What is a kitten dreaming about?

Animals - are an integral part of our existence. Why do kittens dream, small and fluffy, how do dream interpreters interpret such a dream for a woman, girl or man? What does it mean a dream in which you dream a kitten: white, black red, gray and other colors. Unlike people, the loyalty of a small pet is by no means called into question, no matter what hardships of life their owner might encounter on his life's journey. Cute fluffy cats, often cause emotion, but their appearance in dreams, does not guarantee positive predictions of the future fate of man.

Dream Interpretation: Why do little kittens dream about in a woman’s dream?

General Interpretation of Sleep

In general, we can say that a little kitten who appeared in a dream predicts to you about the upcoming minor troubles and life troubles. If you hold in your hands stroking and touching your pet in a dream, this is a sure sign that the intentions of your close friends and acquaintances towards you are not very good.

Having seen such a dream, it is immediately necessary to reconsider the relationship with each person with whom the sleeping person maintains friendly contact in real life. In addition, such a dream may indicate naivety and excessive "simplicity" of the dreamer.

Often, bright and trusting people who do not know the intricacies of our harsh reality are very naive and open in their relations with people around them. If you saw a kitten in a dream - be careful when choosing life partners, for deplorable situations are possible in which the dreamer's heart may be broken ...

A kitten is a cute fluffy creature that does not always bring joy in a dream. Why many kittens dream, let's figure it out!

For a more competent interpretation of dreams in which a kitten appears, you should carefully work out such points as:

  • Kitten size
  • Appearance and condition,
  • Who exactly dreamed of a kitten,
  • Color,
  • The number of kittens
  • Actions with him in a dream
  • The circumstances of the dream (place, setting, presence of other people, etc.)

Remember the number of kittens in a dream

A competent interpretation of the dream, is possible only with its full structural breakdown into components. One of the components that you should pay attention to is quantity.

Why do many little kittens dream?

A dreamer who sees in a dream many small kittens, in the future, can expect in the near future a lot of life's adversities. The solution of which, for him, will be quite problematic.

Please note that the number of furry pets that appeared in your vision indicates the number of impending troubles. These will not necessarily be large-scale adversities that will inflict a serious blow on your life, perhaps these are upcoming minor troubles.

What is the dream of a cat with kittens for a woman?

The cat in this case symbolizes the mother, and kittens children or grandchildren. In the general context, such a dream can be interpreted as the everyday problems of “fathers and children”. If you fed a cat, then you subconsciously expect from the side. The size of the kittens is directly proportional to the severity of the approaching problems.

Why is one little kitten dreaming?

One kitten that you dreamed about in your house symbolizes a certain problem, a small one that can be solved, but still not very pleasant. To feed or stroke a kitten means that the problem will have to be solved only by you and not count on the help of outsiders.

However, you should not take everything to heart, for frequent, such dreams serve as life assistants who inform you about future troubles. And in our life, as you all know, the saying “Informed, means armed” has taken root very well.

What is the dream of a kitten

For a woman to dream in a dream of a lovely, fluffy, white kitten - an omen that she will be trapped by clever deception, but her common sense and prudence will take away her troubles and she can avoid the ruin that threatens her.

If the kittens are dirty or mottled and skinny, then in reality she, blinded by shiny tinsel, will become a victim of someone unseemly act.

To see kittens means minor troubles and irritations that will haunt you until you kill a kitten in a dream, and only after that your misfortunes will stop.

To dream of snakes killing kittens is a sign that your enemies, finding ways to harm you, will eventually harm themselves.

Remember the color of the kitten in your dream

Had a kitten dream? What colour? Gray! What is the dream of a gray little kitten

A young man who has just recently acquired a soul mate, a dream with the appearance of a small kitten, will tell about his beloved's not sincere intentions. About her rebellious and naughty character, will tell a kitten who is scratched. It is worth taking a look at the soulmate, with different eyes, perhaps you just did not fully know it. Spend more time talking to each other.

Why dream of a ginger kitten?

Also, when waking up, many people wonder what a small red kitten is dreaming of. If you are not married yet, then this promises you problems on the love front. However, for lovers already married, a similar dream speaks of a family idyll in a relationship.

Why is a black kitten dreaming?

For a married couple, such a dream says a long separation, but not the fact that this separation will lead to a final breakdown. To a young man, a black kitten will tell about his cowardice in everyday affairs. Do not be afraid to live, male authority is tempered from childhood, believe me, it is better to endure pain than further ridicule from the surrounding society.

Why is a white kitten dreaming?

The only dream that carries in itself bright motives when the dreamer sees a snow-white kitten. For a married couple, this means that they will never part and go to the end of their life path, holding hand.

What is the dream of a striped kitten?

Striped kitten, carries both a positive and a negative meaning. This suggests that the dreamer's future life will consist of constantly changing negative and positive moments. You need to properly prepare your emotional endurance in order to adequately meet the future adversities.

Why is a gray kitten dreaming?

A dreamer who sees how he holds a gray kitten in his arms in a dream should bring more vivid colors to his life, because the color of the kitten indicates the grayness of the dreamer's life. In this case, you should reconsider your life, perhaps the boring work does not allow you to fully develop and conquer new heights. Remember, no one will not live your life better than yourself, do not let yourself be manipulated, tear and dream when you feel that you are starting to freeze. Ordinary is the main enemy of time. At the end of your journey, the worst thing is the regret of not committed deeds. Summarizing, the analysis of the question of what the little gray kitten dreams of: as long as you have health, you walk and breathe, run to meet your dream, regardless of any obstacles.

Why is a black and white kitten dreaming?

A pet of this color, seen in a dream, means that your life will be filled with a series of both negative and positive periods, which will succeed quite often. This duality is present in the life of every person, but a similar dream warns that in your case these periods will last literally for several days. Get ready to appreciate the joyful moments and endure the difficulties, and then it will be easier for you to exist in such conditions.

Had a colorful kitten?

Seeing in a dream a fluffy pet of an unusual color - to a sudden surprise. This surprise will be associated with disappointment if you stroked the kitten or played with it. If you didn’t touch it, you will be able to avoid disappointments.

The most important thing: a kitten who appeared in a dream to a single woman says that it is time for her to have a life partner, because her time is running out, and the further likelihood that she will meet a worthy person gradually moves to the zero mark.

Appearance and number of kittens - detailed interpretations

The correct explanation of the dream depends primarily on how the kittens looked and how many there were:

