How to stain eyebrow with henna at home

As soon as women, in the name of beauty, did not torment their eyebrows: they were shaved, plucked, trimmed. Finally, natural beauty came into fashion.

And then it turned out that natural eyebrows are not so simple to make. They need to be shaped, trimmed, painted.

The last few years, the method of henna staining is gaining popularity in Russia.

The time has come to figure out how safe the henna dyeing procedure is, how to choose a color for dyeing, apply dye to the skin and look after the colored eyebrows afterwards.

Pros and cons of such a correction, how much is kept on the edge

Henna is made from non-spiky leaves of Lawson. They immediately contain two natural dyes: greenish chlorophyll and orange lavson.

Leaflets are collected from the bush during flowering, dried and ground into powder. More natural paint does not exist.

The great advantage of vegetable paint is that it does not cause allergies. It can be used by adults, children, the elderly, and even pregnant women.

Use of this product:

  • Henna does not destroy the natural pigment of the hair. On the contrary, it envelops it, creating an additional protective layer.
  • Color lasts longer than when using chemical dyes. The hair follicles themselves become stronger. For example, eyelashes grow longer and thicker.
  • Natural paint works well on the skin, nourishes and protects it.
  • This component is used in medicine. They treat wounds, sutures, and treat skin diseases.

Biotouage henna came to us from fashionistas from North Africa. It was there that they came up with the idea of ​​applying not chemical paint to eyebrows, but harmless brown henna.

Biotouage has both its pros and cons. So what is better suited for dyeing eyebrows: regular dye or henna, and what is the difference between such a dye and a chemical one?


  • the product is completely natural,
  • several shades are possible,
  • painlessness of the procedure (the surface of the skin is painted, not its inner layer),
  • affordable price,
  • the opportunity to carry out the procedure yourself at home,

After such coloring girls do not have to spend a lot of time on makeup in the morning.

But sometimes a plant from Lawsonia is inferior to chemical paint:

  • Normal paint on the eyebrows is kept no longer than 15 minutes. With pasta from Lawson you will need to sit for at least 40 minutes.
  • Scars and deep wrinkles, this method of coloring "will not take."
  • On oily skin, the result will not last long. Natural dye is quickly washed off in the bath and at sea.

It turns out, before choosing a method, girls need to carefully weigh all their pros and cons. Or compare in practice, but not earlier than 4 weeks after painting.

Henna Eyebrow Tinting

As a rule, the dyeing of the eyebrows of the master is carried out after the correction of the form and the creation of the correct architecture. It is very simple to choose the shape of future eyebrows: cosmetologists use special stencils. The shape is selected according to the type of face, and the color according to the type of woman's appearance. Blondes choose henna colors two to three tones darker than the natural hair color, while brunettes, on the contrary, prefer softer shades. Do not choose too dark a shade, eyebrows should look as natural as possible.

After selecting the shape and color, the master - brovist applies henna paste according to the stencil or marks the borders with the help of brown - paste, overlapping areas with sparse hairs. As soon as the composition completely hardens on the skin, it is easily removed with cotton pads. At the end of the procedure, the master treats the skin with a moisturizer or lotion.

Henna eyebrow dyeing at home

You can dye your eyebrows with a natural dye yourself. Before staining, it is necessary to choose the appropriate version of the dye. Today on the market are options for henna powder (manufactured in India, Iran, Turkey), as well as professional sets with brown pastes. The palette of professional tools is wider, so if you need to achieve a certain non-standard shade, then it is better to opt for this particular dye option.

Prepare the following fixtures:

• Plastic or glass bowl,

• Latex or polyethylene gloves,

• Brush for applying the composition. It’s best to pick a brush with a short hard pile,

• Baby cream (or any oily cream) to treat the skin around the eyebrows,

• Cotton pads and cotton swabs for correcting excess strokes and skin cleansing.

Henna eyebrow dyeing at home is best done in clothes that will not be a pity to stain or put on a special protective apron on the shoulders.

Before staining, it is advisable to conduct a skin test for allergic reactions. To do this, it is enough to apply the composition to the wrist and monitor the skin reaction to it within one day. No irritation or redness should occur. If the test is passed, you can proceed to staining eyebrows with henna.

The first step is eyebrow correction

Using tweezers, remove excess hair. Work with tweezers must be carefully, plucking only those hairs that spoil the form. It is advisable to process the eyelid, the edge of the eyebrow, top and nose. Do not make too thin a line, it is better to leave more volume.

You can also visit a beauty salon and do waxing or shugaring - both methods can get rid of excess hair for up to one month.

Drawing henna on your eyebrows

This natural pigment is ideal for tinting eyebrows. For best results, reapply dye once every two to three weeks. Eyebrows need to be dyed regularly. You can either use regular henna powder or buy henna eyebrow dyeing kits.

Henna powder must be mixed with lemon juice to make a paste. Combine all the ingredients in a small glass bowl until a thick consistency is achieved. There should not be any air bubbles or lumps in the paste. Cover the bowl and leave it overnight. You will also need petroleum jelly or shea butter.

Before applying the mixture, wipe the dirt and makeup with an eyebrow with alcohol wipes. Wait a few minutes, apply shea butter or petroleum jelly around the eyebrows, and then add henna with a mascara brush or cotton swab. When you are finished, cover your eyebrows with cling film and wait 20 minutes to two hours. The longer you wait, the stronger the color. After this step is completed, you can rinse with warm water.

What to consider before applying henna

Organic henna is the best option for coloring your eyebrows. Conventional henna powder may contain phenylenediamine and other toxic ingredients that affect vision. When used correctly, this natural dye lasts up to seven days. The only drawback is that color tends to fade quickly. However, it still lasts longer than eyebrow pencils and makeup.

This natural colorant can be safely used by those who are allergic to hydrogen peroxide. Remember to apply petroleum jelly or shea butter around your eyebrows to protect your skin. If you have dark or coarse eyebrows, lighten them before using henna. Read the complete eyebrow dyeing guide.

