How to treat hemorrhoids with heparin ointment

At the initial and acute stages of the development of hemorrhoidal nodes, it is not necessary to seek the help of potent hormonal drugs and antibiotics. For this purpose, you can also use natural, but no less effective drugs, such as heparin ointment. In this case, it has a quick analgesic and wound healing effect and can help improve the situation even with hemorrhoids with bleeding. However, in especially advanced stages, NEDUG alone cannot be completely cured by heparin ointment alone. This will require a comprehensive long-term treatment.

Description and characteristics of the drug

Heparin ointment is a combination drug of complex action, produced in the form of an ointment of a uniform consistency, odorless. The tool is named after the main active substance inherent in its composition - heparin. It is he who makes the drug a potent natural anticoagulant, gives it a powerful healing and regenerating property.

Heparin ointment is suitable for the treatment of internal, external and combined hemorrhoids, but in the latter case it will give only a temporary effect, since this form of the disease is usually treated surgically.

The drug is indicated for use in many cases. Often, heparin ointment is used to achieve a strong thrombolytic effect and protect against blood clots.

Indications for use

Heparin ointment is often used in inflammatory-infectious and stagnant processes, in order to relieve irritation and eradicate the infection, as well as to prevent the formation of blood clots.

A complete list of indications for its use include:

  • thrombophlebitis
  • thrombosis,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • injuries, wounds, bruises,
  • hemorrhoids disease of the external and internal type,
  • inflammatory processes in the anus,
  • irritation and cracks in the walls of the anus.

Despite many indications, most often this ointment serves with hemorrhoids of various levels of neglect and complexity, since its main components allow you to quickly calm the irritation and any unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

How does hemorrhoids work?

Therapy of hemorrhoids with a natural heparin ointment, as a rule, does not immediately produce the first results; improvements are noticeable on the second or third day. Due to its naturalness, the drug acts on the damaged areas gently and sparingly.

With this disease, the ointment has a whole range of actions, including:

  • burning relief
  • elimination of inflammation, calming redness and irritation,
  • relief of pain,
  • resorption of cones and preventing the growth of others,
  • eliminating the feeling of heaviness,
  • removal of puffiness,
  • eliminating the feeling of bulging anus,
  • stopping bleeding and preventing the recurrence of relapse,
  • healing of wounds and cracks on the walls of the anus.

In addition, with regular use of this drug, the risk of re-formation of blood clots, rupture of blood vessels and the appearance of cracks on the walls of the colon is reduced, therefore, ointment can be used for prevention.

Active staff

The effectiveness and rapid achievement of the therapeutic effect of heparin ointment is fully due to its composition. It consists of three active interacting ingredients, the combination of which gives it a complex effect.



Pharmaceutical property

Anesthetizes, relieves inflammatory and infectious phenomena, adversely affects blood clots, eliminates platelet adhesion.

Helps reduce pain, relieves vascular constriction, reduces irritation, itching and burning, eliminates cramping.

Nicotinic acid benzyl ester

It has a bright vasodilating property, improves patency and quality of blood, often used for varicose veins.

Thus, the use of heparin ointment makes it possible not only to quickly get rid of pain and other symptoms of the disease, but also to promote accelerated healing and protection of tissues.

How to use to treat hemorrhoids

Usually, heparin ointment is used in pure form. It is directly applied to the sore spot. However, the method of application may vary based on the stage of complexity of hemorrhoids.

In different cases, the ointment is used according to a different scheme:

  • with internal hemorrhoids it is best to use gauze swabs dipped in heparin ointment for treatment, they are inserted into the rectum and serve as rectal suppositories,
  • with the external type of the disease, a therapeutic and preventive compress with heparin is applied, the ointment is applied to a piece of gauze and fixed on a pain point with a patch and set all night,
  • the usual method of applying heparin ointment to the outer part of the anus will also help with external hemorrhoids, you need to apply the ointment only on washed skin and only after natural defecation,
  • with hemorrhoids with blood, it is not recommended to use heparin ointment, since it can provoke a burn and irritate wounds on cracks,
  • after surgery on the oral area, heparin ointment is often recommended in the recovery period as a regenerating agent.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers during lactation should carefully approach the use of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids and it is best to consult a doctor about its use.


As part of the heparin ointment, there are no harmful, toxic substances. All the substances included in its composition are tested and safe, but even in this case, the use of this drug, like any other medication, has its contraindications.

The list of cases when this tool is prohibited is to include:

  • low platelet count in the blood,
  • blood diseases
  • bleeding disorder,
  • cirrhosis of the liver,
  • hypertension,
  • tissue necrosis in the oral area,
  • erosion and skin diseases,
  • ulcer.

In addition, the tool can not be used for allergies and individual intolerance to the components. Before starting the course, it is best to conduct a sensitivity test to avoid consequences.

Side effects and negative effects

Usually a drug like heparin ointment does not cause side effects. However, in some cases, with prolonged use, such negative reactions as a decrease in the sensitivity of the epidermis, hyperemia, redness on the skin, rash, and itching can be observed. An overdose of the drug itself is not dangerous, but it can provoke hemorrhagic complications.

Heparin itself, in the absence of allergies and the individual sensitivity of the body, is not dangerous, so all unforeseen reactions can be easily removed by stopping the use of the ointment.

With a long course of use of the ointment, thrombocytopenia can also occur. In order to avoid this when using heparin ointment for more than a month, it is recommended to clearly monitor the level of platelets in the blood.

Is it possible during pregnancy and lactation?

During pregnancy and further breastfeeding, all medications and prophylactic drugs should be selected only by the attending physician. During pregnancy, the drugs used should not in any way affect the health and growth of the fetus. In this case, heparin ointment fully meets the requirements. It is natural and harmless, has a quick effect, but do not harm the baby.

The drug should never be used in the presence of wounds and damage on the walls of the anus, if there is a slight burning sensation or other strange sensations, the agent must be washed off immediately.

Some doctors even recommend using it during the period of bearing a child to avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids. You can use heparin ointment from the second trimester of pregnancy up to 3 times a day. The method of using the product is similar to the standard scheme indicated in the instructions. It is better to carry out treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

Combination with other drugs

There is little information about the interaction of heparin ointment with other drugs. As a rule, it does not interfere with the action of other substances. To improve the effectiveness of the drug, its use is recommended to be combined with the intake of ascorbic acid. This technique is advisable to use in the development of increased fragility of the capillaries of the anus. The use of this ointment does not affect the psychomotor reactions of the patient and, in the absence of adverse reactions, can be extended for a certain period until the desired therapeutic effect is achieved.

How can I replace the drug

There are many medicinal and prophylactic drugs in the form of ointments made on the basis of heparin. If for some reason you can not use heparin ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids, other drugs of a similar effect will also be suitable for this purpose.

The most popular analogues of heparin ointment include:

There are many available analogues of heparin ointment, the cost of which varies from 90 to 400 rubles. However, when choosing an analogue, it is worth considering that this is not pure heparin nitrate, therefore, when treating with an ointment-analogue, the risk of side effects is much higher.


