Rating TOP 7 best vitamins for men: what to choose, pros and cons, reviews

In the off-season and cold season, it is important to pay special attention to immunity. No one will deny the benefits of multivitamins, although most often they are loved by children, women, and the stronger half of humanity uses it much less often. Especially for readers of the “Tovariki” blog, we have prepared a rating of the best vitamin complexes for men, in values, the necessity of which you will not have to doubt for sure.

Not all people, choosing their own means to maintain their health, understand what is really worth taking and what works on the principle of the placebo effect. In a pharmacy or store you can find a variety of options, but which of them is suitable cannot be answered by a pharmacist or seller.

  • Read the label carefully. Different names cover from half to the full daily norm of microelements that are required by the body. Choose depending on the diet regimen and variety: if you regularly consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, natural products, then it is enough to purchase a brand with ½ of the daily dosage.
  • Remember your age. Whatever the rating and reviews of the best complex vitamins and minerals for men from 30 years old, if you are 50, these options may not work, since the need for additional substances is much higher. For our top, we tried to choose the most versatile options.
  • Much depends on lifestyle. If a man often works physically, he especially needs support in the form of special additives.
  • On the label or in the annotation must be written whether there is iron in the composition. The smaller it is, the better. The stronger sex, unlike young ladies, can not take this ingredient in serious doses, so as not to provoke a heart attack or constant tremor.
  • It is good if selenium and group E are included in the remedy. Their regular use produces the hormone testosterone in the required volume, and it does not cause problems with the prostate and seminal fluid.

We have prepared an objective rating among the best vitamin and mineral complexes for men, which necessarily includes the most effective drugs, the use of which allows you to achieve your desired goals. But first, we will understand the nuances so that you can make a choice in favor of a particular brand yourself.

Under 40 years old

Young people should include an increased volume of group B in their nutrition. These elements are involved in strengthening and shaping muscle tone and activate the onset of protein synthesis, and food with its content is better absorbed. With their help, sex hormones are partially regulated. The ranking of the best multivitamins for men up to the age of 40 necessarily includes brands with a high content of B9 and B2. It is especially important that they be taken by a couple who plans to conceive a baby - Group B has a positive effect on the health of the unborn child. It is also necessary to control the intake of A and E, thanks to which it is possible to maintain potency at a high level.

Over 40 years old

Male vitamin complexes during this period should contain antioxidants. Their sufficient volume can slow down the aging process. Maintaining normal amounts of ascorbic acid prevents frequent illnesses even during the cold season. It is worth choosing those multivitamins in which the contents of A, B9 and E are at the proper level. The second is often prescribed in annotations, like folic acid. These components will control the absence of problems with the reproductive system.

All varieties of group B help to feel younger, H - slows hair loss and improves the quality of skin, nails and teeth.If you think which vitamin complex is better for men after 40 years, try the Alphabet. It has everything that is required.

After the turn of half a century, it is important to drink ergocalciferol additionally. This component is produced by the skin, but not in sufficient quantities. In addition, many trace elements must be taken separately. This will prevent osteoporosis, delay the destruction of tooth enamel and nails.

Also among the components of the taken tablets should be B12, groups C, A and E. They will help reduce the risk of problems with the heart muscle and nerves, especially during troubled work. The right amount helps to avoid diseases and slows down the aging process. Significantly increases physical activity and intimate desire. The use of lipoic acid helps to maintain a healthy liver. Here, the answer to the question, which complex of important vitamins and minerals is better for older men, will be Centrum.

Destination separation

Most multivitamins have their goals, but there are general-purpose drugs in which the main content is regulated by groups C and B. Separately, they create entire lines in pharmaceutical companies for professional athletes and for those not involved in active physical activity (with a simplified composition). For those whose main activity is mental work, there are also pills. As you can see, it is impossible to say unequivocally which multivitamins are better for men - everything is individual and depends on the course destination.

When working in specialties with a high level of stress, with chronic fatigue or nervous strain, as well as with depressive diseases, special courses are required, including B1 and B12.

For an active lifestyle

Opti-Men are often included in the ranking of the best sports male vitamins. The tool helps with muscle building, allows you to get visible results and not get tired of every workout in the gym. Among the negative qualities, it can be noted that you have to drink pills 3 times a day. But most often they are sold in packages of 90 or 240 pieces.

Athletes need an increased amount of:

Timely use of these components avoids weakening of the immune system and increases the strength of the body.

To strengthen and maintain health

If there are no expressed problems with well-being, you can take a general treatment course. The best in this regard multivitamin complex for men “Duovit”. This drug has a low price, but is useful and effective.

A universal composition with a variety of trace elements allows you to always be in good shape. These multivitamins help improve the emotional state, strengthen hair and teeth, slow down the aging process and relieve fatigue.

Among the shortcomings, it is important to highlight that this variety has a large list of contraindications and side effects that negate the positive reaction of the body. Also, there are few B groups in them, and there is sucrose in the composition, which is dangerous for patients with diabetes.

Pay attention to the phytopreparation “Ortilius: formula 1 + formula 2”, which improves the functional state of the genitourinary system, reduces the manifestation of sexual disorders, improves the psychoemotional state.

For prevention and treatment

The top vitamin complexes for men include such well-known brands as Mans Formula, Velmen and Vitrum. Each of them can be taken as a prophylactic. They successfully cope with all the problems that are the consequences of vitamin deficiency. They restore sexual function to a healthy state, give vitality and energy, increase potency, strengthen nail plates and hair, and improve mood. With their help, you can cope with chronic fatigue or nervous tension.

Antistress drugs

The list of the best multivitamins for men, according to the rating “Tovariki”, includes “Complivit” in different variations: “Antistress”, “Selenium” and “Classic”. Also copes well with the task of "Farmamed".

They normalize sleep, calm the nervous system, relieve mental stress and help the cardiac muscle to work calmly. And most importantly, they are not addictive or lethargic. It contains at least 10 elements and 4 minerals.

For potency

In this case, the choice of the best vitamin complex for men according to the rating should be stopped at the Mens Formula Potential Forte. This is an inexpensive drug that will restore self-confidence, improve health, if there are no concomitant developed diseases. If available, you should contact a specialist in a timely manner, without waiting until the situation gets out of control.

The use of these tablets has a pronounced effect due to the presence of zinc and L-arginine in the composition. Also, the drug has a positive effect on the nervous and immune systems. It is important to drink the entire course of 30 pieces to see the result. Reviews about this rating drug are mostly positive, which speaks of it as a quality product.

After 40 years, it can also be used to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. The product has no contraindications, and can be stored for up to 3 years. The only downside is that the effect does not occur immediately, and the capsules are quite large in size - not everyone is comfortable swallowing them.

For conception

The best multivitamin complexes for a man who wants to become a father are Vitrum Prenatal Forte, Alphabet and Farmamed. The last two are domestic developments, which allows you to use more budgetary Russian funds without losing quality.

They have everything that a responsible future parent needs - B6, natural calcium, ascorbic acid and iron. Before you start taking them, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects - the list is extensive. If unpleasant reactions begin to appear, the reception should be canceled.

All these funds are easy to find in pharmacies or specialty stores, they are sold without a prescription. These are not the most economical multivitamins, but their use is recommended by doctors.

What vitamins are needed?

The average norm of vitamins for men from 20 to 40 years old is as follows:

  1. Vitamin A (retinol, retinol, beta-carotene).
  2. Vitamin C (vitamin C).
  3. Vitamin E (tocopherol).
  4. Vitamin H (biotin).
  5. Lipoic acid (vitamin N).
  6. Vitamin D (ergocalciferol, cholecalciferol).
  7. Vitamin B1 (thiamine).
  8. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).
  9. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).
  10. Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).
  11. Vitamin B9 Sun (folic acid).

These vitamins are needed for men of any age, as they ensure optimal functioning of the body and reduce the speed of aging processes. However, depending on age, a man has a high need for various vitamins, a deficiency of which will most adversely affect his health.

From hair loss

The top 10 best vitamin complexes for men after 40 include Velmen Tricholodic. At this age, problems begin that this drug helps to solve. For example, the fight against baldness is a difficult process that greatly facilitates the use of this product. The brand is not cheap, but its effectiveness has been proven - use is advised by trichologists, doctors and professional hairdressers.

The result will be visible relatively quickly - 2-3 weeks after the start of use. Hair ceases to flow in an uncontrolled manner. But until the growth of new ones you will have to be patient, as the visible process will not begin immediately. You can wait for fresh hair no earlier than six months later.

