the material from which it is made, but also to the complete set.

Some sets may include only 2 pillowcases and a duvet cover, or 2 pillowcases and 1 bed sheet. Also in the set can be just a few duvet covers.

Types of baby bedding Standard with size tables

The type of "baby" refers to bedding for a child from birth to three to four years. Kits for children over this age are considered teenage

Baby bedding is always a special control and special care for adults. In addition to the choice of material, the quality of the seams, the size, type of fastenings (and preferably their absence) and safety for the crumbs are of great importance.

What is included in the standard package?

Standard equipment is the number of items that make up a particular bedding set. To make the right choice, first of all you need to know the dimensions of the berth, as well as the number of family members resting on this bed. Composition kits are divided into single - for one person, and one and a half, two-bedroom, or euros - for couples. How to choose the right set for a bed or sofa?

Teenage and children

Teenage sets are close or fully consistent with what sizes of bedding are one and a half - an adult. Most often they differ only in color and number of pillowcases: in most cases it is one, less often - two. Turkish and Austrian sets - the most dimensional, suitable even for adults.

Additionally: types of fabrics and their properties, you need to know for sure.

Children's ("Nursery", "For newborns") sets have a different ratio of the size of a berth (60x110, 60 / 65x120 cm) to the size of the sheet (100x120, 120x170). It is explained simply: the farther the free edges of the sheet go under the mattress, the better it is fixed and the less the child has the chance to “take it”. Sometimes as an additional option with baby bedding are soft sides and / or stole.
Read more about the CFS settings for children in another article.

Bedding for newborns

Size and shape (and this also happens, for example, there are sets of mattresses and bedding for round beds) directly depend on the bed where the child will be. Most often, bedding for newborns has standard sizes:

  1. Sheets options: 120 × 60 (with elastic), 120 × 180, 110 × 150 cm.
  2. Pillowcase: 45 × 45 and 35 × 45 cm.
  3. Duvet cover (depends on the blanket): 100 × 150 and 100 × 140 cm.

For comparison, we give European and American sizes of bed linen for children

Bedding with Ali Express

Since many of us order linen from this trading platform, we consider it necessary to give her a personal place in the article. All sellers in the product description have a plate with the product parameters. The sizes of bed linen on aliexpress, the table with the designations in centimeters:

ViewDuvet coverSheetPillowcase (2 pcs)
Euro standard200x230230x25048x74

It is not always indicated that here in this coloring the kit, for example, comes without a sheet. But still, do not forget that this is a specific place where everything needs to be double-checked. Read the product description carefully:

  • The words “cotton”, “natural” can be at the top of the product card, and already under the line “Description” are indicated “polycotton”, “cotton ...%, polyester ...%”.
  • At the top of the product card there may be the words “set”, “bedding”, photographs correspond to them, but the description states that this is only a sheet.

The best guarantee of a successful purchase here is live reviews with details and photos. About what materials and fabrics are best for bedding, read in a separate section.

Euro bedding

Euro bedding is becoming more popular, suitable for very wide beds. Euro bedding is designed for two people. The width of the duvet cover in the Euro-kit is quite sufficient so that each of the sleeping people underneath it does not need to "pull the blanket over itself."

The set of euro linen includes:

  • two or four pillowcases measuring 50x70 or 70x70 centimeters,
  • a sheet measuring 215x240, 220x270, 220x250, 230x250, 240x260 or 240x280 centimeters,
  • Duvet cover sizes 200x220, 200x230 (Euro-standard), 220x240 or 225x245 (Euro-maxi).

Bedclothes for children and adolescents

Bed linen for children, for the most part, "grows" with the crumbs. For many Russian families, the first bedding for the baby is simply transferred with him to a new, more spacious bed. And here it all depends on the dimensions - width and length.

A standard children's kit has such dimensions

Teenage sets are close or fully consistent with what sizes of bedding are one and a half - an adult. Most often they differ only in color and number of pillowcases: in most cases it is one, less often - two. Turkish and Austrian sets - the most dimensional, suitable even for adults.

Interesting fact! In American families, you can find an unusual variation of the blanket - a sheet with Velcro, buttons or a zipper that fastens to the blanket.

Doubles and Euros

The double set is designed for sleeping places with dimensions from 140 to 200 cm. The standard width is considered to be 160 cm.

The kit traditionally includes:

  • double bed sheet, width from 145 to 180 cm, length from 215 to 230 cm,
  • 2 pillowcases, rectangular 70x50 cm or square - 70x70 cm,
  • sizes of a double duvet cover: width from 163 cm and length from 215 cm.

The sizes of the Euro linen set for double beds are large in comparison with the similar sets traditional for our country.

Single set

The single set includes one sheet, one duvet cover and two (sometimes one) pillowcases. It is difficult to find such sets on sale now - narrow beds, designed for one sleeping person, are purchased more often for children than for adults. Therefore, 1-bedroom bedding sets are often available in bright colors with cartoon characters.