Kostya, 30 years old

It’s not the first time that I happen to get hemorrhoids, but usually the disease was easily treated and disappeared for a while. In the last couple of weeks, there has been a strong aggravation, pain, itching, incredible burning sensation. I decided to change the medicine, because the usual pills did not help already. I switched to natural heparin suppositories, and then I bought myself an ointment. The ointment came up to me more than candles, maybe because it is still more convenient to use it than candles.
I use the ointment and now, I usually apply it to hemorrhoidal nodes three times a day, leave it for a couple of hours. Then I go to sleep or just for business. The pain passes very quickly, so I plan to continue using the ointment until I completely cure the hemorrhoids.

Ksyusha, 36 years old

This is a long-known remedy for hemorrhoids, now, of course, there are many fashionable medicines in tablets and other more convenient forms. But personally, I like the most natural heparin ointment. In our house there is always a tube of such ointment in the medicine cabinet. She copes with pain, burning sensation and gradually reduces nodes. In addition, the ointment is not only used for hemorrhoids, it has many purposes.
In any case, it is more convenient and healthier to use natural remedies, especially when this ointment needs to be administered inside the colon. So it’s easy to earn annoyance or worse.

Cyril, 42 years old

I tried various ointments and gels for hemorrhoids. I bought modern drugs, which often flicker in advertisements, and pills. I did not notice that from any remedy there was such an effect as from an ordinary folk ointment from heparin. I just tried it by accident. My mother-in-law advised me. I did not particularly trust in such folk medicines, I always preferred imported products, but when I started using the ointment I was very surprised.
I have external hemorrhoids, which is why I applied heparin ointment directly to the nodes. The pain disappeared on the second day, and the nodes themselves decreased and disappeared after a week of such treatment.

The composition and properties of the drug

The topical treatment consists of three main ingredients. The ointment is based on heparin, benzyl nicotinate and benzocaine. The first and main active ingredient helps against blood clots. It reduces the likelihood of new blood clots, resolves existing ones. It has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Benzyl nicotinate works in conjunction with the previous one. It dilates blood vessels, helps the medicine penetrate the skin. Benzocaine in a short time relieves pain, acting as an anesthetic. Acts locally.

The composition provides a combined effect and therapeutic effect.


The tool enhances the flow of blood to the affected area.

Hemorrhoid treatment

A sore spot receives more oxygen through active blood flow. Hemorrhoids nodules become smaller in size, inflammation comes to naught.

Does heparin ointment help with hemorrhoids

To answer whether it is worth using an ointment from hemorrhoids, you need to understand what processes in the body occur with this disease:

  • The hemorrhoid is filled with blood clots. They impair blood circulation.
  • Blood stagnates without movement. This leads to disruption of the metabolic system, decay products accumulate in the blood.
  • A local inflammatory process begins and a deterioration in overall well-being due to intoxication.

Take heparin drugs is necessary to quickly eliminate the main cause of the disease - blood stasis. A combination with troxevasin is allowed - a means to eliminate impaired venous circulation. As soon as the blood again freely moves through the vessels, the patient's condition improves. The passage of the full course ensures the transition of the disease to the stage of remission. Hemorrhoids do not bother a person.

If this attack is the first, then the early start of medication can completely cure the disease.

How to apply

Hemorrhoids ointment is recommended for patients to regenerate damaged areas. However, to obtain a good effect, it must be applied correctly.

  • smear before bedtime and leave for the night,
  • carefully remove the dressing with ointment in the morning, rinse the affected area with warm water,
  • smear only on clean skin,
  • with internal hemorrhoids, cleanse with a bath of cool water.

It is necessary to use heparin ointment with bleeding hemorrhoids with caution. If blood is released during or after bowel movements, this indicates a crack in the anus or damage to the cones. If you apply the cream, its chemical composition will only increase bleeding.

The course of treatment is 3-14 days. Sessions are repeated a maximum of three times a day. A specific number of applications is prescribed by the attending physician after examination and diagnosis.

The composition of the drug

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids is a combined direct-acting anticoagulant for external use. Liniment is a gel-like mass of a yellowish tint in tubes of 10 or 25 g.

There are only three active components:

  • heparin - the basis of liniment, capable of dissolving an already formed thrombus in a vessel or preventing its formation by suppressing fibrin, the blood protein responsible for thrombosis,
  • benzocaine - an anesthetic that quickly relieves pain,
  • benzyl nicotinate - Nicotinic acid benzene ester, which stimulates the expansion of capillaries on the surface of hemorrhoids, which leads to accelerated absorption of active heparin into the blood.

The drug contains auxiliary components: glycerin, petroleum jelly, purified water, stearin, which are responsible for the consistency of the ointment, help to absorb the main components, softening the skin.

Properties of ointment for hemorrhoids with heparin

The combined composition of the drug determines its therapeutic effect in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, the ability to stop inflammation, pain, dissolve blood clots and heal injured surfaces. In other words, heparin ointment demonstrates several actions at once.

With internal disease

To relieve pain with internal hemorrhoids, enter the ointment like an anal candle. Roll gauze or a soft cotton cloth so that it resembles a small swab. Then dip in the product and insert into the anus.

Unlike external use, with internal damage, the ointment is administered once a day, and not thrice.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids

To treat hemorrhoids of a mixed type in combination and apply both methods:

  • do compresses in the morning and just rub it on the surface,
  • insert a swab into the anus in the evening.

You can use two methods together for a faster result.

Antithrombotic or anticoagulant

Heparin, which resolves blood clots, is the main component of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids, therefore, the anticoagulating property of the drug determines its belonging to a specific pharmacological group of fibrinolytics.

Fibrin is the basis for the formation of blood clots. The ability of heparin to block its synthesis significantly reduces the risk of thrombophlebitis of hemorrhoidal formations. In addition, the substance inhibits the compaction of existing blood clots in caverns, and prevents their growth. Heparin thins the blood, changes its viscosity, makes it fluid, which improves microcirculation of the anorectal zone, stimulates the regeneration of tissues of the anus, rectum.

Pregnancy and lactation

Hemorrhoids often occur during pregnancy. Exacerbations of the disease cause hormonal changes. The pregnant woman experiences constipation, and this leads to the formation of new nodes. The situation is complicated by veins on the legs: the load on them increases with each trimester. And, therefore, the vessels expand, blood clots form inside them.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women with heparin ointment is allowed with the permission of a proctologist. Substances in the composition sometimes cause allergies. If there is a reaction to any ingredient, treatment with this agent immediately stops. To check if there is an allergy, a woman does the following:

  • rubbing a small amount of the drug into a clean area of ​​the skin,
  • within 24 hours, monitors the reaction - redness, itching, burning sensation indicate intolerance.

If there is no reaction, then you can use the ointment not only for the treatment of various forms of the disease. Its regenerative properties prevent stretch marks. If there are already any, then the ointment will make them less noticeable.

During breastfeeding, it is possible to treat hemorrhoids with heparin ointment, but you need to carefully study the composition. Optimally, if the product is completely composed of natural substances. Chemical components are absorbed into milk, which negatively affects the health of the child.

The ointment has a local, local effect. A mixture based on plant substances does not penetrate into milk, has no side effects.

Analgesic or painkiller

The relief of pain is due to the inclusion of benzocaine anesthetic (anestezin) in the composition of the heparin ointment. The substance blocks the conduction of nerve impulses from receptors located in the anus, to the cerebral cortex. Thus - quickly relieves pain. With hemorrhoids, this is a very important point, since pain syndrome significantly violates the quality of life of patients. At the same time, itching of the anus disappears, the subjective state of a person improves simply before our eyes.