  1. See one kitten without touching it - a very pleasant dream, which is considered a sign of getting an early, albeit small, profit. Most likely, this will be fraught with some troubles and worries, but in any case, everything will end well for the person who saw such a dream.
  2. A large number of small fluffy lumps - promises trouble. Especially if the kittens meow loudly, indulge and generally behave aggressively. However, do not worry too much, because, unlike large and adult cats, kittens in a dream warn of small, minor problems and troubles that can be easily solved. Sometimes, such a dream indicates to a woman that she should pay attention to her own health in order to avoid some serious illness. Therefore, if dreams are repeated too often, it makes sense to consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.
  3. For a girl, dreaming with kittens is a warning. Surely someone wants to trick her or is very envious. Therefore, it is worth being more restrained and hiding your feelings from unfamiliar people in order to avoid disappointment later.
  4. For a woman who is married or in a serious romantic relationship - dreaming kittens may be a sign that soon in her relationship with her lover a difficult period will come, associated with jealousy, distrust, various suspicions and conflicts. However, do not be upset, because such a dream does not mean the end of the relationship. Just do not give your beloved person extra reasons for jealousy and try to be more tolerant and smooth out acute, conflict situations.
  5. Newborn cat - blind or barely opening his eyes - a symbol of confusion, a sense of feeling of helplessness and the absence of the right decision. In such a situation, it is recommended to “shake oneself”, to gather mentally and physically, to take responsibility for one’s own life. In addition, this dream may have a different interpretation and recall that it is worth visiting your old friends or relatives, who right now especially need help, attention and support.
  6. Skinny, shabby, hungry and unattractive kittens - also dream not in vain. The girl is recommended to stop focusing on the external gloss, and evaluate people by their personal qualities and actions.
  7. Sick kitten, with fallen, dull hair, unkempt - indicates that soon a woman may receive a disadvantageous offer, which is better to refuse, regardless of whether it will be business or related to personal life.
  8. Beautiful, well-groomed, thoroughbred and well-bred kittens - A favorable dream that promises fast luck, the possible receipt of a gift, a pleasant surprise and positive emotions.
  9. Dead kitten - Although it causes unpleasant emotions in a sleeping woman, it is also a good sign indicating that in the near future all the troubles and troubles that annoy and spoil the mood will be decided by themselves and life will improve.
  10. If mom cat dreams with her offspring - means, very soon, the girl will create her own family. For married ladies, such a dream suggests that harmony reigns between the spouses, a warm and caring relationship, or a long-awaited pregnancy will come.

So the dreaming kittens is a dual sign promising both future troubles and anxieties, and, on the contrary, very good news.

What do kitten dreams mean?

If you dreamed of a dark cat, then very soon you will be invited to relax in the sanatorium. For this to happen, carry some cat hair with you.

If you dreamed of a bright cat, in the near future you will have to make a choice between career and moral principles. To avoid this, light a candle at night, sprinkle it with coffee and go to bed.

Typical environment and sleep content

Why a woman dreams about a kitten: find out the meaning of sleep in a dream book

Friends who throughout their life did not give reason to doubt themselves may cease to be such. A dream will tell about this to the dreamer, in which he himself is the owner of the kittens that appeared. In the future, cold-blooded endurance and vigilance in communication with others is necessary, because as it is possible, a large-scale conspiracy is being prepared against the person sleeping. A similar interpretation carries a dream in which you saw dirty kittens in a dream.

Feed kitten

To feed a kitten in a dream - to family troubles. You will feel a cooling of relations with family members, misunderstanding and distrust.

Try to find and eliminate the causes of contention in the family. Talk more often with family members, take an interest in their affairs, share your victories and failures - this will be a step towards rapprochement and understanding.

Kitten on Miller's Dream Book

If a young woman dreams that she is holding a cat or a kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly affairs.

Seeing a lovely, fluffy, white kitten in a dream is an omen that she will be trapped by clever deception, but her common sense and prudence will take away her troubles and she can avoid the ruin that threatens her.

If the kittens are dirty or mottled and skinny - then in reality she, blinded by shiny tinsel, will be the victim of someone unseemly act.

To see kittens means minor troubles and irritations that will haunt you until you kill a kitten in a dream, and only after that your misadventures will stop.

In a dream, seeing snakes killing kittens is a sign that your enemies, finding ways to harm you, will eventually harm themselves.

Kitten by Family Dream Book

A woman who saw in a dream a lovely fluffy white kitten should be wary of a cleverly set trap. Only judiciousness and common sense will help her avoid ruin.

A dirty and skinny kitten who appeared in a dream warns: do not buy external tinsel, otherwise you will become a victim of someone unseemly act. Remember: not all that glitters is gold!

In general, dreams about little kittens promise small troubles.

If a young woman dreams that she is holding a kitten in her arms, she will be involved in some unseemly business.

Dream Interpretation AstroMeridiana

Why kittens dreamed

Kittens - many small ones - dream as a symbol of your fears and weaknesses. The more of them, the more fears. But the younger the kittens, the easier your problems can be solved.

Playing with a lot of little kittens is a betrayal of a loved one. Many little kittens meow - to deception.

To give birth to kittens - for a pregnant woman, such a dream only reflects her condition, because she is very sensitive in this period, and constant thoughts about the baby stimulate dreams of this kind.

To give birth to kittens in a dream or to give birth to a kitten - for those women who are not expecting a baby at the moment, this dream means that you do not need to start new business so as not to fail.

To give birth to a kitten in a dream and feed him - you have ill-wishers who want to manipulate you.They hide behind the guise of a friend, but with the help of your loved ones you can not get caught in their insidiously spaced networks.

Who had a dream a man or woman

Why does a woman dream about a kitten?

Let's see what kittens dream about in a woman’s dream? First, you need to pay attention to age. If a young woman and a single woman saw a dream, then this indicates a deep internal problem associated with the absence of a husband.

A lot of little kittens that a woman saw in her dream suggests that there are a number of problems of a family nature that require your solution. Drop everything and deal with their decision, the subconscious literally screams about it!

But for a mature woman, a black kitten in a dream promises the approach of major troubles mainly with health. However, you should not take such a dream to heart. It will be necessary to pay more attention to your health and limit yourself to physical activity.

Why is a little kitten dreaming about a girl?

A young lady who sees a fluffy pet in her dream should reconsider her life position. Because with her behavior she scares away guys who show sympathy for her. Perhaps her behavior is too harsh. For the frequent, easily injured girls, with a warm and sensual heart, outside are not in the best way. Watch your actions, exercise.

Why do kittens dream about a man?

Actually the interpretation of this dream for a man is not particularly different. Most likely you are haunted by trouble at work. If you are a leader, take a look at the female half of your team. Perhaps you should reconsider something in this direction.

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Interaction with kittens and explanation

In order to correctly decipher what was seen at night, it is important to remember not only how many fluffy babies were and how they looked, but also how a woman interacted with them. Based on this, a dream can have its own interpretations:

  1. Stroking baby - a warning symbol that envious people are nearby, ill-wishers skillfully disguising themselves as friends. In general, keeping a kitten in your hands is gossip. However, the very behavior of the pussies is important. If the kitten breaks out and runs away, it means that the gossipers themselves will suffer from rumors spreading. But if the baby remains in his arms and begins to take on his lap, then, most likely, other people will believe in the gossip spread by the ill-wishers, which can harm the female reputation.
  2. Affectionate baby purring and showing attention to a woman - talks about the presence of a secret admirer. Such a dream can predict interesting acquaintances, easy flirtation, the beginning of a new love story.
  3. Games with a kitten - do not have any special semantic load. However, if in the process of having fun in a dream, a cute fluffy scratched a woman badly, especially to the point of blood, this may indicate that one of his relatives is playing a dishonest game and his attitude is by no means sincere and not friendly.
  4. Kill a kitten in a dream - A good sign indicating that soon a woman will be able to solve the problems tormenting her and start a new happy life.
  5. A dream in which a woman buys a kitten - warns that she needs to be more careful when concluding any financial transactions, resolving business issues so as not to become a victim of scammers.
  6. Received kitten - Though a pleasant dream, but sad, testifying to loneliness and possible soon parting with loved ones.
  7. Save the kitten in a dream - This is a very good sign. For example, if a woman protected her baby from an evil and aggressive person, then in the near future she will receive some good news from her relatives or friends. Pulling a drowning kitten out of the water - for profit, successful start of new business. If in a dream you have to save your own pet, then this speaks of unrest and worries about loved ones, households. Well, the rescue of a neighbor's kitten suggests that you will have to help an outsider.
  8. Bathing a kitten in a dream - a sign of concern, numerous efforts and solutions to various domestic, business issues. Unfortunately, often all these efforts will be useless and will not bring the expected success.
  9. Kitten running away from a dog - warns that a woman should beware of danger or an unpleasant situation that she once managed to avoid.