Disadvantages - unpleasant taste of tablets.

The best vitamins for men

The best vitamins for men should definitely contain the following beneficial compounds.

  • Vitamins of group B.Participate in the assimilation of protein foods and the construction of the muscle frame, the synthesis of sex hormones. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) has a beneficial effect on fertility.
  • Vitamins A and E. Activate the production of male sex hormone testosterone, respectively, support potency. They are powerful antioxidants that slow down the aging process.
  • Vitamin C. Another antioxidant that protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals. Also, vitamin C eliminates brittleness and increases the elasticity of the vascular walls, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases. In addition, ascorbic acid enhances immunity, prevents frequent respiratory viral infections.
  • Vitamin H (Biotin). Responsible for maintaining male beauty - provides healthy skin and nails, prevents baldness.
  • Lipoic acid (vitamin N). Helps maintain healthy liver health, primarily needed by smoking men and those who occasionally drink alcohol.
  • Vitamin D. In a young body, it is synthesized independently, but with age, vitamin production decreases, due to which calcium and phosphorus are absorbed worse. The result may be the development of osteoporosis, the rapid destruction of teeth. Complex vitamins for men, which include vitamin D, will help fill in vitamin D deficiency and prevent unwanted problems.

10 MegaFood

The vitamin complex for men after 40 years does not contain iron, it is made from substances of natural and not synthetic origin. You can take it at any time of the day, even on an empty stomach. The cost of the product may seem high, but only one tablet is enough per day, so the packaging is enough for three months of admission. The value of the product increases the use of medicinal plants in the extracts.

Buyers with IHerb note the effectiveness of the vitamin complex. Some time after the start of the intake, the energy noticeably increases, the general tone, endurance increases, the mood and well-being improve. Many men after 40 years consider this drug one of the best among the entire rich assortment with Eicherb. There are no serious complaints about quality or efficiency.

Rating TOP 7 best vitamins for men

Let's take a closer look at what vitamins men of different ages need. The following products are presented in the TOP-best:

  • Mans Formula Potential Forte,
  • Maxler VitaMen,
  • VP Laboratory Ultra Men’s Multivitamin Formula,
  • Solgar Male Multiple,
  • Duovit for men
  • Adam Male Multi,
  • Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men.

Consider a more detailed assortment.

Rating of the best vitamins for men



Alphabet for men
Complex composition
Effective action Convenience of reception Popularity manufacturer Online Pharmacy Availability

9 New Chapter

In mature men after 40 years, the requirements for the amount of certain trace elements and vitamins change. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies are developing separate complexes for them. This drug is completely natural, vitamins derived from fruits and vegetables, and not synthetically. It is supplemented with useful living probiotics to normalize digestion, is completely safe and effective. There is not a single component of animal origin in the preparation - it is suitable for use by vegetarians. And some components have a positive effect on the condition of the prostate, preventing the development of age-related diseases.

One of the rare cases when the drug does not have a single negative review. Customers with Ayherb like the natural composition of the complex, the absence of animal products in it. A big plus, many consider the possibility of taking on an empty stomach. You need to take vitamins only once a day, which is very convenient. Well, and efficiency, of course, is at its best.

How to make the right choice

It is stupid to buy the first drug that comes across, hoping that it will help from everything in the world. It is important to choose the right vitamins. And for this you need to consider many factors. For example, such:

  • lifestyle features, diet,
  • age,
  • the presence or absence of chronic diseases.

The modern pharmaceutical market has many inexpensive and effective drugs. They are able to solve a wide variety of health problems or become reliable prevention. And there are imported expensive brands.

It should be remembered that cost and the country of origin are not always an indicator of quality. It often happens that domestic, affordable, funds are better than foreign ones. Therefore, focusing only on this factor is impossible. Like buying without looking at popular, widely publicized products. Indeed, a bright “wrapper” does not necessarily hide a quality product.

Anyone who goes to the pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor, not knowing which vitamins to choose, should approach the issue with utmost responsibility. It is necessary to study the instructions, paying attention to the release date, shelf life, analyze the composition (it is possible that this particular man is contraindicated or not needed).

Drugs that cover 100% of the daily intake of vitamins are not necessary for a man whose diet is balanced. After all, he gets a lot of useful elements from food. Vitamin and mineral complexes are suitable here, providing the body with 50 percent of the necessary substances.

Important! It is best to buy vitamins after consulting with a specialist. This will guarantee that the complex of vitamins for men will be selected correctly.

What vitamins for men are better to choose

Men from time to time need special vitamin therapy, which should include the following components:

  • Vitamin D - an assistant to the body in the absorption of calcium, is responsible for strengthening the protective functions.
  • Biotin - improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair, accelerating cell renewal.
  • Vitamin C - is responsible for the production of testosterone and strengthening the immune system.

No less important are B vitamins participating in energy metabolism at the cellular level and central nervous system functioning processes. Especially their lack is felt after 50 years, which leads to problems with sleep, irritability, increased fatigue.

The preservation of male power and the successful conception of a child are also the responsibility of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Complexes that contain L-carnitine, vitamin E and folic acid will help here.

Mans Formula Potential Forte

The presented dietary supplement is based on active plant substances. The composition of this drug contains zinc, L-arginine, ginseng extract, yohimbe tree bark. Vitamins have a positive effect on the immune system, nervous system, potency. Capsules are suitable for use by men after 40 in order to improve erectile ability, increase the body's defenses, normalize blood circulation in the organs of the pelvic region and tissues of the prostate. Supplements have no contraindications, do not cause disgust when swallowed, do not give side effects.

Age categoryfrom 40 years old
Number of capsules30 pcs
Admission course1 month

Price category: from 1850 to 2100 rubles.


  • has no contraindications
  • positive effect on erectile ability,
  • boosts immunity
  • no side effects.


Good vitamins. I bought it to my husband about a year ago, as problems with immunity began, and in an intimate way too. On the advice of a friend, she acquired the presented dietary supplement and literally after 3 weeks of admission, her husband’s health improved. The cold left him, but with regards to intimacy, everything became much better than it was. I am satisfied, husband too. Thanks!


Vitamin-mineral complex contains: vitamins - A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, K, H, minerals - magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, iodine, calcium, selenium, nickel, copper, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, boron, silicon, vanadium. The tool is recommended for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis in men older than 50 years, after severe prolonged infections and the complex treatment of chronic diseases.

The vitamin complex helps to strengthen the immune system, helps to prevent the development of age-related diseases - diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke.

    Improves overall well-being, improves performance. It does not cause adverse reactions. It is convenient to apply - a tablet per day.
    Not everywhere can be purchased. High cost - about 650 rubles (packing 30 capsules).

Purely male vitamins

Anyone who thinks that the representatives of the stronger and weaker sexes need the same useful substances is mistaken. Specialists give out essential vitamins for men's health. Here are the top best vitamins for the male body:

  1. E. Supports blood vessels, gives vitality, improves potency.
  2. C. Lowers cholesterol. Very important for smoking men.
  3. B. Indispensable for nerves, genitourinary system, vision.
  4. A. Activates the production of testosterone, prevents cancer, increases potency. Must be included in the multivitamin complex for men.

The daily norm of vitamins: E - 22.5 g, C - 60 mg, B - 25 mg, A - 3 mg. These indicators should be considered when choosing a drug.

Comment! Men should not buy complexes with iron (especially with its high content)! This item is more needed by women. Its excess in the male body harms the cardiovascular system.

8 Rainbow Light

Despite the high cost, this drug is quite popular on Ayherb. Buyers are attracted to it by a balanced, very rich composition, selected taking into account all the needs of the male body. The combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and plant extracts provides a surge of energy, increased immunity, and the health of the nervous system. Additionally, the composition includes spirulina, known as a source of vegetable protein and B vitamins.

Customers with IHerb write that when taking the drug there are no side effects, and the effect is not long in coming. A surge of strength appears, it becomes easier to cope with stress, physical and mental stress. Two claims that are found in reviews are poor delivery quality and lack of effectiveness of the product.

What men need first

Representatives of the stronger sex need absolutely all vitamins, but still L-carnitine is the most useful, which greatly affects the potency and the possibility of conception of a healthy child. Due to its deficiency, not only can erectile dysfunction develop, but the quality of the ejaculate will also deteriorate.

Vitamins D and ascorbic acid, which restore the functioning of the immune system and are responsible for the condition of the joints, are also important for men's health. For a successful hematopoiesis process, alpha-tocopherol (E) is needed, without it the genitals may experience a blood deficiency, which also risks causing an erection disturbance.