Differences from paint staining

Despite the fact that the technique is the same - the dye is applied to the eyebrows and washed off after a while, the difference between the paint and henna is significant.

Eyebrow dye has a different composition (a coloring base and a developing emulsion), but it can include oils, vitamins and other nutritional components - like henna.

The paint gives a richer palette of shades - from light golden to black. Henna allows you to get only red-brown shades.

The paint is quickly washed off the skin - in a few days, but for a long time remains on the hairs of eyebrows. Henna stains both the hairs themselves and the skin underneath, so that their shape can be better adjusted.

In addition, only paint can lighten eyebrows. However, if we talk about the benefits, it is henna that nourishes and restores the eyebrows.

Indications for

  • Eyebrows weakened by other procedures damaged.
  • By nature, eyebrows are bright or quickly fading in the sun.
  • Need to grow eyebrows.
  • Unevenly growing eyebrows, including damage to the structure due to small scars.
  • Allergy to another eyebrow dye.


  • You can do it yourself at home.
  • Suitable for girls under 18 years old.
  • Biotatuage does not cause discomfort, does not cause pain.
  • The procedure is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Biotatuage has almost no contraindications.
  • The procedure allows you to simulate the desired shape of the eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows after the procedure immediately look beautiful and natural.
  • Natural components are used, because biotattage at the same time nourishes and restores the eyebrows.
  • If the coloring does not go too well, it is easy to fix.
  • Looking after your eyebrows after the procedure is not too difficult.


  • Without experience, it is difficult to choose a suitable and good paint, as well as apply it evenly on the eyebrows and make them symmetrical.
  • The effect lasts relatively shortly - about a month.
  • Eyebrows may still require constant correction - for example, plucking excess hairs.
  • Correction of the shape of eyebrows is largely limited by their natural shape.
  • In order for the effect to last longer, you need to constantly take care of the eyebrows, refuse peeling, saunas, baths and similar procedures.
  • An allergy to henna may occur.

Tools and materials for the procedure

  • makeup remover and skin cleanser,
  • alcohol or alcohol wipes,
  • henna for coloring,
  • cosmetic brushes for applying paint (usually a thin hard brush and brush),
  • containers for mixing paint (glass or ceramic) and a stick for stirring,
  • white cosmetic pencil to draw contours,
  • eyebrow patterns to give them the desired and symmetrical shape,
  • cotton buds and discs.

Which henna to choose?

Henna for eyebrows can be dry or ready-made, that is, liquid.

There are many brands of henna, so it makes sense to consider the most popular.

    Вrow henna. It is considered the best. It’s rather difficult to buy in stores, but you can order it online. Estimated price - 1000 rubles.

"Nivali Brow". It does not cause allergies and has a pasty appearance. It is convenient to squeeze it out of a tube, which is enough for a long time (20-35 stains). Estimated price - 1100-1300 rubles.

"Viva Henna". It has only one shade, but it is universal. The price is 200 rubles.

"Artcolor". One of the cheapest, Irish. Estimated price - 30 rubles.

"Phytocosmetics". Another cheap and affordable brand. Estimated price - 50 rubles.

How to prepare for the procedure?

To begin with, you should decide on the most suitable shade of paint and the shape of the eyebrows.

If staining is carried out for the first time, 48 hours before the procedure, an allergy test should be done. To do this, apply a little paint to the elbow bend and observe the reaction of the skin.

Immediately before the procedure, the skin should be cleaned. If there is no way to make a professional peeling, you can rub your eyebrows with a stiff brush to remove dead skin particles.

It is also necessary to thoroughly wash off all cosmetics and wipe the eyebrows with alcohol or an alcohol wipe.

How to choose the right color?

First of all, the color should be selected for the shade of the hair. They should be either the same shade, or differ by 1-2 tones, not more. If the hair is dyed, you should focus on the hair color at the roots.

  • Blondes are suitable shades slightly lighter than their main tone of hair - for example, light brown.
  • Owners of light brown hair should choose golden, brown, brown colors for eyebrows.
  • Red-haired girls are better to choose chocolate and chestnut shades of eyebrows.
  • To brown-haired women, eyebrows fit a little lighter than their shade of hair - gray, brown.
  • Brunettes should dye their eyebrows a few shades darker than the color of their hair. But they should also focus on skin tone. Than it is darker, the darker the eyebrows.

How to dilute henna?

Only dry henna needs to be bred. To do this, a small amount of powder should be poured into a ceramic or glass dish of a small size and diluted with hot but not boiling water. In this case, it is necessary to achieve the consistency of sour cream, but not liquid.

You should also carefully stir the henna so that there are no grains and lumps, otherwise the staining may turn out to be heterogeneous.

Technique, stages and duration of the procedure

  1. Prepare and cleanse the skin.
  2. Contour future eyebrows. So it will be easier and more convenient to draw them more evenly. You can use a stencil and a cosmetic pencil for this.
  3. Prepare the mixture and let it cool or take the finished henna of the desired and suitable shade.
  4. Using a thin and hard brush, draw a line of eyebrows. In this case, you should first draw the tail of one eyebrow, then another, then fill the central parts of both eyebrows. It is better to paint over the bases last. Depending on the desired shade, you can apply the paint in several layers.
  5. To make the color more smooth, you can use a cotton swab: rub the edges of the eyebrows slightly and remove part of the henna.
  6. It is necessary to wait 20-50 minutes. The time depends on the desired shade and the specific paint. Most often, on the packaging with henna they write how much time it is necessary to withstand specifically this paint.
  7. Rinse off the henna gently with water. For a better effect, you can also simply use a brush to remove a layer of dried henna, and then with a soft brush brush away its grains from the whole face.

The duration of the procedure depends on the experience of the woman herself and her skills. The first biotattoo procedure is likely to take a lot of time, but gradually it will be required less and less.