It is important to take into account also such a factor as the color of the kitten that came in the night dream - it can also tell a lot.

What does birth or death mean?

Why dream that a cat gave birth to kittens?

If in your dream the cat gave birth or gives birth to kittens right in front of you, know that this is a warning of your subconscious: you have a difficult period of life. Some serious difficulty is brewing that you have to fight for a long time (from a month or more). Gather, mobilize and try to go through this period of life without loss.

Why are dead kittens dreaming?

At first glance, a rather unpleasant dream in which the dreamer observes the death of defenseless kittens, however, the meaning that this dream carries in itself is positive for the future life of the sleeping person. Adversaries who conceived a dirty deed will be exposed before they have time to harm the dreamer. And what is most interesting, all the bad deeds conceived by them, in the end result will be turned against themselves.

What does it mean a dream in which you kill or drown kittens?

Strangely enough, killing a kitten in a dream will also positively affect the dreamer's later life. A serious meeting is coming with the enemy, but there is no need to doubt your strength, it is necessary to gather all your strength into a fist and give a worthy rebuff. Ultimately, the dreamer will win.

Miller's Dream Book: Be Sensible

For a woman to see beautiful white kittens, according to Miller, is a warning. She will be lured into a trap by deception, but the dreamer, thanks to her prudence, will avoid trouble.

Kittens in a dream of different colors or breeds mean small but annoying turmoil, irritations that will haunt the sleeping man for a long time.

Had a dream of skinny, trembling, dirty? Miller explains: ostentatious splendor, tinsel, will blind you, and you will suffer from someone unseemly act.

What does the coloring of a kitten say in a dream?

If a woman dreamed of a kitten, it is necessary to try to remember the coloring of the baby, since in all popular dream books she has a certain interpretation:

  1. Ash kittens, especially if they are thoroughbred, clean and well-groomed - a good sign, a symbol of home comfort, warmth and family well-being. And even if today the situation is not so rosy, such a dream prophesies soon changes for the better.
  2. Red purrs in a dream - dream of money, gifts and making unexpected financial profits.
  3. Striped kittens in a dream - warning about deception and betrayal by the inner circle. A woman who sees such a dream should be more careful and careful.
  4. See in a dream charming white kittens - symbolizes a quick, very pleasant acquaintance, which can be either romantic or just friendly.
  5. Black kittens and cats - have long been considered magical animals. To see such a kitten in a dream is a sign of the presence of mystical forces in the life of a woman.
  6. Spotted and multi-colored kittens - can warn of deception, lies, disappointment in people. If a woman had such a dream, she should be more careful and selective in her connections, as well as take a closer look at her loved ones.
  7. Tricolor kittens - indicate a surprise, but it is impossible to predict how pleasant it will be, unfortunately.

Interpretation of other dream interpreters

Why dream of a lot of them? This indicates, according to the Islamic dream book, the significance of the events and the emotional state of the sleeping person.

Another meaning of the plot about kittens in a dream is a warning about theft or a warning: do not trust all the promises you hear. Some of them will not be executed.

Have you got a nice little thoroughbred fluffy? Interpretation of Freud's dream book: this symbolizes sexual arousal or a desire for intimacy with a young partner.

Kittens in a dream and personal life

According to many popular dream books, dreaming kittens promise various changes in relations with the opposite sex:

  1. For a young girl or a divorced woman to see little kittens in a dream is a change in her personal life. Most likely, in the near future she will meet an interesting man with whom she will have a stormy, passionate, romantic relationship. But far from the fact that the new romance will lead to marriage and the creation of a family. But pregnancy and childbirth are very likely. Therefore, in the absence of a desire to become a single mother, a woman should be extremely careful with the new gentleman, especially in the initial stages of the novel.
  2. For a married woman - such a dream may indicate that soon she will be carried away by another man. But it’s better to keep yourself in control and try to maintain an existing family and stable relationships.
  3. For a girl who is married or in a long, serious relationship, to see a dream in which she holds a small kitten in her arms is not a good sign, indicating that soon she herself can let a rival in her house, long ago marking her place . In general, according to most dream books, for a married woman, dreams with cats and kittens are not the best sign, which often symbolizes the presence of a rival, betrayal and quarrel with a loved one on the basis of jealousy.
  4. To see a kitten in a dream shortly before the wedding is not a good sign, which may indicate that the relationship will be upset and things will not come to going to the registry office.

Dream Book of Meneghetti

Kittens are a symbol of trouble. Beware of disease. Playing kittens are petty envious around you. White kittens are friends in need of you. Black - betrayal, bad news. Redheads - they will lie to you soon.

Only black ones - solve all problems in personal finances. Loudly meowing - careless words can play a cruel joke with you, try to speak out only on business. An exhibition - nobody will notice the inappropriateness of your appearance in society; you should forget all doubts.

Why dream of doing something with them?

  • to see - minor difficulties,
  • bring home - visit of unpleasant guests,
  • feed - reconciliation with someone
  • to wash - a lot of trouble, anxiety,
  • buy - become a victim of fraud,
  • to distribute is an unseemly act in relation to acquaintances,
  • sell - get out of trouble
  • strangle - avoid many minor problems,
  • beat - sadness, uncertainty about tomorrow.

Got some kittens as a gift? Loneliness is coming. Buying is an unfavorable sign in a dream: there is a high probability of fraud.

If the kitten dreams of a pregnant woman

Women awaiting the birth of a baby are especially sensitive, superstitious and inclined to see the signs of Destiny in everything. If a pregnant woman dreamed of a small kitten, then you need not to worry, but to concentrate and analyze those feelings and emotions that she experienced in a dream at the sight of a cute fluffy.

If the sensations were joyful and pleasant, then childbirth will be easy, and the birth of your own child will bring great happiness. Very often, pregnant girls are very scared if they dream of a dead kitten. And it is completely in vain, because such a dream promises a future mother a quick and successful birth.

Russian folk dream book

Seeing a basket of kittens of different colors means that after ten years a very strong and unpredictable person will be in power who will be honored to such an extent that it can be compared to deification.

The intricacies and craftiness that are in your environment will now manifest themselves at a real level. They can no longer be avoided, but can be neutralized by turning into antipodes by the power of your soul. Remember how many there were.

Had a dream?

Why dream of choosing a kitten for yourself? Dream Interpretation Enigma explains: you will find yourself in a controversial situation. The attitude of others to you will depend on your choice.

I dreamed that you had a gentle Siamese kitten that constantly climbs into his arms and purrs? This is a desire for a bright relationship, but so far no one can give them to you.

Dreams of violent passions are rarely realized in reality. Do not focus on books - there, for the sake of the beauty of the syllable or the best selling, they will come up with something else. Take a look around: perhaps there is a person nearby who likes you and who will be interesting and comfortable.

Everyday Dream Book

Domestic interpretation of a dream about Kittens

Kittens - Seeing a kitten in a dream is a rather unfavorable sign that suggests that in the near future you will encounter minor troubles that will prevent you from feeling completely happy.