The list of the most important substances that should be taken by all men at least once a year should include B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B3, B12). Their deficiency, especially after 50 years, can lead to irritability, insomnia, increased fatigue and hair loss. All this should be supplemented with mineral substances - zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, etc.

Maxler VitaMen

This sports supplement is based on minerals and vitamins. The drug has gained particular popularity among athletes. But in addition to athletes, capsules are also suitable for people who need a high mental load.The presented preparation contains the entire set of the most important minerals and vitamins, a complex of amino acids, digestive enzymes. The additive is of the greatest value in the cold season. During this period, beneficial substances practically do not enter the human body along with food, since most vegetables and fruits are excluded from the diet.

Number of pills90/180 pcs
Admission course1-6 months
Age category18+

Price: from 950 to 1600 rubles.


  • ideal for athletes
  • recommended for high mental stress,
  • eliminate nervous exhaustion,
  • replace vegetables and fruits in the winter.


Good vitamins, I use them for 2 months. The physical form has become better, in the future I plan to study in the gym more than now, so this dietary supplement is still useful. Replaces the daily diet of fruits and vegetables, which is especially important in winter. In general, I am satisfied with the drug, I advise all athletes.


The plant-based product contains extracts of antlers of maral, euricoma, yohimbe, ginger, as well as vitamin E, nicotinamide and zinc. The combination of active ingredients stimulates the production of testosterone, helps to improve reproductive function and increase potency.

It is recommended only for adult men, available in the form of a liquid concentrate and capsules. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to the components.

In rare cases, while taking the drug, allergic reactions can occur. Application: by dessert spoon of liquid concentrate or by capsule per day for 15 days.

The liquid concentrate is diluted in a glass of any liquid (juice, tea, coffee, water). The drug is taken with food.

    Noticeably improves male sexual function, increases testosterone levels.
    May cause palpitations, confusion, tremors, increases pressure. There was a review that the patient, after taking the drug, had a sharp and strong increase in pressure, had to call an ambulance, the doctors diagnosed a microstroke. High cost - 500-550 rubles (packaging of 15 capsules).


This organization has a large number of types of funds for various purposes, but all of them are aimed at maintaining immunity and its qualitative improvement. Most drugs for the strong half of humanity include ginseng. Allergic reactions and side effects of this brand are minimal.

The composition contains 13 vitamin elements and minerals, without which it is impossible to do for an adult. The course involves the use of 3 tablets daily for 20 days.

  • separate intake of different groups of vitamins,
  • ginseng is included
  • many vitamins and minerals in the composition.

  • course reception is required.

7 VitaFusion

Men can recommend a sweet tooth balanced vitamin complex in the form of chewing sweets with a fruity taste. It is designed taking into account the characteristics of the male body, aimed at maintaining immunity, strength, muscles. To fill the need for vitamins, you need to take two chewing sweets daily per day. The complex does not use artificial colors and flavors. Given the large volume of packaging (150 pieces) and the recommended dosage, the cost of the drug is very low.

Men really like the vitamin complex. They note that it contains all the necessary substances, when you receive energy appears, improves overall health. Chewing sweets is much nicer than large tablets or capsules. There is only one point of dissatisfaction with customers with IHerb - sometimes vitamins come clumped together.

Age parameters

The effect of vitamins depends not only on the brand, composition, price .... A very important factor is the age of the man. It should also be considered when buying drugs. So:

  1. The best vitamin complexes for men who have not yet crossed the 40-year frontier are activating protein synthesis, strengthening muscles, regulating hormones, improving sperm quality. These include B, A, E.
  2. Among the vitamins for men after 40 years, S. is in the lead. But B9, A, E are also necessary. Antioxidants that slow down aging are very important.
  3. Vitamins for men after 50 years are A, B12, C, E, preserving youth and preventing infectious diseases. They also help preserve potency. But special attention should be paid to vitamin D, which is no longer produced in the dermis, as before. Its deficiency leads to problems with teeth, bones, nails, heart. A similar set of vitamins is necessary after 60 years.

In youth, complexes of nutrients are taken rather for prevention. And the better it is, the less likely it is to “acquire” chronic sores by old age. If it was not possible to preserve health, vitamins are especially needed.

VP Laboratory Ultra Men’s Multivitamin Formula

This drug is designed taking into account the characteristics of male physiology for men who lead an active lifestyle. Supplements contain more than fifty active ingredients aimed at maintaining the overall health and all-round activity of men, normalizing muscle functions and protein synthesis, energy metabolism and nervous system functions. When taking, there are no allergic reactions and other side effects.

Admission course1 capsule 2 times a day
Contraindicationsdoesn't have
Number of capsules90/180 pcs
Age category18+

Price: from 1000 to 1600 rubles.


  • strengthen the nervous system
  • has no contraindications
  • supports the immune system.


Thanks to the presented drug, the body began to absorb sports nutrition more easily. In the complex, dietary supplements and sportspit actively act on the muscular system. After the winter, I quickly got in shape and lost extra pounds, so I recommend this drug to all novice athletes. With it it is much easier to get the desired shape.

Which company to buy a product

There are simply countless manufacturers of such funds on the market, among them there are both budget ones with a little-known name and popular ones that are actively advertised by famous personalities. Just the latter are the 5 companies whose drugs are most often chosen by many men:

  • Mans formula - This is the brand under which the line of male biocomplexes based on plant components is sold, they regularly top the TOPs of similar products. Its key difference is the availability of drugs to solve almost all the problems associated with vitamin deficiency - increasing potency and vitality, improving mood, strengthening hair, eliminating stress, etc.
  • Vitrum - The funds of this brand are very popular in pharmacies; it belongs to the pharmaceutical company Unifarm Inc., founded in 1992. The main office of the company is located in the USA, in New York. By the way, the Vitrum line of drugs brought her the most fame.
  • Wellman - The rights to this trademark belong to the British company Vitabiotics. She creates complexes for both girls and boys individually, and universal, suitable at the same time for both. The manufacturer offers several forms of release - drinks, chewable and ordinary tablets.
  • Optimum Nutrition - This company creates sports nutrition (various nutritional supplements, including some of the best weight gainers) for those who want to lose weight and build muscle. The manufacturer is trying to use the most natural and healthy components. In pharmacies, it is not well represented, most often you have to buy funds on the Internet or online sports nutrition stores.
  • Krka - the drug “Duovit” is participating in our rating from this company. This is a Slovenian company, on the account of which there are not only vitamins, but also all kinds of medicines.Its products are distinguished by their effectiveness, naturalness and balanced composition.

Alphabet for men

The complex for men contains: 13 vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, D, K, H, PP), 9 minerals (magnesium and manganese, iron and copper, zinc, iodine and selenium, chromium, calcium), carotenoids, organic acids, eleutherococcus extract. All components are divided into three types of tablets: for morning, afternoon and evening use.

The complex of vitamins and minerals stimulates mental and physical activity, helps maintain the normal functioning of the reproductive system. With individual intolerance to the components, hyperthyroidism, increased nervous irritability and sleep disorders, arterial hypertension, the drug cannot be taken.

In rare cases (with intolerance to one of the components), allergic reactions can occur during the intake of vitamins.

    Useful components are divided into three different tablets, do not change the bioavailability of each other. Small tablet size. Acceptable cost - 350-370 rubles.
    Most men did not notice any changes in health after taking. It is not very convenient to take - 3 tablets per day. Some cause nausea.

Solgar Male Multiple - Premium Natural Vitamins

For more than a century, Solgar has been producing premium natural supplements. In the structure of Male Multiple, they included 13 vitamins and 11 minerals in an easily digestible chelate form. Among them are zinc, chromium, magnesium and calcium, which are important for men's health.

Also added is a mixture of plant extracts: lycopene for the prevention of heart disease and ginseng to restore strength.

The combination of components in the composition takes into account the features of their assimilation and the need for the male body. Thus, a high content of vitamins C and E serves to protect reproductive function, and a reduced concentration of iron clearly corresponds to the daily norm recommended by doctors for men. There are also natural antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process.

Dark glass packaging with a sealed lid reliably protects vitamins from sunlight and moisture. The daily dose is 3 tablets.


  • beautiful packaging
  • does not cause allergies
  • help get rid of fatigue and stress,
  • rich organic composition.


  • Strong smell,
  • high cost (about 2,500 rubles per 120 pieces).