The video shows in detail the process of coloring eyebrows on their own at home.

What does the result depend on?

  • The quality of henna, its variety and brand. Cheap henna can be washed off faster, which means that the biotattoo procedure will have to be carried out more often.
  • Features of the skin and eyebrows.
  • The time that henna was on eyebrows.
  • The experience of the woman herself. The more accurately and evenly she puts a paint, the better the result will be.

How to care for eyebrows after the procedure?

  • Do not wet your eyebrows for 2 days.
  • It is not recommended to apply any cosmetics on eyebrows, except for cosmetic oils once a day.
  • Do not rub eyebrows and do not use soap and, especially, scrubs when washing.
  • Avoid high humidity and high temperatures - therefore, it is not recommended to visit the sauna and bathhouse.

How to get rid of an unsuccessful result?

It is not too difficult to get rid of an unsuccessful result. You can do it yourself.

To do this, wash the eyebrows with soap or any skin cleansing agent as soon as possible after the procedure. In addition, you can make a hot compress. The sooner you take these measures, the easier it is to get rid of unnecessary paint.

In addition, it should be remembered that the effect of biotatuage itself is not too long and after a few weeks will begin to become less noticeable.

Henna eyebrow biotattoo is a procedure that can be done at home and on your own. This, of course, requires some skills, but in general it is not too complicated and quite affordable. And it will cost less than a procedure in the cabin.

Features of face care yourself and in a beauty salon

First of all, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the skin of the face. To make the henna tattoo look neat and fresh, emphasize the beauty of facial features, the skin should be in good condition. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin daily, and cleaning should be carried out twice - in the morning and in the evening. Foam for washing should be selected taking into account the type of skin, then apply a tonic tonic, emulsion, face cream and cream for the skin around the eyes. All products are applied with light movements, the skin cannot be stretched.

In order for the henna-colored eyebrows to look beautiful, the skin of the face must be in good condition

Important! From time to time, you should visit a beautician to conduct a deeper professional facial cleansing and various spa procedures, depending on the individual characteristics of the client and her wishes.

Before you begin to color the eyebrows with henna at home, special attention should be paid to the condition of this part of the face. It is necessary to correct the shape and remove the hairs that go beyond the contour of the form, carefully comb the hairs and treat the skin around the eyebrows, degrease it and disinfect it. An important aspect of care is makeup removal. It is necessary to use make-up remover or a separate remover for the eyes and eyebrows. In addition to removing makeup from the eyebrow, before all manipulations it is advisable to remove makeup from the entire face, including from the eyelashes. When removing makeup, it is best to use a remover, which does not include alcohol.

Important! Eyebrow shape correction is best done by the master. After all, it is a professional who will be able to choose the appropriate form and carry out manipulations that contribute to improving the condition of the hairs.

When you independently remove hairs with tweezers, you should not use a magnifying mirror.

About eyebrow tinting at home

Girls and women who look after themselves and monitor their appearance know very well how much time it takes to go to beauty salons and what money all the necessary procedures cost. In order to save money, many ladies decide to do some procedures on their own. And for this, there are currently all conditions, because in specialized cosmetic stores a wide range of tools and materials are presented with which the girl can put herself in order. One such option is to color the eyebrows with henna. For those who are wondering how to dye henna eyebrows at home, there is a certain block of information that you need to familiarize yourself with before proceeding with dyeing manipulations.

Interesting to know! Henna - Biological natural henna, which is made from dried leaves of Lavsonia non-spiky. From the upper leaves of this plant produce mehendi, from the lower shoots make red hair dye.

Henna is a persistent natural product that has long been used for dyeing hair and eyebrows. This type of staining has several advantages over permanent tattooing and microblading:

You can dye henna eyebrows at home.

  • painlessness of the process,
  • safety - the skin is not exposed to chemical and mechanical effects,
  • this natural remedy does not spoil the natural color of the hairs,
  • the benefits of the natural elements that make up the paint (the antioxidants that make up the pigment help to improve blood circulation, strengthen the hair follicles, give a natural shine, create a protective layer),
  • you can easily use henna at home, it is only important to familiarize yourself with the instructions and carefully perform the step-by-step procedure,
  • affordable price - henna is sold in stores at affordable prices.

Before buying henna yourself, you need to know the main varieties of henna:

  • Iranian henna is the most common paint, gives a brown-copper or orange-red tint,
  • Indian paint - gives a rich brown, burgundy, dark brown, golden hues,
  • Sudanese pigment - gives a rich copper tint, perfect for red-haired ladies.

Henna eyebrow tinting is a painless and inexpensive option.

After buying a suitable pigment for dyeing hairs at home, certain tools are prepared:

  • directly a bag of dry pigment or a bottle of liquid paint,
  • a glass container, or plastic or polyethylene (dishes made of ceramic and metal will react with the pigment, they cannot be used),
  • mixing spatula - made of plastic,
  • citric acid or lemon juice - to achieve durability,
  • Cosmetic clean brush with short hard fibers - this brush will help to paint the hair as thoroughly as possible,
  • cotton sponges, napkins,
  • alcohol-free makeup remover,
  • face scrub (it is worth using the most effective scrubbing products that are made using apricot seeds),
  • oily face cream - needed to treat the skin around the eyebrows and protect it from getting paint on the skin beyond the contour of the eyebrow,
  • gloves
  • warm water
  • ruler
  • special brush for combing hairs,
  • white cosmetic pencil.

What is henna eyebrow dyeing, the pros and cons

Coloring eyebrows with henna, or biotattoo, is a special technique that involves the use of plant components. The dye is extracted simply and refers to natural products. With its help, hair coloring is carried out, various patterns on the body are performed.