Use for bleeding hemorrhoids

When the situation is running, the anus is damaged, bleeding occurs.The course of procedures coincides in duration with external and internal use - daily application for 3-12 days.

Daily use of ointment

In heparin ointment, there are necessary components to relieve inflammation. It needs to be applied with a thin layer - 1 g of funds is necessary for 4 mm of the skin. It is recommended to soak a swab or rolled gauze and gently rub the cream.

Treat the bleeding anus three times a day. Before this, it is imperative to defecate and conduct hygiene procedures.

Possible adverse reactions

Appointment as prescribed by a doctor does not cause side effects. However, sometimes there is a slight itching, redness or burning sensation at the site of application, which does not require discontinuation of the drug.

Allergic reaction to the drug

Allergic reactions are much less likely to occur - rashes on the surface of the skin, swelling. At the first signs, consultation with the attending physician and correction of treatment are necessary.

Drug overdose

The components of the ointment are not absorbed into the blood. However, if the remedy is treated very often or in large quantities, bleeding is possible. Subcutaneous effusions, spotting occur. In difficult cases, when a person is prone to bleeding, serious complications ensue. They require an urgent cessation of hemorrhoids treatment with heparin ointment.

Drug interaction

According to the instructions, the medication can be smeared in combination with other drugs.

What to combine withWhat effect to expect

Antiplatelet agents

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Strengthening anticoagulant properties

Antiallergic ointments and pills

Attenuation of antithrombotic action

With the interaction of different substances, the properties of hemorrhoidal ointment weaken or intensify.

Self-treatment with heparin ointment is unacceptable, be sure to consult a doctor to prescribe a course and monitor the effectiveness of therapy.

How to apply heparin ointment for hemorrhoids

Independent use of the substance is prohibited. This will cause an allergy that increases inflammation, swelling. The hemorrhoidal cone will increase in size, the patient will experience acute pain. With a therapist, discuss and identify contraindications.

The following heparin-based therapies are recommended:

  • surface application
  • the introduction of a swab inside the rectum,
  • the use of suppositories containing heparin.

The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the disease, the individual characteristics of the body, the presence or absence of pregnancy. The minimum course is 3 days. But this is not enough to relieve an acute inflammatory reaction, reduce edema, and reduce the risk of blood clot formation.

More often, doctors prescribe a medicine for 2 weeks or more, after which they conduct a second examination, eliminating the risk of changes in the blood system.

How to smear with hemorrhoids

In the presence of the disease, one liniment is not enough, the lesion is treated comprehensively, eliminating vascular damage.

With external damage, the application is carried out in the following stages:

  • preliminary cleansing of the external genital organs,
  • applying the component to gauze or other tissue,
  • applying the agent to the affected area, surface fixing with a plaster.

With such a bandage it is impossible to move. Therefore, it is done at night.

If the damage is internal, that is, hemorrhoidal nodules are formed, tampons are used, they are made of gauze, applying the drug on top. The finished device is introduced into the anus before bedtime.

When morning comes, the bandage or tampon is removed, the affected area is treated with cold water.

Side effects of liniment

In some patients, side effects appear after the medication:

  • increased pain, burning, itching,
  • allergic reactions to benzocaine, belonging to the group of anesthetics (inflammation, swelling, rash appears),
  • anal fissure with the appearance of blood,
  • if the bleeding is chronic, anemia is formed, leading to a deterioration in well-being, fatigue, and drowsiness.

The consequences are rare, patients tolerate the treatment method well. Complications arise with irrational use of the drug, applying an excessively large amount of cream. If they arise, it is recommended to immediately eliminate the medicine, consult a proctologist, therapist.

How to make candles for inner cones from heparin ointment

If the doctor prescribed heparin-based suppositories, they can be found in any pharmacy ready-made. They have a small price, instant effect.

Suppositories used inside the anus are also prepared from a creamy structure. The substance is placed in molds, you can take cells for ice. They put in the freezer to make a solid base.

A frozen product will not only help eliminate inflammation due to the anticoagulant, but also cool the inflamed area.

Before the introduction of the suppository, the mucous membrane is lubricated with petroleum jelly to eliminate additional damage. The method used is discussed in advance with the attending physician. If hemorrhoidal formations are extensive, it is forbidden to insert a frozen preparation, bleeding, extensive damage will occur.

What heals from

  • Thrombophlebitis with varicose veins,
  • Hemorrhoids internal and external,
  • Blood clots in vessels
  • Bruises under the eyes
  • Bruises in the muscles and tendons,
  • Sports injuries,
  • In the treatment of rosacea (spider veins),
  • Seals that appear due to injections,
  • Bruises and dislocations of the joints.

To achieve an effective result, the product must be rubbed into the skin with neat movements in the affected areas with thin layers - 2-3 times a day.

If the ointment is used to treat internal hemorrhoids, use a swab dipped in this ointment. They should be administered rectally.

Properties and features

In the structure of the drug, the leading active ingredient is sodium heparin. This substance has the features of coagulation and blood thinning. This greatly improves blood circulation. The number of this substance in the preparation is 120 U / mg.

When applied to the skin, it exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits the formation of thrombotic manifestations and has a slight anesthetic effect.

Heparin, which is released from the drug over time, exhibits an antithrombotic effect in the vessels and reduces the inflammatory process, benzyl nicotinate leads to expansion of the capillary vessels, contributing to a significant absorption of the ointment, the anestezin substance exhibits an analgesic result.

Heparin is slowly excreted from the skin. The relationship with protein in blood plasma is about 95%, and the distribution of the drug is 0.06 l / kg. The product does not enter the placenta and does not pass into breast milk.

Enhanced uptake by endothelial cells, cells of the mononuclear-macrophage system occurs, the substance is concentrated in the liver. Metabolism occurs in the liver with the involvement of platelet N-desulfamidases and heparinases, which are included in the metabolism in the most late stages.

Withdrawal is via the kidneys. With local use of the ointment, changes in blood coagulation are not generated. Benzyl nicotinate enters all layers of the skin.

  • Glycerol,
  • Peach oil,
  • Cosmetic stearin,
  • Emulsifier No. 1,
  • Benzocaine
  • Anestezin
  • Water,
  • Vaseline.

Feasible side effects

The use of different drugs is associated with the likelihood of sudden reactions. If such a reaction to the components of the drug occurs, minor difficulties are likely.

  1. Skin rashes.If unpleasant sensations are manifested when using the ointment, expressed in the form of dermatitis, urticaria, itching, it is necessary to abandon the use of this tool.
  2. Bleeding. This happens as a result of the drug’s ability to thin the blood. In serious cases, you must consult a doctor.
  3. Hypersensitive reactions. To avoid this, conduct a test control.

Is it possible to use during pregnancy

During pregnancy, most expectant mothers have varicose veins. During this period, hemodynamics become worse and an increase in severity on the lower extremities appears, which causes slow circulation in the legs.

This is a dangerous manifestation of blood clots that clog vessels. To prevent these manifestations from above, ointment is required to be applied ointment 3 times a day. This tool removes burning sensation in blood vessels and reduces swelling.