This complex has a very high content of vitamin E, so doctors recommend taking breaks between 40-day courses of admission.


Often prescribed to men who do not sit still. With it, you can normalize metabolic processes, slow down aging and protect yourself from the harmful effects of the urban rhythm of life.

The drug relieves fatigue and nervous strain, triggers cell regeneration, helps to establish the activity of the heart and blood vessels. With it you can avoid difficulties with hair loss and delamination of the nail plates. Drink the same 3 times a day for 20 days.

  • reduce fatigue,
  • suitable for men of all ages,
  • extremely rare manifestation of side effects,
  • fast and easy to digest.

  • because of its composition is not suitable for diabetics
  • The composition contains dyes

Rating of the best male vitamins

To include all the funds in this rating, we were guided by what the buyers write in the reviews, as well as the following parameters:

  • Release form
  • Type of packaging
  • Course duration
  • Daily dose
  • "Wealth" and the naturalness of the composition,
  • The number of side effects and contraindications
  • Taste,
  • Tablet size
  • Speed ​​of getting results
  • A variety of effects.

The main indicator was the ratio of price and quality, since high cost does not always guarantee the same efficiency.

Duovit for men

One of the vitamin complexes for men from the Slovenian pharmaceutical company.The product contains vitamins A, E, C B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, D, iodine, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese.

The drug helps to fill the deficiency of the missing vitamins and minerals in the body. With individual intolerance to the components and at the age of less than 10 years, the drug is contraindicated.

In rare cases, against the background of taking the drug, hypersensitivity reactions may develop.

    Vitamins are really for men, significantly increase testosterone levels, positively affect sexual function. They also increase efficiency, improve overall well-being. A positive effect on immunity - fewer cases of the common cold. The action is noted already a week after the start of taking the tablets. It is convenient to take it once a day. One package is enough for the course. Acceptable cost - 400-450 rubles (30 tablets per pack).
    Some patients did not feel a surge of energy and the positive effect of the vitamin complex on their well-being. Large tablet size, hard to swallow. Dyes in the composition.

Destination separation

Most mineral and vitamin based products are divided by “specialization.” Although there are universal ones - a general preventive effect. The emphasis is on group B and vitamin C.

There are complexes for athletes and just people leading an active physical or mental lifestyle. The preparations contain selenium, vitamins A, B, C, D and E. From fatigue, chronic stress, depression, complexes with a high content of B1 and B 12 will help. You can drink them separately. These are inexpensive vitamins. The result will be quite tangible.

Those who suffer from diseases of the reproductive sphere or are engaged in their prevention should know that vitamin E for potency is a real salvation. And the drug must be selected with its high content. It is also important to take complexes with selenium and zinc, which establish sexual function.

There are special products for hair and skin. If there are problems with the latter, you need to drink vitamin N. every day. Also, in pharmacies you can buy health-improving complexes. They raise immunity, help fight various diseases. They contain vitamins B, C, D.

Compare the specific drugs and choose the ones that are most needed, the information below will help. It describes in more detail complexes for various purposes. The main types are given.

6 Garden of Life

An expensive, but natural and high-quality vitamin complex. Vitamins are not obtained synthetically, but from selected vegetables and fruits. The complex includes enzymes and living prebiotics that help normalize digestion. The tablets do not contain components of animal origin, so they can be used by vegetarians. Also, in the manufacture of the drug, artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives, sweeteners and other harmful additives are not used. The complex fully meets all the needs of men in vitamins and minerals.

The main advantages that users mention in the reviews are the natural composition without the use of synthetic substances, and the high effectiveness of the product.

According to buyers, the positive effect of vitamins on the body becomes noticeable in just a week. Strength, vivacity appears, mood improves.

The only negative is that the quality of delivery suffers, some users received jars of broken vitamins.

Vitrum Life - the basic complex of vitamins and minerals

Vitrum Life is a complex containing all the main trace elements. It is convenient in that it is combined with most medicines and can be supplemented with monovitamins. One capsule contains many useful substances, and each component performs its important work.

Vitamin A normalizes metabolism and improves vision, E helps to saturate the blood with oxygen, and C accelerates regenerative processes and works as an immunomodulator.

In addition, it contains important trace elements: copper to maintain normal blood composition, zinc for healthy hair and nails, selenium to enhance immunity and manganese, which reduces fatigue and drowsiness.


  • taking only 1 capsule per day,
  • eat all the essential vitamins and minerals
  • small odorless capsules
  • affordable cost (about 450-500 rubles for 50 pieces).


  • has contraindications and side effects,
  • hard to find in pharmacies.

Vitrum Life capsules are sold in 50 or 100 pieces per carton. But before taking them, you need to remember that the complex is not recommended to drink with diuretic drinks - this can worsen the absorption process of the components.

Vitrum Life

This complex can be used by both boys and girls - there is no dedicated line. Reviews speak about the effectiveness of the course. There are many nutritious and beneficial trace elements. There is an opportunity, thanks to the use of these multivitamins, to build muscle and increase the stamina of the body, as well as cope with the constant weakening of the immune system and avoid problems with blood vessels. Especially useful for the younger generation.

  • slow down the aging process
  • suitable for both men and women,
  • normalizes the nervous system,
  • Helps the body recover after an illness.


Capsules: 13 vitamins (A, E, C, D, H, H1, PP, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12), 9 minerals (iodine, copper and manganese, chromium and selenium, iron, magnesium (silicon and zinc), amino acids arginine and methionine, carotenoid betacarotene, bioflavonoids, extracts of ginseng roots and dried garlic. The therapeutic effect of vitamins for men is Wellman complex.

The tool is recommended for increased physical and mental stress, deterioration in concentration and memory, overwork. The complex also accelerates the recovery of the body after severe illnesses and chemotherapy, helps to eliminate dizziness, headaches, tinnitus and other unpleasant symptoms that occur in cases of cerebrovascular accident (especially in the elderly).

    Effective multicomponent complex - increases working capacity (it is easier to wake up in the morning, less tired in the evening, activity and cheerfulness throughout the day), helps to recover after severe overwork, supports athletes in tone. Helps normalize blood pressure during hypotension. The first positive changes are noted already a week after the start of administration. It is convenient to take it once a day.
    Not all patients notice the manufacturer’s promised increase in performance. May cause pressure surges, dizziness. Some cause nausea and pain in the stomach, even if taken according to instructions - with food. High price - 620 rubles (package of 30 capsules).

5 ALLMAX Nutrition

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but complete and perfectly balanced complex, you should consider the drug for men from ALLMAX Nutrition. It contains the optimal amount of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, plant extracts. A special complex of male strength support includes zinc, ginseng, selenium, pomegranate extract and boron. Together, they have a positive effect on potency. The remaining components are aimed at maintaining immunity, musculoskeletal system, muscles, vision, and the nervous system.

Some buyers with Ayherb notice a significant improvement in well-being just a couple of weeks after the start of taking the funds.

The reviews indicate such effects as normalization of sleep, increased mental and physical endurance, and improved skin and hair.

This is the most complete, optimally balanced complex in this price range. Negative reviews at least, there are no serious claims to the drug.

Adam male multi

All components of this drug are selected in such a way as to provide the stronger sex with good health, good health, and strong immunity. The vitamin complex compensates for the lack of useful trace elements, improves metabolic processes in the liver and intestines, stimulates the removal of toxins from the body and increases libido. Also in the composition of this tool are present not only trace elements and vitamins, but also vegetable extracts and fatty acids. Vitamins are absolutely safe for the body, do not cause an allergic reaction and side effects, act as quickly as possible.

Course1 per day
Number of pills60 pcs
Agefrom 30 to 60 years

Price category: from 1250 to 1500 rubles.


  • provides strong immunity
  • improves metabolic processes in the liver and intestines,
  • increase libido
  • do not cause allergies.


I did not acquire these vitamins for any specific purpose. Immunity began to play pranks, many drugs can not be drunk due to allergies, so I acquired this vitamin complex. After a week of using this drug, a runny nose and fever have passed. In addition, he began to feel more cheerful and easier to wake up in the morning. The complex pleased me, I recommend it.

Animal Pak Universal Nutrition - a popular complex for athletes

Animal Pak Universal Nutrition is one of the most popular sports supplements. It is available in the form of tablets, packaged in bags with a daily dosage. Thanks to this, it is convenient to take vitamins with you on the road or on a business trip, knowing exactly how many packages you will need.