If a woman had a dream in which she sees a white, soft and fluffy kitten, this dream can serve as a warning that her chosen one is not at all what he seems to be, not what she wants to seem. And if a woman marries such a man, she will more than once regret her rash decision.

If you had a dream about a kitten killed by a snake, then you can hope that your enemies, competitors, wanting to harm you, in the end, will do only bad for themselves.

If in a dream you see dirty and skinny kittens, then in real life you may not see the main thing for trifles - discard all the tinsel and look at what will be behind it, for sure you will be very surprised.

If you had a dream in which a large number of kittens are running around the room or a clearing around you, you can expect a large series of small problems, each of which individually is not so difficult to solve, but when it is piled in such a large amount, your hands just drop.

The birth of a kitten in a dream

It is extremely rare, but still sometimes women dream that they ... give birth to kittens. The interpretation of this dream:

  1. If at this time the woman herself is not in a position, then such a dream suggests that one should be careful and wait a while with the start of new affairs, projects.
  2. For a pregnant woman, such a dream, as a rule, is only a reflection of her internal, psychoemotional state and does not carry any additional, semantic load. Constant thoughts about childbirth, the birth of one's own child stimulate certain brain centers, which gives rise to such dreams. So do not pay special attention to them.
  3. If in a dream a woman not only gave birth to a kitten, but also began to feed him, take care of the baby - this means that there are a lot of envious people, ill-wishers, people trying to manipulate her around her.

For women, dreams with little kittens are very ambiguous, but, as a rule, they rarely bring good news. Most often, kittens dream of envy, jealousy, betrayal, quarrels. But do not focus on this. If you dreamed of something unpleasant, you can use the old, but effective method: just open the water in the morning, wash yourself and say, looking in the mirror: “Where the night is - there is a dream”.

American Dream Book

Kittens - bad rumors, conspiracy, intrigue. To dream about how kittens play - become a victim of petty dirty tricks and bad jokes. To feed kittens is to become an accomplice in gossip or slander and regret it later on.

Kittens - petty fears, fears and fear of quarrels with loved ones.Feed the kittens - you can get help in solving small issues from those who were not expected to. If the kittens are sleeping, a period of peace and tranquility will come in your life.

Kitten on the dream book of a modern woman

In general, kittens in a dream - symbolize minor troubles and irritation. This streak of bad luck will last until you kill a kitten in a dream.

If a woman dreams of a lovely, fluffy, white kitten - this is an omen that she will be enticed into a trap set for her by deft deception. Fortunately, her common sense and prudence will lead her away from troubles.

Dirty or motley and skinny kittens - portend the likelihood of becoming a victim of someone unseemly act.

Throw away from home

Threw kittens outside? The dream interpretation indicates: it will be necessary to make a lot of efforts to overcome obstacles and achieve results in current affairs.

In a dream, drove out a stranger who wandered into your apartment or house? In reality, you can get rid of a competitor at work or an opponent (rivals) in the love sphere.

For girl

Watching a sleeping kitten is a number of disappointing failures. They will fall on the dreamer's head for no apparent reason and ruin the mood. But you don’t need to worry much. Most of the problems will go away without your participation.

Interpreters note the importance of storylines for the sleeper. Such forecasts are given if kittens have dreamed:

  1. Hungry - lose a cute trinket. Return loss will not work.
  2. Dying - small losses, wasted expenses. To treat them - in time to refuse a disadvantageous acquisition.
  3. Collecting sprawling newborn pussies - earn a reputation for gossip and hollow. Guys can turn their back on such a bride.
  4. Kissing, hugging, caressing beautiful pussies - dreaming of reciprocity of feelings. But while there will be no one to pour out emotional excitement.
  5. The guy who likes brought a four-legged gift - do not trust him. An accurate forecast of his intentions is looked at by the color of his coat (everything is described exactly below).
  6. Threw to the threshold of a thoroughbred - acquaintance with a pleasant man, a homeless man - with a lazy person and a playboy.

Pretty three-haired cats predict a happy turn in fate. Double-tailed - a lot of gentlemen. Headless - a breathtaking swift romance that will end in an early marriage.

Wild means quarrels

Kittens are aggressive, bite? Minor dirty tricks from colleagues at work, who will not do much harm, but noticeably hit the nerves.

They fought and drove them away? This means that the enemies will not be able to harm or slander - the reputation will not suffer. Did they scratch you and scream hard when you beat them? Beware of betrayal.

Why do wild kittens dream that sniff menacingly or snore in an attempt to scare? The dream book tells: discord, conflicts with neighbors will begin.

Slavic dream book

Kittens play - to wish for the expansion of the family, get attention from the powers that be. Kittens feed - financial stability, prosperity. Many meowing kittens - among the people around you there is someone who has laid eyes on you.

Little kittens - an indicator of doubt, suspicion, false speculation. The playing kittens are petty intrigues and gossip by false friends. Sleeping kittens can portend problems with their own children.

You are concerned that among your friends there are ill-wishers who want to interfere with your plans and ruin your reputation, especially if animals attack you, are aggressive, bite and scratch your hands.

Psychological interpreter Furtseva

According to the dream book Kittens

Kittens - It is very difficult to interpret the image of a cat in a dream, because it is one of the most difficult characters. It can arise for various reasons, in particular, due to the fact that we pay too much attention to our pets.

Perhaps in life you recently encountered an amazing person who only admires you, and now associate him with a kitten. Also, kittens come to our dreams, if in reality we get acquainted with independent and independent people. Sleeping kittens can predict the impending danger, because subconsciously we believe in the omen that the black cat, crossing the road, to trouble.

For pregnant

The expectant mother especially carefully analyzes night dreams. Unrest in the event of a kitten, rabbit or hamster will be unreasonable. The plot forecast is very good: the birth will be easy, and the newborn healthy. If the animals in the dream were dead, then birth in due time will pass swiftly.

A black cat-girl is considered a negative sign, crawling around and causing irritation. In this way, the subconscious signals the development of an ailment within the body. You should immediately see a doctor to stop the problem in the bud.

Observation in dreams of running or sleeping pets - get an accurate prediction of the behavior of a son or daughter. It is interpreted by sensations:

  1. Happiness in a dream - the baby will be calm, affectionate and will bring a lot of positive emotions.
  2. Anxiety and discomfort - will have to be worried, taking care of the tomboy that has appeared. Sleepless nights are provided.

Attention: people say that kittens are a birth sign of a girl’s mother. Dream Interpretations do not deny or confirm such an interpretation.

What kittens were seen in a dream?

The interpretation of the vision depends on their color:

  1. gray ones - bad mood,
  2. little white - muck from a friend,
  3. yellow - love failures
  4. black - envious people will do harm,
  5. smoky - financial difficulties will be resolved soon,
  6. tricolor - intrigues against you will not reach your goal,
  7. colored - career growth.

To see striped kittens in a dream means: you will be in an uncertain position, ordinary events will be interspersed with failures. Have you planted black and white? Someone will do as he wants, not paying attention to the inconvenience for you. Did black fall out of the window? Get rid of the attacks of enemies.

Small Velesov Dream Interpretation

Kittens in a dream mean the presence of some small fears and concerns in reality. Healthy and fluffy kittens of different colors - soon you can finally figure out how to relate to recent friends and new colleagues at work.

To see kittens playing is to wish for a replenishment of the family. To see feeding kittens is to repay all debts and receive a return of debts from others. Loudly meowing kittens - flattering speeches try to confuse you in important matters.