It is necessary to carefully use the drug during pregnancy. Be sure to consult your doctor. The components in this medication can adversely affect the growth and formation of the fetus.

The appearance of stretch marks causes collagen to break, and bruises appear due to this. In this way, a purple tone appears.

If the doctor has authorized the use of this drug, then you can avoid the appearance of hateful stretch marks. Apply this remedy 2 times a day to stretched skin. You can use the ointment during the feeding period if there are no specific doctor's recommendations.

The main contraindications provided for by the instruction

Before using the drug, a test control is required. To make a test, a preparation is applied to the bend of the elbow joint. After a day, there were no manifestations - heparin ointment can be used.

There are other contraindications:

  • High susceptibility to substances acting in the drug,
  • Blood clotting disorder
  • Low blood platelet count,
  • Do not use with vasodilator drugs,
  • Use during pregnancy is possible, but undesirable,
  • It is not allowed to apply the product on festering or open wounds,
  • The presence of bleeding and anal fissures,
  • Menstruation,
  • Hypertension,
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcer
  • Cirrhosis
  • Gynecological problems,
  • Skin diseases
  • Hemophilia,
  • The death of tissues.

You need to find out about the correctness of your diagnosis. For example, the causes of hemorrhoids will be edema of the anal passage, pain in the rectum. Using this drug will make matters worse.

Wounds and scratches should not be oiled due to the fact that it inhibits the growth of connective tissue, and this will delay the tightening of abrasions. You can lubricate whole and intact skin.

If poor blood clotting is observed, then the drug can cause hemorrhage. If a significant hematoma is present on the skin, then the use of Heparin will worsen the condition.

How to use a wrinkle remedy

Heparin will help in getting rid of small wrinkles. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of this ointment to the face. Caution is required to smear the skin on the eyelids, eyelid stretching is possible.

It is preferable to apply the ointment with the fingertips using patting movements.

It is required to avoid that the product gets on the shell of the eyes. To quickly achieve a beneficial effect, the procedures can be changed with natural essential oils and applied to problem areas.

Getting rid of bruises

Different manifestations of hematomas in the body can appear due to various bumps and injuries, injuries by other objects. This happens due to the fact that in a bruised place there is a violation of the arterial vessels, and they begin to bleed in adjacent tissues.

As a result, on bruised areas, the skin changes color.Due to significant bruises, painful hematomas appear on the skin.

It makes it possible to reduce pain and make tissue healing faster. Blood liquefies, and bruises on the body will disappear actively.

It is not recommended to apply the product immediately after injury. The drug is used 2-3 days after the injury, so as not to aggravate the problem.

We fight with rashes and acne

Inflammatory foci on the skin appear even before the case when these same acne appear. In order for this degree to end everything, you need to smear the skin with heparin ointment. She will remove the inflammatory focus.

In the treatment of rashes, the ointment is not applied in a thick layer and carefully rubbed in the problem area.You can do these procedures about 3 times for 3-4 days, until the rash area disappears. The drug is recommended for the treatment of rosacea.

How to get rid of burns

For what indications is it necessary to use ointment:

  1. First aid for burns of varying degrees.
  2. Support for various types of burns: radiation, thermal, chemical and electrical.
  3. Use in rehabilitation therapy for burns.

When to apply ointment for burns it is impossible:

  • Hemophilia,
  • Ulcerative processes
  • Low platelet count in the blood,
  • Individual intolerance to heparin.

Can cure varicose veins

An ointment with heparin well stops the formation of blood clots, but when they have already arisen, the drug will not be able to break them. Using it is still necessary even. The process of thrombosis is ongoing. Heparin is effective in the initial stages of varicose veins.

It is necessary to use the ointment in the following variants of the disease:

  • Vascular nets and asterisks on the hips,
  • If you feel tired in the legs, especially towards the end of the day,
  • The appearance of edema on the legs, which intensifies in the evening and disappears in the morning,
  • Periodic cramps of the calf muscles, which are associated with fatigue,
  • Change in trophism of the skin of the hips - increased fragility and hair loss, discoloration (pigmentation).

Effective ointment for varicose veins will help to avoid vascular thrombosis, even if there are no listed changes in the body, but there are indications of studies with deviations that have begun.

The use of heparin ointment must be carried out only in the direction of the attending physician.

Given the aforementioned and answering the question - will heparin ointment help with varicose veins of the limbs - you can give an affirmative answer that will help.

Wound Healing

Heparin is also responsible for tissue regeneration during thrombosis of the hemorrhoid. The substance stimulates local blood flow in the focus of inflammation, restores malnutrition, saturates the tissues of the anus and rectum with oxygen, activates its own regenerative abilities of the skin, mucous membranes.

The composition of the heparin ointment is considered optimal for the rapid removal of the main negative symptoms in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

How heparin ointment treats hemorrhoids

Use the drug externally. The range of action is wide: from prevention to complex treatment of a large number of diseases associated with the formation of blood clots and the development of inflammation against this background. For the treatment of rectal hemorrhoids, the use of liniment is not prohibited, but only if the doctor sees expediency in this.

Indications and contraindications

Like any drug, heparin ointment has indications and limitations, features of use, side effects.

According to the instructions, the drug is used for:

  • inflamed nodes of external hemorrhoids, prone to thrombosis,
  • phlebitis after intravenous injection, a catheter for drug administration,
  • thrombophlebitis of superficial veins, including on the cones of hemorrhoids,
  • resorption of subcutaneous hematomas, bruises of soft tissues, injuries of tendons, joints,
  • breast inflammation,
  • impaired lymphatic outflow with a symptom of elephantiasis.

With hemorrhoids of internal localization, heparin ointment is used with caution, since injury to the cones by fecal masses and bleeding is not excluded. Heparin in this case will only aggravate the problem, provoke uncontrolled loss of blood, anemia.

The drug prevents thrombosis, so its purpose should be controlled by a blood test, which will show the number of platelets in the body. If there are few of them, it is better not to use heparin to avoid problems with blood coagulation.

In addition, heparin ointment is not recommended for use in case of:

  • damage to the skin, mucous membranes,
  • pyoderma,
  • erosion, skin ulcers,
  • hemorrhoids
  • hemorrhagic diathesis,
  • deep vein thrombosis.

Do not prescribe the drug to infants up to one year old, to patients with individual intolerance to the components.

Heparin ointment is non-toxic, dispensed without a prescription, but understanding how insidious the consequences of unjustified use of the drug can be, it is better not to use it without consulting a doctor.

Side effects

In order to avoid any negative reactions when using the medication, it is necessary to carry out allergy testing of the ointment: apply a drop of liniment to the wrist and wait a couple of hours. In the absence of any reaction, you can use the medicine for its intended purpose.

Sometimes it can be:

  • a slight burning sensation at the site of application (this is the norm),
  • an allergic reaction to benzocaine (drug replacement is required).

Otherwise, the drug is well tolerated by the body.

Do you use during pregnancy?

Pregnancy provokes hemorrhoids in 50% of all cases. The expansion of hemorrhoidal veins occurs due to the high concentration of progesterone, the pressure of the growing uterus on the pelvic organs, which causes blood stasis and difficult bowel movements. Varicose caverns lose their functional potential and require help. But almost all medications for oral administration during pregnancy are contraindicated. Remain - external drugs. One of them is heparin ointment, which prevents thrombosis.