The composition includes 11 vitamins, 10 minerals and a rich mixture of amino acids. Also included are antioxidants, enzymes to improve digestion, and complex performance.

This composition helps to burn fat and build muscle. Athletes note that during admission, strength indicators and endurance increase.

Vitamins for sale in a black plastic jar with a screw cap for 15 and 44 bags. Before professional demonstrations, professional athletes can take 2 packets a day. The break between them should be at least 4 hours.


  • convenient form of release,
  • increases stamina,
  • rich composition
  • pleasant taste of tablets.


  • expensive - about 2,800 rubles for 44 servings.

When taking these vitamins, urine can turn a bright yellow color. This suggests that excess B vitamins are released with it.

4 Now Foods

Vitamins are made in the form of gelatin capsules. Thanks to their smooth surface and neutral taste, they are easy to swallow. A special composition provides better absorption of vitamins and minerals. In addition to the standard set of substances, the composition includes lycopene, lutein, phytosterols, plant extracts and other useful compounds. The cost is high, but you need to take only 2 capsules per day, there are 180 capsules in a jar, so one package is enough for about two months.

There are many reviews about the drug and positive comments prevail among them.

They write about him that this is a balanced, high-quality drug that is completely absorbed by the body and gives a fairly quick and noticeable effect.

A big plus is that thanks to the gelatin shell, the capsules are easy to swallow compared to other vitamins. Negative reviews are most often associated with slow delivery or damaged packaging during shipment.


One of the complexes that is recommended to drink the male half of humanity in spring and autumn to maintain the body in a healthy form. If necessary, you can continue the course in winter or summer. With it, you can get rid of memory problems, the presence of tinnitus or dizziness, migraines. Constant stress is reduced under the influence of this drug, regular headache is reduced.

  • has a general strengthening effect,
  • helps to cope with headaches
  • normalizes the cardiovascular system,
  • long reception is possible.


When choosing a vitamin complex, you must always consider your individual needs and characteristics.

  • Age. A young male body (up to 40 years old) needs vitamins A and E, group B. If you have bad habits, you need to pay attention to the presence of lipoic acid in the composition. For men over 40, it is important that, in addition to other vitamins, the complex contains biotin, which supports male beauty and prevents baldness. Those who celebrated their fiftieth birthday should buy a product that necessarily contains vitamins B12 and D, since the first one is absorbed worse with age, and the second one is synthesized more slowly.
  • Features nutrition. If the diet includes healthy and varied foods, you can choose vitamin complexes with a lower content of vitamins - after all, some of the beneficial compounds enter the body with food. Those who have an unbalanced diet, it is better to give preference to complexes with the maximum content of nutrients.
  • Lifestyle. For athletes, men, leading an active lifestyle or experiencing constant heavy physical exertion, large doses of nutrients are needed.
  • Men's features. For men, large amounts of iron are not required - an excess of the mineral negatively affects the work of the heart and blood vessels. It is better to choose vitamins with the lowest dose of this element. But the need for vitamin E, zinc and selenium in men is higher than in women. These active ingredients increase testosterone production, due to which the reproductive function is normalized. In addition, regular intake of these substances helps prevent the development of the prostate.

The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of vitamin complexes, developed taking into account the physiological characteristics and needs of the male body. Each drug has its own focus: it improves immunity, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the reproductive system, and increases mental and physical performance. Some drugs can cause tachycardia, increase blood pressure and cause other adverse reactions. Therefore, before buying the drug, it is better to consult a general practitioner.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

It is advisable to take the presented vitamin complex for professional athletes, as well as for all men who regularly face intense physical exertion. Ginseng, which is part of the drug, activates strength energy and improves stamina, strengthening the heart and nervous system. Phytocomponents help enrich the diet with vitamins contained in exotic fruits and vegetables. Papaya and pineapple extracts help optimize lipid metabolism, as well as the proper absorption of glucose. In pharmacies, you can rarely find this drug, it is better to order online.

Number of pills90/150/240 pcs
Agefrom 18 years old
Contraindicationsintolerance to individual components
Course3 times a day

Price: from 1200 to 2800 rubles.


  • increases the protective layers of the body,
  • improves muscle growth,
  • well absorbed by the body,
  • valid 3 weeks after the start of administration.


  • frequent use (3 times a day).

Super supplement, I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances. In just a month of admission, I noticed how improved muscle growth, arms and shoulders became much larger. In addition, now I can not include fruits and vegetables in my diet, since in this complex all this is present in double amount. I will take it further, let's see what happens. While I'm happy with everything, thanks.

3 21st Century

Inexpensive, but high-quality vitamin complex, developed taking into account the characteristics of the male body. In addition to the necessary set of vitamins and minerals, it also contains other useful additives - ginseng extract, a complex of citrus bioflavonoids, pumpkin seed, lutein, lycopene.As a dietary supplement to increase tone and strengthen immunity, it is recommended to take two tablets per day.

Many write in reviews that they did not expect such an effect from inexpensive vitamins - some buyers noticed an improvement in well-being after the first week of administration.

The effectiveness of this vitamin complex with Aicherb is confirmed by laboratory tests - blood counts are improving, the incidence of diseases is decreasing, and weakness disappears.

But there are also disadvantages - the tablets are large, with an unpleasant taste, so they are difficult to swallow.

Mens Formula

Using the tool, you can normalize the metabolism, return the correct proportion of minerals and vitamins in the body. The drugs of this brand help strengthen sexual desire and solve problems with potency. They exacerbate the sensations that a person receives during intimacy.

This is a multivitamin of domestic production, which positively affects sleep and relaxation of the body during the night. Course use helps with increased levels of stress and overstrain.

  • has a restorative effect
  • lack of contraindications
  • contain a lot of L-arginine and zinc, increasing potency,

  • large pills
  • the effect does not appear immediately.

Comparison table of funds

In order to compare the funds presented, we suggest taking a look at their characteristics in the table below.

The name of the vitamin complexNumber of tablets / capsules (pcs)Admission courseAge categoryContraindicationsPrice, rub.)
Mans Formula Potential Forte301 monthfrom 40 yearsnotfrom 1850 to 2100
Maxler VitaMen90/1801-6 months18+notfrom 950 to 1600
VP Laboratory Ultra Men’s Multivitamin Formula90/1801 capsule 2 times a day18+doesn't havefrom 1000 to 1600
Solgar Male Multiple120/1801 per dayfrom 18 yearschildhood1950 to 2700
Duovit for men301 per dayfrom 30 to 60 yearschildhoodfrom 1250 to 1500
Adam male multi601 per dayfrom 30 to 60 yearschildhoodfrom 1250 to 1500
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men90/150/2403 times a dayfrom 18 yearsintolerance to individual componentsfrom 1200 to 2800

Ultra Men's Sport Multivitamin Formula - a popular sports complex of vitamins

English-made sports vitamins contain more than 50 components whose action is aimed at improving the condition of the whole organism. A complex of vitamins supports tone and normalizes the central nervous system. Minerals (calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper) are responsible for the health of joints and ligaments.

A set of amino acids improves metabolic processes and promotes quick recovery after exercise.
Pumpkin seeds and lycopene have beneficial effects on prostate health.

Inositol and choline are responsible for increasing brain activity and energy. Extracts of fruits and vegetables improve immune defense, affect the quality of the hormonal system.

The recommended course of admission is 3 months, then you need to take a break for the same period. The dosage indicated for athletes is 2 tablets per day, for people with a low level of stress, 1 piece is enough.


  • sold at most sports stores,
  • sealed packaging
  • 1-2 tablets should be taken per day,
  • not only suitable for athletes.


  • pungent smell of tablets
  • preservatives in the composition.

It is not recommended to drink vitamins before bedtime, since they give a boost of energy; it’s quite difficult to fall asleep after taking them.

2 Optimum Nutrition

Vitamin complex, which includes more than 75 components. Thanks to a special formula, the drug is characterized by better digestibility, fully satisfies the needs of the male body in vitamins and minerals. The composition includes enzymes for better digestion, a rich set of plant extracts, alpha lipoic acid and other valuable substances. But the price is high even taking into account the large packaging - you need to take three tablets per day.

Some Iherb customers have been taking this vitamin complex for several years and strongly recommend it for purchase.

In the reviews, they note the appearance of energy, endurance and a general improvement in well-being. Some men take only one tablet per day and find this dose sufficient.

There are very few negative reviews, and in most cases they are related to delivery issues.