Cats are enemies, mostly women. Intrigues, gossip, betrayals can await you after sleeping with many cats and kittens. If in a dream a cat licks or carries a kitten, some woman may set you up to help her family members.

Kitten by Modern Dream Book

If you dream of dirty kittens or multi-colored or thin - in reality, a woman will become a victim of her own negligence.

To see kittens in a dream means that minor troubles will haunt you and bring you losses.

To dream about how snakes kill kittens - predicts that you will have enemies who, in an effort to bring you evil, will harm themselves.

Romantic dream book

Kittens dream

  • Kittens - According to the dream book, a kitten in a dream is not a favorable sign for people in love. If a woman had a dream, her lover deceives her. This deception has been going on for several months, but will be revealed only now.
  • You caress a kitten, soon mistrust, doubt, insincerity will come to your relationship.
  • Kittens fond of you - misfortune will happen in your family life.
  • If you hear a kitten meowing, in reality you will come across an insincere declaration of love.

Bald, sick

Were the kittens bald? The dream interpretation warns: quarrel with someone from relatives. After this, an unpleasant aftertaste will remain, which will for a long time remind of itself.

Sick and shabby kids in a night dream predict a new hobby for a woman. At first glance, the young man will like it, but then he will be very disappointed.

Imperial dream book

A cat with kittens, a nursing cat in a dream is a warning about a rival, a woman who can harm you, betray you or substitute in the interests of her family. If you dream that your cat has walked around, problems may be within the family with female relatives.

A good dream predicting gifts and quick profit. For young girls, it can also mean the presence of many fans, and if the cat and kittens are healthy, then positive changes are coming in their personal lives.

The dream speaks of the desire to have a cozy house, a strong family. If all the animals are black, then the move is on the way. Nursing cat - debt recovery. Playing animals - frivolity will soon have to end.

Dream Wanga

Why do kittens dream according to a seer?

  • Kittens - Many kittens in a dream - a symbol of your fears and weaknesses. The more of them, the more fears.
  • Newborn kitten - easily solved problems.
  • Playing with fluffy kittens is a betrayal of a loved one.
  • Watching the birth of kittens in a dream - no need to start new business so as not to fail.
  • Feeding a kitten in a dream - you have ill-wishers who want to manipulate you.

Kitten according to the dream book of Catherine the Great

Kitten - You see in a dream a little helpless kitten - someone will need your help, but you, carried away by pleasant things, will be late with help. Someone seems to be killing a kitten - your misadventures could not see the end, but after this dream they will stop. It’s like a snake stung a kitten - the ill-wishers who set traps on your way will fall into them themselves, your enemies will overdo it and cause disaster. A woman dreams of a helpless kitten - talkativeness will bring this woman to trouble, she should speak less and listen more - in particular, listen to the voice of her mind, only this way she will avoid trouble. A young woman dreams of a beautiful fluffy kitten - a trap is already ready for this woman, a woman should be careful when she is called somewhere, it is dangerous to get into a car with an unknown man. A young woman dreams of sick or dirty kittens - this woman is unforgivably frivolous, she is susceptible to external effects, and can be easily fooled by gaining the trust of some sort of trifle - unkind people will try to do so.

Wet, bloodied

Why do wet kittens dream of shaking from the cold? There is a lot of work, fuss. This is especially true for current tasks - do not allow blockages, this is fraught with complications.

Have you seen them in a dream with wounds, in blood? Ahead is a serious conflict, because of which you can stop communicating with a person - says a dream book.

David Loff Dream Directory

Why kittens dreamed

Kittens - This symbol has several easily interpretable meanings. By tradition, they are endowed with intuitive and magical abilities. First of all, dreaming kittens say that you can rely on your intuition. In addition, a kitten can symbolize your fantasies and desire to master the skills of witchcraft or learn occult sciences. And your own adult cat may appear in a dream simply as a direct participant in your daily life.

With other animals

A fluffy kitten and a rabbit together symbolize the troubles that threaten the dreamer's income. There will also be obstacles to his promotion at work.

If you saw him with a chicken - additional worries, chores. However, some of them will benefit, teach the sleeper to take into account all the details.

When making a plan to outline the goal, it is still necessary to envisage steps that will lead to it. You should weigh all the nuances, consider options, even with failure. Learn to develop detailed plans to achieve your goals faster.

Kitten according to the everyday dream book

Seeing a kitten in a dream is a rather unfavorable sign, which suggests that in the near future you will encounter minor troubles that will prevent you from feeling completely happy.

If a woman had a dream in which she sees a white, soft and fluffy kitten, this dream can serve as a warning that her chosen one is not at all what he seems to be, not what she wants to seem. And if a woman marries such a man, she will more than once regret her rash decision.

Kitten - If you dreamed of a kitten that is killed by a snake, then you can hope that your enemies, competitors, wanting to harm you, in the end, will do only bad for themselves.

If in a dream you see dirty and skinny kittens, then in real life you may not see the main thing for trifles - discard all the tinsel and look at what will be behind it, for sure you will be very surprised.

If you had a dream in which a large number of kittens are running around the room or a clearing around you, you can expect a large series of small problems, each of which individually is not so difficult to solve, but when it is piled in such a large amount, your hands just drop.

Dictionary of Dreams / Stern Robinson and Tom Corbet (Russian translation)

We wonder why kittens dream

Kittens - A dream about kittens symbolizes something very unfavorable, but not really scary, do not be scared. Small troubles, small quarrels or difficulties. But the specifics of sleep is indicated depending on the nuances. If you dreamed about one beautiful smooth-haired kitten, then in real time you will soon expect some minor troubles. If a kitten is fluffy in a dream, then the interpretation of sleep is absolutely opposite - pleasant moments and dates. The color of the kitten also matters.

Dream interpretation of Juno

This source interprets furry as an excellent sign. Prophesies his image:

  1. Solving problems without much worries.
  2. Relatives help, moral and material support.

Tip: do not be nervous if the ordeal does not end immediately. Just wait a bit, rest.

What do other stories mean?

Did the kitten write on the carpet? In reality, a scandal with households will break out, perhaps for a minor reason. If a cat baby often wrote, and usually on the bed - this is a warning of treason.

You protected in a dream in front of the husband of your pet, who shit in the apartment? Dream Interpretation Explains: Make a mistake in reality and will make excuses for your family for a long time.

The guy wanted to throw a little puss, but you didn’t give? You yourself are to blame for your problems, but when loved ones want to help, let them go.

By wang

The Bulgarian clairvoyant understood well the meaning of dreams. Her predictions were invariably fulfilled. Check if you saw such stories:

  1. Accidentally find a cutie - to exhausting chores, low-paying work.
  2. The wounded is self-deception. You are in naive confidence in the absence of enemies, and these evil personalities just hid themselves, inventing another trick.
  3. Flea beast - collision with energy vampires. They draw out your strength, deprive of joy. Lousy with nits - to a depressive state due to the evil eye. Kill fleas on a cat - restore an aura. Ticks were noticed on the pet - someone will try to lure the money.
  4. The appearance of a mustachioed pet in the house is to disagreement. Throwing out the door - to restore peace. If you happen to take out a bin filled with shabby, thin or dead murks, then you can cope with an enemy invasion of family energy.
  5. It’s very good to see a little cock eating his own feces. Co-workers will fall into the pit prepared for your destruction. If the poop showed up in shoes - watch for your own revelations, so as not to pay.
  6. A large kitten eats meat products with a knife and fork - in the service you are ready to "gobble up".
  7. Bathing a pet in a foam bath is the noise around the dreamer's person. Conversations will be bad. Dip it in river or lake waters and see green algae beneath them - to miss.A friend will rush to help, and you will abandon his initiative.
  8. Drowning of a born litter is a sign of resolute sleeping. You will be able to restore justice, improve the attitude of the authorities.