Lavsonia non-spiny is used as a raw material for the preparation of henna. Among natural dyes, chlorophyll greenish and orange lavson are in the composition. When flowering, the leaves of shrubs are collected, they are well dried and powder is made. This is one of the colors that cannot be found in nature. The main advantages include hypoallergenicity, it is allowed for older people and women in an interesting position.

Henna eyebrow dyeing first appeared in North America, it was in this country that natural dyes, chemical dyes began to be used and brown henna was discovered.

Long enough, if you do the right after-treatment care, then on average 4 weeks will hold on. But the main thing is that it is perfect for eyebrows.

Which is better, eyebrow tinting with henna or dye?

It will help determine the comparative characteristics. Consider all the pros and cons of henna and paint.

  1. Henna refers to a natural product, you can choose various shades.
  2. There is no destructive effect on the hair, when enveloped, the hair acquires effective protection.
  3. No need to use any chemical dyes. The bulb will become strong.
  4. Excellent effect on the skin, has nutritional and protective properties.
  5. In the medical field of activity, the component is widely used to treat skin diseases, treat wounds and sutures.
  6. The procedure is relatively painless, as the coloring is performed on the surface, the inner layer of the skin does not touch.
  7. The cost of one sachet is affordable, the procedure can be performed even independently at home.
  8. Henna is diluted with ordinary water, brighteners are used for paints, as well as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.

Disadvantages of henna staining:

  1. The drying procedure lasts longer - 30-45 minutes.
  2. It is not possible to use in areas with scars and deep wrinkles.
  3. It lasts about a month, which is generally half as much as paint. On problematic and oily skin holds even less.
  4. Specific henna powder, staining can be different, with a lack of experience in the procedure.

Benefits of dyeing:

  1. The procedure lasts faster, the paint dries in about 15 minutes.
  2. The effect will last longer, on average 2 months, the pigment penetrates well into the hairs, therefore it covers only the outer part.
  3. Simple use, when preparing henna a special recipe is used, which is written on the package, it is very important to comply with all the proportions correctly.
  4. The paint lays evenly, any shade can be achieved.

Disadvantages of using paint:

  1. Paint is an allergenic product and has contraindications, can not be used during pregnancy and feeding the baby.
  2. If you seek the advice of a cosmetologist, preference is given to natural components, it not only dyes, it is responsible for strengthening the hair and its growth.

Before making a choice in favor of one or another component, it is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons, and also try to compare in practice.

The second stage is the preparation of the mixture and the choice of color

If the choice is made in favor of henna powder, and not a ready-made kit, then the composition for staining will have to be done independently. Depending on the ingredients, you can adjust the color, shade and its intensity. Henna and ingredients are mixed with plain water until a thick sour cream is obtained.

The proportions may be as follows:

• To create an intense black shade: one part of henna and two parts of basma or coffee,

• To create an intense dark brown color: one part henna and one part basma or coffee,

• To create a reddish tint with a copper tint: two parts of henna and one part of basma or coffee,

• To create a shade of chestnut: 25 grams of henna is mixed with one tablespoon of cocoa,

• To create a cool yellow tint: 25 grams of henna is mixed with two grams of saffron,

• To create a warm yellow hue: 25 grams of henna is mixed with two tablespoons of chamomile (available at the pharmacy).

It should be borne in mind that whichever shade was chosen, the following rules apply:

• The mixture is always one tone darker than the final color,

• Basma, depending on the proportions, gives a hue from dark brown to black,

• If coffee is added to the mixture, then, as the color is washed out, the eyebrows acquire a grayish tint,

• Basma when washed gives a copper tint.

To start henna eyebrow tinting is 20 minutes after preparation, it is necessary to wait until it is infused.

The method of staining eyebrows with henna and paint

What is the best way to color eyebrows: paint or henna? To answer this question, a comparative description can be made.

Henna eyebrow tinting means giving the hair the desired color using the coloring matter of dried henna leaves. Therefore, this coloring matter is natural.

Henna Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow biotattoo, as they are called dyeing with natural dyes, is the most gentle and safe method of correction and visually giving them density. Lavsonia dyes only the outer shell of the hair and does not have a harmful effect on the skin. After several weeks, it is washed off.

You can either dye your hair with natural dyes - henna or basma, or use special dyes. To understand which method is better, you should compare them and determine all the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Proper eyebrow coloring with henna at home

To know how to dye henna eyebrows at home, you need to study step by step instructions. But before you henna your eyebrows, it is recommended to check the skin reaction to this composition and choose the shade that suits the person and will not spoil his appearance.

There is a simple recipe for checking for allergies - apply a small amount of the ready-made coloring mixture to the area behind the ear, then pinpoint 25 minutes and check the area for an allergic reaction.

But you need to choose the color of the paint, taking into account the color of the hair:

  • for girls with dark curls and fair skin, a brown tone will do,
  • red-haired girls can choose a shade from a spectrum from golden to terracotta,
  • owners of light curls can make a light brown tone,
  • dark-haired and dark-skinned ladies fit a rich black shade,
  • women with an ashy shade of curls need to select gray colors of saturated shades.

Dye eyebrows with gloves, so as not to stain the skin of the hands. The independent process of coloring the brow includes certain stages. And the first is eyebrow correction. During the procedure, you can also wear an apron to protect yourself from accidental contact with the dye on clothing.

Step-by-step henna eyebrow dyeing process

It is necessary to create a contour and shape that will suit a person taking into account anthropometric indicators - the shape of the face, the width of the cheekbones and forehead, the incision and position of the eyes and the shape of the nose, the shape of the lips. It is only necessary to remove the hairs knocking out over the contour, thoroughly comb the entire eyebrow.