One of the largest Russian drugs from Pharmstandard-Ufavita.The range is extensive, and the composition of each complex is balanced. User reviews are positive, the result is noticeable quite quickly. Depending on the type of microelements taken, it is possible to reduce anxiety and increase stress resistance, improve immunity and vision, normalize blood sugar levels, and solve problems with reproductive function.

  • complex vitamins
  • reduces anxiety,
  • low price

  • large pills.

1 Nature’s Way

The vitamin complex from a well-known manufacturer of dietary supplements is popular among Eicherb buyers. It is distinguished by a balanced composition, with a systematic intake gives strength, energy, helps to increase potency. In the production of these vitamins, artificial colors and flavors, soy, sugar and preservatives are not used. But there is a complete list of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as lycopene and plant components - pink radiola, ginseng, eleutherococcus. To maintain the stomach, the complex includes a mixture of digestive enzymes.

Numerous positive reviews speak about the quality of the drug. Many customers consider these vitamins to be the best among the entire assortment presented. With high quality and balanced composition, the vitamin complex is not expensive. The tablets are not very large, do not have an unpleasant taste, it is easy to swallow them. Dissatisfaction in some cases is caused by the quality of delivery.

Famous brands

The list of the best manufacturers of vitamins includes companies from Russia, the USA, Germany, Great Britain and Belarus. They produce the highest quality products. Those who want to purchase the most effective drugs should pay attention to the following brands:

  1. Vneshtorg Pharma. Delivers vitamins of Russian origin to the market. Specializes in the production of biologically active additives. Uses the latest technology during production. Russian vitamins of this company are affordable and of high quality.
  2. American company. It produces premium multivitamin complexes. Uses exclusively natural ingredients. Drugs are expensive, but this does not affect their popularity.
  3. German multivitamins are supplied to the world market by the leading German company Orthomol. It is famous for special complexes for athletes.
  4. The British company Lifes2good produces multivitamins with micronutrients for hair.
  5. Maxler is a Belarusian brand. It produces drugs for men who are active in life.

Attention! It is impossible to say unequivocally whether good vitamins or not, only focusing on the brand. They may be of the highest quality, but not suitable for this particular person. Everything is individual here.

Ortho Taurin Ergo - for athletes

The presented Russian combined preparation containing B vitamins, taurine, succinic and lipoic acids. The complex increases endurance in athletes, promotes muscle growth. It normalizes the functioning of internal organs, improves heartbeat, and is indicated for diabetes, liver diseases, and nervous system disorders.

Cost: from 450 to 900 rubles.

Mega Men

An excellent tool for those who are actively involved in sports. Helps to increase efficiency, energize and strengthen the body. With strong mental stress, it contributes to excellent well-being, returns to a normal state sexual desire and reproductive function. A good option for healthy vessels and heart function. It contains antioxidants to slow down the aging process.

  • support the body with increased physical exertion,
  • slows down aging
  • has a restorative effect

  • slightly specific taste of the tablets.

Vitamins "from the garden"

The best vitamins are those derived from food. This should be remembered by every man and monitor his diet.

So, for example, fish oil for potency is a real panacea.If you have such problems and to prevent them, you need to eat more salmon, herring and other representatives of the “scaly” species. To improve the potency and quality of sperm, one should also lean on potatoes, sweet fruits, parsley, onions, spinach, cilantro, buckwheat, pearl barley and millet porridge.

The most expensive source of vitamin C from a pharmacy with a lemon, mandarin or currant does not go into any comparison. They will strengthen the immune system, treat the common cold. Carrots are the richest source of natural vitamin A. Eggs, strawberries, buckwheat, seafood, etc. - contain B vitamins in abundance. And these are just a few examples.

Advice! Better to take vitamins, figuratively speaking, "ripped from the garden" than bought in a pharmacy. Therefore, it is advisable to study the tables telling about the content of useful substances in certain products, and then draw up your diet on the basis of this information.

In conclusion, I want to remind you that the best vitamins are suitable for you personally. It is advisable to pick them up, consulting with a doctor. Neither positive feedback from friends, nor price, nor the name of the manufacturer can guarantee that the purchased product will be beneficial. In addition, it is important to purchase complexes specifically for men, since the body needs of different sexes differ. For example, New chapter multivitamins are purely female. And they can harm the male body (remember about iron).

It is advisable not to shift the fortification completely to pharmacy drugs. The more the body receives nutrients from food, the better. But if a deficit has arisen, it must be eliminated. This applies to everyone - both absolutely healthy men and those suffering from some kind of disease. Vitamin deficiency has not brought anyone good yet!

Inneyov Density of hair for men - the most popular drug for baldness

Vitamins Inneeov - the result of a collaboration of 2 world famous companies - "Nestle" and "L'Oreal". The complex turned out to be very few ingredients, but each of them deserves attention.

Pine phytosterol not only beneficially affects the condition of the hair, but also is a natural immunostimulant. Taurine restores the water balance of the skin, gives strength and elasticity to the hair.

Zinc gluconate is an active participant in the synthesis of keratin and other proteins that are responsible for strengthening hair follicles. Extracts of white grapes and green tea stimulate the regeneration and protective properties of the skin.

All components are easily absorbed by the body, and the effectiveness of the drug is clinically proven. Vitamins are sold in blisters with additional cardboard packaging of 60 pieces each. The recommended course of administration is 3-4 months. After a 3-month break, you can repeat the therapy.


  • convenient packaging
  • small tablets
  • reduce hair loss
  • strengthens hair follicles.


When testing vitamins, men with a 3rd degree of baldness were invited. After a 4-month course of the complex, their hair loss decreased by 29%, the density increased by 14%, and the growth of new hairs increased by 11%.


Optimum Nutrition, Opti-Men - This is a complex of vitamins and minerals, specially selected for men engaged in powerlifting, bodybuilding and just for athletes. It consists of biotin, B12, ascorbic acid, iodine, zinc and a number of other equally useful substances. All this enhances the body's immunity and defense, and amino acids contribute to the active building of muscle mass. Of the minuses, you need to highlight the frequency of taking the drug - 3 times a day, and from the pluses - the fact that the tablets are packaged in convenient bottles of 90, 150 and 240 pcs.



  • High price,
  • In pharmacies you can not always find.

Although Opti-Men are designed primarily for athletes, according to reviews, they can be taken by those who lead an inactive lifestyle. You can buy them at iherb.com.

Alphabet 50+ - for men over 50

This drug is used as a prophylactic used to strengthen bone tissue and the development of cardiovascular diseases. The presented dietary supplement is divided into three groups, so they are better absorbed and convenient to take - in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. The tool also strengthens muscle tissue and promotes the acquisition of physical strength.

Price tag: from 360 to 700 rubles.

Velmen Tricholodic - a vitamin complex to combat baldness

Vitamins Velmen Tricholodic are specially designed for men who are faced with the problem of hair loss. They include a special complex of antioxidants and amino acids for feeding follicles and accelerating the growth of hair.

Inositol promotes rapid hair growth. Biotin controls the activity of the sebaceous glands. Iron, choline, pantothenic acid prevent early graying, and niacin supports blood circulation and microcirculation of the scalp. Also included are B, C, E, D3 vitamins.


  • compliance with European quality standards,
  • taking only 1 tablet per day,
  • improves the condition of the scalp,
  • stimulates hair growth.


  • not available in all pharmacies.

The supplement can be drunk at any stage of baldness. The recommended course of administration is 3-4 months. However, you need to understand that the result can not be compared with the complex treatment of the problem.


An extensive complex with a large list of vitamins. It improves the activity of the heart muscle, makes mental work easier, avoiding overvoltage. Helps reduce stress and makes the immune system stronger and more stable even during the cold season. The nervous system will work like a clock. If you drink the course regularly, then your eyesight will return to normal.

  • rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • high efficiency,

  • the price is above average
  • the effect does not appear immediately.


Duovit - This is a universal vitamin-mineral complex that brings maximum health benefits through the competent combination of various substances. So, in red tablets only vitamins are collected, and in blue - minerals, which are absorbed much better individually. Their action is to strengthen the immune system, slow down hair loss, improve the emotional state. But with all this, there are also drawbacks - a lot of side effects in some cases, a huge list of contraindications and incompatibility with a number of other drugs.


  • It can be taken at any age, starting from 10 years old,
  • Rare side effects
  • Reliable manufacturer from Slovenia,
  • Absorb quickly
  • Improve immunity
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Suitable for mental and physical overwork.


  • Very few B12, B1, B6 and B2,
  • Contains colorants and flavors,
  • The composition contains sucrose, that is, it is not suitable for diabetics,
  • Many contraindications.