A fluffy falling from a height is the wrong action of the enemy. Fell into the abyss and crashed - the enemies inflict irreparable damage on themselves. Weeping kitty speaks of dishonesty of enemies.

Escaped or killed

What is the dream of the kitten running away, and you were looking for? A quarrel with a competitor or rival, which may lead to the emergence of new enemies. Did you find him? Find yourself new challenges.

Killing a kitten in a dream promises the opportunity to avoid minor troubles. Seeing him dead - financial problems will soon be solved.

Nancy Wagimen Dream Cat Kitten

This dream book offers several interpretations. Why do fluffy kittens dream of - profit and success in business. And it can also mean a gift of fate. A kitten that runs away from you and cannot be caught - this symbolizes your impossible dreams. As this dream book says, black kittens should definitely alert you. A sick Kitten in your dream indicates that you may be a victim of fraud and deception. Buying kittens for a large amount of money in a dream - you should be careful when dealing with real estate. A large number of kittens in dreams can bring you trouble in real life. For loving people, such a dream means possible gossip in a relationship, as well as a cooling of feelings.

What does feeding mean?

Feed the pet - greet the insincere person:

  1. Pour milk - you are used for selfish purposes.
  2. To give bread - to open the soul to a rogue.
  3. Breastfeed cat's offspring - get a heart wound.

If they sucked violently, then beware of the false girlfriends. Girls flatter hoping to profit at your expense.

Did you see how drowned?

Floundering in the water? Soon there will be a situation for which you will not be ready. Do not rush to make a decision - carefully consider your steps.

Did he drown? This is an unpleasant omen: the sleeper is accused of what he did not do. It is advisable not to succumb to emotions, but to argue their objections.

Kitten by Stuart Robinson's dream book

The dream about kittens symbolizes something very unfavorable, but not quite terrible, do not be scared. Small troubles, small quarrels or difficulties. But the specifics of sleep is indicated depending on the nuances. If in your dream you see one beautiful smooth-haired kitten, then in the near future you will expect minor troubles in reality. If such a kitten is fluffy, then the interpretation of sleep is absolutely opposite - pleasant moments and dates. The color of the kitten also matters. Black kittens - the dark side of your subconscious begins to take over you. White kittens - start your business with a white sheet. Multicolor kittens - tender feelings and motives towards you from a loving person. Given all these nuances, you can correctly interpret what the kittens dream of and draw conclusions.

Choose your dream 👇

Why do small kittens dream?

Why do many kittens dream?

Why do newborn kittens dream?

Why dream of the birth of kittens?

Kittens were born in a dream

Why do white kittens dream?

Kitten on the Women's Dream Book

To see a dream about a Kitten - In general, kittens in a dream symbolize minor troubles and irritation. This streak of bad luck will last until you kill a kitten in a dream. If a woman dreams of a frightened kitten - this is an omen of the fact that she will be enticed by clever deception into a trap set for her. Fortunately, her common sense and prudence will lead her away from troubles. Dirty or motley and skinny kittens portend the likelihood of becoming a victim of someone unseemly act.

White kitten

Like all shaggy murks, the bright one foreshadows small dirty tricks, ordeals, and misunderstandings. But there is one good nuance: everything will soon end with your release from captivity of worries. Life will turn for the better.

Remember the baby’s gender? Then look at the forecasts:

  1. A little white girl is an unpleasant surprise.
  2. Boy - empty worries that do not bring results.

Pick it up on the street and carry it on your hands or just hold a furry miracle - to foresee the soon favorable period. It is a symbol of inner comfort, regardless of the circumstances.

Questions to the author

  • Bronislava: What does it mean if in a dream a child was sitting in my arms and suddenly turned into a kitten? Is this something bad? I would like to know, but there is nothing similar in the article.
  • Inga Arkhangelskaya: To see how a child turns into a kitten means: he can acquire the character traits inherent in this animal, become selfish, insidious, will evade responsibility after he ruins something.
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Mayan dream cat kitten

Good value If you dreamed of a dark cat, then very soon you will be invited to relax in the sanatorium. For this to happen, carry some cat hair with you.

Bad value If you dreamed of a bright cat, in the near future you will have to make a choice between career and moral principles. To avoid this, light a candle at night, sprinkle it with coffee and go to bed.

The black

The dark suit is unfavorable for any dreamer. Coming treason, betrayal, black envy, treachery of colleagues. By situation:

  1. The crisis of relations threatens lovers. Most likely, the conflict has long been gradually brewing. Now his energy will burst out with a grand scandal.
  2. At work, too, restless if the cat was sitting in the palms of your hands or on your knees. Colleagues or the leader confidently shift to sleep all their sins. As a result, reprimands, loss of bonuses, dismissal.
  3. Strangle by the delicate neck - straighten the position by great effort.
  4. Crush - the case will help to restore the previous harmonious position.

The black and white lump, like the spotted one, symbolizes the fickleness of fate.


Such a suit is traditionally associated with solar heat, strong energy. However, the red-haired kittens do not indicate the potential of not sleeping, but his enemies. Now they have incredible power:

  1. A flattering red-haired beast is a trick. The enemy will play with you like a cat with a mouse. If there were white spots on the body, then there is nothing to fear. Until the attack follows.
  2. A lump avoiding the dreamer is an interesting acquaintance. Youth - to meet with the second half.
  3. Aggressive - to vague suspicions, infuriating experiences.

White-red mischievous - to parental anxieties. The dreamer will worry about the kids. And if the sleeping man is still young, then his mother tirelessly cares about him.

Kitten on the online dream book

Kittens dream - in the near future you will feel very depressed, abandoned by everyone and very lonely.

You see yourself as a man who plays with a small kitten and who slightly scratches him and tries to bite him - a dream indicates that your other half has a very unpleasant soul, and her temper is very malicious and fierce.

I dreamed about a very fluffy white kitten - a dream book strongly advises you to be extremely careful when you communicate with someone.

Kittens are mottled, very thin and all in the mud - due to negligence, you can incur a lot of trouble. Be more careful.

They presented the kitten in a dream - harm from a stranger, it is necessary to limit the circle of friends so as not to endanger oneself.

Beautiful kittens - do not let yourself be fooled, your insight and a sharp mind will be your best helpers in this matter.

Flea kitten on a dream book - the result of the work done will suit only you, your environment will experience disappointment and resentment.

Kittens are blind - provide protection to more inexperienced colleagues. You may have to take on a young student as assistants.

Black kitten - intrigues and machinations of detractors. The situation is aggravated by the fact that you vaguely imagine who may wish you harm.

Red kitten - willpower and determination in the fight against problems. Any task is up to you. A kitten with a dark red color is a good sign that everything will work out as well as possible in the near future.

To give birth to kittens in a dream - a newly planned case is doomed to failure. Or it will go forward very slowly, constantly tripping over various obstacles and obstacles in its path.

Many kittens are a series of small misfortunes that will happen to you in the coming days.

Gray kitten - everyday work, daily duties, chores.