The medicine is considered safe, but many women still have doubts about whether hemorrhoids can be smeared with heparin ointment during pregnancy. The expediency of using the product is determined only by the doctor.

Moreover, liniment affects the blood coagulation system, therefore, not only the supervision of a proctologist and gynecologist is necessary, but also laboratory control during the use of the drug. There is one rule at the same time: treatment of hemorrhoids with heparin ointment in women carrying a fetus or breastfeeding a baby is possible only if the benefit of using the medication for the mother is many times higher than the risk of negative effects on the fetus or newborn.

Heparin ointment: features of application

The instruction that is attached to each liniment package describes in detail how heparin ointment is used for hemorrhoids, but nevertheless, the doctor selects the treatment regimen individually according to the severity of the pathology, the localization of the hemorrhoids and the prevalence of clinical manifestations.

The general reception scheme is presented in the table.

Localization of hemorrhoidsMode of application
OutdoorAfter carrying out hygienic treatment of the intimate zone, a thin layer is applied and rubbed into the focus of inflammation with light movements.

You can make a compress for an hour with a napkin made of gauze soaked with medicine (for severe pain - at night, put a napkin soaked in heparin ointment on the area of ​​inflammation).

Multiplicity of use - two to three times / day, week

RectalAfter bowel movement, intimate hygiene, the drug is administered once in a tampon into a rectum, the duration of the course is two weeks.

The procedure is best done before bedtime, in the morning the tampon will come out naturally during bowel movements

CombinedThe intestine is pre-emptied, hygienic treatment of the anorectal zone is carried out, both treatment methods are combined.

The rules of intimate hygiene of the anorectal region, on the condition of which the quality of treatment depends, are as follows:

  • the intestines are emptied (if necessary by microclysters),
  • the skin of the anus, genitals and surrounding tissues is washed with warm water and baby soap,
  • dry the treated area with a soft towel or disposable sanitary napkin.

Is an overdose possible

Heparin ointment refers to drugs with low systemic absorption, which practically do not penetrate into the bloodstream, therefore they are relatively safe. Cases of overdose are not described.

If the product is used too often or if the liniment is treated with areas of significant area, hemorrhagic complications can occur: rash, knotting, which manifests itself in the form of blood impurities in the feces or the formation of petechiae - small hemorrhages on the skin, mucous membranes and serous membranes.

There is a risk of bleeding: internal or external. Lungs - do not require hospitalization, it is enough to stop using the medicine, as everything normalizes. If necessary, it is possible to use a one percent solution of protamine sulfate, which is a heparin antagonist.

But if a person is predisposed to massive bleeding, heparin ointment can involuntarily act as their provocateur. Then emergency hospitalization and specialized care may be required.

Drug compatibility

Treatment of hemorrhoids with heparin ointment requires a thorough analysis by a doctor of the appropriateness of its appointment. Hemorrhoidal disease is treated comprehensively, which means that the interaction of liniment with other drugs is inevitable, which with a high degree of probability can enhance the action of some and level the effectiveness of others.

Simultaneous administration of other anticoagulants or antiplatelet agents with heparin ointment significantly enhances the anticoagulant properties of the drug, that is, it provokes massive bleeding from hemorrhoids. This situation is especially dangerous with internal localization of hemorrhoids, when it is impossible to visually establish the source of bleeding, to control it.

The opposite effect is provided by the combination of heparin with Tetracycline, Thyroxine, ergot drugs, antihistamines (Tavegil, Diphenhydramine, Suprastin), nicotinic acid derivatives, NSAIDs (Nise, Nurofen, Ketorol). They will suppress the antithrombotic properties of the drug, its appointment will be useless. In the treatment of hemorrhoids with heparin ointment, this is fraught with the development of thrombosis with serious consequences.


Pharmacologists believe that heparin ointment is unique in composition, has no analogues. But according to the pharmacological action, there are a number of means similar to liniment. They are produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers. The most popular drugs are:

  • Gel Heparin is a complete analogue of heparin ointment in composition, a direct-acting anticoagulant, activates antithrombin III in the blood plasma, accelerating its anticoagulant effect, disrupts the transition of prothrombin to thrombin, and is used for external hemorrhoids. The cost of the drug is 170 rubles.
  • Sincumar tablets - an anticoagulant of indirect action of a new generation based on acenocoumarol, is an antagonist of vitamin K, disrupts the synthesis of prothrombin, and is used for the risk of thrombosis in hemorrhoids. The price is 460 rubles.
  • Gel Venitan forte - a drug based on horse chestnut, has an anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect for hemorrhoids, resembles heparin ointment in effect, is also indicated for venous insufficiency, is used for discomfort in the legs due to increased stress, pregnancy. Cost - 175 rubles.
  • Varfarin tablets are an indirect anticoagulant, the drug blocks the synthesis of vitamin K-dependent blood coagulation factors in the liver, and is used for any form of hemorrhoidal disease. The price is 24 rubles.
  • Pradax tablets - an antithrombotic and anticoagulant drug based on dabigatran etexilate, inhibits the activity of thrombin, reduces inflammatory exudation, and stimulates the resorption of nodes. Cost - 1490 rubles.
  • Trombless gel - for hemorrhoids, heparin ointment can be replaced with an almost complete analogue with a base made of sodium heparin, the medicine reduces platelet adhesion, improves tissue metabolism, anorectal microcirculation, relieves swelling, accelerates blood clot resorption, does not combine with NSAIDs and antihistamines. The price is 137 rubles.
  • Trombless plus gel is an external anticoagulant, contains 4 active components: heparin, troxerutin, dexpanthenol and benzocaine, relieves inflammation, relieves swelling of the anorectal zone, resolves blood clots, and has an antitumor effect. Benzocaine reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics, sulfonamides. The cost is 200 rubles.
  • Gel Lavenum - thrombolytic with a base of sodium heparin, dispensed without a prescription, used for hemorrhoids of any localization, not indicated for children and people with poor blood coagulation. It is not combined with external antibiotics of the tetracycline series, the multiplicity is up to three times / day. The price is 110 rubles.
  • Hepatrombin ointment - based on heparin, allantoin, dexpanthenol, in addition to thrombo-absorbing properties, the drug has a regenerating effect in case of damaged hemorrhoids. The drug has the ability to accumulate active substances in the nodes, so the exact dosage is very important in the treatment. The cost is 120 rubles.
  • Hepatrombin G ointment is an example of an analog of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids of any localization: a drug that relieves thrombosis in the veins of the rectum, relieves inflammation. A feature of the drug is the presence of a hormonal supplement, which enhances the anti-inflammatory effect in hemorrhoids, and stops the exudation process. The price is 165 rubles.
  • Gel Lyoton 100 is a heparin-based preparation for external use in hemorrhoids of any localization, which reduces the activity of thrombin and platelet aggregation. Increases renal blood flow, has a lipid-lowering effect. Cost - 322 rubles.
  • Ointment Heparoid Zentiva - a synthetic analogue of heparin, a representative of anticoagulants with a pronounced local antihemorrhoidal effect. With complicated hemorrhoids, the medicine is endowed with the ability to local analgesia, which is especially important. The price is 175 rubles.
  • Markumar - a new generation anticoagulant based on fenprocoumone, which belongs to the group of antivitamins K, with hemorrhoids suppresses inflammation, exudation, pain. Not registered in Russia, tablets can be purchased at online pharmacies at a price of 60 euros.