Dimensions for a single kit:

  • pillowcase - 50x70 or 70x70,
  • duvet cover - 140x210,
  • the sheet is 110x210.

Suitable - not suitable

Now about how to determine the size of bedding that suits you. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of all its elements at once. Let's start the sheets. She may be:

  • The usual. The ideal option is the width of the berth + the full height of the mattress with an increase of about 5 cm. Excessive length and width are permissible for it: the larger the canvas, the smoother it lies and less stray.
  • Tensioning. In this case, the package indicates the dimensions corresponding to the size of the berth. That is, if the sheet is designed for a 140x200 mattress, then you will see these numbers. Additionally, the height of the side is indicated (equal to the height of the mattress for which the product is intended).

A set with a stretched sheet is likely to cost more than with a regular one. Such an overpayment will be completely justified by the ease of operation of the bed: the gum fixes the canvas well on the mattress, preventing it from straying to the side. Read more about the options and types of bed sheets for a bed, read in another article.

The second is the size of the blanket. Choosing a duvet cover we consider:

  • Stock for possible shrinkage. For pure cotton and flax it is better to make an increase of 5-7 cm, if the composition contains a significant amount of synthetics - about 3 cm.
  • The maximum error. Up to 10 cm is completely not critical in the operation of the product. That is, if your blanket is 140 cm wide, and the duvet cover, judging by the inscription on the package, 150 - it's okay. A difference of more than 10 cm may cause some inconvenience.

And finally, pillowcases. Always pay attention to their size. In Russian sets they are standard, 70x70, and 50x70 are found only as a supplement (in Euro-standard and Euro-maxi). In Chinese, the situation is often the same. But underwear made in other countries may contain only 50x70 pillowcases.

Important: a good pillowcase should have a sufficiently deep flap (about 20 cm), or fasten with buttons or a zipper. Unfortunately, on the packages only the nature of the fastener or the inscription “valve” is indicated, without specifying the dimensions.


Baby (nursery)width from 60 to 110 cm
length from 120 to 150 cmwidth from 110 to 120 cm
length from 140 to 150 cmone pillowcase 40 by 60 cm One and a halfwidth from 140 to 180 cm
length from 180 to 270 cmchildren:
width from 110 to 150 cm
width from 140 to 170 cm
length of both types:
from 200 to 220 cmone or two pillowcases
50 by 70 cm
or 70 by 70 cm Doublewidth from 170 to 200 cm
length from 200 to 260 cmwidth from 180 to 200 cm
length from 200 to 220 cmtwo or four pillowcases
50 by 70 cm
or 70 by 70 cm Duet (Family)width from 200 to 240 cm
length from 220 to 260 cmtwo duvet covers
width from 140 to 150 cm
length from 200 to 220 cmtwo or four pillowcases
50 by 70 cm
or 70 by 70 cm Eurostandardwidth from 200 to 240 cm
length from 220 to 260 cmwidth from 200 to 220 cm
length from 210 to 220 cmtwo or four pillowcases
50 by 70 cm
or 70 by 70 cm Euromaxiwidth from 200 to 240 cm
length from 220 to 270 cmwidth from 200 to 220 cm
length from 210 to 240 cmtwo or four pillowcases
50 by 70 cm
or 70 by 70 cm

Bed Linen Tips

As it became clear from our review, the size of bed linen can vary greatly. Before going to the store it is better to measure some sizes, we will start with a mattress.

Carefully measure the existing dimensions, including the height of the mattress, and write them on a piece of paper

Do not forget that the sheet should hang slightly from the sides of the bed, and in some cases completely hide the ends of the mattress.

Half sleeper kit

The most popular and popular type of bedding. Designed for one or two people, ideal for a narrow double bed or sofa. The set includes 1 sheet, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases.

Dimensions of a half-sleeper kit:

  • pillowcase - 50x70 or 70x70,
  • sheet - 155x220, 160x210,
  • duvet cover - 140x205, 150x210.

The above dimensions are determined by GOST standards. Chinese linen may have a different size range than linen manufactured in Russia - sheets in such sets are usually shorter and narrower, pillowcases are more often rectangular (size 50x70).

Underwear made in the USA and Europe also has some differences in comparison with Russian brands. Duvet covers have approximately the same dimensions as domestic ones. Sheets begin with a width of 200 cm, pillowcases are rectangular. Turkish half size sets often include only 1 pillowcase. The items in such sets are wider - sheets at least 180 cm wide.


It should be borne in mind that manufacturers can consider the size of bed linen in their own way and then the usual euro standard falls into the size of euromax. A lorry in size can approach a double, and only a family is always two duvet covers!