Dead kittens - teenage infantility is no longer typical of you, you make all decisions sensibly and judiciously. You can protect yourself from the influence of negative factors.

The dream in which you have to save the kitten is completely in order, everything goes like clockwork. Despite the fact that the cat is an unfavorable sign, saving the kitten

Fluffy kitten is a gentle and friendly friend. Fulfillment of desires, excellent relationships with households.

Puppy and kitten - disagreement with friends or girlfriends. Conventional wisdom on some issues will make you zealous opponents of each other in the discussion.

Gray, striped

This is a complex color consisting of a mixture of black and snow-white. Therefore, interpretations are given separately for each suit:

  1. An inconspicuous gray creature - to the stability of the current situation.
  2. Smoky - to stability.
  3. Striped - to fight with an unknown outcome.
  4. Gray-white cat - a high probability of victory. But it all depends on your actions.

If the belly cries, asks for food, then you need to forget about selfishness. Give time to loved ones who are desperate for attention.

Dead gray kitten portends a rollercoaster. The situation will turn either good or sheer failure.


I dreamed that a lot of kittens of different colors appeared in the apartment, even there was blue, I fed them and lured them out of the apartment.

I had a dream, as if a lot of black cats and cats ran into my yard, pieces 5-6 and started to meow very loudly, and asked for food, I drove them away, and looked for, and called for one black little kitten who left and did not return, for a very long time and persistently I called him, but he never came, and I woke up.

What if there are a lot of them and they go around the house where they want and how they want?

You yourself into your life voluntarily let in bad people, and then lament - where so much negativity comes from? Think about who enters your house - in this person is the whole root of evil. 🤔

Why did I dream of a lot of kittens, along with my cat, I got scared and threw them along with the box from the fifth floor. Then she went out into the yard, and the whole house was in them. They tried to attack, and I tried to drive them all the time.

You will understand that you are led by the nose. But do not give sight right away, lull the vigilance of enemies. Strike when they don’t expect it at all,

I dreamed that a cat carries kittens from place to place. Hiding from me. I can’t take them to the house. I put a box on the street so that they would be there in case of rain.

Hello, I dreamed that I found kittens on the balcony and, with such emotion, enthusiasm, I passed them to my husband one at a time. The latter turned out to be Siamese, furry with black-and-blue eyes, and I decided to leave it to us and hand out the rest.

Passing by the girl, she gave me a little red kitten right in the face, and he caught his claws.

In a dream, a kitten attacked me and clung to an arm or leg, I shook it off a lot, when it flew off I saw that there were two kittens. One of the forepaws pulled away from the body, and the second broke the back in half, I was surprised to wait for a while they crawled.

Two kittens dreamed. One is black and the other is flesh-colored. I fed them, and then I look, and black is not a kitten but my cat. I have been living a black cat for eighteen years.

I dreamed that they gave me a kitten and I walked with him in an embrace and he purred, was alive.

And I dreamed that a very small kitten was sitting in my arms. More precisely, he didn’t even sit, but constantly crawled somewhere and I could not hold him. What does it mean?

And I dreamed that I was driving a kitten home in a car, and another one appeared in the back seat. I think, do not throw out such cute ones and take them home.

I dreamed of a medium-sized kitten, it was white-gray-red on the sides, and on the neck from the back there was a bright pink spot, was calm and smooth-haired, tell me, please, what is this for?

In my dream, two kittens dreamed of a purple color so beautiful, iridescent. If picked up, then they purred, very gentle and affectionate and boys.

I dreamed of a whole KamAZ kitten. There was no further road and they all fell out of KAMAZ, I cried and tried to save them. But many were carried away by water such as a whirlpool, the rest were very weak and could not move.

I dreamed how I saved a white kitten, but dirty. Since pulled out of the sewer pipe. He puke and was exhausted.

I dreamed of 8 kittens, I am walking along the road, and they are running after me. In the morning, as I woke up, several kittens were thrown in the yard.

I dreamed that a very fluffy cat gave birth to very small, but fluffy kittens, not blind, but they did not move. And I gathered them to her all over the carpet. The kittens were black and the carpet was dark, I could hardly find them. It seems that there were 8. I also thought in a dream to whom I would distribute them.

I dreamed that they presented a kitten. I took it in my hands and he ended up with fleas. I let him go and saw a flea cloud around him. I tried to give it and gave it away.

I dreamed that I went into some apartment, went into the kitchen, there were plates of soup, and in them the dead kittens alone turned out to be a living four-color, I saved him. Horrible dream.

And I dreamed that our lost gray kitten was found, and with it came five more, all pretty, fluffy, of different colors.

And I dreamed of a black kitten and a white one.

I dreamed that I was holding in my hands a little kitten that protects me and breaks out to scratch everyone, or rather not all, but unclean forces .... I wonder what it would be.

I dreamed of a lilac blind kitten.

And I dreamed of a cat that a woman carried in a water tank and walked somewhere, and I looked and thought how he was there, but she seemed to tell me that this was a newborn cat, so she carries it in special fluids to my home ....

Each time, when kittens or cats dream, someone in the family is sure to get sick or sick at the moment.

Here they give 🙂 generally fucked up, cats affect life 🙂 people are you out of your mind?

In my dream, I gave birth to a kitten. Black and white. She gave birth very easily, without pain, without problems. He did not want to breast-feed, then I began to feed him mashed jam. Most of all in a dream I was worried about how my boyfriend would react to my “child”. Because I did not know from whom I gave birth, although I did not change.

I had a wonderful dream, I wore three kittens (white gray and red) on their hands, they were so fluffy and beautiful, I gave my friend this white kitten, I remember it for sure, I gave it to someone else too and left one to live with me.

I dreamed that my husband gave me a kitten who died in our real life.

This is complete nonsense.

I dreamed of a kitten that was in the sleeve of my jacket, it was the size of a little finger. I took it in my hand and went to show everyone. On the same night, I dreamed of two dogs, they tried to bite me and were very angry. Then the owners apparently came and drove them away.

Dog in a dream, this is a friend. If the dog has bitten or is trying to bite, be very attentive in life - one of your friends will try to harm you or even pass it on to you. This dog can be either a friend or a native person.

Two angry kittens dreamed, attacked me. The next day, the child became very ill, got to the hospital, was discharged and immediately got a second time.

I dreamed that she wore kittens in her mouth.One more kitty, and two little blind ones. Very beautiful, striped, with a black and white stripe. Then she looked for a cardboard box to put them in.

But I dreamed that the kittens were running around the apartment and crap, and so the treatise says that everything is bad because of their color, but what does it mean when they crap?

The article is interesting, but write correctly, please. Pretty on the word sympathy, not sympathy. Illiterate spelling reduces credibility of the source.

Julia, there are words of exception. What about the word “sympathetic”, do you write “sympathetic”?

Kitten on a dream book of lovers

If a woman dreams of a small fluffy snow-white kitten - this means that she will become a victim of adroit deception, which will lead her into a trap. Reasoning and common sense will help her out of trouble.

In general, kittens dream of troubles, and lovers such a dream promises quarrels and quarrels.

What does the cat's eye color say?

An interesting shade of interpretation gives the memorable color of the eyes of a little playful:

  1. A white skin combined with blue eyes speaks of an imminent romantic passion. If the baby was angry or died, then it is better to refuse communication.
  2. Green eyes - villainy nearby.
  3. Red, burning - witch sign.
  4. Different (one blue, for example, another green) - to an arcane attack. The devil incarnates in such an animal.
  5. Eyeless - blind gullibility will not bring to good.
  6. With three eyes - a mark of the black abilities of the dreamer or his loved one.