Then you can proceed to the following steps:

  1. Remove the hair on the head in a tight bun so that the curls do not fall on the forehead.
  2. Scrub the eyebrow area thoroughly. Apply a greasy cream to the skin of the face (without touching the eyebrows), which protects it from accidental drops of persistent paint.
  3. Degrease the eyebrow area with a special tool using a cotton pad.
  4. Outline a white cosmetic pencil.
  5. Eyebrow coloring takes place in two stages. During the first application, paint using a brush should be applied tightly to the skin. You need to color the eyebrows along the line of hair growth from the nose to the temporal lobes with a hard brush, driving in the paint under the hairs. Then re-apply the pigment, with a second dyeing, the emphasis is on dyeing the hairs themselves.
  6. Remove strokes that go beyond the outline with a dry cotton swab or napkin.
  7. Keep the paint on the eyebrows for 50 to 60 minutes.
  8. Remove dry pigment with cotton pads.

Important! The thicker the paint, the richer the color.

It is worthwhile to understand how to mix paint with additional dyes. This is done in order to get the most suitable shade and shape the eyebrows in a natural and natural way. If you mix 25 grams of henna with 50 grams of coffee or basma, you get a rich black color. And if you combine the same amount of henna with 25 grams of coffee or basma, you get a dark brown shade. To remove the dark chestnut, softer shade, you need to mix 25 grams of natural pigment with three tablespoons of cocoa powder. Owners of lighter curls should mix 25 grams of henna with two grams of fragrant saffron to get yellow color with a cold undertone, to remove a warm shade of yellow, the same 25 grams of henna are mixed with two tablespoons of chamomile.

Good to know! Natural additives, in addition to the shade, can affect the further color change after eyebrow shaping. For example, when basma is added, the coloring pigment will last longer on the skin. Coffee with subsequent washing and washing acquires a shade of gray. Basma behaves differently - leaves a dark red tone.

To make the effect more vivid, you can cover the eyebrows with foil or polyethylene during drying. It is not necessary to remove the dried paint ahead of time, but it does not make sense to overexpose it on the hairs, you need to keep the pigment on the eyebrows exactly as much as is written on the package from henna.

If you complete the entire coloring process in the correct sequence and carefully apply the coloring pigment to all the hairs, then the biological tattoo will last at least a month. But, in addition to a large number of advantages, biotatuage still has some disadvantages.Among the first is its fragility in comparison with permanent tattooing and microblading. Even with all the steps, such a tattoo can easily fade if a person visits the bathhouse, bathes in the sea or in the pool. In this case, natural paint really will not stick to the hairs for a long time. In addition, according to most cosmetology and beauty industry professionals, henna will last three weeks at best. But in some cases, biotatuage can last on the edge for no more than 5-6 days.

Henna tattoo lasts about a month

Sometimes it happens that girls at home carry out such a procedure for the first time, due to inexperience, they often remain unsatisfied with the result - there may be a color with a too bright reddish tint or it will not suit the form. In this case, the most important is the immediate washing off of henna. It is necessary to wash off the result with the eyebrow as quickly as possible with the help of a gel or foam for washing the face. Then you need to wipe the eyebrows with micellar fluid or a special remover to remove permanent makeup from the eyes. Although henna does not wash off completely, the effect will not be so pronounced.

Attention! A common mistake when flushing an unsuccessful result is the use of bleaching inks. Do not use them, as they are extremely stiff and can cause hair loss. And the interaction of such colors with henna can dye eyebrows in strange pinkish or even greenish hues.

How to prepare for eyebrow dyeing at home?

The procedure for painting eyebrows with henna is not complicated, so you can perform it on your own and not go to a beauty salon for this. Today you can buy ready-to-use henna for tattooing, or you can buy powder and prepare the paint yourself. To do this, you need to have a minimum of tools and become familiar with the technical process of dyeing hair with henna and the possibility of using additional ingredients.

Eyebrow dye allergy

Before you dye your eyebrows with henna, you should definitely carry out an allergy test a day before the proposed painting. Apply a small amount of the coloring mixture on the inside of the elbow, soak for 40 minutes and rinse with water. If there are no allergic manifestations, henna is not contraindicated.

It is best to make a choice in favor of Indian, rather than Iranian or Turkish, since its palette contains the most shades. Light-skinned blondes are suitable for light brown shades, it is better for brown-haired women to choose shades a little darker than hair, and for brunettes with dark brown and black hair at the time they will be dark brown and black.

To perform henna biotattooing at home, you must have:

  • a glass or plastic pigment dilution tank,
  • a plastic or wooden stick for mixing the solution,
  • a short and hard bristle brush for applying paint,
  • cotton buds and discs to adjust the eyebrow line if necessary,
  • oily thick cream for applying around the tinted area of ​​the eyebrows,
  • plastic gloves.

Preparation of a henna coloring solution

Now you can consider how to properly prepare the coloring mixture from henna leaves and what you need for this.


Now ready-made eyebrow paints are very popular, many women prefer to cook them on their own at home. This option is economical, but at the same time, the palette of the resulting shades is not inferior to ready-made mixtures.

So, besides henna, you may need strong tea, coffee, lemon juice, basma. These ingredients are key in getting the right shade:

  1. If basma and coffee are added to the henna solution, the paint will turn dark, even black. However, a combination of henna and basma without any other additives will give a light brown tint.
  2. Pure henna with a shutter speed of 20 minutes gives a bright red color.
  3. Henna mixed with black tea will provide a rich dark brown shade. Ground coffee can also be added to get a dark color with good hiding power.
  4. Lemon juice, on the contrary, will make the paint light.
  5. Henna with fresh gives a natural light brown color.

Step-by-step description of the process of self-dyeing eyebrows

  1. As with any other cosmetic procedures, before staining eyebrows, you need to clean and degrease the skin.
  2. Next, the eyebrow contour is applied with a brown marker or using a special template.
  3. The skin around the hairs exactly along the applied contour is richly greased with a greasy cream to prevent accidental staining of nearby areas. Try not to brush off the hair with the cream.
  4. Next, a coloring mixture is applied. First, with a thin brush or bamboo stick, the contour of the eyebrows is re-circled, the tip of the tools should be as thin as possible. To do this, dip the brush into the dye and capture a small amount. Henna applied to the eyebrow should lay down in a dense, even layer. To withstand the coloring composition should be depending on the desired result. The longer the henna stays on the eyebrows, the more intense and rich the resulting shade will turn out.
  5. After the set time, the henna is washed off with a cotton pad moistened with water, and the skin is treated with micellar water.