The mechanism of action of heparin

The effect of heparin in the composition of the medication is aimed at suppressing the synthesis of fibrin - a protein that forms the basis of a blood clot. With surface treatment of the site of injury, the lumen of the vessels increases. Active blood flow accelerates the absorption of the active substance.

Heparin interferes with the synthesis of fibrin, a protein involved in the formation of blood clots

Additional components enhance the effect of heparin due to the exclusion of puffiness, pain, which invariably occur with injuries, strokes. At the place of application of the drug, a rush of heat is felt, the skin turns red. These external manifestations are typical of nicotinic acids.

If you use the instructions for using the medication correctly, then you can get rid of bruises and bruises in 1-3 weeks, based on the nature of the problem.To quickly achieve the desired effect, it is important to consult a doctor who can determine the appropriate dosage in each case.

The price of heparin ointment depends on the manufacturer, additional components, form of release of the drug. Average prices in Russia:

  • Heparin gel - the price of 30 g of tube - from 160 to 240 rubles,
  • Heparin-Akrikhin - a tube of 50 g - from 220 to 270 rubles,
  • Ointment for external use - tubes of 25 g - from 30 to 120 rubles,
  • Heparin sodium (injection solution) - 5 ml ampoules - from 500 to 700 rubles.

The most affordable ointments for external surface use remain.

Contraindications and overdose when using heparin

Each pharmaceutical product has contraindications for use. Heparin-based bruises, abrasions, and bruises are no exception. The drug is not recommended for use:

  • girls in position (up to 2 trimesters),
  • patients with hypersensitive epidermis, a tendency to allergies,
  • during lactation,
  • with blood problems, you can’t apply such an ointment, especially when it comes to coagulability,
  • in areas with open or unhealed wounds,
  • patients with low platelet count in the blood,
  • it is not advisable to use heparin ointment on areas of skin that fester.

Each person is individual, and therefore the reaction to active substances can be different. The best option is to consult a doctor or apply a small amount of the composition on your wrist to track allergy symptoms.

An overdose of the drug is accompanied by the following symptoms and side effects:

  • dermatitis,
  • itching
  • hypersensitive reactions,
  • hives,
  • bleeding (in this case, you must immediately seek help from a medical facility).
Urticaria - a common allergic reaction to heparin ointment

When using liniment from bruises on the face, you should be extremely careful. The product should not be in contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes.


The multicomponent composition effectively prevents blood coagulation, suppresses the inflammatory process in the focus, eliminates pain.

Medicine contributes resorption of existing blood clotsprevents the formation of new ones.

10-15 minutes after applying the product, local analgesic the effect.

Pharmacy price

The cost of medicine in a tube of 25 g is 78-96 rubles .

You can buy the drug without a prescription in any pharmacy or online store.

Before buying, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the composition in order to exclude an allergic reaction to pathogens.

Substitutes have the same properties, so this does not affect the therapeutic result.

You can find out how much an anticoagulant costs on the website of the directory of medicines that have been registered in the Russian Federation.

What helps ointment

A heparin-based medicine helps not only from bruises under the eyes, on the body, but also other serious problems: superficial thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, periphlebitis, lymphangitis.

Ointment is prescribed for varicose veins, elephantiasis, mastitis.

A good therapeutic result is shown in the treatment of:

  • bruises and injuries of a different nature,
  • edema
  • localized infiltrates,
  • ulcers with location on the limbs,
  • hemorrhoids, including postpartum inflammation of the nodes.

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids

The action of heparin is aimed at the destruction of blood clots and the prevention of blood clots. This is the prevention of a disease such as thrombosis of hemorrhoidal nodes, when the outflow of blood in the area affected by hemorrhoids is disrupted.

The active ingredients of the drug are delicately thin the bloodthat provides a therapeutic and preventive effect.

Heparin ointment is also advisable to use with inflammation of the hemorrhoids . Discomfort with hemorrhoids is caused precisely by the inflammatory process.

These symptoms are observed regardless of the form of the disease (external, internal or combined hemorrhoids).

Ointment helps to localize the focus and transfer the disease to the stage of remission.

The drug provides anesthetic effect thanks to the included analgesic.

In the acute form of the disease, the pain syndrome causes severe discomfort due to the inflammatory process.

A concomitant problem is the increase in edema.

An ointment based on heparin relieves pain, quickly relieves edema, which allows the patient to return to the normal rhythm of life.

You can use the medicine for hemorrhoids in one of the available ways:

  • insert a tampon soaked in the product into the anus (transporting the drug to the internal hemorrhoidal nodes),
  • apply the composition to the nodes that fell out.

How to use a remedy for hemorrhoids, will be described in detail by the attending physician who owns a complete picture of the disease.

Face application

Indications for use of the drug in question are supplemented by other problems, for example, with skin.

The ability to influence subcutaneous processes and blood coagulation is widely used in cosmetology. Leading experts have approved the use of heparin ointment to eliminate wrinkles, acne and facial swelling.

The advantage of a heparin-based drug is its effectiveness and affordable price , which is at least 3 times cheaper than cosmetics.

Appointment of ointment in cosmetology:

  • activation of regenerative function,
  • metabolism stimulation,
  • for acne
  • from bags under the eyes
  • from bruises,
  • regulation of the delivery of nutrients to the deep layers of the epidermis,
  • inflammatory processes on the skin of the face,
  • to relieve pain
  • for vasodilation,
  • acceleration of the process of cleaning cells from toxins and other decay products.

Instructions for use for the face:

  • apply the composition only on problem areas of the skin,
  • treatments are carried out no more than 3 times a day (it is better to plan them in one hour, so that a systematic treatment is developed),
  • Before each procedure, you need to cleanse the face with special means to get rid of the film on the skin from the previous treatment (in the opposite case, the access of the components of the product under the skin will be limited).

Heparin ointment is popular as a remedy. from swelling under the eyes .

The result is achieved due to the ability of the active components to thin the blood and contribute to the outflow of lymph. This process is relevant for relieving puffiness.

The cosmetic procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • a bandage or gauze napkin is impregnated with ointment,
  • the compress is applied to the local area, left for 25-30 minutes,
  • After removing the wipes, the face is washed with warm water.

Rules for using the drug based on heparin for wrinkles:

  • cleansing the skin of the face from dirt and oiliness, using special cosmetics,
  • to prepare the ointment, it is kneaded between the fingers,
  • applying the composition to problem areas, the layer should be thin,
  • with light movements you need to drive the medicine into the skin,
  • pat your face with a paper towel to remove excess ointment.

The effect of rejuvenation can be seen after 1.5-2 weeks, if you do the procedure twice a day (morning and evening hours).

The result is enhanced by combining heparin ointment with anti-aging cosmetics.

For male potency

The drug is able to restore natural male potency in a safe way, in contrast to the advertised stimulants. At the same time, you can save a lot, because the cost of the ointment is several times cheaper than Viagra.