Duovit, in comparison with the rest of the funds presented in this rating, is quite inexpensive and at the same time it is almost inferior in effect. It is also important that it is equally useful for men of all ages, whether after 30, 45 or 50 years.

What complexes are better to buy

It is better to avoid formulations with artificial colors and aromatic additives that improve the taste of the preparations. It is also important that the tablets are small and easy to swallow without dividing them into parts. Best of all, if they are designed for 2-4 weeks of admission, this is enough to normalize the situation. If possible, it is best to acquire complexes in which all vitamins, micro and macro elements are located separately, so the effect of them will be stronger.

Choosing the best "male" vitamins from our rating, we recommend paying attention to these tips:

  • If you need to strengthen your health in general terms, without focusing on any particular organ, then you should choose a rather good preparation “Duovit”.It is inexpensive and, as the reviews show, really useful.
  • Those who have problems with potency need to buy complexes designed specifically to eliminate it. One of these in our ranking is Mans Formula Potential Forte.
  • Men after 40 years old should pay attention to tools that help stop hair loss, since it is at this age that they most often encounter such a problem. Therefore, Velmen Tricholodjik will be more useful to them than ever.
  • Those who want to build muscle and are actively engaged in the gym are recommended to choose Opti-Men.
  • Men who plan to become parents in the near future can buy Vitrum Prenatal Forte.

Of course, the list of the best vitamins for men can be very long, so we selected only the most popular and truly effective products based on customer reviews. This rating is based on the analysis of a number of advantages and disadvantages, and we hope it will help you choose the most useful drug for you.

Alphabet - Quality Composition

This complex of vitamins and minerals stimulates mental and physical activity, helps maintain the normal functioning of the reproductive system. All components are divided into three types of tablets: for morning, afternoon and evening use. The composition of this tool includes carotenoids, organic acids, ginseng extract. The presented dietary supplement improves general immunity, strengthens bone and muscle tissue.

Price category: from 387 to 500 rubles.

10. Lamin Vision | Price 3500 rubles

| Price 3500 rubles

Opens our ranking of the best vitamins for men Lamin Vision from the company Vision. The drug is positioned as a remedy for fatigue, helping to increase vitality. The complex is based on L-carnitine.

"Lamin Vision" consists of natural ingredients. The composition of this vitamin complex includes L-carnitine, leaves of Paraguayan tea, Eleutherococcus root, pollen and vitamin C.

This is one of the best vitamin complexes designed for the stronger sex. It stimulates physical and mental abilities and helps withstand stressful situations.

A significant drawback is the high price.

The average price of a complex (60 gelatin capsules) is 3500 rubles.

The best vitamins to increase potency

Vitamins for improving erectile function are important for every man to avoid potential problems with potency in the future.

It is good that there are special complexes on sale whose action is aimed at increasing testosterone production, increasing sperm activity and improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

"Vitiron Suskaps"

Little known, but from this no worse than others. Effective, composed of 10 minerals, 3 trace elements and 11 different important vitamins. Allergic reactions while taking this remedy are rare, everything is balanced and combined with each other.

It is recommended to start using with vitamin deficiency, memory impairment, loss of performance, major physical or mental stress. In addition, it is advisable to take a course immediately after the appointment of antibiotics.

  • has a restorative effect
  • lack of contraindications
  • contain a lot of L-arginine and zinc, increasing potency,

  • large pills
  • the effect does not appear immediately.

The list of vitamins for men is wide: to understand how to choose, focus on your goals. If you need to deal with the problem of hair loss, some components are selected, others return to their former potency. The main thing is to know exactly what you have to deal with. You can also find additional domestic-made nutritional supplements in the Tovariki catalog that will improve the general condition and solve specific problems with well-being.

What to look for when choosing

When buying one of the presented drugs, you must pay attention to the following points:

  • Safe composition. In vitamins for men, there should be a large amount of testosterone responsible for men's health, namely, the health of the genitourinary system. Iron in large doses must be excluded, as this can affect the cardiovascular system, it can also cause tremors and even cause myocardial infarction.
  • Popularity. The more you heard about this or that supplement, the more high-quality it will be. No need to buy vitamins from an unfamiliar manufacturer.
  • Age. Not all vitamins are suitable for a certain age. Some of them can harm young people under 30 years old. Each package should contain a note for which age category the vitamin complex is intended.
  • Reviews Before buying dietary supplements, you must also familiarize yourself with existing reviews. The more positive, the less likely it is to purchase a low-quality product.

Speroton - the best assistant at conception

Speroton is one of the most famous drugs for men's health. It has been clinically proven to increase the likelihood of conception by improving sperm quality.

The composition of the product includes L-carnitine and selenium, which affect the number of active sperm, zinc, which is responsible for the production of testosterone and folic acid, to prevent numerous diseases in a conceived baby.

Vitamins in the form of sachets are sold. The contents of the bag are diluted in water, resulting in a tasty drink. This form provides maximum digestibility of the components. Recommended course is 3 months.


  • increases the likelihood of conception,
  • convenient form of administration,
  • high-quality composition
  • well absorbed.


  • to achieve the result, you must drink the full course,
  • high price (about 1,500 rubles for 30 sachets).

Users note in the reviews that after taking the drug, the test results change for the better, which indicates the effectiveness of Speroton.

9. Orange Triad Controlled Labs | Price 2300 rubles

| Price 2300 rubles

OrangeTriadControlledLabs - on the 9th place in the list of the best vitamins for men. The drug is aimed at strengthening immunity, improving digestion, increasing tone and supporting joints.

The complex of vitamins includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals in optimal proportions.

The average cost of the drug (270 tablets) is 2300 rubles.

7. Oligovit | The price is 270-350 rubles

| The price is 270-350 rubles

On the 7th place in the ranking of the best vitamins for men is "Oligovit". The daily rate of the drug completely satisfies the body in vitamins and minerals. "Oligovit" is used to strengthen and maintain the immune system, during periods of great physical and mental stress, with regular exercise. There is no special "male" version of the Oligovit vitamin complex.

The average price of the drug (30 tablets) is 270-350 rubles.

6. Vitiron Suskaps | Price 1500 rubles

| Price 1500 rubles

In 6th place in the ranking of the best vitamins for men in 2016 is "Vitiron Suskaps". The drug includes 11 vitamins, 10 minerals and 3 trace elements. A feature of this complex of vitamins is the high digestibility of its components.

“Vitiron Suskaps” is indicated for severe stresses, vitamin deficiency, increased physical activity, decreased performance, during convalescence and after antibiotic treatment. The complex of vitamins increases the tone, helps to successfully resist colds.

Vitiron Suskaps is available in a package containing 30 capsules.

The cost of the drug is 1,500 rubles.

5. Centrum | Price 570 rubles

| Price 570 rubles

Ranking 5th in the ranking "Centrum" refers to the most popular vitamin complexes for men. It contains 24 vitamins and minerals. The drug improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthens the immune system and helps to normalize vision.

The average price of the drug (30 capsules) is 570 rubles.

4. Vitrum | Price 450 rubles

| Price 450 rubles

Vitrum - one of the most popular vitamin complexes. Especially for men, it is not produced, but among the variety of multivitamin complexes of the manufacturer, you can choose a drug that brings maximum effect. So, “Vitrum Superstress” will help protect the body during psycho-emotional stress, “Vitrum Life” provides a daily intake of nutrients for young men who are actively involved in sports, and “Vitrum Memori” is aimed at improving memory and stimulating brain activity in older men.

The average price of the drug (30 tablets) is 450 rubles.

3. Duovit | Price 400 rubles

| Price 400 rubles

In 3rd place in the ranking of the best vitamins for men in 2016 is Duovit. This is a popular complex of useful elements that contains the daily intake of essential minerals and vitamins. “Duovit” helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis and anemia, maintains hair, nails and skin in good condition.

The vitamin complex helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, prevents premature hair loss, protects against stress, infections and environmental hazards.

The average cost of the drug (30 tablets) is 400 rubles.

2. Man’s formula More Than Multivitamins | The price is 420-500 rubles

| The price is 420-500 rubles

Man’s formula“More Than Multivitamins” from the Farmamed company - on the 2nd place in the ranking of the best vitamin complexes for the stronger sex. It contains 20 vitamins, 11 minerals and 4 extracts of medicinal plants.

Man’s formula promotes health, boosts immunity and improves vitality. The drug is used for increased physical and mental stress, decreased performance, frequent colds.