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How to choose a simple and pull-out sheet for a double and single bed in size

There are two main types of sheets:

  1. Simple. The ideal calculation: the width of the berth + the full height of the mattress with an increase of about 5 cm. The greater the width and height of the sheet, the less it will gather and clump.
  2. Tension. We make a reservation right away, such kits will cost a little more. Marking on the packaging with such a sheet includes the “bare” size of the berth - the length and width of your mattress. Additionally, the height of the side is usually indicated simply with a plus sign: +30 cm or + side 50 cm.

Double set

Double sets are designed for a married couple and have a set of 1 duvet cover, 2 (sometimes 4) pillowcases and 1 bed sheet. The main difference from the one and a half set is the increased dimensions. Suitable for modern wide beds.

Sizes of a standard double set:

  • pillowcase - 50x70, 70x70,
  • sheet - 180x220, 240x260,
  • duvet cover - 180x220, 200x220.

European bedding designed for a double bed is 10-15 cm wider and longer than the Russian one. Euro-sets are marked “double” or “full” on the package. In Europe, 2 mattresses are sometimes installed on one wide bed, so imported bedding sets can include 2 sheets - you should consider this feature when buying.

The category of “double bedding” sometimes include family suites. Their main difference from the standard ones is 2 duvet covers instead of one. Ideal for those who, during a night's rest, pull the blanket in their direction. Double linen here is narrower than in the “standard” set - 150x210 or 150x215.

Bedding for newborns

Bed linen for newborns is designed specifically for standard baby cots.

The crib kit includes:

  • a pillowcase measuring 40x60 centimeters,
  • a sheet measuring 105x170 or 120x180 centimeters,
  • a duvet cover measuring 100x140, 110x140 or 115x145 centimeters.
Some manufacturers supplement sets for newborns with special baby pillows, blankets, canopies, sides.

The sizes of bed linen are very different, it is important that they are suitable specifically for your bed.

Choose bedding size

How to choose a double and single duvet cover by size

Put a blanket on the mattress, measure it. And add another 5 cm to its length and width (this is an allowance for height, because the blanket can be with a feather bed or downy). When measuring pillows (for the same reasons) we add another 2-3 cm in width and height. When choosing a duvet cover, take into account:

  1. Possible shrinkage during washing. Flax or cotton changes greatly after washing in size - shrinkage can reach 5 or even 7 centimeters.
  2. And also the error (on both sides - yours and the manufacturer). Please note that manufacturers of cheap linen do not guarantee dimensional accuracy. As a matter of fact, and high quality products.

The sizes of duvet covers are most often indicated in the table, which is laid inside the package with the linen

Euro Set

Euro is a relatively new category for domestic bedding sets. Having appeared on the market recently, Euro laundry has already managed to win the hearts of fans of spacious and wide berths. The complete set of this set is similar to double. The difference lies in the increased size of the products. Euro sets are designed for wide sofas or modern orthopedic beds.

  • pillowcase - 70x70,
  • duvet covers of "euro" - 210x220, 225x245,
  • Euro sheet - 240x220, 240x280.

Markings from imported manufacturers - “Queen” or “King Size”, domestic ones are called “plus” size. Euro sheets in such sets can be up to 320 cm long, duvet covers up to 260 cm wide.

How to choose pillowcases

For Russian sets, pillowcases are usually standard: 70 × 70. In the European standard, there may be a variant of 50 × 70 cm

And it is precisely these sizes of pillowcases that are most often found in bedding from the USA. As we noted above, always add a margin of 2 or 3 centimeters to the size of the pillow. When buying, pay attention to the cut of the product. This is especially true for models with ruffles, their size will always be + to the size of the pillow itself.

Also, pay attention to the depth of the pillowcase valve. It should be at least 20 cm and fastened with buttons, velcro or zipper. Most often, the sizes of these valves are not indicated anywhere else. In this case, you can ask for a test sample or clarify this point with the seller.

Truly high-quality linen should have in its composition the optimal ratio of natural and synthetic materials. In this case, it will last you a long time and will not lose its shape and color.

The seams in the kit must be necessarily double. And if you look at the light, you can assess the density of the tissue. If the canvas is rare and heterogeneous, then the kit will not last long. The more contrast the print, the higher the risk of getting molten linen, bright elements will look much duller than bed linen of uniform and even shades.

Features of determining the size of a sheet with an elastic band

Stretch sheets, or sheets on an elastic band, are a real find for housewives. Thanks to a strong elastic band, they do not slip during sleep, you do not need to periodically fill them under the mattress.

However, it often happens that the sheet fits the dimensions of the mattress indicated on the package, but does not want to be worn on it, sliding from one corner of the bed or from the other. To avoid an incident, you need to select such a sheet strictly according to the dimensions of the mattress. The width of the product must exactly match the size of the berth. It is permissible to oversize only the height of the mattress - the extra 3-5 centimeters can be bent on the inside of the mattress.