Brow Henna eyebrow tinting

One of the most popular brands of henna-based eyebrow dyes is Brow Henna. Her palette is represented by two primary colors - blond and brown, and several red and brown shades, which totals 8 shades. This mixture is available in convenient tubes in powder form and is ready for use. This greatly facilitates the process of staining eyebrows and eyelashes.

Recommendations for preparing eyebrow dyeing with Brow Henna dye are similar to dyeing with a self-prepared mixture of ordinary henna powder: the skin is cleaned, the eyebrow contour is applied with an alcohol marker and the skin around it is smeared with a nourishing cream.

We use a nourishing cream

Next, in a non-metallic container, you need to mix the powder with about 3 drops of water until a consistency of liquid sauce is obtained. If necessary, a darker or lighter shade can be added to the mixture, further expanding the palette of shades of paint.

Paint should be applied with a thin brush, starting with the hairline. When applying paint outside the scalp, you can get a wider eyebrow. Typically, the mixture is aged for 10 minutes, but you can achieve a more intense color by keeping the paint for 15 minutes.

Eyebrow care after henna staining

Care for henna stained eyebrows, regardless of whether you buy a finished dye or prepare it yourself, should be the same.

  1. It is necessary to prevent frequent contact of stained areas with harsh cleansing cosmetics containing alcohol.
  2. On the first day after staining the eyebrows with henna, they should not be allowed to come into contact with water, since henna is very unstable at this time. When washing, visiting the pool or reservoir on the eyebrows, it is recommended to apply any nourishing cream or oil, which will serve as a protective layer. The bathhouse and sauna will also adversely affect the color during the first day, since the high temperature in the first day affects the henna pigment destructively.
  3. For several days, you should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight on colored eyebrows, since henna because of this quickly burns out and dims. Too much rubbing of dyed eyebrows with cotton pads or a towel will result in quick color removal.
  4. Correction of already processed eyebrow-based composition with henna can be made on the next day.

Professionally painted henna eyebrows can delight you with their rich color for up to 6 weeks. But despite this, you should know that the shade will hold for a rather long time. Even after a few months, the hairs can cast a red tint.

When using paint prepared independently from henna powder, the result will please 2-4 weeks, depending on the initial color obtained.

Professional Tips

At home, experienced cosmetologists recommend using special eyebrow stencils. They are sold ready-made in beauty salons and specialized stores of decorative cosmetics. Such stencils will greatly facilitate the process of drawing the outline. It is very important not to wet the eyebrows within 24 hours after staining. Do not apply various cosmetic oils to the eyebrow area, oily creams and oily serums. All these funds eat up henna.

Note! Before the procedure, you should scrub the skin, and after biotaturation, this manipulation in the area near the eyebrows should be discarded, since hard grains will harm the paint and reduce the color intensity by several tones.

It is important to determine what kind of eyebrow color you need to get.

Biotouage is a great method to emphasize natural beauty. Eyebrows painted with henna make the look brighter, more piercing. With the relatively low price of this product, you can get a very beautiful microblading effect for several weeks.

Preparatory stage

Preliminary training is not needed in the salon, professionals do everything on their own. At home, a skin sensitivity test is preliminarily performed. To do this, it is enough to apply a small amount of the composition to the bend of the elbow and wait for the reaction to appear.

This test cannot be ignored, otherwise the consequences can be very serious.

For eyebrows, correction and coloring is carried out in several stages:

  1. Cleansing and degreasing.
  2. Breeding henna with boiled hot water, but it should not be boiling water.
  3. You can choose any dishes, but not metal.
  4. Lemon juice is added to the composition, it is allowed to replace it with vinegar, but do not overdo it.
  5. A consistency resembling toothpaste is required.
  6. The paint is covered with cellophane and swells.
  7. Work is done with gloves.

Procedure Algorithm

Once the composition is prepared, degreasing is carried out, you can proceed to the staining itself.

  1. It is necessary to check again that decorative cosmetics are all washed off.
  2. So that the skin is not dyed, it is better to smear vaseline around the eyebrows, in the absence of it, with any oily cream.
  3. The paint is applied from the end of the eyebrows, after which the middle is well stained, only last but not least, it is worn on the front.
  4. Saturated color can be obtained by applying a large amount of paint.
  5. Henna is left in the hairs for 30-45 minutes, but more is possible. The dried composition is easily cleaned with a cotton pad.
  6. If you lubricate the eyebrows with special oil, this will protect them and achieve shine.

In the video tutorial below, the staining procedure is described in detail.

After treatment

  1. You cannot wet your eyebrows throughout the day, it is better to refuse peeling and scrubs for a while.
  2. A week after the procedure, it is not recommended to visit the bathhouse, sunbathe in the solarium and go to the water park.
  3. If you strictly follow all the rules, the brightness of the color will last a month or more, after which it will gradually be washed off.
  4. After a month, staining can be repeated.

Below is a video consultation of post-treatment care.

What to do if you are not happy with the result?

At home, making eyebrow dyeing is quite difficult, especially since even professionals can sometimes make mistakes. The first time does not always work. Sometimes the eyebrows become too bright, thicken or the color does not like. But don't be upset. There are special products that remove excess paint; they are sold in cosmetic stores. Many popular components will also help to correct the color that has not turned out.

For washing henna fit:

  • lemon juice,
  • laundry soap,
  • scrubs and special face creams,
  • peroxide,
  • face oil
  • olive, castor, sunflower oil.

For 10 minutes, you can lubricate the eyebrows with any of these components and adjust the ugly color.