The average price of the drug (30 tablets) is 420-500 rubles.

1. AlfaVit | The price is 350-450 rubles

| The price is 350-450 rubles

"Alphabet" - One of the best and most popular vitamin complexes for men. The drug contains all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the male body. It also includes: taurine, carotenoids,, L-carnitine and Siberian ginseng.

  • increases the stamina of the body and its tone,
  • protects from adverse environmental effects,
  • contributes to increased performance.

AlfaVita contains 13 vitamins and minerals.

The daily dose of the vitamin complex is three tablets. Morning and daily doses of the drug contain tonic supplements, and it is undesirable to take them in the evening.

The average price of the drug (60 tablets) is 350-450 rubles.

Vitamin Rating for Athletes

Vitamins are amino acid chains linked together. The body cannot digest and decompose them. However, the size of the micromolecules of vitamins is very small, so the gastrointestinal tract processes them unchanged.

Multicomplexes have a positive effect on the body. Especially useful for people involved in sports. During physical exertion, we spend more energy, amino acids do not have time to be synthesized naturally.

The best vitamins for athletes: Optimum Nutrition, Solgar, Magnum Nutraceuticals, Dymatize Nutrition, Unimate, Maxler. Among Russian manufacturers, Vneshtorg Pharma can be distinguished. In action, it is not worse, but the price is cheaper.

For muscle tone

  • niacin dilates small vessels, normalizes blood flow, improves coordination,
  • folic acid is involved in hematopoiesis, prevents rapid fatigue,
  • ascorbic acid improves metabolism,
  • Vitamin E prevents tissue damage
  • Biotin improves metabolic processes.

For example, the listed substances contains the additive Controlled Labs Orange Triad.

Improving athletic performance

To improve athletic performance, it is recommended to take the following vitamins:

  • Riboflavin improves energy metabolism, heals,
  • Vitamin B6 helps the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Recommended for people taking steroids,
  • Cyanocobalamin helps blood formation, metabolism,
  • D-carnitine normalizes metabolic processes, promotes the breakdown of fats, increases stamina.

Injury Prevention and Recovery

As a preventative measure and during the rehabilitation period after sports injuries, vitamins are recommended:

  • K improves blood coagulation
  • D controls calcium phosphorus metabolism, strengthens the skeleton,
  • choline improves the conductivity of nerve signals, coordination of movements, helps restore cell membranes,
  • C normalizes metabolic processes,
  • E protects cell membranes from destruction.

Vitamin intake

The following factors affect the daily rate:

  • individual characteristics of the body,
  • the number and duration of physical activity,
  • stress
  • external factors: climate and so on.

It is impossible to determine the dosage independently. Only a specialist can do this after taking a blood test. In adverse climates (when the temperature rises above + 40 ° or falls below -40 °), the daily rate increases by two to three times.

With high physical exertion and, as a result, a large amount of the required protein (2.5-5 g per kg of body weight), increased doses are also needed. Since at this moment the body experiences extreme stress and there are not enough vitamins coming from food.

Optimum Nutrition for Men

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • improves metabolic processes,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • increases stamina,
  • helps restore muscle tissue and ligaments after a workout.
  • phytomix (citrus bioflavonoids, garlic, blueberries, cranberries, carrots and the rest),
  • vitamins A, C, D, E, K, group B, folic, alpha lipoic and pantothenic acids,
  • minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium, etc.),
  • Korean ginseng, African plum, ginkgo biloba, pumpkin seeds, nettle, etc.,
  • amino mixture (L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-cystine and others),
  • papain, bromelain, alpha-amylase, lipase.
150 tablets - 1750.

Muscle Tech Platinum Multivitamin

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • protects and supports organs and systems,
  • tones up
  • facilitates the condition after excessive physical exertion,
  • helps build muscle
  • interferes with metabolic decay.
  • enzyme complexes amlyase, papain,
  • amino acids L-methionine, L-citrulline malate, L-arginine, L-cysteine,
  • vitamins A, E, D, B, ascorbic acid,
  • minerals (zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, potassium, boron and others),
  • glycine,
  • extracts of green tea leaf, palmetto, American ginseng and echinacea roots, ginkgo biloba, grape skin, green coffee beans, turmeric, sprouted wheat.
90 tablets - 1,450.

Vita jym

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • strengthens the immune system
  • tones up
  • supports the body
  • accelerates muscle growth,
  • normalizes metabolic processes.

Recommended for poor physical fitness, when you need to quickly achieve high performance.

  • micronutrients
  • B complex
  • vitamins K2, A, E,
  • chromium polyconate,
  • biopirens.
60 tablets - 1450.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • supports immunity and digestive organs,
  • increases the duration and intensity of physical activity,
  • helps recovery
  • increases the elasticity of connective tissue,
  • strengthens cartilage and joints.
  • vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B,
  • calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese and other minerals,
  • complexes for the immune system that make up the musculoskeletal system, digestion, recovery (Flex, etc.).
270 tablets - 2500.

Optimum Nutrition for Women

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • supports, strengthens and tones up during intense physical exertion,
  • improves brain function and metabolic processes.
  • special components (isoflavones, etc.),
  • vitamins
  • minerals (iodine, magnesium, zinc manganese, etc.).
60 capsules - 850.

Muscle Pharm Armor-V

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • protects the musculoskeletal system,
  • Prevents training stress
  • increases stamina,
  • stimulates protective functions,
  • helps to eliminate toxins,
  • reduces the burden on the heart,
  • promotes speedy recovery.
  • vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K,
  • minerals (calcium, zinc, boron and others),
  • antioxidants
  • microorganisms for the restoration of microflora and immunomodulators (3 billion colonies),
  • omega acids (3,6,9),
  • biological supplement that removes toxins, homeostasis system and other components.
180 capsules - 2900.

Iron pack

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • increases the duration of training
  • improves the functioning of the digestive system,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • supports muscles and joints,
  • accelerates muscle gain.
  • squirrels
  • fats
  • vitamins A, C, E, K2, group B,
  • minerals (zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and others),
  • complexes for potency, joints (alpha performance, etc.),
  • antioxidants dimethylglycine hydrochloride, Highlander comb, DigeSeb, coenzyme Q10,
  • fish oil, etc.
30 sachets - 3550.

Foundation Series Multivitamin

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • improves the activity of organs and systems,
  • tones up
  • increases the supply of energy.
  • amino acids L-arginine and others,
  • vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B,
  • minerals calcium, zinc, magnesium, etc.,
  • an energy mixture of extracts of Eleutherococcus, American and Korean ginseng,
  • AAKG,
  • BCAA and more.
200 capsules - 1150.

ActCompositionQuantity and price (rubles)
  • restores protective functions,
  • improves overall well-being,
  • reduces the severity of inflammatory processes,
  • strengthens the nervous system
  • reduces fatigue,
  • restores metabolic processes.
  • B vitamins,
  • coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene carotenoids,
  • palm extracts of serenoa, Asian ginseng and more.
90 tablets - 1950.

Pharmaceutical preparations and how to take them

  • Asparkam normalizes metabolism and hydrostatic pressure. Reduces fatigue, prevents the occurrence of muscle cramps.
  • Potassium orotate accelerates biochemical processes, strengthens the heart, acts as an anabolic.
  • Duovit is needed by mobile people.
  • Tamoxifen increases the production of testosterone, inhibits the synthesis of female hormone.
  • Metformin accelerates the conversion of glucose to glycogen.
  • Mildronate increases stamina and gives energy. Normalizes metabolic processes. Prevents overwork.
  • Vitrum Life contains minerals and amino acids. Suitable for athletes of both sexes.
  • Daily Formula targets weightlifters.

Take for breakfast and lunch. On exercise days, consume after training for 1.5 hours. No cases of overdose have been identified. However, a violation of the rules of admission can provoke allergic reactions or violations of the digestive tract.

About the dangers of vitamins

When using vitamin complexes, it is important to observe the dosage prescribed by a specialist. Otherwise, the additives can provoke the following adverse effects:

  • pain in the abdomen,
  • critical days delay
  • enlarged liver and spleen,
  • gastrointestinal problems,
  • baldness,
  • itching
  • joint pain,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • cracks on the lips and around the edges of the mouth,
  • dryness and pigmentation of the skin,
  • brittle nails
  • diffuse thickening of the bones.

Seriously, you need to take drugs during the gestation period. Their excessive amount leads to a delayed development of the embryo, the occurrence of deformities.

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