Sizes of sheets on an elastic band:

  • single set - 80x210x25,
  • one and a half - 120x210x25,
  • double - 140x210x25, 160x210x25, 180x210x25,
  • Euro - 200x210x25.

Key markings from European manufacturers

Euro bedding sets are marked depending on the size and configuration:

  1. Single It is found along with the Twin marking (characterized by the presence of 2 pillowcases), this means that this kit is designed for 1 person. This includes: a sheet, a duvet cover and a pillowcase. Despite the fact that such sets are designed for 1 person, the sheet and duvet cover have dimensions designed for one and a half beds.
  2. Extra long single - one and a half set, different from the single one by the presence of 1 more pillowcase.
  3. Double, like the Full marking, indicate the size of a double set, which can include a sheet and a duvet cover with an increased width, 2 or 4 pillowcases.
  4. Queen in its dimensions is more than double, Russian manufacturers define it as the size of the euro.
  5. King-size is best matched to the size of the family suite. But there is a difference in the configuration: there is 1 sheet, 1 duvet cover and several pillowcases, their number can range from 2 to 6 pieces.

Sizes of bed linen and their standards

If you want to find out what sizes of bed linen (euro and 2-bedroom) are, then the table is the most convenient way to do this. In this material we will talk about the main types of bedding sets (KPB), their typical dimensions.


We give the sizes of baby bedding in a crib for newborns and babies of the first years of life:

ProductParameters, cm
Bed sheet, duvet cover110-120 * 140-150
Pillowcase (1 pc.)35 * 35 or 35 * 45, less often 40 * 60

For cribs of children of school or adolescence, PBCs are released that are close in terms of parameters to single or single-bed sets for adults.

Size Tips

  • How to determine the ideal characteristics of a duvet cover? It must be picked up under the existing blanket - 2-3 centimeters longer than it in length and width. If instead of a duvet cover you prefer a sheet - the difference should be about 7-10 cm.
  • When choosing a cover for a mattress, be sure to consider not only the length with the width of the latter, but also the height. Usually this parameter is 15-20 cm. Accordingly, the sheet should be at least 40-50 cm longer and wider than the mattress, so that it is convenient to fill it.
  • More - not less. It is not always possible to find the ideal in terms of size of the CPB, especially on non-standard beds or mattresses. In this situation, feel free to take one that is a bit big. It is easier to tuck or hem large sheets with pillowcases than constantly adjusting sliding small sheets.
  • Be sure to look not only at the type of kit (1 / 1,5 / 2 - whether it is sleeping), but also at its exact parameters. Different manufacturers may name and label clothes of the same size in different ways. This is especially true for foreign companies.
  • If you have non-standard bed characteristics, try buying bedding individually or with incomplete sets (these are also available). This will help you choose the best length and width products that will be convenient to use.

Sizes of bed linen - compliance table

Sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases - they are usually purchased immediately as a set. The sizes of bed linen, a table with them is the first thing we look for on the packaging, choosing home textiles. Usually all the necessary information is present, and in a fairly structured way. However, this does not always guarantee the right choice.

Euro Maxi - King size

The most dimensional of the types of bed linen, the sizes of which are suitable for beds from 180 cm wide. The parameters of the duvet cover are standard for all countries (220x240), and the sheets can vary. The widest and longest ones are in Turkish sets: 270x310, 290x310, Russian, on the contrary, most often 220x240.

Important! On the bedding packages you can see the designation of the parameters in this form: 80x220 + 30, if we are talking about a sheet with an elastic band, and 50x70 + 5 (70x70 + 5), if we are talking about pillowcases with a decorative edging.

  • 80x220 - the size of the sheet in the sleeping place, and +30 - the height of the sides that grasp the sides of the mattress.
  • 50x70 - the sizes of pillowcases, and +5 - the width of the decorative edging on them.

Large bedding, designated as "Euro-maxi" in the photo below.

Interesting - terms

A bit of terminology. In the Russian market there is a large number of bed linen of foreign manufacture. However, size designations are sometimes indicated in English.

The most basic ones are in this table:

SingleSingle, Twin, 1-bed
One and a halfExtra-long single, 1,5-bed
DoubleFull, Double, 2-bed
BabyChildren baby bed
Euro standardQueen
Euro maxiking size
TitlePillowcase, cmSheet, cmDuvet cover, cmA sheet on an elastic band, cmMattress, cm
Baby bed / crib40x60120x170100x12060x12056x118
Single / twin51x76 / 65x65183x274145x20090x19090x190
King / queen51x76 / 65x65274x297 305x320230x220 260x220150x200 180x200150x200 180x200
Double / full51x76 / 65x65229x274200x220140x190140x190

We suggest you watch our video on the size of bed linen:

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