  1. The most effective remedy can be called lemon juice, a cotton pad is moistened and applied to the eyebrow.
  2. You can also use any oil - olive, sunflower, linseed, cosmetic, etc., moistening a cotton pad with it and making a compress on the eyebrows.
  3. Laundry soap helps to wash off the paint gradually, which will determine the tone that needs to be left.
  4. All these funds are quite safe, but nevertheless, after erasing, a moisturizer is applied.

Below on the video there is a small consultation on the correction of eyebrows when staining.

Varieties of henna

If you decide to conduct biotatuage at home, you need to get acquainted with different types of coloring composition of henna:

  1. Indian - able to make a golden chestnut tint or burgundy color,
  2. Iranian - one of the most popular and affordable, these are shades of brown copper or orange with a red tone, otherwise you need to add additional dyes,
  3. Sudanese - This is a bright copper, ideal for redheads.

Popular brands of henna:

  1. "Light brow henna" - Indian manufacturer. The dye gives the hair a light brown shade, has a delicious herbal aroma, it is high quality and safe, does not cause allergies.
  2. "Special brow henna" - Indian manufacturer. Henna allows you to achieve a bright brown color, which is why it is ideal for any type of appearance.
  3. "Dark brow henna" - a hypoallergenic representative of henna that makes eyebrows saturated with a chestnut tint.

Reviews about the procedure, photos before and after

Julia 25 years old, Sochi
She performed biotattoo using Brow Henna. This is inexpensive henna, the procedure is absolutely safe, the eyebrows after dyeing look beautiful and you do not need to apply makeup every day. Appearance plays a big role in my work, so there is no time to constantly adjust eyebrows and paint. Coloring allows you to maintain a constant beautiful shape of the eyebrows that are perfect for my face. My eyebrows are sparse, so I opted for henna biotattoo.

Masha 23 years old, Moscow
For two weeks now I have been delighted with the excellent result of staining eyebrows. Having chosen henna, I refused professional salons, painting on my own. Saving on the cost of the procedure is significant, and with the form everything turned out neatly, exactly the way I wanted. The lines turned out neat, to consolidate the result I purchased cosmetic oil. At first, after dyeing, it seemed to me that the eyebrows were very bright with lightening, did not rush and waited for the next day. On the second day, I looked at myself in a new way and the eyebrows seemed to me more natural and natural.

Vika 29 years old, Pskov
Henna eyebrow dyeing is a very convenient procedure, it does not cause pain, and the result is a dream eyebrow. You can endlessly list all the benefits, but the most important thing is that staining can be done at any time and achieve the result that you like, albeit not the first time. After I used Iranian henna, I don’t even consider options with chemical paints. The procedure took only 30 minutes.

Below, in the photo you can clearly see how it was before and after the staining procedure.

The third stage - application

Before staining, it is advisable to degrease the skin. Pre-draw the outline with a decorative pencil.Grease all areas that go beyond the contour of the future eyebrow with a greasy cream - so the excess composition will not get on the skin.

Henna eyebrow dyeing should begin from the inner edge, gradually brushing to the end of the eyebrow. The composition should be applied liberally and try to get it on the skin.

As soon as henna is distributed over the entire surface of the eyebrow and the skin, extra smears (if any) should be removed with a cotton pad or cotton swab.

Cover the eyebrows with cling film to keep the mixture warm.

What is henna?

With paint, things are simple: chose the right tone, matched the color of the eyes and hair, and then proceeded to dye. Henna is not represented in a wide palette of shades, so you need to know exactly what it happens:

  • Iranian henna. Available only in red-orange and brown-copper tones. Such a natural dye is suitable for brown-haired women or owners of bright red hair. In terms of value, Iranian henna is the most affordable.
  • Indian. Suitable for brunettes and blondes with a golden tint. The palettes of Indian henna cover such golden, chestnut and dark brown shades.
  • Sudanese. The best option for red-haired women. Such henna cannot be combined, it has a single shade - red.

Platinum blondes are most difficult to acquire to choose a harmonious shade. But there is a solution: modern manufacturers offer a wider palette of colors. For example, the gray tone of henna is presented in the color line of professional paint Brow Henna.

Henna eyebrow dyeing with brow paste

Coloring eyebrows with natural brow paste is much easier. As a rule, in kits for staining, you can find everything you need to create an even contour:

• Correction paste for coloring eyebrows, which allows you to identify the boundaries of the sketch before applying the dye,

• Eyebrow Henna Powder.

The composition is diluted with ordinary water and aged for at least 40 minutes.

Coloring eyebrows with henna using brown paste allows you to achieve perfect contours, without the risk of dye getting on skin areas outside the sketch area. That is why this way of home modeling eyebrows is suitable for beginners.

Step-by-step instruction

You can give your eyebrows a beautiful shade at home, without the help of others. This does not require any complex fixtures and professional skills.

It is enough to prepare the tools, do everything as accurately as possible and follow the step-by-step instructions.

What will be needed for the procedure:

  • henna,
  • container for the mixture (from any material except metal),
  • a mirror, a flat brush and a white pencil,
  • cotton buds and gloves,
  • towel to protect clothes

If the dye gets on clothes, it is very difficult to remove it, so it is imperative to ensure that items of clothing are protected.

On any packaging, special instructions are written. Do not ignore her. If staining occurs for the first time, you can use the training video.

If the dye is presented in liquid form, you can add a few drops of kvass to it, lemon juice is also suitable. This will save the result after staining for a long time. Henna in a powder state is diluted with hot water to a consistency resembling liquid sour cream.