The mechanism of action is based on restoration of blood circulation in the vessels of the inguinal region.This is especially true in cases where the potency decreases against the background of atherosclerosis or vasoconstriction.

The algorithm for applying the composition:

  • the groin area is subject to processing,
  • the frequency of applying the ointment is 2 p. in a day,
  • with premature ejaculation, the product is applied to the head of the genital organ,
  • the course should not exceed 14 days.

Instructions for use

A method of using a pharmacological agent is local treatment of skin areas without signs of mechanical tissue damage.

Features of the treatment regimen:

  • 2-3 procedures are recommended per day,
  • approximate dosage - no more than 1 g of the drug is required per focus with a diameter of 3-5 cm,
  • the duration of the course is an average of 5-7 days (sometimes the treatment is extended to 2 weeks).

Hemorrhoid treatment with heparin ointment

The use of the medication for exacerbated hemorrhoidal disease allows you to quickly cope with this very exacerbation, since the complex of active ingredients is aimed at eliminating the most unpleasant manifestations of varicose veins of the anal veins.

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids is used in case of thrombosis of cavernous formations. Hemorrhoids veins are characterized by a low tone and can not cope with the outflow of blood. As a result, stagnation occurs in some areas, blood thickens, blood clots form. The whole process is accompanied by severe inflammation and pain.

Important! The drug, which is an anticoagulant, will facilitate blood thinning, therefore, the risk of the formation of new blood clots is reduced, and existing ones stop growth. Under the influence of the drug, the fibrinolytic qualities of blood (dissolution of blood clots) are also improved.

Another frequent manifestation of exacerbated hemorrhoids is an inflammatory process that leads to increased soreness, a feeling of heaviness and bursting in the anorectal zone. Moreover, such symptoms are possible with external hemorrhoids, and with a rectal form of the disease.

An ointment with heparin allows you to quickly reduce and stop the inflammatory process. It should only be understood that a single use of the drug is not enough to transfer the disease to the remission stage. Regular application of the product and the use of other medicines are necessary.

With exacerbated hemorrhoidal disease, patients feel severe soreness, which is caused by edema, inflammation and sometimes blood clots. Thanks to the presence of an anesthetic, heparin ointment helps to reduce the severity of pain and improve overall well-being.

Another popular drug is troxevasin for hemorrhoids. How effective it is, how to apply it correctly in order to accelerate recovery, read in the material of our expert.

Main indications

The drug has a wide spectrum of action and is used to treat and prevent many diseases associated with thrombosis and inflammatory processes.

According to the official instructions, You can use heparin ointment in the case of diseases and pathological conditions, such as:

external hemorrhoids, accompanied by inflammation and the formation of blood clots,

  • post-injection phlebitis (inflammation of the venous walls caused by the placement of a catheter for injection of drugs),
  • thrombophlebitis of superficial veins,
  • subcutaneous hematomas,
  • inflammation of the mammary glands,
  • soft tissue bruises,
  • injuries of tendons, joints,
  • elephantiasis (diffuse edema of a part of the body that is caused by a violation of lymph outflow).

Quite often, patients are concerned about the question of whether heparin ointment can be used for internal hemorrhoids. The answer is positive, however, the doctor should be “good enough” to use the drug in the case of rectal localization of hemorrhoids.

The fact is that with the internal type of the disease, the enlarged lump can be damaged by solid feces, resulting in bleeding. In this case, medicines with heparin will only aggravate the problem, since a decrease in the coagulation functions of the blood is fraught with massive blood loss.

Contraindications and limitations

It should be understood that heparin ointment has a number of limitations for use. First of all, this concerns the presence of pustules in patients, injuries on the skin and mucous membranes, bleeding wound surfaces, as well as ulcerative necrotic formations.

Since the action of the heparin component is aimed at preventing the formation of blood clots, the use of the drug with a reduced platelet count in the body and problems with blood coagulation is not recommended in many cases.

Thus, contraindications to the use of heparin ointment are the following conditions:

early age (up to 12 months),

  • intolerance to the components of the drug,
  • hemorrhagic diathesis,
  • thrombocytopenia
  • broken integrity of the skin,
  • ulcers and necrotic processes on the skin,
  • deep venous thrombosis.

In the rest, heparin ointment does not differ in toxic effects on the body and refers to over-the-counter medicines. However, one should not independently treat hemorrhoids with this drug, since only an experienced doctor is able to determine the feasibility of such therapy.

What is heparin ointment

Hemorrhoids have a negative impact on human life, making everyday activities unbearably painful. The remedy for hemorrhoids should be selected by a doctor and eliminate the manifestations of the disease. Heparin ointment is a white mass with a yellow tint of a jelly-like type. The product is odorless, relieves swelling and inflammation.

External medicine belongs to the group of direct anticoagulants for topical use.

Heparin ointment is a combined preparation containing 3 effective components that complement each other. The main element of the drug (heparin) eliminates edema and the risk of blood clots.

Two other substances: benzocaine and benzyl nicotinate dilate blood vessels and have an analgesic effect.

Properties of heparin ointment

Patient reviews prove the effective effect of the drug. The cream eases the patient’s condition and eliminates the discomfort in the above diseases.

The components of the drug affect inflammation, affected areas of the skin, help eliminate hemorrhages and reduce pain. In medical practice, many areas of application of the drug have been found because of its beneficial properties.

The components of the tool have a complex effect. Among the pharmacological properties of heparin ointment, the following effects are distinguished:

  • decongestant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antithrombotic,
  • anticoagulant
  • local anesthetic.

How to apply heparin ointment for hemorrhoids

In addition to the instructions for the drug, you need to know the rules for proper use for hemorrhoids.

In the presence of an external type of disease, the cream is applied to a clean dressing, tissue or gauze, and then applied to the affected area and fixed with a band-aid.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with heparin ointment is best done before bedtime, after personal hygiene procedures - this will allow the tool to absorb, and the patient does not feel the discomfort that may occur during movement.

After bowel movement, the cream must be reapplied. The area must be washed with cool water.

For internal hemorrhoids, heparin ointment is used as follows: you need to take a swab from gauze and apply the product to it. The drug can be used in another way in the form of special suppositories containing heparin.

This form of release is better absorbed in the anus, due to which a mild therapeutic effect is achieved.

Heparin ointment for bruises

The method of applying the ointment from bruises depends on the size and nature of the damage. The best effect should be expected if the drug is applied in the first 2-3 hours after a bruise. In this case, the treatment lasts from 2 to 5 days (with 3 daily sessions). With severe damage, accompanied by large hematomas (which is often observed in children, athletes), recovery can stretch for 25-30 days.

Many patients are interested in why heparin ointment should not be used immediately after a bruise. The answer is simple and lies on the surface - the composition has a pronounced warming effect, and therefore, in the first minutes, ice is applied to the problem area. Due to this, the area of ​​the hematoma does not increase.

To eliminate puffiness, the ointment is applied in a thin layer on problem areas of the skin with patting movements. The procedure is repeated 3 times a day until the problem is completely eliminated, but not longer than 5 days. With a bruised nail, the agent treats the periungual region. After absorption of the active substances, the effect of the drug spread to this area.

Heparin ointment during pregnancy

The instructions for the drug say that pregnancy is a contraindication for the use of cream. In rare cases, doctors prescribe heparin ointment during pregnancy, but after a mandatory consultation.