Hint: this symptom is interpreted only in that case. If struck in memory.

Why is a newborn dreaming

Very small, still blind purrs, just born to a cat, can prophesy different events. They look at their appearance and their own feeling:

  1. Lively according to Miller - to the dark times, filled with misunderstandings and irritability.
  2. Aliens - take care of strangers.
  3. Weep loudly - spend time on unnecessary conversations, discussions, clarifications.

We met with your mother in your apartment in a box - an important matter ahead. Often a dream symbolizes a laborious, hard repair.

Together with a cat

If the mustachioed pet walked about in your dream, then the unpleasant person planned the evil. While he is just getting ready to play a trick. Seeing a mother well-groomed, licking or lactating offspring - to the emergence of original ideas. Young dreamers can meet a pleasant representative of the opposite sex.

A cat with an upturned scruff protects the babies - quarrel with a woman. The reason will be the dissimilarity of views on issues of education. To see how a little white cat carries a black newborn in the teeth - to receive false information.

In a dream, a roaming animal ate a born litter - to rest, have a good time. And if a male cat gave birth, then be surprised at the incredible vicissitudes of fate.

If there are many or several

A flickering, mewing pile symbolizes nervous exhaustion. The reasons can be determined by additional characteristics:

  1. Many black clumps - the dreamer is immersed in the bustle, and her soul requires more. Inconsistency of reality with internal aspirations gives rise to irresistible irritability, dissatisfaction.
  2. A bunch of little white - confusion of thoughts. The chaos in which you are mired is created by disordered actions. Plan activities to solve pressing problems and strictly adhere to the outlines.
  3. Different kittens - for urgent emergency. This can happen at home due to a flood or fire, in the service.
  4. If a bunch of kids showed aggression, chases and tries to attack, then you will have to disassemble the problems postponed for later.

An interesting forecast of the plot, in which a certain number of animals:

Two always mean interpersonal relationships. A conflict is brewing with someone dear and close.

  1. Three - gossip, gossip. 3 individuals of a dark suit - to the evil condemnation of the sleeping one.
  2. 4 - commotion, confusion.
  3. 7 - serious disagreements with distant relatives, a complete breakdown in ties.
  4. 9 - fight, scandal in a public place. Better not get involved.

Together with puppies, a dog

I saw a basket in which kittens with puppies were sitting peacefully - wait for pleasant changes. Friends will rejoice with you, and enemies will cry aside.

If the dog brought cat litter, then reconsider relations with friends. An embittered foe swept into their circle. The dog has bitten a cute little bell - calm down. A faithful companion silently protects your interests.

Angry attacks

A fierce kitten is a symbol of a disgusting personality, which is not possible to avoid a collision with. But there is a chance to minimize harm by using a sleep warning:

  1. Wild, covered in mud and fleas, the animal makes attempts to use its claws to injure its arm or leg - be afraid of the boss. Better “stay close to the kitchen,” as the army says.
  2. It is very assertive - the enemies made a successful plan. Losses will follow.
  3. They managed to repel the attack, the kittens run away, which means that envious people will not succeed.
  4. Jumps very high to scratch his face - offend.
  5. Claws tightly clutched in the palm of your hand or wrist - the intrigues of colleagues will stop the progress of the project.

To suffer, getting involved in a fight between animals, means the wrong choice of priorities. Think of yourself, do not give strength to evil, aggressive people.


A negative sign if your body is injured. By scenario features:

  1. I grabbed my finger - speak less in the presence of unfamiliar people, representatives of competing organizations.
  2. Over the leg - an accident, barriers to travel.
  3. A mouse bites - do not interfere with gossips to slander one another. Collect popcorn and watch.
  4. A lizard from a dream got a bite - an unpleasant situation will turn into a win.

To play with a little bell and in the process feel a bite to the blood - to danger. And in such a situation they will lead themselves, trying to intrigue against a stronger opponent.

To iron

The tender relationship to the cat is a sign of the peacefulness and diplomacy of the sleeping one. The plot is explained as follows:

  1. Iron the blind - take the initiative to establish harmony in the work team. Now they will listen to you.
  2. To caress a very thin animal - you will suffer because of someone's stupidity.
  3. Coal in color - self-deception. Check your attitudes and principles.
  4. Belenky, red, tricolor - fleeting happiness, good mood.

Hold on hand

The baby in the palms is a sign of secret ill-will. You have no idea who is embittered or conjuring. Hint in a dream:

  1. Redhead climbed on the handle - do not look for the villain. Everything will turn out fine.
  2. Chernenko - you know the enemy, but are afraid to admit to yourself that that person does not love you.
  3. White - look in the inner circle.

To see a man holding a pussy is an indication of his troubles. If it was a pleasant dreamer man, then show affection, without asking anything. He will cope with the problem and thank. If a daughter - take care of her, give wise advice.

Talk with kitty

Sometimes imagination throws up absolutely fantastic scenes:

  1. The player began to talk with you - remember the words. They are interpreted directly, if the interlocutor is light, back, if dark in color.
  2. Says, pointing to something, then this item will be a source of trouble.

I saw a talking cat's head - check the aura with a church candle. A sure sign of damage.

Save the cat

Many stories are associated with helping a defenseless creature. Basically, they are interpreted positively:

  1. To save a drowning man from the water is to do a good deed, for which higher powers will reward.
  2. To kill a crow that has attacked Murka means that the benefits will come through a lack of understanding of the processes. This happens when a person accidentally guesses a lottery number.
  3. Save a pet from certain death from dog fangs - prevent injustice.
  4. Protect from an evil person - learn the good news.
  5. Get stuck from a bottleneck - help an unpleasant friend.
  6. Remove from a high branch cabinet - the optimal solution will be found.

If the little bell burns, and you fill it with water, then you will unearth a secret that tormented for a long time.

Catch or lose

This story is considered positive:

  1. Catch and grab - reveal an enemy.
  2. Take from someone - protect your loved one.
  3. Search for loss - carefully analyze the situation for gossip and pests.
  4. Catch in his house and throw - to the white stripe of life.

Losing pussy in vision is auspicious. You are on the verge of a bright period when old failures will be forgotten, new prospects will come.

Other stories

All scenario nuances cannot be displayed even in a thick book. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Buying a small animal in a store or with hands to take it home is unfavorable. In the personal, everything is fine, but there may be monetary losses. Set aside planned investments and acquisitions.
  2. Buy Siamese - promotion on the social ladder.
  3. To choose pussies - to plunge into a nuisance that could be circumvented.
  4. To take for a divorce is to get involved in a difficult business.
  5. To distribute - to harm relatives by negligence.
  6. Want to pick up a rootless in the market, in the yard - do not listen to gossip.
  7. To give the baby to someone is a good relationship.
  8. Chasing the little bell - to a happy occasion.
  9. We saw a barking little puss - unpleasantly surprised at some conversation.

To expel the tossed up is stinginess. Serve the poor to cleanse themselves.

Friend or foe

A real home-made puppy dreams of a quarrel in the family. Losing a baby means a divorce.

Alien - these are the discomforts that strangers pass on to you. Good to kick him out of his space.

If kittens dream often, then spiritual work needs to be done. Thoughts in my head prevented me from living happily and freely.

Watch the video: Dreams about kitten. Dreams Meaning and Interpretation (March 2020).