Before applying the mixture, a number of the following procedures are carried out:

  • Face peeling. It is best to degrease the skin with any cosmetic peeling or scrub.
  • The eyebrow area is further degreased through the use of tonic.
  • Greasy cream or petroleum jelly is applied to the area around the eyebrows. If the paint gets on the skin, it will be easier to remove.
  • A white pencil creates a line for coloring eyebrows.
  • A flat brush is carefully dipped into the resulting composition. Then the thin ends of both eyebrows are stained. Brush movements should not be smeared. Henna is driven in by point touches to eyebrows.
  • To saturate the shade, a thick layer of henna is applied.
  • The dye remains on the eyebrows for 40-60 minutes. Then the paste is washed off with a cotton pad. It should be remembered that you do not need to wash yourself after staining with henna - this will not allow you to achieve maximum color saturation. Experts also advise at least a day to avoid moisture in the eyebrow area.
  • To dye better penetrate the structure of the hair, it is necessary to cover the eyebrows with a plastic bag.

If you adhere to all the recommendations, you will be able to maintain a beautiful color for a month. Otherwise, everything will be washed off after 1-2 weeks.

Dyeing henna eyebrows at home, despite the fact that this component is useful and natural, is still worth it with great accuracy. If the eyebrow line was broken in the process by an inaccurate brush stroke, it is best to immediately remove the mixture from the surface of the skin.

Fact! Otherwise, henna is very difficult to wash off, the eyebrow will take on an irregular shape, and it will take a long time to wait for the next correction.

Interesting recipes

Since henna manufacturers do not offer all the necessary colors, there are a number of mixes that allow you to get the right shade. Here are some ways you can find the most beautiful option:

  • To get a rich chestnut shade, henna is mixed with ground coffee. 50 g of powder in a glass of water, then stir on fire until a homogeneous consistency. After that, add henna.
  • For a saturated brown shade, a decoction of walnut leaves is used. It is created by boiling raw materials in a small container with water for 15 minutes. One tablespoon of the resulting liquid is added to the coloring mixture.
  • In equal proportions with cocoa powder, you can get a red tint.
    These recipes will help to create an ideal and individual tone of eyebrows, make the eyes expressive, and the face - harmonious.

Care for henna stained eyebrows

Daily care is to maintain a rich shade, neat shape and moisturize the skin:

• Immediately after staining, you should use a rich nourishing cream,

• Regularly pluck out excess hair with tweezers,

• Apply a variety of essential oils to your eyebrows. Castor oil is used to grow thicker eyebrows.

• Do not use aggressive scrubs and peels - they help wash out the color,

• In the first two - three days, try not to wet the eyebrows with water, the dye should fix.

• Bath, solarium, chlorinated water in the pools contribute to leaching of color.

About the benefits and dangers of henna

Much has been said about the benefits of henna; it is ideal for oily hair, making it more elastic and silky. But not everyone knows about not the most pleasant features of the natural dye, which you should pay attention to when coloring eyebrows:

  • Henna has a drying effect. Therefore, if the eyebrows are thin, and the hairs themselves are dry and sparse, it is better to give preference to other dyes. Or carry out the staining procedure no more than once every two months.
  • Even after washing away the color after dyeing, a red tint may remain on the eyebrows. It is very difficult to get rid of it. We'll have to wait until the new hairs grow back completely.
  • Henna dries not only hair but also skin. Therefore, when the mixture enters the area around the eyebrows, peeling may appear.
  • Allergy when using henna is a rare phenomenon, but it also happens. A preliminary test is recommended before the procedure. The mixture is diluted with water, and then with a brush applied to the wrist or bend of the elbow. The reaction may occur within the next 48 hours. If after this no peeling, irritation or redness is found, feel free to proceed to dye your eyebrows.

Another indisputable disadvantage is the waiting time for staining. In comparison with salon products, 15 minutes is enough to get the necessary shade of eyebrows. In the case of henna, you have to spend about an hour, and sometimes a little more.

Contraindications for staining eyebrows with henna

Staining with natural dyes has some contraindications:

• Individual intolerance to the compounds,

• Any damage to the skin,

However, if the composition does not cause allergies, then this type of staining can be used even during pregnancy, due to the natural composition.

Eyebrow care: how to maintain color, and what to do after dyeing

After learning how to color henna eyebrows at home step by step, you need to know how to look after them later. Here you need to constantly observe simple but necessary rules:

  • Apply special masks or oily creams regularly to prevent peeling of the skin around the eyebrows. Special oils are also on sale that promote the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes; they can also be used.
  • The painted area should not be wet for at least a day, if possible, it is better to wait 48 hours.
  • You should also avoid applying any other cosmetic products to colored eyebrows,
  • Sun exposure should be reduced to a minimum. Also, do not visit saunas and baths for a while.

The effectiveness of the staining procedure depends on many factors. If staining is carried out using natural henna without additives, the effect lasts 2-3 weeks. Mix with coffee allows you to maintain color for up to one month. Professional compositions with the addition of henna are more resistant, they allow you to enjoy color for about two months.

When carrying out the procedure at home, it is necessary to select only high-quality products and strictly follow all the tips and instructions. Additional help can be not only articles, but also step-by-step video instructions.

How to wash eyebrow stain with henna

Often the result of eyebrow staining with henna, especially if the procedure is performed independently, may not be satisfactory. To remove the intensity of the tone, the following household tools will help:

• Hydrogen peroxide. It is enough to moisten a cotton pad and wipe the eyebrows until the desired shade is obtained,

• Lemon juice. Lemon juice does a great job with natural dye,

• Lemon acid. It is enough to place it with water, and leave it on the eyebrows for 5 minutes.

• Vegetable oils. During the day, you need to intensively lubricate the eyebrows with oil and rinse it off with a warm soapy solution.

Feedback on the results

If you believe the reviews, then staining eyebrows with henna today is more popular than classic dyeing using a conventional synthetic dye. First of all, this is due to the fact that the natural composition is not able to harm the skin and hair follicle. In addition, reviews indicate good durability of henna dyes. The result lasts up to five weeks on the hairs and up to three weeks on the skin.

We invite you to the Silk aesthetic hair removal salon for henna eyebrow dyeing procedure using professional brown paste.

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