If a woman expecting a baby has reduced blood coagulation, then the drug is not used.

The components of the drug are a strong allergen, and during pregnancy, the response to stimuli is stronger.

Before using the drug, a woman is tested for tolerance. A small amount of the drug is applied to the inside of the hand in a thin layer.

Some women are interested in whether it is possible to use the drug when breastfeeding. The answer is yes, because the components do not penetrate into breast milk.

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy is also carefully used for varicose veins or stretch marks on the hips and abdomen.

Heparin ointment for bruising

Heparin ointment for bruising under the eyes is effective only in cases where the problem is reduced to stagnation of fluid in the tissues. However, dark circles often signal a disease of the internal organs. In this case, the anticoagulant is useless, and you need to see a doctor to diagnose the underlying ailment.

Instructions for use of heparin ointment for bruises:

  1. The face (or other part of the body) is thoroughly cleaned, treated with an antiseptic. Allergic reactions and side effects are very often the result of the entry into the bloodstream of undesirable substances present in cosmetics on the surface of untreated skin.
  2. Liniment is applied to the skin epithelium with a very thin layer, because the active substance (heparin) is characterized by pronounced thinning properties. When applying ointment around the eyes, it should be remembered that the epidermis in the peri-ocular zone is very thin, so the drug penetrates into the deep layers almost instantly.
  3. Problem areas are treated with a drug from 2 to 3 times a day.
  4. When using on the face, it is important not to apply the composition to the eyelid growth area, due to the high probability of its subsequent contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Heparin face ointment also helps against wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

Conclusions about whether heparin ointment helps with bruises are made on 3-5 days of treatment. By this time, the problem area is reduced in size, and the dark areas are resolving. If the defect is localized on the legs, it may take 5 to 14 days to repair it.

Useful Tips

Below are some tips that will be useful to those patients who plan to use the medication for medical or cosmetic purposes.

Before applying heparin ointment, dry skin should be moistened with lotion or a nutritious composition

  1. As mentioned above, the anticoagulant in question is not used during pregnancy. Heparin ointment is a potent and effective drug, and therefore can provoke severe complications in women carrying a child.
  2. If the drug gets inside, it causes vomiting, dizziness and nausea. In such cases, gastric lavage is indicated.
  3. To effectively combat cosmetic defects, an ointment or gel is applied in a thin layer to cleaned and moisturized skin (it is better if it is steamed).
  4. The effect of heparin is enhanced by cosmetic vegetable oils that are applied to the epidermis before the main procedure.
  5. Liniment has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, because such an ointment is also suitable for eliminating acne, acne.

It is important to remember that “heparin” is forbidden to be used simultaneously with other anticoagulants, antihistamines and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The price of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids

The drug has one form of release and is available as an external agent. The cost of the drug varies depending on the volume of heparin cream, which can range from 10 to 50 g.

Volume options allow you to buy the dosage you need for treatment. The tool can be ordered from the catalog and purchased in the online store or purchased in a regular pharmacy.

The price of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids is from 50 rubles per 25 grams of funds and varies depending on the manufacturer, which is presented in the table:

Nizhpharm OJSC, Russia68
Biosynthesis, Russia60
Belmedpreparaty, Belarus54
Altayvitaminy, Russia50

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids is simple and reliable to use!

How to use ointment during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, women quite often experience nodules in the anus due to hormonal changes in the body.

Many in this case immediately resort to treatment with heparin ointment, but the drug should be taken only after consulting a proctologist.

After examination and identification of contraindications, if a pregnant woman does not have specific reactions to the drug, it can be used for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Subject to the instructions for use and all precautions, the treatment of hemorrhoids with heparin ointment will not last long. With external hemorrhoids, the drug is used 3 times a day, the duration of therapy lasts from three days to two weeks, depending on the neglect of the pathology. With an internal procedure, it is carried out once a day for one week.


Before using the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to exclude the presence of contraindications. Although heparin ointment practically does not have negative effects, be careful about treatment, since heparin helps to reduce coagulation, which can cause bleeding.

It is not recommended to use the cream with the following pathologies:

  1. the formation of ulcers on the skin,
  2. cirrhosis of the liver,
  3. deep fissures in the anus,
  4. constipation
  5. necrosis
  6. rectal bleeding
  7. stomach ulcer
  8. hypertension.

Individual intolerance of the active components of the drug is also possible, as a result of which an allergic reaction develops.

The use of heparin ointment with the onset of hemorrhoids involves the daily use of the drug with all the contraindications and side effects taken into account.You should not abuse the drug, as it can cause bleeding and the formation of small cracks that will heal for a long time.

With hemorrhoids of a bleeding nature, the method of using heparin is similar to external hemorrhoids. In this case, in addition to the listed effects, the drug stops bleeding and kills all pathogenic bacteria.

Side effects

Subject to the treatment regimen and indications in the annotation of side effects, the use of a pharmacological product should not occur.

Clinical trials revealed only symptoms allergies , which is explained by the sensitivity of the body to the active substances of the ointment or a violation of the rules for using the product.

Side effect of heparin ointment

More often, patients tolerate the drug from heparin well, without any negative manifestations. However, side effects are possible, such as:

If side effects have not manifested, then the tool can be used without fear.

It is advisable to alternate heparin ointment from external hemorrhoids with other agents. For such purposes, it is recommended to use Troxevasin, Lyoton and Phlebodia. You should also take into account that the effect of heparin lasts no more than eight hours.

The mechanism of action of the ointment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are common enough, especially in men who are engaged in heavy physical labor, and in women after childbirth. There are many reasons for the appearance, but the disease always develops according to one scenario.

First, unpleasant sensations appear in the rectum, then problems with bowel movements, pain, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, which can fall out of the intestine and become restrained. The most severe consequence of hemorrhoids is bleeding.

Heparin ointment helps prevent this complication. It is effective for external hemorrhoids, when the bumps are outside the anus.

Ointment has a complex effect, thanks to the active components in the composition, the main one is heparin.

The substance is an anticoagulant, thanks to it heparin ointment has the following effects with hemorrhoids:

  • prevents venous congestion by reducing blood coagulation,
  • normalizes blood flow
  • prevents the formation of blood clots and the growth of hemorrhoids,
  • reduces the inflammatory process.

In addition to heparin, the ointment contains benzocaine and benzyl nicotinate. These substances enhance the action of the main component and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Benzyl nicotinate improves heparin absorption due to the vasodilating effect. Benzocaine is a powerful anesthetic. It reduces pain, thereby facilitating the act of defecation.

After applying the ointment, the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids disappear:

  • pain,
  • itching
  • burning,
  • pressure and tension
  • inflammation and swelling.

Heparin ointment against hemorrhoids can be used both at the initial stage of the disease, when the first symptoms appear, and during the formation of nodes.

Application restrictions

Analyzing user reviews, the conclusion suggests itself that heparin ointment really has a number of advantages over more expensive drugs.

However, this does not negate the contraindications that are in the drug in question.

Among other limitations:

  • open wounds
  • hematomas with damage to the skin,
  • tendency to bleeding, thrombocytopenia,
  • deep venous thrombosis.

Processing not subject patches of skin with necrotic tissues and purulent formations.

Watch the video: Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (March 2020).